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  1. Shamima Begum: Home Secretary criticised as baby dies

    Shadow home secretary Diane Abbott also criticised the actions of the Home Office.

    She tweeted: “It is against international law to make someone stateless, and now an innocent child has died as a result of a British woman being stripped of her citizenship. This is callous and inhumane.”

    NR: So is it “callous and inhumane” to cage a Jordanian pilot, douse him in flammable liquids, and then light him off like a French dessert. I adore children and am simply ecstatic that little Jarrah is pushing up daisies. It’s now possible to rest easy at night knowing that this little shite will never have a chance to grow up and harm other children. *cough* Ariana Grande *cough*

    • I thought this musselma was now back in season and a jihad-bride once again. (Why does Diane Abbott not respect other cultures?).

    • BBC – Shamima Begum: IS teen’s baby death ‘tragedy’

      ( 9 min )

      The son of Shamima Begum – who fled London to join the Islamic State group – has died in a Syrian refugee camp.

      Dal Babu, a former Metropolitan Police chief superintendent and friend of the Begum family joins Katie Razzall in the studio, alongside the Daily Mail’s Larisa Brown, who met Shamima and her son in the camp last month.

      The UK Home Office declined to speak to Newsnight.

      Newsnight is the BBC’s flagship news and current affairs TV programme – with analysis, debate, exclusives, and robust interviews.

    • DAILY MAIL – Bangladesh must show ‘sympathy’ and take in ISIS jihadi bride Shamima Begum, claims senior Muslim leader at annual peace conference

      Caliph Mirza Masroor Ahmad said ‘any Muslim country’ should take Begum in
      Added that he did not blame British government for death of her baby Jerah
      Made comments at peace symposium at mosque in Morden, south west Lodnon

      A senior Muslim leader has called on Bangladesh to show sympathy and take in ISIS jihadi bride Shamima Begum.

      Caliph Mirza Masroor Ahmad, who represents tens of millions of Ahmadi Muslims worldwide, said that as she has been stripped of her citizenship ‘any Muslim country’ should take her in.

      Speaking at the Baitul Futuh Mosque, in Morden, south west London, he added that he did not blame the British government for the death of her 18-day-old baby Jerah.

      Earlier today, Labour’s Shadow Home Secretary Diane Abbott provoked fury after placing the blame for the baby’s death at Home Secretary Sajid Javid’s door.

      He said: ‘She claims herself to be Muslim so then a Muslim country should show sympathy to her.


      Friday sermon 8th March 2019.from Baitul Futuh Mosque, London.

    • CHANNEL 4 – Shamima Begum baby death one of dozens in Syrian refugee camp

      The Begum family in East London had lost a daughter to ISIS – now they have lost their their grandchild to war and disease in Syria.

      For them the death of baby Jarrah is a tragedy.

      For the Home Secretary it poses difficult questions.

      Even members of his own party have criticised Sajid Javid for stripping Shamima Begum of her British Citizenship.

      One called it a populist gesture. But the politics of repatriation is only going to get more complex with over a hundred unaccompanied minors languishing in refugee camps.

      + comments on the YT page

      • For them the death of baby Jarrah is a tragedy.

        It most certainly was! Just a few more months and he would have been big enough for the size 0 bomb vest. What a waste.

  2. Jussie Smollett: Chicago grand jury charges US actor over hate hoax

    A grand jury in Chicago has returned 16 charges against US actor Jussie Smollett, accusing him of falsely claiming to police that he had been the victim of a hate crime.

    Prosecutors had previously charged him with one count of filing a false report.

    The 36-year-old African-American actor told police he had been the victim of a homophobic and racist assault.

    Police say he staged the attack because he was “dissatisfied” with his salary.

    Last month he was suspended from the Empire TV show he starred in.

    NR: There are times when it is not just permissible to laugh and point, but obligatory. This is one of them.

    Prison is too good for Smollett. This fraud will think he’s in an exclusive men’s bath house with too few hot tubs. May all of his lengthily deprived cellmates weigh over three hundred pounds and be infatuated with black bottom cupcakes.

  3. Venezuela power cuts: Blackouts continue as protests loom

    In Caracas’s University Hospital, 25-year-old patient Marielsi Aray died after her respirator stopped working.

    NR: And so the murder-by-circumstantial-proxy begins (Now with 25% more plausible deniability!). Few Socialists seem able to overcome the Law of Unintended Consequences™. Others might say the Progs live by it, if that’s even possible. Too often, there isn’t anyone around to answer for things when these Great Social Experiments culminate.

    Of course, nobody wants to talk about the crowded gulags and mass graves so the empty shelves, streets and fields remain a mystery.

    “The doctors tried to help her by pumping manually, they did everything they could, but with no electricity, what were they to do?” said her uncle Jose Lugo.

    Generators at a Caracas children’s hospital failed, with staff reportedly working overnight using their mobile phones for light.

    What do Socialists replace affordable indoor illumination with? Merely the most expensive and over-engineered flashlights in the entire world. Yeah, there’s an app for that.

    “The children were very scared,” Emilse Arellano, whose child’s dialysis had to be cancelled, told the AFP news agency.

    (T = 00:00:04)

    • I thought Marielsi Aray was now back in season and a welfare-bride once again. (Why do the media not respect other cultures?).

  4. Pentagon set to implement transgender ban

    The Pentagon plans to implement a more restrictive policy on transgender troops approved by Defense Secretary James Mattis last year, after a federal judge lifted the final injunction against the policy Thursday. U.S. District Judge George L. Russell III rescinded his earlier order to bar the policy due to a January Supreme Court ruling that the Trump administration could enforce its ban while litigation continues.

    Under the new policy, any person who has been diagnosed with gender dysphoria and has received medical treatment – either hormones or surgery – will not be allowed to join the military. If they have been diagnosed, but have not received medical treatment, they will still be eligible to join.

    All transgender soldiers currently serving will be allowed to stay in uniform, however, regardless of whether they have received medical treatment.

    The Supreme Court split along ideological lines, 5-4, in allowing the plan to take effect, with the court’s five conservatives greenlighting it and its four liberal members saying they would not have.

    A U.S. District Court judge had issued an injunction in December 2017 blocking the ban, but the Supreme Court’s stay stops that ruling from taking effect for now. The case is still pending in the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, and the Supreme Court will not weigh in on the constitutionality of the ban itself until after that ruling.

    “As always, we treat all transgender persons with respect and dignity,” Lt. Col. Carla Gleason said in a statement after the Supreme Court ruling.

    “DoD’s proposed policy is NOT a ban on service by transgender persons. It is critical that DoD be permitted to implement personnel policies that it determines are necessary to ensure the most lethal and combat effective fighting force in the world. DoD’s proposed policy is based on professional military judgment and will ensure that the U.S. Armed Forces remain the most lethal and combat effective fighting force in the world.”

    Mr. Trump announced via tweet in July 2017 that transgender individuals would be banned from the military.

    NR: I was wondering how many good and decent soldiers might have to die so that there would be enough funding available for installing unisex bathrooms in all of the battle tanks.

    • I thought transgender-soldiers were now back in season and barack-brides once again. (Why do the military not respect other cultures?).

    • Way too many, the military isn’t a social engineering lab, it is a combat force needed to protect the nation. The Judges who are ruling to let them in should be forced to live in WWII barracks with the transgendered while radom shots are fired at the buildings to simulate combat.

      • The Judges who are ruling to let them in should be forced to live in WWII barracks with the transgendered while random shots are fired at the buildings to simulate combat.

        You’ll need highly directional microphones and lots of digital signal processing to tell which group was screaming like little girls … the loudest.

  5. Teen Islamic State Supporter Guilty of Hunting Knife Suicide Terror Plot (breitbart, Mar 9, 2019) 

    “Haider Ahmed has been found guilty of planning to commit a terror attack with a hunting knife in a plot he had hatched when he was 16 or 17.

    Kingston Crown Court came to the verdict Friday after hearing that the Redhill, Surrey, resident had told contacts he wanted to conduct a suicide mission, but his mother had confiscated the large knife when she found it in his bag, reports the BBC.

    Ahmed, now 19, had planned the attack some two years ago, with the plot uncovered when police arrested him on suspicion of money laundering.

    Police found encrypted messages on his phone from September 2016 which read, “I wanna do Inghamasi [a suicide attack] here inshAllah.”

    “I came home on the train today and I even imagined doing it on the train,” another said.

    One message said, “I wanna ruin some people’s faces or dip [stab] them in the leg lol.”

    The teen had also been in contact with British Islamic State fighters in the Middle East, having contacted Omar Hussain, also known as Abu Saeed al Britani.

    Asking if he could carry out a suicide attack in the United Kingdom, al Britani messaged the youth to say, “Yes u can.”

    Ahmed claimed he had only sent the messages to impress girls. Before the trial, he pleaded guilty to four counts of disseminating Islamist propaganda and a number of other charges including assisting another person to prepare acts of terrorism.

    He will be sentenced April 15th.”

  6. How Iran fueled Islam’s Sunni-Shiite divide (arabnews, Mar 9, 2019)

    “DUBAI: The centuries-old sectarian Sunni-Shiite divide is arguably so entrenched that many — even Muslims — would be hard-placed to pinpoint the source of the largest cultural dispute in the history of Islam.

    As author John McHugo pointed out in an exclusive interview with Arab News, the origins of the 1,400-year divide were “virtually unknown” in the West outside specialist academic circles until the Iranian revolution of 1979, which prompted several, varying narratives of the clash between Sunnis and Shiites. Today, the divide is frequently seen as an important aspect of the conflicts that have been ravaging Syria and Iraq over the past few years, and of the power politics playing out elsewhere in the region.

    Yet McHugo feels the dispute remains widely misunderstood. “We live in a time of appalling violence across large swaths of the Arab world and many other Muslim countries. When people ask how this has come about, they often find themselves presented with an answer citing the Sunni-Shiite divide.”

    This was the catalyst for the scholar of Islam to pen his latest book, “A Concise History of Sunnis and Shi’is,” in which he aims to combat the myths about the divide.

    McHugo explained how the schism between the sects of Islam is more toxic today than ever before, resulting in decades of war in Middle Eastern countries including Syria, Iraq and Yemen, but said the dispute is as much political as it is religious.

    McHugo said many trace the divide back to the death of the Prophet Muhammad in 632 AD. “You could argue that the divide goes back to the last hours of Prophet

    Muhammad’s life and people were wondering who would take leadership after his passing,” he said. “Although it goes back that long way, I wouldn’t say there has always been conflict. If an ancient feud between Sunnis and Shiites is truly the fault line that has divided the Muslim world ever since the death of the Prophet Muhammad, why did it receive so little attention before the late 1970s?

    “Nevertheless, an ancient religious dispute, a focus for primordial hatreds, can appear to fit the bill for today’s many disasters in the Middle East.”

    People in the West, McHugo said, have to be very careful about making these judgments. “Very often Sunnis and Shiites have been able to coexist in harmony. Look what happened in Iraq after the First World War: We found Sunnis and Shiites coming together to resist British occupation.

    “We start off from the assumption that there is conflict — of course there are conflicts. It would be stupid to deny that Saudi Arabia and Iran are rivals at the moment, but that is often expressed in terms of the Sunni-Shiite divide. This is royally misunderstood.”

    McHugo recalled studying Arabic and Islamic studies at Oxford University and the American University in Cairo in the early 1970s. “We had to do a paper on Islamic beliefs and institutions and a typical question might be: ‘What is the Sunni-Shiite divide all about?’ It was all frightfully academic and, more likely than not, the opinion was that this wasn’t something important today and it was fading into history.”

    But then came the Iranian revolution in 1979, which launched a radical Shiite Islamist agenda. “Suddenly you had every journalist wanting to show insight into this Sunni-Shiite divide,” McHugo said. “Then they would start writing about what happened in the 7th century — and you suddenly had these two narratives being portrayed and the impression was that you had this sort of struggle going on all this time on the differences between the two branches of the religion about which is the supreme form of Islam.

    “But when the Iranian regime happened, what Shiite cleric Ayatollah Khomeini, the leader of the Iranian revolution, wanted was to get all Muslims behind his Islamic revolution, Sunnis as well as Shiites.”

    McHugo, who worked across the Middle East for more than a quarter of a century, said that since many recent conflicts led to reports emphasizing the sectarian divide, tearing communities apart from Lebanon and Syria to Iraq and Pakistan, he felt a “light needed to be shone” on the subject.

    “It was 2014 when I spoke to my publisher saying that the divide was misunderstood. I found myself getting increasingly angry about it all — that is when I decided to explain to the public to make them understand how people in the region think and feel.”

    Many people have “blithe assumptions” about the Sunni-Shiite divide. “Because we tend to see so much in the Middle East through a prism of violence, people in the West think of the Middle East as being very violent, which I think is a real distortion.

    “For hundreds of years people have lived peacefully and when there are conflicts or crisis there is always a reason — population explosion hasn’t helped, to give one example — but we have got one pair of spectacles about the way we see the Middle East.”

    McHugo explains how members of the two sects have co-existed for centuries and share many fundamental beliefs and practices. But they differ in doctrine, ritual, law, theology and religious organization.

    McHugo opens his book explaining the origins of the divide, highlighting that the sectarian split could be traced back — not because of religious differences from the mainstream — but because of two different perceptions of who should exercise religious authority among Muslims after the Prophet’s death.

    But McHugo believes the “divide is less important than it is often portrayed today” because the dispute is paired with politics. “I think that whenever there is a problem between the Sunnis and Shiites we should look at the causes of that problem and often you will find that problem is not to do with religion, it is to do with other political factors.

    “For instance, if you take what has been happening in Syria, you have Muslim forces fighting the regime of Bashar Assad, who has been using Iranian support. So what happened is, what started off as an Iranian revolution, turned into a kind of proxy war.

    “That is what I’m hoping to make people realize — that the violence we see today in many Arab countries is because of the politicization of Shiite Islam and then the turbocharging of sectarian violence which followed on as a result of the Iraq invasion in 2003 up until 2005, when some people carried out a cultivated act of sabotage and sacrilege when they blew two major Shiite shrines in Iraq with the express intention of starting a sectarianism war. And here we are now, in 2019, still recovering from that.”

    The author said Sunnis are 85-90 percent of the world’s 1.6 billion Muslim population, and Sunni Muslims are present in more countries and regions throughout the world, whereas most Shiite Muslims live in four countries: Iran, Pakistan, India and Iraq. Saudi Arabia has one of the largest proportions of Sunni Muslims in the world.

    Looking at the future of the Sunni-Shiite divide, McHugo sees signs of hope. “I think a positive thing was the Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman inviting Iraqi politician Muqtada Al-Sadr, who is a Shiite cleric, and I think that’s very good indeed.

    “As time passes, we see more and more people coming out of the woodwork and opposing secular politics. But I think it will take a while for this oil tanker to be turned around. People’s perceptions take a while to change. I don’t want to lie — there is a lot of sectarian hatred that has been sown, particularly since 2005.”

    Iran has been a “very, very bad boy here,” said McHugo. “This is in terms of trying to spread its influence, but it does that through both Sunnis and Shiites.

    “For instance, you have Hezbollah in Lebanon, which it has backed, but it has also backed the Islamist group Hamas, which is a Palestinian Sunni Islamist fundamentalist organization.

    “Then you have internal tension in Iran and you have the Revolutionary Guards who seem a state within the state and control a large part of the Iranian economy that leads to corruption. There is still this revolutionary impulse in Iran and this has still not gone away.”

    McHugo said he hopes his book will clarify a “simplistic narrative which is in danger of taking firm hold in the West” — that Sunnis and Shiites have “engaged in a perpetual state of religious war and mutual demonization that has lasted across the centuries; and that this is the root cause of all that is wrong in the Middle East today.

    “This is a very convenient narrative. It deflects attention from the immediate causes of the increase in sectarian violence between Sunnis and Shiites over the past few years. Where bloodshed between Sunnis and Shiites occurs, it is usually entwined with political issues.

    The way to stop today’s bloodshed is to sort out those political problems. Unfortunately, that runs up against the vested interests of any player.””

    • BS. Having worked closely with a Salafist he clearly stated he would pray behind a Shite pressing his head on a piece of clay. This is in The West

      “First menses in the home, the second in the husband’s”

  7. Christian Basilica in Paris No-Go Suburbs Heavily Vandalised (breitbart, Mar 9, 2019)

    “The over 800-year-old Basilica of Saint-Denis in France was heavily vandalised this week, with vandals smashing stained glass windows and severely damaging the nearly 200-year-old organ.

    The destruction was discovered on Sunday morning by the basilica’s organist, who found that the engine of the organ had been damaged along with other parts of the massive instrument, designed between 1834 and 1841, Le Parisien reports.

    Saadia Tamelikecht, head of the departmental unit of architecture and heritage of the heavily migrant-populated Seine-Saint-Denis suburbs, said the damage to the instrument, which has been recognised as a historic monument of significance in France, was major.

    The vandalism was likely done, according to Tamelikecht, as a result of someone hiding within the instrument and smashing their way out.

    On Tuesday, even more damage was discovered, with two stained glass windows having been smashed along with two locks that had been pried open. The windows were created in the 19th century, rebuilt after the destruction of the French revolution. Police say they are investigating the incidents.

    The vandalism comes just under a year after the Basilica was stormed by far-left activists and illegal migrants who occupied the place of worship to protest a law directed at curbing illegal migration into France.

    The Seine-Saint-Denis area, which comprises of a number of suburbs to the north of Paris, has been described by some as a no-go zone.

    The accusations of danger were affirmed in 2017 by French courier Chronopost, which ended home deliveries in the area citing danger to their delivery staff.

    The acts of vandalism are just the latest to affect a Christian place of worship in France. Last month the country saw nine churches desecrated and vandalised in only eleven days with tabernacles overthrown, fires lit, and in one case in Nîmes, faeces smeared on the walls.

    The series of incidents provoked an outcry from many including Cardinal Robert Sarah, the prefect of the Vatican Congregation of Divine Worship.

    The Cardinal took to Twitter to express his thoughts on the incidents saying, “The acts of desecration and vandalism in the churches are highly reprehensible.”

    “They are the sad reflection of a sick civilisation that lets itself be swept away in the nets of evil. The bishops, priests, and the faithful must keep up their strength and courage,” he added.”

  8. NR: Due to firewall issues, my personal commentary will follow in a subsequent reply.

    Boeing Readies Autonomous Air Passenger Vehicle for Urban Use

    In January 2019, Boeing completed a successful test flight of its autonomous air vehicle prototype in Manassas, Virginia. Boeing subsidiary Aurora Flight Sciences developed the craft, which uses electric vertical takeoff and landing and is designed for urban flight. The autonomous air vehicle project is part of the Boeing NeXt program, which is targeted toward developing aero technology that can promote next generation urban, regional and global mobility. The centerpiece of the program is global airspace integration for an environment where both autonomous and piloted air vehicles can safely coexist.

    “During its first test flight, the autonomous aircraft prototype successfully demonstrated autonomous functionality from takeoff, climb and hover to descent and landing. This was a milestone in our program goal of advancing the future of urban air mobility,” said Steve Nordlund, vice president and general manager of Boeing NeXt.

    Boeing’s passenger air vehicle (PAV) prototype is 30 ft. (9.14 m) long and 28 ft. (8.53 m) wide. The craft has eight lift motors and one cruise propeller. The vision is that this PAV will ultimately be able to provide alternate in-city transportation that can reduce the strain on metropolitan travel infrastructures by providing a new transportation alternative that can ease land vehicle traffic congestion and easily connect cities with outlying areas.

    “For the PAV craft’s design, Boeing subsidiary Aurora Flight Sciences adapted and combined the autonomous flight guidance system from the Centaur optionally-piloted aircraft, the perception and collision avoidance system from the AACUS program and the electric propulsion system from the XV-24A demonstrator to create an innovative eVTOL (electric vertical takeoff and landing) design,” said Nordlund.

    Now that the initial test flight has been successfully completed, subsequent tests will focus on transitioning the vehicle to forward, wing-borne flight. Historically, this is always the biggest engineering challenge for any high-speed vertical takeoff and landing aircraft.

    The prospect of both manned and unmanned drones and aircraft complementing each other in urban transport has a wealth of applications—from taxi service to emergency transport of medicines to parcel delivery. At the same time, it also presents a number of challenges that government agencies at all levels will need to work out.

    Among these challenges are:

    • Who gets priority on travel lanes at any given point in time;
    • Who patrols airborne traffic to ensure that it complies with regulations;
    • How will airspace be zoned and/or geofenced in low-fly areas;
    • What communications backbone(s) will these crafts use?

    Nevertheless, the utility of this aero technology in congested urban areas far outweighs the legal and regulatory issues that will need be defined or overcome.

    “A major challenge is ensuring the global airspace is safe, reliable and robust enough to accommodate diverse vehicles,” said Nordlund. “Through our technology development and investments, as well as our work with industry leaders, new and existing partners and regulators, we are focused on uniting the key enablers to make the future mobility ecosystem a reality.”

    The passenger air vehicle prototype will continue to undergo flight testing in 2019. “As we continue to work on urban aerial mobility, we anticipate that its introduction will likely parallel the development of manned aviation,” said Nordlund. “it will be a ‘crawl-walk-run’ trajectory as companies and stakeholders better understand the technology and how best to safely integrate autonomous air vehicles.”

    How does the passenger autonomous vehicle fit within Boeing’s overall aerospace plans and portfolio?

    “Autonomous flight opens up many possibilities,” said Nordlund. “Traffic in dense, urban areas is going to quickly go from two dimensions to three dimensions. It’s estimated that 25 percent of the world’s commute times are greater than 90 minutes, so consider the time savings that are possible when you go to three dimensions.

    Even more important than the development of tomorrow’s aircraft is the need to create a new kind of global airspace that can accommodate diverse vehicles – both piloted and autonomous. Through SkyGrid, our joint venture with SparkCognition, we are building a robust airspace management software platform to ensure the safe, secure integration of passenger and cargo air vehicles.”

    Demand is already accelerating for moving goods, cargo and people in agile and mobile ways. “Passenger air vehicles could quite possibly be in service in the 2020s to help meet this need,” said Nordlund. “The timeline is dependent on many factors, including airspace management, customer acceptance and infrastructure… Meanwhile, we are working with regulatory authorities and are continuing to work for the safe integration of autonomous air vehicles in the national and global airspace.”

    • NR: Here again are the article’s four bullet points:

      • Who gets priority on travel lanes at any given point in time;
      • Who patrols airborne traffic to ensure that it complies with regulations;
      • How will airspace be zoned and/or geofenced in low-fly areas;
      • What communications backbone(s) will these crafts use?

      Is it really necessary to enumerate the thousand different ways that a Social Credit system and the IoT could dovetail as part of integrating comprehensive government monitoring and control of individual movement?

      Passengers had damn well better hope that their Social Credit balance doesn’t zero out while they’re in midair.

      As the pointy end of technology’s leading edge daily extends further into meat space (i.e., 4-D reality) its increasingly scalpel-like qualities will, like any dangerous blade, require more vigilant and careful handling.

      With all the increased precision and facility comes a much larger price tag for any abuse. Botched cosmetic surgery is a tiny example of how traditional tools-of-the-medical-trade can contribute to serious downstream effects.

      Imagine when those implements have a thousand times the depth-of-cut, speed of operation, and extent of reach. As the aspects of individual online identity (e.g., electronic signature, biometric data, and personal history) become displaced into the “cloud” of remote data storage, opportunities for its misuse will burgeon.

      Although this has been the case, essentially, for all of human history, civilization is approaching a eutectic point (i.e., “a homogeneous mixture of substances that melts or solidifies at a single temperature that is lower than melting point of the constituents”).

      Powerful technologies thought unattainable less than a century ago are sifting out of the rafters as the roof is raised on automation and so-called “Artificial Intelligence”. The aforementioned crossover point is being reached where technology density—the degree to which non-human information processing begins co-occupancy in all human spaces—is so concentrated that it starts homogenizing with organic life.

      This need not be anything so elaborate as a Borgesque merging of man and machine. It could be so simple as wearable technology (e.g., Google Glass, AR – Augmented Reality, VR – Virtual Reality, and internal or implanted devices) of which smart phones are but a crude example.

      In the trailing clip the faces of two solid cylinders of gallium (MP = 29.76°C – 85.57°F) and indium (MP = 156.6°C – 313.88°F) are forcefully rubbed against each other. Normally solid in a room temperature environment (between 15°C – 59°F and 25°C – 77°F), gallium melts at body temperature (37.0°C – 98.6°C–F).

      Gallium and indium are so metallurgically miscible that just a little abrasion will form an alloy that remains liquid at room temperature. This is meant to analogize how human life and technology are homogenizing to such an extent that the melt point where everything begins to puddle is remarkably lower than might be expected.

      As an aside, arsenic has a melting point of (MP = 816.8°C – 1,502°F) yet, the eutectics of the III-V direct bandgap semiconductor compound, GaAs or gallium arsenide (i.e., an alloy of gallium and arsenic – MP = 1,238°C – 2,260°F)—as used in fabricating Light Emitting Diodes and Cray Supercomputer’s ultra-high speed capacitor–diode FET logic (+250 GHz signal speed)—is even more dramatic. Individually, both elements transition from solid to liquid well below 1,000°C. Alloyed, their melting point is an astonishing 1,238°C (2,260.4°F).

      Extending the eutectics analogy: Humanity and technology also have the potential to amalgamate and, like GaAs achieve (as early computational electronics intended) unexpectedly refractory traits. This variant was the original composite configuration of symbiosis between carbon-based and solid state systems.

      Few better examples exist than early organo-mechanic visions of “man amplifiers”. Those exoskeletal suits multiplied human strength many times (an excellent example of this is shown during the climactic alien queen fight scene in Aliens II). As technology improved, this blended synthesis concept was outmoded by high precision, inexpensive, and easy-to-control robots.

      Amidst all of the ballyhoo about “Artificial Intelligence” (AI), it’s very telling that renewed interest has sprung up in mechanical amplification suits for military and emergency applications. It clearly shows that AI is not maturing at anywhere near the hoped-for rates in terms of yielding agile, autonomous battlefield robots.

      What’s truly disturbing is this “puddling” effect that’s happening in the broader applications of information processing technology. Once a human steps out of that man-amplifier, it is effectively useless. Not so with what happens when increasingly, physically and intellectually, lazy humans step away from our primitive Krell-like constructs.

      In our sloth, we allow powerful machines to entice humans into abandoning fundamental survival traits (e.g., body strength and endurance, detailed memory, attention span, and powers of concentration). As this unwholesome dependence grows, just like any addict, ease of mind requires increasingly powerful doses of convenience and accessibility.

      At present, only those with ability and intellectual capacity in excess of whatever machine competitors surround them, represent the refractory eutectics of gallium arsenide. The technologically illiterate (i.e., those who haven’t learned to code) usually fall below that target and become weakened, like eutectic gallium-indium (EGaIn).

      Driverless cars, autonomous vehicles (like Boeing’s XV-24A PAV demonstrator) all invite further atrophying of human ability. A far greater danger is an overarching network which interlaces wearable devices, the IoT, and remote data processing and caching (i.e., cloud computing) to infantilize people through fine-grained monitoring and C4 (Command, Control, Communications, and Computers) technology.

      Again, humanity rapidly is approaching one of those eutectic crossover points where everything can mutually fortify individual capabilities or weaken them. As governments become more technologically literate, and citizenries grow evermore lax, there approaches a very unhealthy liquefaction of the individual into Socialism’s idealized, lowest common denominator, interchangeable parts. This loss of personal identity is epitomized by the dominance of Identity Politics and it presages further expansion of technology’s unwholesome reach into our daily lives.

      (T = 00:01:10)

  9. Jussie Smollett is facing up to 48 YEARS behind bars after being hit with 16 charges over claims that he staged a homophobic and racist attack to help him get a pay rise

    • A grand jury hit Smollett with 15 additional felony disorderly conduct charges on Thursday
    • The Empire actor now faces a maximum of 48 years behind bars if convicted
    • He was facing three years behind bars and a $25,000 fine for a Class 4 felony of disorderly conduct
    • Smollett denies the charges and will return to court in Chicago next week
    • He will return to court on March 14 to face the charges

    NR: Insert original Barbara Billingsly line from Airplane! as she finishes up translating jive >here<.

  10. Report: Taliban Wants ‘Terrorism’ Excluded from Peace Pact (breitbart, Mar 9, 2019)

    “Disagreements about the definition of terrorism and its variants hindered progress this week in the ongoing peace negotiations between U.S. President Donald Trump’s administration and Afghan Taliban narco-jihadis.
    On Thursday, the New York Times (NYT) reported:

    One of the most prominent issues thwarting [the peace-seeking] progress is a disagreement over a fundamental question: What is terrorism, and who is a terrorist?

    The answer is so important because the two sides had already agreed in principle on a framework for two crucial issues: the withdrawal of American troops, and a commitment that Afghan soil would not again be used to launch terrorist attacks against the United States and its allies, as Al Qaeda did with its strikes on Sept. 11, 2001.

    That attack led the Americans to invade Afghanistan in an effort to hunt down Al Qaeda’s mastermind, Osama bin Laden.The Taliban have said they would not allow Afghanistan to be used as a launching pad for international attacks. American negotiators have insisted on specifying that Afghanistan not be used by “terrorist” groups, but the Taliban have resisted, saying there was no universal definition of terrorism.

    The Taliban is responsible for the vast majority of Afghan civilians, security forces, and U.S. military forces fatalities and injuries sustained throughout the ongoing war in Afghanistan — raging since October 2001. Nevertheless, both U.S. officials and the jihadis themselves have struggled with labeling the Taliban a terrorist group, claiming it is an insurgency fighting an invading foreign power.

    “If Taliban leaders were seen as conceding on the issue, it could divide their fighters,” NYT notes.

    While the U.S. government has sanctioned the group as a terrorist organization, the United States has not officially designated the Afghan Taliban as a foreign terrorist organization, claiming it is an insurgency with control of large swaths of territory and aspirations to govern the country.

    Soon after Trump took office, a spokesperson for his Department of State (DOS) spokesman told Breitbart News that his administration considers the Afghan Taliban to be a “terrorist organization,” noting:

    Since 2002, the Afghan Taliban has been designated as a Specially Designated Global Terrorist entity under Executive Order (E.O.) 13224…in addition…section 691(d) of the Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2008 mandates that the Taliban is considered a terrorist organization for immigration purposes.

    However, Trump’s DOS has yet to add the Afghan Taliban to its official list of foreign terrorist organizations (FTO).

    In 2017, Voice of America (VOA) observed that the prospects of peace negotiations prompted the United States to keep the group off its FTO list:

    Political expedience has obligated keeping the group off the list of 61 organizations ranging from the Afghanistan branch of the Islamic State group to the Palestinian group Hamas, experts say.

    In the case of the Taliban, the deterring factor has long been a concern that applying the terror label to the group would restrict U.S. and Afghan government diplomatic contacts with the Taliban, making peace talks more difficult.

    The Taliban, which has been fighting to implement strict Islamic laws or sharia since U.S. troops removed its regime in late 2001, considers itself the only legitimate governing body of Afghanistan, dismissing the Kabul government as an American “puppet.”

    Acknowledging that a military victory is impossible, the Trump administration has made the political reconciliation between Kabul and the Taliban the “end-game” of its strategy to bring the war to a close.

    Trump administration officials have expressed support for granting the Taliban official legitimacy as a political group.

    Recognizing the Taliban as a legitimate political power would grant them the opportunity to return to office in Kabul.

    So far, the Taliban has refused to allow the Afghan government to participate in the ongoing negotiations while claiming they do not seek a monopoly of power.

    Gen. Joseph Votel, the top commander in charge of overseeing U.S. military activity in South Asia, told lawmakers conditions in Afghanistan do not merit a United States military withdrawal.

    The Trump administration has expressed a willingness to pull out American troops from Afghanistan while stressing the importance of leaving behind a residual force to ensure the Taliban keeps its promises. Nevertheless, the Pentagon has yet to receive any orders to pull out of America’s longest foreign war.

    The Taliban has rejected the residual U.S. force proposal, demanding that foreign troops leave in one year.

    On Friday, Al Jazeera noted, “The United States and the Taliban negotiators announced a two-day break from talks in Qatar following extensive discussion for 11 days in a renewed bid to restore peace to Afghanistan.”

    “The fifth round of peace talks in Doha started on February 25 after the two sides hailed significant progress in the previous rounds of talks, also held in the Qatari capital,” it added.”

  11. BS. Having worked closely with a Salafist he clearly stated he would never pray behind a Shite pressing his head on a piece of clay. This is in The West

    “First menses in the home, the second in the husband’s”

    • In many ways, this is Chappell at his best. Geographically, Communist China isn’t just a big target, it’s a “point north or south and score a direct hit” kind of target. With a Comedy Buffet™ like this, care must be taken not to let those cutesy appetizers interfere with getting at the prime rib.

      With his sense of irony firmly tongue-in-cheek surgically removed, Chappell lets his comedic genius go on a busman’s holiday—for as far as Beijing’s gridlock will take him. Which, while not very far, is still enough to get at arm’s length from this CCP Sominex factory.

      Still, crafting wisecracks from this dross isn’t just a “silk purse from sow’s ear” proposition. I’d liken it more to an appendectomy via the lower tract.

  12. Note: Was this an assassination attempt on President Trump?

    LEE COUNTY, AL (WSFA) – An interstate guardrail kept a vehicle from slamming head-on into President Donald Trump’s motorcade Friday morning.

    Residents hoping to get a glimpse of the vehicles passing by on Interstate 85 just inside the Opelika city limits got much more than they expected.

    A WSFA 12 News viewer first trained his camera on the roadway, capturing video of an advance group of 10 motorcycle officers a short distance ahead of the president. As the presidential vehicles begin to come into focus, the sound of squealing tires turns the otherwise quiet event into a load spectacle.

    Just as the motorcade travels through the video at high speeds, passing by in one direction, an out of control passenger vehicle comes into view. The vehicle, traveling in the opposite direction as the president, left the roadway and almost entered the median.

    However, protective guardrail installed along the road’s edge did exactly what it was designed to do, grabbing the vehicle and pulling it back into its own lanes before it could cross into oncoming traffic.

    • At a rough guess this was probably an attempted assassination by someone very ignorant about how the Presidential Limousine is built.

      Having said that they will probably not charge the person with attempted assassination but will stick with Careless and Reckless driving. The latter will be an easier on e to prove.

      • At a rough guess this was probably an attempted assassination by someone very ignorant about how the Presidential Limousine is built.

        Not many limos are machined from a monoblock of titanium.

    • The Democrats are out to destroy anyone that disagrees with them, they think they can win the civil war their actions is starting.

  13. Finland’s entire government resigns after breakdown of agreement on welfare state reform

    Finland’s entire government resigned Friday after the governing coalition failed to agree on the welfare state reform, just one month before elections were due to be held.

    Juha Sipila has been the country’s prime minister since 2015 after forming a three-party governing coalition with two other right-leaning parties, including the small populist Blue Reform Party, a group that was once part of the eurosceptic True Finns but split up amid divisions over immigration policies.

    “I take the responsibility for the failure. It has been a huge disappointment to me,” Sipila said during a news conference, adding that the reform in the works “had been one of our most important projects.”

    • Sweden: Still More Migration

      by Judith Bergman
      March 9, 2019 at 5:00 am
      Sweden’s new government, which was finally formed in January after months of delay, is introducing policies that will lead to more immigration into Sweden — despite the main governing party, the Social Democrats, having run for office on a promise to tighten immigration policies.

      The right to family reunion for those people granted asylum in Sweden who do not have refugee status is being reintroduced — a measure that is estimated to bring at least 8,400 more immigrants to Sweden in the coming three years. According to the Minister of Migration, Morgan Johansson, this measure will “strengthen integration,” although he has not explained how.

      “I think it is a very good humanitarian measure; 90 percent [of those expected to come] are women and children who have lived for a long time in refugee camps, [and] who can now be reunited with their father or husband in Sweden”, Johansson said. He was probably referring to the fact that most of the migrants who arrived in the past couple of years were young males, who had left their wives and children behind. The measure also entitles so-called “unaccompanied children” to bring their parents to Sweden. Many of these “unaccompanied children” turned out to be adults, not minors. (The dentist who contributed to exposing this inconsequential detail was subsequently fired).

    • Another gem. Cousens obviously “gets it”. This being the first I’ve seen of her videos, it was a concern that she used Milo as a stalking horse just to get the clip rolling.

      Instead, she very capably brought her point back to the 2017 Antifa Bezerkeley riots and drove things home with a mallet. Good show and well worth the eleven plus minutes.

      I’ll close with these observations. It’s increasingly curious to see people from Blighty to Oz finally twigging on how Free Speech is the cornerstone all other useful political institutions. As I also continue to note, things will get “curiouser and curiouser” when these once-loyal subjects index their Constitutional Rights readout by X = X+1.

      It’ll only take a Second for things to get a lot more festive than that old Chinese misnomer of “interesting”.

  14. Fake moves
    New York’s tax department declined to comment on its specific audit strategies or numbers. A spokesman said “ensuring taxpayers pay their fair share is a top priority. Our nonresident audit program continues to be very active.”

    Yet tax advisers and lawyers to the wealthy say the state is going to ever-greater lengths to ensure that tax migrants aren’t faking a move to Florida to avoid taxes. The stakes are high: The combined New York City and state taxes now are 12.7 percent, while Florida has no income tax or estate tax. The new federal tax law limits deductions for state and local taxes (known as SALT) to $10,000, making it even more costly for high-earners in high-tax states like New York.

    At the same time, New York can’t afford to lose many millionaires or billionaires. The top 1 percent of earners pays 46 percent of the state’s income taxes, and Cuomo said that “even if a small number of taxpayers leave, it has a dramatic effect on this tax space.”

  15. Facebook post reporting Rashida Tlaib’s impeachment plans ruled ‘hate speech’
    By Joe Newby March 8, 2019

    It’s no secret that Democrat Rep. Rashida Tlaib announced her intentions to file articles of impeachment against President Trump. A number of outlets, including this one, have reported on it. But when one conservative blog tried to share its article on the topic on Facebook, it got a nasty surprise.

    Facebook told the blogger the article violates their “standards” for “hate speech.”

  16. To gain permanent control of the gov’t, the Democrats are willing to sell their birthright
    By Howard Portnoy March 9, 2019

    Yesterday, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi made good on her promise (threat?) to stop “suppressing the vote of our newcomers to America.” That bit of Pelosi-speak, which in English translates to extending voting rights to illegal aliens, took a big step toward becoming a reality when HR 1, the “For the People Act,” passed in the House by a vote of 228-197.

    This is the latest step in the Democrats’ cynical and transparent ploy to seize permanent control of the U.S. government by importing a massive new bloc of voters from south of the border whose first act as “Americans” was to break into the country. Despite the Dems’ lofty rhetoric about “humanitarian crises” and “hands across the border,” they have no more love for these people than Republicans except for their capacity to serve as warm bodies who will vote to keep the Democrats in power.

    This is obvious from recent history. Chuck Schumer, the leader of the Democratic caucus in the Senate and currently a vocal advocate for open borders, voted for the Secure Fence Act of 2006. So did then-Sens. Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. In fact, under the Obama presidency, more than 130 miles of physical border barriers were constructed.

  17. Pelosi: Ilhan Omar isn’t anti-Semitic; she just has a ‘different experience in the use of words’

    Ah, that explains everything! Except what “different experience in the use of words” means.

    It was part of a curious statement made by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi during an interview at The Economic Club of Washington D.C. Friday, where she was asked by club president David M. Rubenstein about the final version of the erstwhile House resolution condemning anti-Semitism. The watered-down document that arose out of the original resolution’s ashes seemed to let the freshman representative off the hook for the anti-Semitic comments she had made, prompting Rubenstein (who is Jewish) to ask Pelosi if she was satisfied with the revised document condemning “hate speech.”

    In her rambling affirmative response, Pelosi interjected (at 1:24 in the video that follows):

  18. Near Baghouz (Syria) (AFP) – Defeated but unrepentant, some jihadists limping out of their besieged final bastion in eastern Syria still praise the Islamic State and promise bloody vengeance against its enemies.

    The skeletal and dishevelled figures shuffling out of the smouldering ashes of the “caliphate” may look like a procession of zombies, but their devotion seems intact.

    At an outpost for US-backed forces outside the besieged village of Baghouz, 10 women stand in front of journalists, pointing their index fingers to the sky in a gesture used by IS supporters to proclaim the oneness of God.

    They shout in unison: “The Islamic State is here to stay!”

  19. Court revives Obama-era rule that incentivizes racial quotas in special ed
    By Liam Bissainthe March 8, 2019

    You can lose a lawsuit if you minimize your own side’s argument. If you decide to delay a regulation because it will create incentives for illegal racial quotas, then you should come right and out say it will do just that — incentivize quotas — without any equivocation. Yet the Education Department failed to do that. In 2018, it delayed an Obama-era rule that clearly incentivized racial quotas in special education placement and discipline. But it understated the risk: It merely stated that the regulation “may create an incentive … to establish de facto quotas.” Then, when the Education Department was sued by a left-wing special interest group over the delay, Justice Department lawyers representing it minimized the risk even further, saying that the Education Department (ED) “did not find that the 2016 regulations would result in racial quotas, or even that they would incentivize racial quotas. Rather, ED simply concluded that the regulations may or potentially could incentivize [districts] to establish quotas.”

    A judge then overturned the delay of the regulation in a court ruling on March 7, citing this language downplaying the risk. As she put it, “The government never ‘even’ found that the 2016 Regulations would incentivize the use of racial quotas,” so “there was no need for the delay at all.” The ruling was issued by Judge Tanya Chutkan, who was appointed by President Obama. She concluded that the Education Department’s finding about the potential risk of quotas was too “drenched in qualification” to warrant a change of course from the Obama administration’s policy in its 2016 “significant disproportionality” regulation.

  20. “Red Jihad, Border Wars, and Nuclear War: Can America Survive?”
    USA Survival – March 9, 2019

    “We’d be dead already if we had elected Hillary Clinton,” says geopolitical analyst Jeff Nyquist, a contributor to the anti-communist Epoch Times newspaper. But does President Trump understand the enemy? Can President Trump get beyond Russia-gate and clean out the corruption? Nyquist and host Cliff Kincaid discuss the infiltration of the U.S. intelligence community and a series of global threats involving Russia, China, communism and Islam.Watch this explosive discussion about the current crisis.

  21. When America’s racist-in-chief David Duke praises an up-and-coming Democrat representative as the “most important member of U.S. Congress” because of her outspoken and supposedly principled stance on the evils of Jews, you know there’s something seriously sick within the body politic.
    This is America in 2019, not Germany in 1938.

    Since when did it become acceptable — nay, on the political left actually fashionable — for elected politicians from mainstream parties like Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) to campaign on a ticket of flagrant Jew-hatred?

  22. March 9, 2019
    The Left’s Hate-Crime Hoax Machine
    By B. Klein
    Hoax hate crimes belong to a larger category of ideologically motivated hoaxes, meant to sway public opinion and impact policy and legislation. There are broadly three types of ideological hoaxes.

    First, one finds journalistic hoaxes. Among these are the hoax of the Duke lacrosse-players and the UVA rape case. Such cases are fabricated and sensationalized in order to support the ideological claim of “rape culture on campuses.”

    Second, there are academic hoaxes, which are “studies” based on fabricated data and cherry-picked samples designed to provide an ideological outcome. For example, there was a study that showed that gays die much earlier because people do not support calling two men in a romantic relationship a marriage.

    The third type is the fake hate crime. They are meant to prove the existence of violent bigots who attack the heroic victims, such as Jussie Smollett, Mathew Shepherd, and Tyler Clementi. These function as morality tales, with a victim hero and a religious martyr who proves the existence of endemic hate and violence. At the center exists the brave innocent who suffered for all our sins. These, by eliciting pity, prove victimhood and the harms of homophobia, racism, and sexism.

    Taken together these hoaxes represent a large-scale, coordinated campaign of misinformation and cultural lies.

    • 4chan’s latest idea: call everything left-wing a ‘conspiracy theory’

      It’s easy when everyone you don’t like is Hitler.

  23. Women’s March in the Netherlands:

    Pictures here:

    I lolled at the signs saying “ugh where do I even start” and “Ich bin ein Feminazi”. There was also one saying “shut up and eat my p*ssy”, not sexist at all.
    Feminists have been whining on TV all week, but I’m still not sure what their complaints are. They say they want to run multinationals, but that women can’t get those jobs because they’re too modest and/or don’t want to put in the hours. I heard an ex-minister say that men shouldn’t work so hard, so that women get a chance too. Yeah, no.
    They’re also pissed because IVF is no longer free for lesbian couples. There are cutbacks across the board in healthcare, so.. cry me a river.

    Meanwhile in Turkey:

  24. I know acid attacks are common in the UK, but this one is especially heinous. After losing custody of his kids, a muslim father had friends attack his 3yo son with battery acid. He’s just been sentenced to 16 years:

    “The court had heard the father, from Wolverhampton but originally from Afghanistan, was the “driving force” behind the attack in the Tallow Hill area on 21 July.
    His wife left him, taking their three children, in 2016.”

  25. I posted about this recently, the Green Left party in the Netherlands stated it does not oppose theBDS movement. Amin “one arm” Abou Rashed, apparently a Hamas fundraiser and propagandist living in the Netherlands misinterpreted this as support for Hamas and urges everybody to vote GL:

    This guy Oscar Bergamin is member of local (the Hague, the Netherlands) muslim party NIDA:

    Judging by his Tweets, he is a big fan of Ilhan Omar:

  26. Linda Sarsour gives orders to CAIR thugs who then block reporter from questioning Rep. Rashida Tlaib

    Video has surfaced showing Islamic supremacist, anti-Semitic activist Linda Sarsour ordering associates to block a reporter from entering the office of Rep. Rashida Tlaib, D-Mich.

    Asra Nomani, a journalist and leader in the Muslim Reform Movement, documented her attempt to enter Rep. Tlaib’s office along with others and how she was physically blocked from entering

    In the video, Sarsour is accompanied by Nihad Awad, the executive director of the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR), an Islamist outfit that was founded by members of the Muslim Brotherhood to support the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas. Awad, who has previously announced his support for Hamas, was accompanied in the video by at least one other senior CAIR official who is an avowed Hamas supporter.

    Sarsour, speaking Arabic, then orders people in her entourage to block Nomani from entering Rep. Tlaib’s office.

    Translation of what Sarsour said: “Don’t let her be one of the first ones in. Do you all hear me?(Speaking to the woman) Come stand here. Don’t let her be one of the first ones in.”

    Getting her thugs to do her bidding in US Congress

    Thank you for exposing this Asra. Terrifying.
    laib is very cozy with the Islamist organization. She is a regular at CAIR fundraising events across the country.

    That same day, Sarsour was pictured in front of anti-Semitic Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar’s office. In the photo, taken by the radical-left, anti-Israel Jewish Voice for Peace group, she is flanked by the Hamas-supporting CAIR officials, Jinan Shbat and Nihad Awad.

    CAIR’s intimidation tactics in the halls of Congress, which is a public space, comes a day after the same tactic was employed to block a different reporter from asking Sarsour whether she recognizes Israel’s right to exist

  27. Argentina: Anti-Church protesters set fire outside Metropolitan Cathedral

    A group of women managed to tear down the fences that protect the Metropolitan Cathedral in Buenos Aires on Friday, to express their repudiation of the church.

    Protesters threw stones and burning materials over the fence before they managed to get to the front door. They accused the church of being an accomplice to various abuses and violations.

    Meanwhile, a group of anarchists set fire to an Argentine flag that carried the images of the ARA San Juan submarine and 44 crew members on-board who were found dead in November 2018.

    The submarine and its crew went missing on November 15, 2017, shortly after reporting an electrical malfunction. It was 480 km (380 miles) off the coast of Argentina, en route from Ushuaia to its base in Mar del Plata.

  28. BBC – The Movement: Steve Bannon role in 2019 EU elections

    Strategist Steve Bannon, credited with helping get Donald Trump into the White House, is turning his attention to European politics and seeking to support populism in the EU.

    The Movement, run by Mischaël Modrikamen, a Belgian lawyer turned right-wing politician, wants to help populist parties in May’s European Parliament elections.

    Politics Live reporter Greg Dawson has been to the new project’s headquarters in Brussels.

  29. MARCH 09 2019 – ITALY – VENICE – knife attack

    TG VENEZIA (sabato 9 marzo 2019) – Accoltellamento in pieno giorno a Piazzale Roma. Due persone sono state arrestate mentre tentavano la fuga.
    Due feriti e due arrestati. E’ il bilancio di una mattinata di violenza e di follia che ha scatenato momenti di panico a Piazzale Roma. Una violenza scoppiata improvvisa, alla luce del giorno, tra le pensiline affollate di pendolari e turisti in attesa dell’autobus.
    A fronteggiarsi sono state quattro persone: due romeni, entrambi ricoverati in ospedale, uno pare in condizioni serie, e due egiziani che sono stati entrambi arrestati. L’alterco concitato e brevissimo, è degenerato con la comparsa di un coltello che ha raggiunto alla gamba uno dei due romeni facendolo cadere a terra. Una scena che ha provocato il panico tra le persone in attesa della linea 7. Erano le 11:30.

    L’aggressione è proseguita ancora alcuni inteminabili istanti. Ferito anche l’altro romeno. Ma in un’area fortemente controllata come Piazzale Roma sono bastati pochi istanti perchè intervenissero una quindicina di agenti della Polizia Municipale che sono riusciti a bloccare i due aggressori che tentavano la fuga. A poca distanza si trovavano anche i militari che oramai da anni presidiano l’area e i Carabinieri dalla stazione che dista poche decine di metri.
    Le corsie uno e due del terminal automobilistico lagunare sono state temporaneamente bloccate per consentire il soccorso ai feriti.
    Ancora ignoti i motivi dell’aggressione, per ora resta solo la paura di chi ha vissuto una situazione che fino ad ora appariva innimaginabile

  30. Saturday, March 9, 2019
    MAGAPHOBIA: Hotel Rejects Reservation Request After Learning Triple-Amputee Veteran Brian Kolfage, Steve Bannon and Sheriff Clarke Were Included

    Steve Bannon, Purple Heart recipient triple-amputee veteran Brian Kolfage and Sheriff Clarke will be traveling to Detroit next week for a town hall event that was organized by ‘We Build the Wall.’

    Kolfage, Bannon, Sheriff Clarke and crew were recommended they stay at the Detroit Foundation Hotel because of the close proximity to the Cobo Center where the town hall will be held next Thursday.

  31. MAGAPHOBIA: Hotel Rejects Reservation Request After Learning Triple-Amputee Veteran Brian Kolfage, Steve Bannon and Sheriff Clarke Were Included

    What does anyone expect of Detroit? Once rightfully known as the Paris of the West, its unenviable distinction today is being America’s capitol of Ruin Pron.

    (T = 00:03:52)

  32. Denmark: 14 people face prosecution and up to 3 years in prison for sharing Moroccan beheading video

    Danish police have charged 14 people for sharing a video on social media purportedly showing the murder of Danish hiker Louisa Vesterager Jespersen and her Norwegian friend Maren Ueland in Morocco last December, Danish Radio reports.

    The video, shared by 14 Danes, six of whom were minors, showed the beheading of Jespersen with what appears to be a kitchen knife.

    Twelve of the people were charged with unauthorised disclosure and invasion of privacy, which can be punishable with up to three years’ imprisonment.The remaining two were charged with publicly approving of the killing of the two women, which is punishable with fines or up to two years’ imprisonment.

    The Danish Intelligence Service, PET, previously verified the killing video that reportedly flourished on Danish social media. The Danish police advised the public not to watch the video and delete it if one happens to be in possession of it.

    15 Moroccan men were charged for the attack classified as a terrorist attack. Despite the fact that the suspected killers swore allegiance to Daesh, the Moroccan intelligence service later rejected the idea that murder was coordinated by the so-called “Islamic State”.

    Had the video not been shared, the killers of these young women might never have been arrested for this gruesome crime. The Moroccan authorities were pressured into finding the killers because of the sensation generated by the video.

    The liberal “thought police” are irate about this video because it shows what’s really happening, and anyone who tries to wake anyone up will be charged with “hate” crimes and other nonsense.

    And to prove that this beheading video won’t deter other young women from backpacking in Morocco, the liberal Independent news site in the U.K. is promoting backpacking trips to Morocco for single young women in celebration of International Women’s Day.

  33. The End of “Europe from Lisbon to Vladivostok”

    EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: The geopolitical divorce of Russia and Europe is not confined to the military or economic realms. Over the past several years, the differences have been ideological as well. A good example is the death of a once major political project, the “Economic Space from Lisbon to Vladivostok.”

    Russian relations with Europe are complicated, and they have military, economic, and often ideological dimensions. The two entities have tried unsuccessfully for centuries to find a modus vivendi. One proposed compromise was the idea of an economic space from Lisbon to Vladivostok – a space to be characterized by a unified economy, a political understanding, and possibly even deep military cooperation.

    Vladimir Putin advocated this idea in speeches for years, though he was not the first to propound it. A transcontinental union from the Atlantic to the Pacific is a geopolitical concept that has recurred over time. It is linked to neo-Eurasianism, and before that to the geopolitical triangle of Nazi Germany, Soviet Russia, and Imperial Japan.

    An expanse from Lisbon to Vladivostok, which one might call Greater Eurasia, would represent a Russian pivot toward Western Europe. For a time, this was an attractive idea to both the Russians and the Europeans. German Chancellor Angela Merkel once said she hoped “that Russia would increasingly develop ties with the European economic area, finally resulting in a common economic area from Lisbon to Vladivostok.”

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