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5 Replies to “Videos Emerge of Bernie Sanders Praising Communist Dictator”

  1. One communists who wants to be the Dictator of the US praises another communist Dictator, what is surprising about this?

    Having said that it is good that they are putting this out for people to see.

  2. Some months ago, I posted my recollection of the terror that my family experienced during the so-called LA Uprising in 1992. The description was vivid enough that Norseradish gallantly offered regrets that my family and I had had to live through such a thing. Until you have heard the noise and smelled the fire of chaos, you will think that the government is a functioning thing that its citizens want to see continue. It’s one thing to be in 9-11 and say OK, we were attacked by outsiders (and I am sure that was a life-jarring experience), but it’s another thing to feel the echoes of hate and underlying threat of physical violence when someone who lives/d in the same vicinity recounts those riots in terms of an “Uprising.”

    The imprinting of being in a physically threatening situation may be what refugees from Communist countries (like Vietnam, Cuba, the PRC) bring with them when they vote anti-Communist in the US. Yet, I have seen children of the 1956 Hungarian refugees who disdain their parents and turn back to support socialist movements in the US!

    Those LA riots were a new reality for me: broken glass; cars as weapons; tanks on the street; armed militia at street corners to protect banks and other buildings; realizing how many oil wells LA has inside the city; having to plan where to flee as the marauders got closer; knowing store owners who made decisions about protecting their businesses. Refugees from Iran converged on the one still-open supermarket, convinced that the government was about to fall and that this was the last chance to buy food for awhile. My dad suddenly developed a seemingly irrational fear that he would not have food for his dog, so he joined the lines of people at the one supermarket.

    What does it take for a person to take a stand against chaos, lawlessness, and liberating possessions of their owners and the owners of their lives? Maybe there is a person who decides that he can benefit from Communism because he will come out on top. This is a paradox — the one who preaches communism is actually the one who wants property to be free of anyone else’s control but his.

    • http://spreadsheets.latimes.com/la-riots-deaths/ has a map that includes the locations where people (all over the city) were murdered and whether the cases were solved .
      “More than 60 people lost their lives amid the looting and fires that ravaged the city over five days starting April 29, 1992. Ten were shot to death by law enforcement officials. An additional 44 people died in other homicides or incidents tied to the rioting. By year’s end, Los Angeles had 1,096 homicides, a record. 1992 remains L.A.’s deadliest year.”

    • You’ve got that right, Malca. Even if a kid’s parents flee a communist country there’s no guarentee that child will understand. To immunize against the virus of tyrannical collectivism it must usually be drilled in, or experienced by first-hand tragedy. And then there is the weak mind described by Perfect Child’s realm here on VTB, which bows down to the reprehensible, because a tatoo of the reprehensible on its own face makes everything good.

    • When I watched this I started crying again for “Uncle” Sashenka, who passed away a little over a month ago.

      He died too young. Gulag-TB weakened his lungs, left him frail by the time Pres. Reagan secured his release.
      He was spared in spite of enemies like Teddy Kennedy and this piece of garbage.

      I curse him.
      My mind spits in his eye. Gulag-TB spit.

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