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This document was written around the time this site was created, for those who wish to understand what this site is about. And while our understanding of the world and events has grown since then, the basic ideas remain sound and true to the purpose.

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  1. LONDON BLOODBATH: Two teenagers arrested after a man stabbed to death in Islington (express, Jan 30, 2019)

    “TWO teenagers were arrested last night after a fatal stabbing in Islington, north London.

    Police were called to an assault on Caledonian Road, near the junction with Tilloch Street at 6.49pm. A man was pronounced dead at the scene. Two male teenagers were arrested near the area and taken to a north London police station.

    The victim has not yet been identified and Scotland Yard said “urgent” inquiries are being made to confirm who he is.

    The crime scene was cordoned off and emergency vehicles were at the scene, including police officers and medics from the London ambulance services.

    In a statement, the Metropolitan Police said: “Urgent enquiries are underway to establish the identity of the deceased.

    “A post-mortem and formal identification will be arranged in due course.”

    Islington Police said on Twitter a Section 60 stop and search order has been put into place until 3am today.

    A Section 60 order gives police powers to search anyone in a given area.

    The order is in place for much of Islington, Clerkenwell, Finsbury Park and Bloomsbury.

    Islington Police tweeted: “Following the earlier fatal stabbing in Caledonian Road, a Section 60 order is now in place until 3am on Wednesday covering postcode areas N1, N7, EC1, WC1 and NW1.”

    Detectives from the Central North Command Unit are investigating the incident, as well as the Homicide and Major Crime Command.

    Police urged anyone with information to call police on 101 quoting 6320/jan29 or to anonymously call Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

    Officers also attended the scene of a stabbing on Downham Way, Bromley yesterday.

    A woman who intervened in the incident was treated for non-life-threatening injuries.

    Officers are making inquiries to find the original victim and suspects.”

    • LONDON BLOODBATH: Two teenagers arrested after a man stabbed to death in Islington

      For how much longer will they continue to blame all of this on the knives? It continues to flabbergast anyone drawing breath how the country that gave us Oxbridge somehow is unable to properly define the term, “root cause”.

      • I hate to say this but the knife and gun attacks in London are in the long run helping our cause, without them to keep the public inflamed over the invasion the people would become use to being oppressed by the British Government and not try to do anything about the loss of their rights.

  2. Open Borders NGO Urges Germans to Marry Illegal Aliens So They Can Stay in Europe (breitbart, Jan 29, 2019)

    “German politicians have slammed Mission Lifeline after a tweet from the self-styled migrant ‘rescue’ NGO, which is based in Dresden, appeared to suggest citizens should marry aliens who have no right to live in the country.

    Local media reports that Mission Lifeline was accused of encouraging people to take part in sham marriages after the NGO urged unmarried supporters to get together with illegal immigrants who “do not have the right to stay here”.

    “You’re not married yet? Maybe you could fall in love with someone who doesn’t have the right to stay here? Could happen, right? Stay open,” reads the controversial social media post, which attracted more than 1,000, mostly critical, responses from the general public.

    Amongst the politicians who hit out at Mission Lifeline was interior ministry spokesman for Germany’s Christian Democratic parties, Stephan Mayer, who blasted the social media post as a “highly damning” call to take part in marriage fraud, which he stressed was not a “minor offence” but rather one which was punishable by jail time.

    Philipp Amthor, of Chancellor Angela Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union (CDU), remarked that the NGO had been attempting to sidestep immigration laws as part of a wider open borders agenda.

    He told local tabloid, Bild: “’This absurd call for entering marriages shows clearly that these ‘sea rescue’ [NGOs] in fact pursue a much larger agenda.

    “They want to thwart our immigration law with their left-wing ideology and lead our constitutional state by the nose.”

    But Mission Lifeline spokesman Axel Steier dismissed criticism of the tweet, which he insisted had sought only to raise public awareness “of abstract concepts such as ‘refugee’ and ‘drowned person’”.

    In an attack on “untrue and heartless reporting from high circulation media outlets in Austria and Germany”, the NGO claimed that “love” was the focus of the social media post, not marriage, and that Mission Lifeline had intended to use Holocaust Memorial Day to point out that their work ferrying migrants to Europe centred around ‘life and emotions’, according to German news broadcaster n-tv.”

  3. 3 Iraqi Citizens Arrested on Suspicion of Preparing Islamist Attack – Prosecutor (sputniknews, Jan 30, 2019)

    “The German police have strengthened security checks after several cases of planned terror attacks around the country with more people connected to terrorist organisations, according to media reports.

    Three Iraqi citizens have been arrested on suspicion of preparing an Islamist-motivated attack, the German Federal Prosecutor stated as quoted by Reuters.

    The Federal Police’s special forces in the early morning of 30 January arrested 23-year-old Iraqi national Shahin F., 23-year-old Iraqi national Hersh F., and 36-year-old Iraqi national Rauf S. on suspicion of preparing a serious act of violence that endangers the state, the German Federal Prosecutor’s office said in a statement.

    According to the statement, the homes of the arrested, as well as other persons who were previously suspected, are being searched by the Federal Police in Schleswig-Holstein, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, and Baden-Württemberg.

    The findings to date show that the suspects have not yet envisaged a specific target for their attack. Whether the accused were involved in a terrorist group, the further investigation must clarify.


    • I wonder if a man can identify as a woman just for 90 minutes or so, in order to get that damn cable he needs to make the new thing work properly with the rest of his stuff and he doesn’t have time to wait for Amazon?

      • I wonder if a man can identify as a woman just for 90 minutes or so…

        Welcome to the brave new now-arriving-on-platform-six world of:
        Wait for it!
        Gender Oscillation(You saw it here first!)

        This phenomenon began to emerge decades ago when women attending stadium events got pissed (literally) about their less convenient restroom arrangements and simply began barging into men’s facilities to use the proverbial euphemism.

        And, on topic, well it should be that women would strongly support a man who wanted to identify as a woman, if only for a brief ninety seconds. Just think of what led us here:

        As previously noted, all of this may have its roots in the early gender oscillations of women. Be it utilizing arena pissoirs or simply wearing pants, Feminists had best be ready to shoulder their portion of blame in this matter.*

        * That this has spread to men wearing nylons and makeup is grist for an entirely different sack of sh!t free-range, organically raised, full kernel, Deaf Smith County grown, hard red winter wheat.

        Furthermore, with all of this PoMo hysteria about “Cultural Appropriation” (insert whiny-@ss PJW-style voice >here<), one might think that women would welcome the shortest possible gender oscillations by menfolk. Let's be honest, the less time these toxic ejaculators spend on their pristine moral, vagina-monologuing turf, the better for this world's Sisterhood. Right?

        This doesn't even delve into the energy compliant nature of abbreviated gender oscillation. Why, that toxically masculine German breeder could have circled his greenhouse-gas-belching four wheeled polluter for another fifteen minutes hunting up a parking space—instead of getting with the PoMo narrative, surrendering his rape culture manhood and becoming an empathetic energy-conserving woman.

        It’s common knowledge that, by a vast majority, women are the largest single bloc of voters who donate their oxygen to Leftist Watermelons and their perpetually shifting goalposts fight against the Great Warmening™, The Big Chill™, Climate Change™, Sex Change™, Address Change™, Name Change™, Sea Change™, Mind Change™, Double Plus Good Change™, Hope’n Change™ … Spare Change?

        Where were we? …

        Ah, yes. The manifold benefits of Gender Oscillation™. Way back when Edison and Tesla were settling their hash about direct versus alternating current, the School of Fluctuating Gender Assignment Yogis (SFGAYs for short) already had begun to Stonewall for legally enforced deflowering of Conservative values.

        Weepy hairdressing teapots and their suicidal, neon-haired, transgender clients keep insisting that AC is the way to go. This, even as the world’s foremost energy efficiency experts are proving that only massive DC [ahem] backbones deliver the power necessary to meet humanity’s ever-expanding needs.

        Rest assured that even the trend towards “gender flashers”—whose selective oscillations defy visual detection—will not satisfy snarling Feminazis and their simpering Betas. These vitriolic, agenda-driven progs will not be mollified by men having access to women’s bathrooms and vice versa (however temporary or not).

        Such visionary social engineers won’t be content until their virtue-signalling cadres of academically promoted hive minds no longer are paralyzed and unnerved by such confusing ambiguities as gender oscillation.

        When that Moral Millennium™ dawns, each and every one of us will be reeducated learn how joyously we must anticipate being frog-marched into that glorious Islamic worker’s paradise where all are born as genetically-edited hermaphrodites.

  4. ‘Feminist’ Swedish FM: We’ll ‘Never Forgive’ UK for Its ‘Historical Mistake’ (sputniknews, Jan

    “Margot Wallström, Sweden’s foreign minister and the architect of the Scandinavian’s nation “feminist” foreign policy, has blasted Britain’s powers that be for botching the UK’s upcoming departure from the EU, which she called a grave error.

    Speaking at a conference at the Swedish-Finnish Cultural Centre in Helsinki, Social Democrat Margot Wallström accused British leaders of having “mismanaged” the Brexit process.

    “I just think that they’ve made such a historical mistake and they’ve really created a problem for all of us” Wallström said, as quoted by Politico. “Our political project, the European Union, will suffer from this immensely and that has to be fully understood”, the Swedish foreign minister said.

    Wallström went on to accuse the UK of a lack of political leadership.

    “This is because of bad political leadership in the UK for a very long time, which I saw during all my years in the European Commission… There was nobody who would defend [the UK’s] EU membership”, Wallström said. “You should not promise referenda if you don’t prepare them properly”, she added.

    According to Wallström, a long-standing Eurocrat who held a string of posts with the European Commission from 1999 through 2010, hard feelings will remain regardless of what outcome the Brexit movement will have in the long run.

    Sweden’s leadership has always been wary of Brexit’s aftermath for fear of losing its main political ally and trading partner. According to VoteWatch, Sweden and Denmark are the UK’s main voting allies. Before Brexit, Sweden and the UK used to agree on 90 percent of all European issues. By contrast, Germany almost never votes the same way.

    Wallström was highly critical of the Brexit movement even before the referendum took place. She has repeatedly warned of a “domino effect” that the Brexit campaign could have on the entire EU, prompting more nations to seek preferential terms with the union and undermine its unity.

    Wallström has long enjoyed the reputation of a stalwart EU supporter. In 2005, during her time as EU commissioner for communications, she sparked controversy by linking opposition to European integration to Nazi genocide. During her speech given to mark the 60th liberation anniversary of the Nazi death camp Teresienstadt in today’s Czech Republic, she suggested that scrapping the idea of a supranational Europe will put the continent back on the road to Holocaust. In the published version, the controversial passage was removed.

    During her years with the European Commission, Wallström, an ardent feminist, also said she was “fed up” with the “EU rule of old men”.

    Afther British MPs overwhelmingly rejected PM Theresa May’s Brexit deal earlier this month, the Commons ruled out the “no deal” option and authorised May to return to Brussels to re-negotiate the Irish backstop, a key part of the Brexit deal. However, an amendment that sought to delay Brexit for two years was rejected. In response, the European Commission immediately sent out a statement saying that the deal was “not open for re-negotiation”.

    A spokesperson for European Council President Donald Tusk has said that a withdrawal agreement between the UK and EU is and will be “the only way to ensure an orderly Brexit”.”

    • Belgium: ‘Withdrawal Agreement will not be renegotiated’ – Juncker on Brexit

      President of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker and the Chief Negotiator for Brexit Michel Barnier reaffirmed that there will not be any new negotiations on the Brexit deal already agreed with the United Kingdom, during a plenary session of the European Parliament in Brussels on Wednesday.

      “The Withdrawal Agreement remains the best and only deal possible. The European Union said so in November, we said so in December, we said so after the first meaningful vote in the Commons in January. The debates and votes in the House of Commons yesterday, do not change that. The Withdrawal Agreement will not be renegotiated,” said Juncker.

      For Juncker the chances of a no deal are still high and he said “Allow me to tell that yesterday’s vote increased the risk of a disorderly exit of the United Kingdom [from the EU]. We have to be prepared for all scenarios, including the worst one.”

      Former UKIP leader and notorious Brexiteer Nigel Farage also participated in the plenary debate as MEP and in his view “public opinion will be very very angry that there is no gift today from anybody in Brussels whatsoever. I think many will say, ‘we’re simply dealing with fanatics who are not prepared to be reasonable and make any sense of compromise’.”

      On Tuesday, the British House of Commons voted on several amendments in order to reopen negotiation with the EU over Brexit. The United Kingdom is set to leave the European Union by 29 March 2019.

  5. Thousands of Missing Migrants Catch Finnish Gov’t Off Guard (sputniknews, Jan 30, 2019)

    “The large number of “paperless migrants” has caught the authorities and the government unawares, Finland’s national broadcaster admitted. Recent research has attributed this to a unsuccessful combination of tougher immigration laws and failure to execute them.

    Up to 15,000 of the over 30,000 asylum seekers who arrived in Finland at the height of the migrant crisis could have wound up as undocumented immigrants at some point in the asylum procedure, researchers Talvikki Ahonen and Annastiina Kallius have claimed, according to the newspaper Uusi Suomi reported.

    Ahonen and Kallius also estimate that thousands of people may already have left the country totally unbeknownst to the authorities. According to their estimate, the number of undocumented residents, including rejected asylum seekers who despite the efforts of authorities remain in the country and are to be forcefully removed, still hovers at around several thousand.

    “Given the lack of precise data on departures and the non-completion of the asylum procedure, we can only offer an estimate that 4,000-8,000 of the asylum seekers who arrived in 2015 could still be staying in Finland as undocumented people”, the report said.

    A previous estimate made in the University of Turku report “The Undocumented in Finland” put their number at 3,000 to 4,000.

    Last week, national broadcaster Yle admitted that the spike in undocumented migrants “gone underground” caught the authorities and the government unawares.

    Ahonen and Kallius ascribed the blame for the “production” of undocumented immigrants to a number of institutions, including the European Commission, the Finnish government, the Finnish Parliament, and the Finnish Immigration Service (Migri). Last but not least, municipalities, responsible ministries and the police, who failed to properly execute deportation decisions are also to blame, the researchers said.

    “Finland’s stricter aliens legislation and its interpretation have effectively contributed to the growth of the group of undocumented people — that is, people residing in the country without a residence permit”, the researchers wrote in their book about asylum seekers and refugees in Finland published earlier this year by Finland’s Migration Institute.

    They also contended that the role of the government in the rise in undocumented migrants has not only been insufficiently scrutinised, but also downplayed.

    The Finnish government, Ahonen and Kallius stated, has sought to attribute the phenomenon to undocumented immigrants themselves, even though it they claimed, “is produced and managed by Finland’s societal structures and border policy”.

    “For example, the list of countries of origin that were considered safe was extended, regulations governing the family reunifications of refugees toughened and the appeal period of unsuccessful asylum seekers shortened”, Ahonen and Kallius wrote.

    Ahonen is a social policy researcher at the University of Eastern Finland, whereas Kallius is a doctoral researcher of sociology and social anthropology at the University of Helsinki.”

    • Recent research has attributed this to a unsuccessful combination of tougher immigration laws and failure to execute them.

      Please correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t this more commonly referred to as an “empty gesture”? Aren’t supposedly “dumb” animals able to see right through this sort of perfunctory hand-waving? Shouldn’t conniving, parasitic, criminal Muslim and Nafri invaders of surprisingly low cunning be capable of detecting such meaningless, ineffectual window dressing long before the devil can get his shoes on?

      And still the Social Engineer’s marching band played on…

  6. County Lines Drug Dealing Networks Triple, Fuel Rise in London Crime (breitbart, Jan 30, 2019)

    “The number of drug dealing ‘county lines’ have nearly tripled across the country in one year, while the networks are fueling the rise in London crime.

    The known number of ‘country lines’ — named for the mobile phone ‘lines’ used to coordinate drug distribution — has risen from 720 from 2017 to 2018 to 2,000 from 2018 to 2019, the National Crime Agency (NCA) has found.

    The drug gang networks often use children and adolescents to traffic drugs from larger metropolitan areas and cities to customers in English suburbs. The technique was believed to have started in London, Liverpool, and Birmingham, but now 23 other areas of the country are considered ‘exporters.’

    Children aged 15 to 17 are most vulnerable to getting pulled into county lines, with drug dealers using similar methods to child rape gangs to lure, groom, and abuse children in their criminal networks.

    “Often the young people don’t see themselves as victims. Instead they are flattered by the attention and gifts they receive, so are less likely to speak to law enforcement,” the NCA said in their assessment.

    The crime agency said the report followed a week of coordinated policing, where over 600 individuals involved in county lines were arrested nationwide.
    In addition to the arrests, police forces and Regional Organised Crime Units (ROCUs) were able to intervene and support 400 vulnerable adults and 600 children were engaged for safeguarding purposes between January 21st and 27th.

    Over 140 weapons were seized including firearms, knives, swords, and machetes. Officers seized cash of more than £200,00 as well as significant amounts of drugs including cocaine and heroine.

    The National Police Chiefs’ Council (NPCC) also said Tuesday that county lines were responsible for the rise of London’s violent crime, with four out of our out of five organised criminal gangs involved in drugs distribution, according to the Evening Standard.

    Deputy Assistant Commissioner Duncan Ball, NPCC Lead for County Lines, told the Home Affairs Select Committee that “turf wars” provided “plenty of examples of violence by drug dealers or users to establish territory or control a situation.”

    Also on Tuesday, a pair of county lines drug dealers were found guilty of murdering a man in the university city of Cambridge.

    Drug dealer Juned Ahmed, 18, and his “protector” Ashraf Hussan, 20, both from east London, were found guilty of the murder of Peter Anderson, 46, who was stabbed eight times in July after arranging to buy drugs from the county line known as the ‘RJ Line’, reports the BBC.”

    • The National Police Chiefs’ Council

      The perfect header for a roster of those to be fired, STAT!

      If there was one group in all of UK law enforcement that was obliged to get up on their hind legs about grooming gangs, it’s this Politically Correct coterie of overpaid brass hats.

      Let the party begin with these welcome amusements and then proceed on to festivities involving the much lengthier but necessary laundry list of collaborators, saboteurs, turncoats, traitors, seditionists, invaders, parasites, termites, etc., etc, ad nauseum.

      Never has a guide-dog been born that can help man navigate the benighted ebon gauntlet of willful voter blindness.

  7. EU Parliament Boss: Efforts to Prevent Mass Migration From Africa a ‘Betrayal of Europe’ (breitbart, Jan 30, 2019)

    “Italian efforts to block migrant boats from Africa is a “betrayal” of Europe and of its citizens, EU Parliament boss Antonio Tajani has alleged, insisting Brussels must put in place a permanent mechanism which would spread third world migrants throughout the bloc.

    Ahead of a visit to the Aosta Valley, a region of Italy home to a number of ski resorts, the ‘centre-right’ politician branded it “unacceptable” that EU nations had chosen to “turn away from what is happening in the Mediterranean”.

    “In so doing, they betray the European project and citizens’ expectations. Immediately approve the accord on mandatory distribution voted by the European Parliament,” stated Tajani, according to reports from the news wire service, ANSA, on Tuesday.

    The Italian’s remarks came as open borders-backing NGOs were attempting to increase pressure on Rome to open the country’s ports to a Sea Watch vessel carrying a batch of 47 migrants it picked up off the coast of Libya last week.

    Breitbart London previously reported how Matteo Salvini, Italy’s interior minister and deputy leader who promised to get tough on mass migration, has rejected “humanitarian” demands to let self-styled ‘migrant rescue’ organisations dock, pointing to the massive drop in the number of drownings seen since he began blocking the boats last summer.

    Meanwhile, media outlets on Tuesday said the socialist government of Spain is planning to try and punish Rome for its having largely put a stop to the flow of boats across the Mediterranean, with prime minister Pedro Sanchez set to tell Brussels to cut funding to any nation opposed to Europe welcoming and sharing across the bloc every third world migrant who manages to reach the continent’s shores.

    According to Il Giornale, Sanchez seeks to ally with Germany’s Angela Merkel and Emmanuel Macron in France for the proposal, so as to form a globalist “axis against EU countries which are trying to crack down on migration flows”.”

  8. Park Lane murder: Three men charged with killing bouncer outside £12.5m London home (express, Jan 30, 2019)

    “THREE men have been charged with the murder of a doorman who was stabbed to death on New Year’s Day outside a private party in Park Lane in London’s Mayfair…

    Haroon Akram, 25, Adham Khalil, 20 and Adham Elshalakany, 23 will appear at Westminster Magistrates’ Court today, Wednesday January 30.

    All three of the men have been charged with the murder, as well as four counts of grievous bodily harm and one count of violent disorder.

    Police continue to appeal for information to help to trace Ossama Hamed, 25 and Nor Aden Hamada, 23 in connection with the investigation.”

    • Haroon Akram, 25, Adham Khalil, 20 and Adham Elshalakany, 23 will appear at Westminster Magistrates’ Court today, Wednesday January 30.

      All three of the men have been charged with the murder, as well as four counts of grievous bodily harm and one count of violent disorder.

      Police continue to appeal for information to help to trace Ossama Hamed, 25 and Nor Aden Hamada, 23 in connection with the investigation.”

      A Mohammad Coefficient of ZERO?!?
      [clutches at chest and topples to floor]

      PS: Counting “Ossama” may be allowed to prevent a complete Mephitidaen shutout.

  9. Al-Qaida’s advance in northern Syria threatens fragile truce (abcnews, Jan 30, 2019)

    “It only took a few days for al-Qaida-linked militants to seize more than two dozen towns and villages in northern Syria from rival insurgents earlier this month, cementing their control over an area the size of neighboring Lebanon.

    The advance by Hayat Tahrir al-Sham, or the Levant Liberation Committee, was the most serious blow yet to a September cease-fire brokered by Russia and Turkey that averted a major government offensive in Idlib province, the last main stronghold of the Syrian opposition.

    It highlighted the growing threat posed by al-Qaida at a time when its rival, the Islamic State group, is on the verge of defeat and the U.S. is preparing to withdraw its 2,000 troops from Syria. Although HTS has formally severed ties with al-Qaida, experts say it is still closely linked to the global network founded by Osama bin Laden and could use its base in Syria to launch attacks in the West…”

    • Al-Qaida’s advance in northern Syria threatens fragile truce

      Given that the word “truce” is utterly meaningless to all pious Muslims, this entire article meets minimum criteria for Fake News. Somebody please wake me up when this reporter (hell, any MSM reporter) finally gets around to using terms like “hudna” and “taqiyya”.

  10. “Social Justice Education: Creating Little SJW Marxists in the Classroom”
    By Willam F. Jasper – January 29, 2019

    Social Justice Education professor admits SJE is “social reproduction theory, developed by Karl Marx.” And communist terrorist Bill Ayers is a leader of “Social Justice Education.”

    Excerpt & Video Link:

    Terrorist Bill Ayers, SJE Guru

    Many of the SJE vigilantes who are now overrunning American college and university campuses were incubated in SJE classrooms utilizing programs developed by full-blown Communist terrorists. We’re not kidding — or exaggerating. One of the most influential proponents of Social Justice Education is unrepentant Weather Underground terrorist Bill Ayers, who — along with his wife Bernardine Dohrn, Michael Klonsky, Angela Davis, Tom Hayden, and hundreds of his other 1960s communist comrades — decided to carry on “the revolution” as a cosseted, privileged professor.

    You can see terrorist-cum-professor Bill Ayers in the video below gushingly introduced at the University of Oregon as “our honored and influential guest,” for the presentation “Bill Ayers: Teaching And Organizing for Social Justice.”

    “Bill Ayers: Teaching And Organizing for Social Justice”
    University of Oregon – Published on July 18, 2012

    • William F. Jasper, Senior Editor, The New American
      “Highlighting 40+ Years of Investigative Journalism”
      TheJohn BirchSociety – Published on December 28, 2018

  11. Venezuela Has 20 Tons of Gold Ready to Ship. Address Unknown

    (Bloomberg) — Venezuelan lawmaker Jose Guerra dropped a bombshell on Twitter Tuesday: The Russian Boeing 777 that had landed in Caracas the day before was there to spirit away 20 tons of gold from the vaults of the country’s central bank.

    The claim set off a welter of social media speculation and outrage. When asked how he knew this, Guerra provided no evidence.

    Just another outlandish comment from a lawmaker trying to draw attention to the plight of crisis-torn Venezuela? Perhaps not. For one thing, Guerra is a former central bank economist who remains in touch with old colleagues there. For another, a person with direct knowledge of the matter told Bloomberg News Tuesday that 20 tons of gold have been set aside in the central bank for loading. Worth some $840 million, the gold represents about 20 percent of its holdings of the metal in Venezuela, the person said. He provided no further information on plans for those bars.

    With strongman President Nicolas Maduro losing control of the country’s already-scant finances and reserves thanks to U.S. sanctions, who can put his hands on the nation’s estimated 200 tons of gold at home and abroad has become a key question. The nation owes billions to its patrons Russia and China as well as bondholders, and also needs hard currency to buy food for its starving people.

    • The nation owes billions to its patrons Russia and China as well as bondholders, and also needs hard currency to buy food for its starving people.

      I’ll leave it for our Einsteinian readers to guess which place on the above list is occupied by “starving people”.

      Venezuela, “Russia and China” … Three financially starving Socialist strays all fighting over Latin America’s otic bones. This has “happy ending” written all over it.

  12. Venezuela’s Maduro says Trump out to kill him, Russia seeks talks

    CARACAS/MOSCOW (Reuters) – Venezuela’s socialist leader Nicolas Maduro accused U.S. President Donald Trump of ordering his assassination while his main global backer Russia called on Wednesday for mediation in a standoff deepening geopolitical splits.

    The fight to control Venezuela, which has the world’s largest oil reserves, has intensified with new U.S. sanctions and legal moves that may bring the arrest of opposition leader and self-declared interim president Juan Guaido.

    • Venezuela’s Maduro says Trump out to kill him…

      In a sane world, he would be.

      Maduro (and his feoffor, Chavez) are yet two more mass murdering Socialists who deserve nothing less than angonizingly slow capital punishment.

  13. London bloothbath: Triple stabbing in Croydon – seven arrested (express, Jan 30, 2019)

    “UP to three men have been violently stabbed in broad daylight following a fight in Croydon, south London.

    Victims of the triple stabbing have been rushed to hospital with stab wounds afte officers from the London Metropolitan Police raced to the Gravel Hill tram stop, in Addington at 1pm. A police spokesman said: “We await an update on their conditions.” Seven people have been arrested. A crime scene cordon is still in place in the area.

    Those arrested have been taken to a south London police station.

    Anyone with information is asked to call 101 quoting 3199/20jan or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

    The stabbing comes amid a terrifying spate of knife crime that saw more than 100 people murdered in the Capital last year.

    The triple stabbing follows news two teenagers were arrested last night following a fatal stabbing in Islington, north London.

    Two male teenagers were arrested near Caledonian Road, by the junction with Tilloch Street and taken to a north London police station.

    The victim has not yet been identified and Scotland Yard said “urgent” inquiries are being made to confirm who he is.”

  14. CBC – Asia Bibi joining children in Canada, reports say

    Asia Bibi, a Pakistani woman whose death sentence for blasphemy was overturned, will be joining her children who live in Canada, several published reports say.

    • VoA – Woman Acquitted of Blasphemy Expected to Leave Pakistan

      A Christian woman who spent eight years on death row in Pakistan on charges of blasphemy, is expected to leave the country after the Supreme Court upheld her acquittal on Tuesday.

      Asia Bibi was convicted of blasphemy and sentenced to death in 2010 and acquitted last October. Pakistan’s top court rejected a review petition in the emotionally charged case, paving the way for Bibi to leave the country.

  15. FRANCE – Corsica ‘shooting’: ‘One dead’ and six injured’ after ‘sniper opens fire’ in France

    A man is reported to have opened fire on a passerby in Corsica before locking himself in a house, according to local media

    One person is believed to be dead and another six injured after a ‘sniper’ opened fire and stabbed passers-by in the city of Bastia, Corsica.

    A man is reported to have launched the attack before locking himself in a house with two hostages, according to local media.

    One of the victims suffered “serious injuries” and was said to be in a “state of absolute emergency”, according to

    Two were “medicalized in a state of concern at the scene of the attack”, reports the publication.

    A police officer is also reported to be among those injured after he was shot in the neck.

    The incident happened at around 4:30pm and is ongoing, with police at the scene.

    Two of the injured people have been taken to hospital and another two are believed to be inside the building with the shooter.

    The man is said to have started shooting in the Montesoro neighborhood.

    It is claimed the main is 70-years-old, according to France3.

    Fire services from the Haute-Corse region were also dispatched to the scene.

    A Twitter account for the official State services of he region said: “Police intervention in progress sector Lupiono @City_Bastia.

    “A sniper fired on passers-by before hiding in his building. At this stage, the provisional report states five wounded people, one in a very worrying condition.”

    Bastia is a popular tourist city on the French island of Corsica.

  16. UK – These 9 things are ‘officially Islamophobic’ after UK councils adopt new definition

    COUNCILS across the UK are starting to adopt an agreed list of examples of Islamophobia.

    However, so far, just three local authoritieshave adopted the APPG (All-Party Parliamentary Group) definition of Islamophobia. No councils in Lancashire have adopted the definition as yet.

    Acts of Islamophobia from the list include accusing Muslim citizens of being more loyal to their countries of origin than to Britain, as well as accusing Muslims as a group of being responsible for real or imagined wrongdoing committed by a single Muslim person.

    Oxford City council has this week become the latest in the UK to officially recognise the APPG definition which states:

    “Islamophobia is rooted in racism and is a type of racism that targets expressions of Muslimness or perceived Muslimness.”

    The two other councils to adopt the definition are in London.

    The list below states examples of Islamophobia that the councils now deem as unacceptable:

    – Calling for, aiding, instigating or justifying the killing or harming of Muslims in the name of a racist/fascist ideology, or an extremist view of religion.

    – Making mendacious, dehumanizing, demonizing, or stereotypical allegations about Muslims as such, or of Muslims as a collective group, such as, especially but not exclusively, conspiracies about Muslim entryism in politics, government or other societal institutions; the myth of Muslim identity having a unique propensity for terrorism and claims of a demographic ‘threat’ posed by Muslims or of a ‘Muslim takeover’.

    – Accusing Muslims as a group of being responsible for real or imaginedwrongdoing committed by a single Muslim person or group of Muslim individuals, or even for acts committed by non-Muslims.

    – Accusing Muslims as a group, or Muslim majority states, of inventing or exaggerating Islamophobia, ethnic cleansing or genocide perpetrated against Muslims.

    – Accusing Muslim citizens of being more loyal to the ‘Ummah’ (transnational Muslim community) or to their countries of origin, or to the alleged priorities of Muslims worldwide, than to the interests of their own nations.

    Denying Muslim populations, the right to self-determination e.g., by claiming that the existence of an independent Palestine or Kashmir is a terrorist endeavour.

    – Applying double standards by requiring of Muslims behaviours that are not expected or demanded of any other groups in society, eg loyalty tests.

    Using the symbols and images associated with classic Islamophobia.

    Holding Muslims collectively responsible for the actions of any Muslim majority state, whether secular or constitutionally Islamic.

  17. Turkish judge blocks websites of self-proclaimed prophet over complaint by top Islamic body

    A Turkish magistrate has blocked access to five websites owned by a self-proclaimed prophet over a complaint filed by the country’s top Islamic body, the state-run Anadolu Agency reported Jan. 29.

    Iskender Evrenesoglu had declared himself a prophet and “mahdi.”

    According to popular Muslim belief, mahdi is a spiritual and temporal leader who will rule before the end of the world and restore religion and justice.

    Turkey’s Religious Affairs Directorate (Diyanet) had demanded the authorities to block access to Evrenesoglu’s websites, which were publishing commentaries on Quranic and Islamic matters.

    According to Anadolu Agency’s report, the 3rd Criminal Magistrate of Peace in Ankara issued an order to block access to five websites, citing Diyanet’s conclusion that they were “harmful, considering the basic qualities of Islam.”

    A presidential decree recently equipped the Diyanet with the authority to review and destroy unlicensed commentaries of Quran if they were deemed against Islam.

    Evrenesoglu had claimed that he received a revelation as a prophet of Allah, which he compiled as a book named “the Lights of Prophecy.”

    It is the second “mahdi” that drew the ire of Turkish authorities in recent months. Televangelist Adnan Oktar and dozens of his followers were arrested in July.

  18. VoA -Climate Change Link to Arab Spring’ Mass Migration

    The mass migration flows that followed the Arab Spring in North Africa and the Middle East were partly caused by climate change, according to new research.

    Scientists from the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis in Austria say that in certain circumstances, climate conditions can lead to conflict, which drives increased migration.

  19. OK – this video is annoying when it is in its sped up portions, but it is super important: Debate team loses because the teacher halts proper ‘by-the-rules’ debate in favour of group politics:

  20. CBC – New rules to prevent election interference

    The federal government is setting up a five-member team to alert Canadians of possible election interference in the 2019 vote.

    ( 23 min )

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