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This document was written around the time this site was created, for those who wish to understand what this site is about. And while our understanding of the world and events has grown since then, the basic ideas remain sound and true to the purpose.

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  1. Ex-Air Force Officer Converts to Islam, Spies for Iran
    February 13, 2019
    Daniel Greenfield

    Aside from terrorism, another national security involving Islam is that converts become potential recruits not only for terror groups, but for enemy states.

    This story appears to be an example of that phenomenon.

    A former US Air Force intelligence officer is accused of spying for Iran as part of an operation that carried out cyber attacks, the Department of Justice announced Wednesday.

    Monica Witt allegedly turned over classified information about US intelligence officers after defecting to Iran in 2013, according to a newly unsealed indictment.

    Witt, 39, was recruited after attending the Iranian New Horizon Organization’s “Hollywoodism” conference — an event sponsored by the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps which prosecutors said was aimed at “condemning American moral standards and promoting anti-U.S. propaganda” and flipping US intelligence officers into turncoat spies.

    While working with a dual Iranian-US citizen, who was only identified in court papers as Individual A, Witt divulged “the existence of a highly classified intelligence collection program” and risked the life of an intelligence colleague by revealing his true identity, said John Demers, the assistant attorney general for national security.

  2. The Democrats’ Dangerous Gong Show
    The dire risks of absurdity in politics.
    February 12, 2019
    Bruce Thornton

    Democratically elected people’s assemblies historically have been known for their mediocrity, and the U.S. has been no different. The great champion of American democracy, Alexis de Tocqueville, in 1835 observed, “I was surprised to find so much distinguished talent among the citizens and so little among the heads of the government. It is a constant fact that at the present day the ablest men in the United States are rarely placed at the head of affairs,” a condition that worsens the more democratic the government becomes.

    But over the last decade, the ineptitude of our Congressmen has increased dramatically, to the point that today Congress looks like the green room for the Gong Show. The last midterm especially brought to Washington some representatives whose abject ignorance of even basic math is astonishing, and whose embrace of ideas hostile to the American Constitutional order are frightening. More troubling, some of them have become the de facto leaders of the Democrat progressives, the mangy tail that today is wagging the already scrofulous dog. The possibilities for entertainment are many, but so are the dangers to our Republic.

    The rising star of this dubious cohort is the toothy, goofy Representative from New York, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Her Mr. Ed grin and exophthalmic stare are ubiquitous on the internet and cable news. AOC–– she has already earned an honorific acronym­––has become the face of the millennial fad of socialism that was given legs by Bernie Sander’s insurgent presidential candidacy in 2016. For Dems obsessed with regaining power and smiting the hated Donald Trump, however, AOC, though too young to run for president, has better optics and publicity than yet another old white guy who has spent his years in the Senate comfortable with the establishment status quo.

  3. This Ilhan Omar chick questioning of this vitness is very reminiscent of that Cathy Newman attempting to interview Jordan Peterson….just substituting ‘genocide’ for ‘lobsters’:

    • Last year, state Sen. Ron Latz, a St. Louis Park Democrat who has served in the Legislature since 2002, invited Omar to his house, where a number of Jewish leaders had gathered. It wasn’t an ambush; Omar knew that group was there, and their purpose was to enlighten her.

      Maybe Omar, who spent four years, from age 8 to 12, in a Kenyan camp for Somali refugees, just didn’t understand, Latz recalled some wondering at the time.

      The apex (or nadir) of anti-Semitism — the Holocaust — would be a matter of European history for a then-36-year-old Muslim native of Somalia. Did she know it? The trappings of anti-Semitism in Minneapolis — restricted hospitals, country clubs and property covenants — were American manifestations that vanished decades before Omar came to America. And the subtleties of language — the code words used to marginalize Jews — did she understand the nuance?

      • Bigotry of low expectations.
        She’s 37 years old.
        She knows what she’s doing.
        Immigration fraud, unregistered enemy agent.
        get-her-out get-her-out get-her-out

        • Immigration fraud – theft – is revealing the absolute contempt and disrespect for that country and its people.
          To stand among them and know they are not them, while they are unaware to think she is.

          Transidentity. The enemy among the natural born citizens.

  4. Look what showed up on InfoWars:

    French author Eric Zemmour says areas of France are now completely outside the control of police and are being run by Arab gangs who have imposed de facto Sharia law.

    During a recent talk, Zemmour put it bluntly when he stated; “We aren’t in France any longer.”

    “It’s rather easy to understand: people dress like in 7th-century Arabia, there is a curfew, the girls are asked to dress decently, meaning: not in skirt, and even less in a miniskirt, they are forced to come back home at 10 pm, or they will be insulted, spat at, and so on,” said Zemmour.

  5. California Gov Uses “Manufactured Emergency” of Cartel Pot Farms to Stop Border Security
    February 13, 2019
    Daniel Greenfield

    Few politicians can manage “completely incoherent”, “hypocritical”, “downright backward” and “utterly pointless” at the same time. But in the California’s People Republic, the one-party state run by the Democrats, where democracy goes to die, that’s almost routine.

    Governor Newsom claimed that he had to pull National Guard troops from securing the border to deal with a bigger emergency. Cartel pot farms.

  6. Hah! Gov. Cuomo Whines to Trump About NY State’s Budget Deficit – Trump Tells Him to Start Fracking

    Governor Andrew Cuomo flew to Washington DC to speak with President Trump about the state’s bloated budget deficit. Cuomo was hoping the president would offer a handout to New York state to offset the $2.3 billion budget deficit this year.

    Instead, President Trump lectured him on opening up the state to fracking and allowing fossil fuel pipelines to run through the state.

    That makes too much sense.
    Cuomo would rather take a handout.

  7. Richard: The Little Turd is heard from again, once more he shows he is at best a semi educated idiot.

    David Hogg on AR-15s: ‘You Are Not Defending Yourself, You Are Hunting a Human Being’

    Tuesday on MSNBC’s “Andrea Mitchell Reports,” gun control advocate David Hogg said he was working to “ban assault weapons” in his home state of Florida.

    Discussing working with relatives of some of the 17 people killed at last years mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High, Hogg said, “Sometimes it does have to be state by state. Even at the state level, sometimes they don’t want to work with us. That’s why in Florida yesterday along with several family members of people that were lost in the shooting at my high school, we introduced a ballot initiative that we are working on getting right now to ban assault weapons in the state like the one that the shooter at my high school used so that no other person can get their hands on them.”

  8. US Bombs Al-Qaeda Site in Libya – Report (sputniknews, Feb 14, 2019)

    “US forces conducted airstrikes against al-Qaeda targets in the Libyan town of Ubari, a spokesman for Libya’s Government of National Accord (GNA) said in a statement Wednesday night.

    “A site where a number of members of al-Qaeda were stationed on the outskirts of the city of Ubari was bombed on Wednesday evening,” the spokesperson for the president of Libya’s GNA said.

    The operation was part of “ongoing cooperation” between the US and Libya’s GNA, spokesman Mohamed El Sallak said on Twitter, noting that it occurred in the context of a recent meeting between Libyan Foreign Minister Mohamed Taha Siala and US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo at the gathering of the global anti-Daesh coalition.

    Ubari is located in the the Sahara Desert…”

  9. US Intensifies Sabotage Campaign on Iran’s Missiles, Space Program – Report (sputniknews, Feb 14, 2019)

    “The US initiated and “accelerated” a secret program to sabotage Iran’s rocket and missile tests as part of a campaign to weaken Tehran’s military and suffocate its economy, the New York Times reports.

    The two most recent failed launches reportedly occurred January 15 and February 5. The Times noted that determining the US program’s success is not possible but that the attempted launches were thwarted “within minutes.” The launch failures match up with a pattern extending back 11 years: two-thirds of Iran’s orbital launches have been failures over this period, while the average failure rate for comparable launches is 5 percent, the report concludes.

    “We won’t stand by while the regime threatens international security,” US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said in a January 3 announcement, adding that “Iran plans to fire off Space Launch Vehicles with virtually the same technology as ICBMs.” ICBMs refers to intercontinental ballistic missiles…”

    • …two-thirds of Iran’s orbital launches have been failures over this period, while the average failure rate for comparable launches is 5 percent…


      Fissile, missile
      Moyle in trouble
      Mullahs squirm, Jews bounce rubble


    Europol supported Policía Nacional (Spanish National Police) in arresting a man in Ceuta (Spain) suspected of indoctrinating young people and promoting and disseminating jihadist terrorist propaganda. Police officers also carried out a search of his house.

    In 2001, he was serving prison time and made contact with other prisoners who shared their radical ideas with him. Since then, he had been arrested several times for illicit arms possession, robberies and drug-related crimes. While in prison, the suspect tried to recruit young people to the extremist jihad and spread his extreme ideas to prisoners by offering them money if they grew beards, read the Quran and obeyed his orders.

    The arrested man had been highly radicalised: he played loud jihadist songs, threatened people because of their sexual orientation and considered women inappropriately dressed. His high level of aggression, both in his behaviour and crimes, was very similar to other individuals who were radicalised in jail and who later carried out terrorist attacks.

    Europol supported Policía Nacional investigators from the specialised Spanish Counter Terrorism Unit (Comisaría General de Información) by providing analytical support, social media analysis and deploying one expert from the Europol’s European Counter Terrorism Centre to Spain on the spot.

    • I just discovered this woman, she is good and her warning about Red Cortez is one we all need to hear and follow. Cortez is dangerous very dangerous and I wonder if her supposed stupidity isn’t an act that she is putting on?

      • I know she’s got a professional communications team writing her social media posts. Just a bunch of sjw cliches, but focus-groups get previews. Weird.

        Live – I suppose she gets talking-points, fills in with clowning around that’s appealing to some.
        Extreme gestures, apparent thyrotoxicosis.

  11. King launches 1,281 projects worth SR82 billion in Riyadh (saudigazette, Feb 13, 2019)

    “Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman launched multibillion riyal development projects at a ceremony held at Qasr Al-Hakam in Riyadh on Wednesday evening.

    The King inaugurated as well as laid the foundation stone for as many as 1,281 projects costing a total of SR82 billion in Riyadh city and in various governorates of the region.

    Crown Prince Muhammad Bin Salman, deputy premier and minister of defense, Prince Sultan Bin Salman, chairman of the board of the Saudi Space Authority, and Prince Rakan Bin Salman also attended the ceremony.

    Upon arrival at the headquarters of Qasr Al-Hakam, the King was received by Riyadh Emir Prince Faisal Bin Bandar, Deputy Emir of Riyadh Muhammad Bin Abdurahman, and Minister of Interior Prince Abdul Aziz Bin Saud Bin Naif.

    The Monarch then watched an exhibition titled “Salman and Riyadh,” which was organized in the lobby of the palace on this occasion. The exhibition showcases a collection of pictures pertaining to the biography and the achievements of King Salman while leading the Riyadh region as its emir. The King attended the traditional Ardha dance performance after the launching ceremony.

    Speaking on the occasion, Prince Faisal Bin Bandar said that the Kingdom, under King Salman, is witnessing a glorious era featuring a boom in development with enormous projects and realizing a Vision that is shaping the future of the nation and its people.

    “Under your wise leadership and with the support of the Crown Prince and under the umbrella of the ambitious Vision 2030, the Kingdom’s position is being strengthened by investing its vast potential and capabilities in order to realize a promising future,” he said.

    The emir said that the new projects cover all development sectors in various governorates of the Riyadh region.

    The King inaugurated 921 projects costing SR52.3 billion and laid the foundation stone for 360 projects worth SR29.8 billion. These projects include seven medical cities and hospitals, scores of educational projects and sports cities, several recreational facilities, parks, 15 housing projects, and the largest museum in Riyadh.

    The projects for which the King laid the corner stone include the following: Ministry of the National Guard- completion of housing projects of the military personnel; Ministry of Education – 63 educational projects covering all regions including universities, colleges and educational complexes for boys and girls; Ministry of Municipality and Rural Affairs -216 projects in all governorates of the region including roads and flood water drainages, as well as gardens, parks and municipal building projects; General Authority of Civil Aviation – project for the development of lounges at King Khalid International Airport; Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture -16 projects for purification and treatment plants, water and sewage systems, water reservoirs, project to establish the Directorate of Agriculture in Dawadmi, and desalinated water transport system from Jubail to Riyadh (4 parts); Ministry of Interior – project of the ministry’s medical complex in Riyadh and 21 projects for the development of security headquarters in all governorates of the region; Arriyadh Development Authority -two environmental projects and a project to bring down water level in Riyadh city; General Authority of Sports – development of sports city complex; Saudi Red Crescent Authority -establishment of ambulance center in Riyadh and Ramah governorate; Ministry of Media- project to construct a building for Al-Ekhbariya channel and a project to modernize the television studio at Riyadh TV Center; Ministry of Transport- 11 projects covering all parts of the region including intersections, roads and lighting works; Ministry of Housing -5 projects to develop land and infrastructure in various governorates; Ministry of Energy, Industry and Mineral Resources: project to establish SABIC Specialist Hospital for Mental Health and construction of the SABIC Museum; and MODON – 6 projects for the development of industrial cities and the establishment of model factories.”

  12. Iran’s bid to recover funds frozen in US can proceed, UN’s top court rules (mee, Feb 13, 2019)

    “The International Court of Justice has ruled that Iran can move forward in its effort to unfreeze assets in the United States, rejecting Washington’s claims that the case must be halted because of Tehran’s alleged support for terrorism.

    In a decision delivered on Wednesday in The Hague, the ICJ said it had the right to hold full hearings at a later date about whether Iran would get its money back.

    Iran is looking to recover $1.75bn in assets frozen by Washington.

    In the ruling, the ICJ’s chief judge, Abdulqawi Ahmed Yusuf, said the United Nations’ top court “unanimously rejects the preliminary objections to admissibility raised by the United States of America”.

    Yusuf also said the court deemed it has jurisdiction in the case.

    The US had challenged the proceedings, claiming that Tehran based its claims on an outdated Amity Treaty.

    Signed between Iran and the US in 1955, the deal outlined economic and consular rights between the two countries, among other things.

    In October, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said Washington intended to end its commitment to that treaty, accusing the Iranian government of “abusing the ICJ for political and propaganda purposes”.

    The issue at the heart of the ICJ case, filed in June 2016, centres on assets from the Iranian national bank, Bank Markazi.

    US courts seized the funds to compensate families of victims of a 1983 bombing of a US Marine Corps. base in Beirut.

    The US blames that attack on Iran, which for its part has denied involvement in the incident that killed 307 people, including 241 US military personnel…”

    • No problem,the uk administration will facilitate the Saudi venture,after all the uk trained twenty three Iranian graduates in the construction of nuclear weapons,and may has her toungue so far up islams arsehole that she can clean their teeth with her toungue.

  13. EU adds Saudi Arabia to dirty-money blacklist, upsets Britain (memo, Feb 13, 2019)

    “The European Commission added Saudi Arabia, Panama, Nigeria and other jurisdictions to a blacklist of nations seen as posing a threat because of lax controls on terrorism financing and money laundering, the EU executive said on Wednesday, Reuters reports.

    The move is part of a crackdown on money laundering after several scandals at EU banks but has been criticised by several EU countries including Britain worried about their economic relations with the listed states, notably Saudi Arabia.

    The Saudi government media office did not immediately respond to a request for comment. Panama said it should be removed from the list because it recently adopted stronger rules against money laundering.

    Despite pressure to exclude Riyadh from the list, the commission decided to list the kingdom, confirming a Reuters report in January.

    Apart from reputational damage, inclusion on the list complicates financial relations with the EU. The bloc’s banks will have to carry out additional checks on payments involving entities from listed jurisdictions.

    The list now includes 23 jurisdictions, up from 16. The commission said it added jurisdictions with “strategic deficiencies in their anti-money laundering and countering terrorist financing regimes”.

    Also newcomers to the list are Libya, Botswana, Ghana, Samoa, the Bahamas and the four United States territories of American Samoa, US Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico and Guam.

    The other listed states are Afghanistan, North Korea, Ethiopia, Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Syria, Trinidad and Tobago, Tunisia and Yemen.

    Bosnia, Guyana, Laos, Uganda and Vanuatu were removed…

    London has led a pushback against the EU list in past days, and at closed-door meetings urged the exclusion of Saudi Arabia, EU sources told Reuters.

    The oil-rich kingdom is a major importer of goods and weapons from the EU. Several top British banks have operations there. Royal Bank of Scotland is the European bank with the largest turnover in Saudi Arabia, with around 150 million euros ($169.28 million) in 2015, according to public data.

    HSBC is Europe’s most successful bank in Riyadh. It booked profits of 450 million euros in 2015 in the kingdom but disclosed no turnover and has no employees there, according to public data released under EU rules.

    “The UK will continue to work with the Commission to ensure that the list that comes into force provides certainty to businesses and is as effective as possible at tackling illicit finance,” a British Treasury spokesman said.”

  14. Islamic State says attacked Nigerian governor’s convoy (reuters, Feb 13, 2019)

    “Islamic State claimed responsibility on Wednesday for an attack on the convoy of a state governor who was headed to a rally in northeastern Nigeria ahead of Saturday’s presidential election.

    The group said in a statement on its Amaq news agency that 42 people were killed in Tuesday’s attack on Borno state’s governor. Official sources told Reuters earlier on Wednesday between three and 10 people were killed, and that some of them may have been beheaded…”

  15. Istanbul second most congested city in the world (hurriyetdailynews, Feb 13, 2019)

    “Istanbul has emerged as the second most congested city in the world, according to a new traffic report by transportation analytics firm INRIX.

    With drivers losing an average of 157 hours (6.5 days) in peak rush hour periods in 2018, Istanbul is among the second most congested cities worldwide among a total of 220 cities, INRIX’s Global Traffic Scorecard said.

    Traffic jam in Istanbul increased by six percent compared to 2017, the report stated.

    Russia’s capital Moscow dominated the list by holding its place from 2017 as the world’s most-traffic-congested city.

    Moscow had the worst traffic jams of any capital city in Europe with peak congestion of 210 hours in 2018, the report said.

    Following Moscow and Istanbul, the top five countries tackling with traffic jam includes Colombian capital Bogota, Mexico’s capital Mexico City and Brazil’s most populous metropolis Sao Paolo, respectively.

    INRIX annually analyzes per capita time spent in traffic jam by calculating parameters such as the average speed and time passed to travel one mile (around 1.6 kilometers) to the city’s business centers during rush-hour.

    Moreover, number of hours lost in traffic during rush hour compared to free-flowing periods also contributed to the determination of rankings.”

  16. Turkey not to attend US-led anti-Iran summit (hurriyetdailynews, Feb 13, 2019)

    “Two important international summits will take place tomorrow, with the first being about Syria and will bring Turkey, Russia and Iran together in Sochi for the fourth time under the Astana Process.

    The first is about Syria and will bring Turkey, Russia and Iran together in Sochi for the fourth time under the Astana Process. The second one is about Iran and co-organized by the United States and Poland with a goal of lining up Washington’s allies in the Middle East against Iran.

    It would be a hasty and exaggerated assessment to describe these two settings particularly as against each other, although a piece of fairness would be accumulated in comments that highlight growing fractions between prominent global and regional actors over Mideast troubles.

    Although both summits are about the Middle East, the former eyes ending violence and promoting a political solution to the Syrian question while the latter brings dozens of countries together in an objective of reducing Iranian influence in the Middle East.

    A decision to hold such an anti-Iran summit has been made by U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo as a result of his week-long tour to prominent Arab nations, including Saudi Arabia and Egypt early last month.

    After reactions from some countries were raised on the motive of this summit, the U.S. and Poland have changed the theme of the meeting to “Promoting a Future of Peace and Security in the Middle East.”

    According to reports, some 60 countries have confirmed their attendance, including several from the Middle East. Aside from Israel, the Mideast participants include Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Yemen, Jordan, Kuwait, Morocco, Oman, the United Arab Emirates, Egypt and Tunisia.

    Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is among high-level participants of the summit, hoping to observe a good reception from the representatives of the Arab nations. His statements on Feb. 11 explicitly outlines that Israel regards this meeting as a historic development for its efforts to drive Iran into a corner.

    Turkey’s position with regard to this summit is clear. It sees this meeting as against Iran and therefore has decided not to take part in it…”

  17. Sea Watch shd stay in Catania – Netherlands to Italy (ansamed, Feb 13, 2019)

    “The Netherlands asked Italy Wednesday to keep the Sea Watch NGO migrant rescue ship in the port of Catania where it has been since offloading 47 migrants after a standoff with the EU on January 31.

    The request came after an inspection on board the German NGO-run, Dutch-flagged ship on February 11-12.

    The request was made to the Italian Coast Guard “pending the conclusion of Dutch authorities’ further investigation into the compliance of the ship with norms in force, with reference to the suitability to transport a high number of people for long periods of time”.”

  18. Swiss burqa ban campaigner calls for ban on Muslim prayers in public (thelocal, Feb 13, 2019)

    “One of the key figures behind a successful campaign to have burqas banned in the Swiss canton of Ticino now wants Muslims banned from praying in public.

    The move by political maverick Giorgio Ghiringhelli comes in the wake of a number of social media posts in the Italian-speaking canton showing photos of Muslims praying in the street and referring to the region as “Ticinistan”.

    Ghiringhelli, who refers to himself as ‘il Guastafeste’ (“the killjoy” or “the spoilsport”) has now petitioned the cantonal parliament to make such public prayers illegal.

    He argues the ban is necessary as there is a passage in the Muslim prayers which contains an implicit message of hatred against Jews and Christians – an idea based on the work of Sami Aldeeb, a Palestinian-Christian lawyer with Swiss citizenship.

    A parliamentary committee in Ticino has already overwhelming rejected Ghiringhelli’s petition and the same is likely to happen when the proposal is discussed in an upcoming parliamentary session.

    But Ghiringhelli, who played a key role in a 2013 referendum which saw voters in Ticino back a ‘burqa ban’ in the canton is not expected to give up.

    On his website, he has raised the possibility of launching a popular initiative to have the ban on prayers introduced.

    To trigger a referendum on the issue, supporters would have to collect 7,000 signatures in 100 days.

    How the text of any such proposal would look is unclear, But Ghiringhelli, an atheist, has said he does not want to discriminate against Muslims in particular while still managing to ban their prayers in public.

    One possible model is the ‘secularism law’ adopted by the canton of Geneva recently – which bans religious demonstrations in public expect in specific cases.

    This ‘non-discriminatory’ approach was the one taken in the 2013 ‘burqa ban’ referendum which did not single out Muslims directly bur rather banned the covering of faces in public areas by any group.

    Critics of Ghiringhelli have said a ban on Muslim prayers in public is both unnecessary and unhelpful.

    The Swiss-Tunisian human rights activist Saida Keller-Messahli told Swiss media that most Muslims were perfectly integrated into Swiss society.

    “In other European countries like Belgium, England or France, there are Muslim groups who use public prayers as a provocation, but in Switzerland [that is not the case], she said, describing Ghiringhelli’s petition as poorly thought out.

    She said it would do nothing to help stop jihadism or radicalization of Muslims.”

    • Public prayers are a way to dominate the public spaces,it is a demonstration of power over Christian lands and a clear provocation to the authorities who do nothing to prevent it,as for the other countries mentioned,whereever they are mozlems will be mozlems,i remember a quote from a few days ago k60;4 “between us and you,emnity and hatred forever”

  19. Pregnant British schoolgirl who joined ISIS DEMANDS UK return – ‘I just want to come home’ (express, Feb 14, 2019)

    “A LONDON schoolgirl who travelled to Syria in 2015 to join ISIS is asking to return to the UK, along with her unborn child, despite admitting she doesn’t regret running away from home to join the terror group…”

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