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  1. Well I guess the yellow burkas are not quite as ugly as the black ones. Can’t make jokes about them looking like big trash bags. The muslim men can use their wives in yellow burkas like road cones, because they are bright enough and big enough to be seen for quite a distance. 🙂

  2. French ‘yellow vests’ march through Paris denouncing police violence

    PARIS (Reuters) – Several thousand “yellow vest” protesters marched through Paris and other French cities on Saturday on the 12th weekend of action against the government, despite opinion polls pointing to a recovery in President Emmanuel Macron’s popularity.

    The protests – named after the fluorescent jackets French motorists are required to carry in their cars – began in mid-November over plans to raise fuel taxes before developing into a broader revolt against the government that mobilized tens of thousands of demonstrators nationwide each Saturday.


  3. Why don’t the protesters carry banner of Joan D’Arc? France in Catholicism has always been the First Daughter. Maybe, just maybe a lilltle Christianity would help.

  4. DAILY MAIL – Heavily-armed officers blast rubber bullets and tear gas at Yellow Vest activists marching through Paris for ‘victims of police violence’ – as protests calling for uprising against Macron reach 12th week in row

    The Yellow Vest protests have returned to the streets of France today for a 12th successive weekend
    Tear gas filled the air and riot police did not hesitate and firing off their controversial rubber bullets
    Many protesters are donning eye patches in support of Jerome Rodrigues, 40, who was blinded last weekend
    This week’s demonstrations mark a shift in focus as the ‘Gilets Jaunes’ mark the 1,900 injured since November
    The Interior Ministry said 80,000 security officials had been deployed, including 5,000 in Paris


  5. Unrest in France: No End in Sight

    by Guy Millière
    February 2, 2019 at 5:00 am


    Saturday, January 26th 2019. “Yellow vests” protests were being organized in the main cities of France. Mobilization was not weakening. Support from the population had decreased slightly but was still huge (60%-70%, according to polls). The main slogan has remained the same since November 17, 2018: “Macron must resign”. In December, another slogan was added: “Citizens’ initiative referendum”.

    The government and French President Emmanuel Macron have been doing everything they can to crush the movement. They have tried insults, defamation and have said the demonstrators were both “seditious people” wishing to overthrow the institutions and fascist “brown shirts”. On December 31, Macron described them, as “hateful crowds”. The presence of some anti-Semites led a government spokesman (incorrectly) to describe the entire movement as “anti-Semitic”.

    In a recent interview on the British web magazine Spiked, Guilluy said that the “yellow vests” movement is a desperate awakening of “peripheral France”. He predicted that despite Macron’s efforts to displace the problem, the awakening will last, and that either Macron “will recognize the existence of these people, or he will have to opt for a soft totalitarianism”.

    • The political situation described in the article is familiar to all who live in a western nations, the left pretends to care about the people but acts like the aristocracy in a feudal society. One man in an interview said that Macron is reacting to the protests by moving to a soft totalitarianism. This move is part of what is driving the protests, just as the move gradual move to violence rather then scaring the people is fueling the protests.

      Dr. Guy Millière, has a much better grasp on the protest movement then I do but given the economic problems described in the article the way the New Aristocracy is ignoring the plight of the people is driving the people to a violent revolution that will probably have the same result as the First French Revolution. A period of the terror followed by a police state that seeks to enslave the rest of Europe.

      While the violence is hitting France first it will spread to the rest of Europe and then to the rest of the world. We are sailing uncharted waters in a leady boat with the worst storm in history forming on the Horizon.

      Keey your musket clean, your powder dry and watch your backs. You also need to have a bug out bag packed and your bug out routes (yes routes don’t depend on just one because it may be blocked) mapped. Crunch time is sprinting to get here and when it arrives the world will not be the same in our lifetimes.

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