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4 Replies to “The Slumification of Western American cities”

    • As are the homeless psych patients(poor care), the welfare parasites who flock in and the facilitated drug users(habit heaven). While I am well aware of abusive psych care(“one flew over the cuckoo’s nest” is all too factual) there has to be a happy medium somewhere that does not line someone’s pocket.

  1. Who wins the vote in the poop cities. Does anyone know if any such are red? I doubt it ( I always feel uncomfortable with democrats being blue and republicans red, it doesn’t seem right).

    • The big cities always go Dem.

      Back in the 70s the big TV news networks shifted red to the right and blue to the left, they realized that doing this prevents us from using the old “Better Dead Then Red” Meme. At some point the colors will shift back to the international norm but it will take time.

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