Terror busts in Kingston On. and Meloni segment as fiery as first: Links 1, January 24, 19

1.On cash, digital, and fiat in general.

(I am fairly confident this fellow’s Chinese version of Orwellian predictions are likely to happen and happen soon given Trudeau’s attempts to make all finances transparent to government already, and thereby transparent to all, as the Canadian government has never managed to keep any information from the public secret.)

2. Buzzfeed and Huffpo setting up for large layoffs. Which means maybe there is a God. Ill head to Church if it happens to the CBC and National Post.

3. Israel IS the first to finalize a post BREXIT trade deal with the UK

4. Maduro escalates his propaganda war with the US by demanding all US diplomats leave within 24 hours.


5. Georgia Meloni says it out loud. What does she say? Check out this headline

6. Wow a lotta info missing from this important story from Kinston Ontario

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  1. 1.On cash, digital, and fiat in general.

    Few people realize that way back in the early 1990’s, critters in Washington DC were making noises about having all large denomination paper currency bear unique, individual bar codes.

    Now that Millennial lemmings have swarmed to the cliff’s edge (of all online payments), this nearly irreversible trend towards “electronic” money is just one more button on the Orwellian coat.

    Please try this on for size: The IoT (Internet of Things) will constitute a fairly detailed record of your moment-by-moment activities. Analyzing your personal IoT profile will make it child’s play for agencies to devise a highly specific program that custom-tailored denial of services in ways which controlled or destroyed YOUR LIFE (a la Commie Social Credit systems).

    • Someone needs to inform them that if a person is bribed in a cashless society there are records that will allow the crooks on both sides of the bribe be arrested.

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