Computing Forever on the arrest of a real person for a Tweet about a fake woman

Yes we have posted about this fascist communist horror show in the UK but I think it deserves all the posts I can find about it. The British government must feel as humiliated as this situation demands of them. Which is a lot of humiliation.

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  1. The British government and the others who think they are the elite are digging a very deep hole one that they may end up buried in. I hope the coming rebellion in the UK will remain a conservative revolution (out to restore rights taken from them) rather then an liberal one (discovering new rights to claim). The former may lead to revolutionary courts and executions, the latter certainly will.

      • If you push people hard enough they will revolt, they are pushing the lower class and lower middle class people so hard they must revolt of become serfs.

      • Knock me over with a feather if they do.

        ADVISORY: Per OSHA Regulation – Standard Number: 1928 – Part Number Title: Safety and Health Regulations for Non-CAFO Struthio camelus Husbandry – Subpart: 1928 Subpart CC – Subpart Title: Exposure to Stilts, Cranes & Hazardously Tall Avians – Standard Number: 1928.1412 – Title: Inspections. – GPO Source: e-CFR

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  2. Sweden is gender-neutral
    A society of Sex-People
    Swedish Porn
    A cultual norm
    Uniforms of Mao’s Sheeple.

    Feminists, (such enriched-fed)
    Complain that “woman’s” dead.
    They realized
    This same disguised
    Get all into their bed.

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