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  1. I think they translated something wrong, the fastest bullet I know of travels at 3600 to 3800 fps, this is a small diameter varmint round. Firing something as heavy as that rubber ball at 50,000 fps would cause a very heavy recoil and would do significant damage to the target when it hits. The advertising blurb for a grenade launcher and grenades ( https://www.nationaldefensecorp.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/06/M918HVTraining.pdf ) says they have a muzzle velocity of 241 meters per second which translates out as a little over 900 fps. That is faster then I expected to be but the grenades were being marketed as high velocity so there should be others with lower velocity.

    The 900 fps rubber balls and even slower ones would be sufficient to take out someones eye and probably give you a concussion at the same time.

    • @ Richard: am impressed even if I have to confess to near total ignorance in things of technique. But I KNOW that I do not wish Macron and his puppeteers well. !!!!

  2. @ yucki …hi hi hi 🙂

    This young cutsie is of the sort that Macron & Co want to replace (Le Grand Remplacement)…he is too French and not tard-ish enough. (I can only claim a finder reward for the first short video though).

    O/T You might find it “interesting” (in the Chinese sense of “living in interesting times”) that the AfD – Alternative für Deutschland – has been BANNED from attending the commemoration ceremony at the former KZ of Buchenwald on this Holocaust Remembrance Day.

    I consider the AfD the ONLY decent German Political Party at present; they are also the only German Party who have a Jewish Branch:



    • President Rivlin and the current head of the Jewish Agency, Ron Lauder, are both dhimmis.
      I’ve been a volunteer for Agency work since the womb. When Natan Sharansky stepped down in 2018, I resigned.
      Bibi-hating center-left:
      Netanyahu downplays right-wing anti-Semitism, contradicting Israeli study

      PM insists Jew hatred on the ‘extreme left’ and among Muslims is the more pertinent threat, despite government report stating far-right attacks on the rise
      I agree with Pipes, so it's a good article.
      Daniel Pipes: Europe’s Jews vs Israel

      Note the contrast: When Matteo Salvini, Italy’s interior minister, recently visited Jerusalem, which he hailed as the capital of Israel, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called him a “great friend of Israel.” Back home, however, Italy’s liberal Jews denounced Salvini for, among other things, his Roma policy and his alleged “racism against foreigners and migrants.”

      A similar battle, pitting the mighty State of Israel against small and shrinking Jewish communities, takes place in many European countries, invariably arguing over the same subject: what the press calls far-right, populist, nativist, or nationalist parties – and what I call civilizationist parties (because they primarily aspire to maintain Western civilization).

      Israelis unsurprisingly focus on these parties’ foreign policy, broadly seeing them as its best friends in Europe, while Europe’s Jewish establishment no less predictably emphasizes the parties’ domestic profile, portraying them as incorrigibly anti-Semitic, even auguring a return to the 20th century’s fascistic dictatorships.

      However parochial and marginal this intra-Jewish battle may seem to the larger world, it actually matters greatly, potentially influencing the future course of Europe.…

      If the battle is heating up, the outcome is virtually fore-ordained: raison d’état eventually will propel Israeli governments to override local Jewish concerns and work with civilizationists while Europe’s Jews will continue to emigrate, causing their voice to grow ever-weaker.

      This will be a good thing, for civilizationists are not the 1930s-style threat portrayed by opposition politicians and the mainstream media, but a healthy response to an extraordinary problem. Indeed, the more rapidly the Israeli voice predominates, the better for everyone – Europe, its Jewish population, and the State of Israel. The only question is, how soon will this happen.


    • Rita-
      The Pipes article cited above was linked in another article you might find interesting:

      In Europe, anti-Semitism is back with a vengeance

      With anti-Semitism now accepted in the European public discourse, it is clear to all of the continent’s Jews, including those determined to fight for their right to remain in the “Old World,” that they are living on borrowed time.


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