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32 Replies to “Word for Word: Excange between Rep. Ilhan Omar and Elliott Abrams (C-SPAN)”

  1. She’s not interested in asking questions, but for using her time to make statements and to further an anti-American agenda. “Human Rights” is a Trogan Horse used by a woman wearing a jihab. And I mean jihab–a political statement garment professing allegiance to Allah as a precursor to kinetic war.

    She is a bad, bad sign.

  2. That’s a rat in the house. A Mohammedan agitprop to smear, to deride, to defame and to divide all infidels who she is determined to destroy. To bring their ‘miserable house down by their hands and the hands of the believers”.

    Imagine this was the second world war and we had Nazi agitprops in the house, would they be welcome too?

  3. I want to know who writes her statements/questions? Whoever it is (muslim (small “m” purposeful) brotherhood) should help her practice reading them a little more seeing she had a difficult time of it.

      • @ Richard:
        “That’s her, she is suppose to have “married” her own brother to get him into the states.”

        Seeing what cult she belongs to and their centuries-long inbreeding, there is only a short(ish) step from “first cousin” to “brother” so my naughty mind first jumped to the conclusion she has “married” her own brother to get him into her bed. Thanks for enlightening me 😉 *stands in corner only slightly ashamed* 🙂

  4. This display doesn’t just widen the Overton window of acceptable discourse. It breaks it. This is a House out-of-control, out-of-bounds. Pelosi has to shut this down.

    To any one who says: Let her talk! She’ll win PTrump’s second term!
    I say: The government is more than the President. That extreme partisanship is shallow and shortsighted. There’s no political reconciliation with such an enemy.

    Temporize and you’ll no longer have meme-duels.
    It’ll be blood-&-guts WAR.

    • I agree, she needs to go. Red Cortez needs to stay even though she is dangerous she will show people what the Modern Dems are all about. This one on the other hand is more dangerous and must go.

    • The Dems won’t remove her or oppose her in the next election, Red Cortez on the other hand will be opposed in the primary next year and the Dems will work to ensure she doesn’t return to Congress.

    • The eggs laid by the cockroaches under the more recent “presidents” especially the Nobel-Peace-Prize winner, are “coming out” (whathever the correct word for it is).

  5. Ilhan Omar – Discover the Networks
    + Further Reading Links Below


    The youngest of seven siblings, Ilhan Omar was born in Mogadishu, Somalia in 1982. After civil war broke out there in 1991, she and her family fled to a refugee camp in Kenya, where they spent four years before migrating to America…

    “Utange Refugees from Somalia (1992)”
    Red Cross Crescent historic film collection
    Published on January 24, 2017

    The Utanga camp was set up by the Government of Kenya to care for refugees coming from Somalia. UNHCR was responsible for housing and registering refugees. The Kenya Red Cross Society was in charge of running the camp and, together with the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, took care of the water supply, the sanitary facilities, the health care and the food distribution. The Federation launched an appeal to fund three operations in Kenya: famine in north east; tribal conflict with population movement in the west and refugee influx from Sudan, Ethiopia and Somalia.

  6. A country is sovereign
    Despise it, and it falls.
    Why import the brethrin
    And take away the walls?
    Marriage is sacred
    Union, family, nation.
    The snake that knows to fake-it
    Is Muhamad’s Relevation.



      Long history of fraud among Somali refugees

      Lost in the story is the fact that Somali refugees have a long history of defrauding the U.S. immigration system with claims of family ties to people they are not actually related to.

      Exactly eight years ago on Aug. 20, 2008, the Wall Street Journal reported findings of massive fraud had forced the U.S. State Department to halt all family reunification programs for African refugees because the Somalis in particular were found to be engaged in widespread fraud.

      Read Wall Street Journal article from 2008 titled “Refugee program halted as DNA tests show fraud.”

  7. 2009

    “Even More Proof Ilhan Omar Lived With Both Husbands At Same Time”
    by deplorable housewife – October 30, 2018


    In researching his latest article about Omar, Steinberg, assisted by a legal researcher, extensively searched publicly available address records. Steinberg discovered that in August 2009, both Ilhan Omar and her “legal husband” Ahmed Nur Said Elmi left Minnesota to move to North Dakota to attend North Dakota State University (NDSU). Address records which Steinberg uncovered show that both Omar and Elmi lived at 2608 Pacific Drive South, Fargo, North Dakota 58103. Steinberg also discovered that Omar’s first husband, Ahmed Hirsi (the man she claimed to be “culturally” married to and separated from so she could marry Elmi) was also living at the same Pacific Drive South address in August 2009.

    Ilhan Omar – Discover the Networks


    The youngest of seven siblings, Ilhan Omar was born in Mogadishu, Somalia in 1982. After civil war broke out there in 1991, she and her family fled to a refugee camp in Kenya, where they spent four years before migrating to America. Omar later attended North Dakota State University, where she joined the campus Muslim Students Association and eventually earned a degree in Political Science and International Studies.

    • “The Muslim Students Association- Should it be Cleared?”
      Some questions and idea by Mark Silinsky
      Posted on November 29, 2010 by an Anonymous member


      But there is another, hidden face to the MSA, and it is one of subversion. This face showed itself at the 7th annual MSA West Conference, which was held at the University of Southern California, in 2005. A former MSA-UCLA member, Ahmed Shama, boasted, “We want to restore Islam to the leadership of society…We are trying to establish that system of government, of Islamic governance, and to the helm of life in all walks of life…”[ii] Few Americans, other than the Taliban inclined, would enjoy the world offered by Mr. Shama.

      Muslim Students Association – pdf
      The Investigative Project on Terrorism
      See page 4.

      • “Grounds for revocation of US citizenship”
        US Citizenship – March 10, 2015

        “Can Your U.S. Citizenship Be Revoked?”


        Grounds for Denaturalization

        1. Falsification or Concealment of Relevant Facts: You must be absolutely truthful when filling out paperwork and answering interview questions related to the naturalization application process. Even if the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS) fails to recognize any lies or ommissions at first, the agency may file a denaturalization action against you after citizenship has been granted. Examples include failure to disclose criminal activities or lying about one’s real name or identity.

        3. Membership in Subversive Groups: Your citizenship may be revoked if the U.S. government can prove that you joined a subversive organization within five years of becoming a naturalized citizen. Membership in such organizations is considered a violation of the oath of U.S. allegiance. Examples include the Nazi Party and Al Qaeda.

  8. Islamic scholars keep telling us “The foremost duty of Islam in this world is to DEPOSE Jahiliyyah from the leadership of man, and to take the leadership into its own hands and enforce a particular way of life which is a permanent feature.

    The chasm between Islam and Jahiliyyah is great, and a bridge between Islam and a bridge is not to be built across so that the people on two sides may mix with each other, but only so that the people of Jahiliyyah may come over to Islam.

    The fatherland is that place where the Islamic faith, the Islamic way of life, and the Shariah of God is dominate; only this meaning of Fatherland is worthy of human being. Similarly, nationality means belief and a way of life, and only this relationship is worthy of mans dignity.

    There is only one law which ought to be followed, and that is Shariah from God.

    We have 10 Muslim members of parliament in Canada, which law do you really think they support and why have they been allowed to be in parliament.

    Imam Mazim Abdul-Adhim, head of the Canadian branch of the terrorist group, Hibtz ut-Tharir, living in London Ontario says: If the ummah understands what is required of us as Muslims, what does a caliphate look like. What a system of Islam looks like and how to re-establish caliphate, according to the method of Mohammad, the ummah will rise un and know exactly what we have to do. Is that not sedition and should be not be deported back to Iraq.

    We are now living in a world where free speech is only for Muslims and why did society let it happen, perhaps we are too lazy to bother.

    This woman belongs in an Islamic country.

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