Orwell’s increasingly important quote

“Who controls the past controls the future. Who controls the present controls the past.” -George Orwell.

Perhaps a confusing idea at first. But what a great example this Google-Khadr story is.

A member of a famous Al-Qeada terror family, the Khadr’s, who were personal friends with the Bin Ladens. who ‘lost’ their passports while in Pakistan something like 7 times and had to have them all replaced for the whole family each time, who PM Chretien personally intervened to get the father out of jail at one point when Pakistan in a moment of lucidity, jailed the patriarch of that family for terror activities, and who’s family did a public TV news video years ago where they talked about hating Canada and its values as we were all “hookers and junkies”, now scrubbed from our reality as fully as the 1980s videos of David Suzuki warning us all about the global catastrophe of Nuclear Winter due to Western industrial manufacturing, before he switched to Global Warming catastrophe due to Western industrial manufacturing, was called on Google, “A Canadian soldier”.

Yes Omar Khadr who went to build bombs for Al-Qaeda, for a while on Google, was called a “Canadian Soldier”. Khadr, who spent time at Guantanamo for the murder of an American medic, a “Canadian Soldier”.

So Google, who controls the past in that they can change the recordings of past events to be whatever current policy dictates they must be, in order to change the future to whatever the current despots want, is 100% what Orwell was referring to.

Since Khadr was a “Canadian Soldier” and not an Al-Qaeda terrorist from a family who sympathizes fully with the values of Islamic supremacists and terrorists, we should have no fear of Islam or bringing millions of religious muslims into Canada.

Google, who operates in the present, controls how we view the past, which determines the policies and actions in the future.

Now we know who Orwell warned us about.

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  1. Its not only google. Take a look at CNN, MSNBC, the NYTimes, Washington Post. Even our governments rewrite history. For example the West declared war on Germany for invading Poland in 1939.

    Why then didn’t they declare war on the Russians for the same deed?

    • Because the Communists had too strong a hold on the Western Governments, they still have that strong hold on our governments.

  2. This is the danger of digital research sources, anything digital can be changed when the people controlling that part of the net wants it changed. One teacher in my home town (sadly a late teacher) always told her students that when they were researching things to use only printed books not any digital source. This was because the digital was too east to edit for content and political bias. This story is what she was afraid of.
    This is also why I recommend that we save books and videos for the future historians to use to fill in the blanks caused by the government or leftist censorship of the history.

  3. Was there ever a public explanation of why Global Warming was changed to Climate Change? Does anyone remember?
    Or was it assumed that no one would notice?
    Have the BBC, CNN, CBC ever mentioned The Pause?
    Or do you have to listen to the likes of Mark Steyn to hear of it?
    I’m just curious.

    • Climate Change is an easier lie to sell, because the climate is always changing. That way you can blame the weather on whatever you need to, to manipulate good people amongst the public to do what you want them to do, against their own interests.

      Real climate scientists know for a fact that the climate in reality is cooling because of the horrifying end of the sun spot cycle. Calling it “climate Change” they can carry on with their utter BS and make it look like this is what they were talking about all along.

      If you are interested in the facts about the climate, watch the excellent documentary in Youtube (when its available from time to time) the Cloud Mystery, by two Danish scientists who actually do real cimate science and show you what is really happening, and what happens when you go against the narrative of Global Warming/Climate Change.

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