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  1. I wonder if the violence is going to slowly get worse between now and the election or will the Dems keep control of their crazies until they can suddenly attack unprepared pro Trump Demonstrations. The latter is the better strategy but I don’t know if the Dems have that much control of their crazies.

    • Worse as the election nears. What kind of crazy person attacks an 80-year old or a 70-year old or a 60-year old or even a kid over a hat? Even schools are punishing the kids for wearing the red hat.

      We have Ocasio-Cortex and Tlaib and Omar and PELOSI who are the instigators, notwithstanding the anti-Trump MSM.

      Had Trump not been elected, we never would have known about that dangerous socialist movement developing underground.

    • And the DEMS can’t control their crazies. It’s the opposite, the Crazies are controlling the Dems and the Dems are radicalizing.

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