Just catching CNN in another grotesque narrative driven lie

“EXCLUSIVE: New Videos Emerge Showing What Really Happened Before, During And After The Confrontation Between A MAGA Hat-Wearing Student And Native American Drummer” by Clover Chronicle – January 19, 2019

“Who really started this Indigenous People taunt Cov Cath boys aK1uWzTtkT8”
John Duncan – Published on January 19, 2019

CBC of course peddles the lie with gay abandon.



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  1. “Senior Democrat: Ban Teens from Wearing MAGA Hats”
    by Joel B. Pollak – January 20, 2019

    “Critics Push Back Against Media Reports Covington Catholic High School Students Racist Toward Native American Drummer”
    by Joel B. Pollak – January 20, 2019

  2. The Jewish Religion keeps getting culturally appropiated by dumbasses who claim they are the real Jews and then want to replace the Jews.

    Their Hate is their Peace.

    A perennial theme to steal something good and actually works, and turn it into something proudly broken and dysfunctional.

  3. the gateway pundit – Polish Catholic Parliamentarian Tarczynski Invites Innocent Covington Pro-Life Boys to Come and Speak in Parliament

    Catholic Polish Parliamentarian Dominik Tarczynski invited the abused children from Covington High School in Kentucky to come to Poland and be his guests in parliament.

    Mr. Tarczynski told The Gateway Pundit he would cover the costs for the main kid who is being harassed and his parents to travel to Poland.

    The pro-life boys were harassed and abused at the Lincoln Memorial and later received death threats after the media ran with a highly inaccurate story to tarnish the children’s reputations.

    twitter @D_Tarczynski

    Dear Covington Catholic students,

    I’d like to invite You to the Polish Parliament

    After watching this video, I Am now standing up for these wrongfully accused young men and all of You!

    You are very welcome to come and speak out what You believe in!



    More :


  4. “Just spoke to Covington Catholic parents – Updates and Way Ahead | Jack Posobiec Periscope” Open Mind – Published on January 20, 2019

    • “INTERVIEW: Parents and Students From Covington Catholic Demand Apology From Diocese”
      by Cassandra Fairbanks – January 20, 2019

      Twitter Video Link: “This kid, who’s life is currently being destroyed, actually gestures to his friend to show Nathan Phillips respect during his drumming! All of it happening of course with another activist is screaming to go back to Europe because all he can do is be white?”
      Rosie memos – Twitter – January 20, 2019

      • Nothing less than a sizable lawsuit against CNN will bring partial justice. It may be in the works.
        Meanwhile, MSM now know they’ve been had, they’re issuing corrections, but no apologies.

          • Left wing American Indian activists saw a kid wearing a MAGA had and got into his face, CNN reported that the kid started the confrontation and verbally attacked the Indian. The full tape shows the kid did nothing and the Indian started the confrontation, the kid and his family have been receiving threats of violence and death since the CNN lie was published.

        • To win the lawsuit against CNN the injured party (the kid) would have to prove that CNN deliberately set out to damage his reputation. The left got the libal laws changed for the news industry back in the 60s. I personally think CNN knew they lied and did it to damage the kid but we have no evidence to support my opinion.

          • To win the lawsuit against CNN the injured party (the kid) would have to prove that CNN deliberately set out to damage his reputation.

            Easy peasy. Just point to NBC’s reportorial malfeasance in the (Ash)Trayvon Martin case. From: Sorry, NBC: You Owe George Zimmerman Millions (2014)

            Only after other news outlets noted NBC’s malice — the New York Post, on April 5, described NBC’s doctored audio as “pretty damming evidence of willful misconduct by NBC News” and noted it could incite racial violence — did NBC finally issue a (sort of) apology to its viewers and terminate two employees. Incredibly, however, the network claimed the doctored audio was simply a “mistake.” To this day, NBC has never truly apologized to America for its clear wrongdoing, much less to George Zimmerman.

            Besides, as the lawsuit notes, “by then, the damage was done, the indelible image of Zimmerman stalking Martin because ‘he looks black’ fixed in the public consciousness.”

            George Zimmerman now lives in hiding, in constant fear for his life, forced to wear a bulletproof vest, with no prospect of employment or a normal social life. NBC led the nation’s witch-hunt and fabricated evidence that he was a racist. But what’s one man’s life ruined in the race to boost ratings and pump liberal narratives?

            Defamation cases this clear-cut are rare. This should be a slam-dunk case for the plaintiff.

            NBC and CNN are guilty of the exact same (very illegal) selective editing.

            Zimmerman’s dismissed legal action notwithstanding, the industry-wide ripples caused by NBC’s egregious and voluntary ethical transgression could not have gone unnoticed. A de facto precedent was set by that one case.


            It is totally irrelevant that NBC weaseled out of paying any compensation for the deliberate maliciousness of their acts.

            This broadcaster’s prevailing in civil court could not possibly have obscured the Day-Glo™ benchmark thereby set for CNN’s aspiring Social Engineers regarding what constitutes a violation of accepted editorial standards.

          • CNN interviewed the Lying Native but didn’t try to contact the MAGA students.
            IMO, this is a problem for CNN.

            Also, the students and their families now have a lawyer, pro-bono, and lawsuits are being considered.

            The Lying Native has a history of Leftist activism, he’s well known in his community, he starred in a movie.

            And now, there is a Go-Fund-Me page for the Lying Native:

            • The failure to interview the kids is an important point.
              An obvious set-up: cigar-store Indian, a fraudulent “Vietnam vet”, an activist actor.

              These parents aren’t poor slobs. They know what’s what.
              They’re pro-life: they’re not going to sit back while their kids are destroyed.

  5. “EXCLUSIVE: Turmoil Inside National Review Over Covington Catholic Story, Rich Lowry Losing Control”
    A source inside NRO speaks EXCLUSIVELY to Big League Politics
    By Peter D’Abrosca – January 20, 2019

    “Skrillex & Damian “Jr. Gong” Marley – Make It Bun Dem [OFFICIAL VIDEO]”
    Skrillex – Published on September 6, 2012

  6. Context matters. MSM railroading their narrative on these kids and the nation. Really despicable.

    Here’s a nice summary for anyone catching up like me:

    • TLDW? Nathan Phillips = Leftist Attention Whore

      Like Phillips himself, his Indian (feather not dot) race-based sword and shield turn out to be nothing but propagandist sex toys. Go ahead and bend over if that’s your preference, because it’s the only trick any of them know turn.

      This media minority darling’s mock physical assault on young Nick Sandmann was legally actionable as threatening behavior. Lack of police intervention on this kid’s behalf tarnishes the badges of law enforcement everywhere. Further, well-publicized personal apologies from every last groveling jellyfish of the academic and government food chain are due to the entire Sandmann family.

      Thank you, MissPiggy.

      PS: Is it yust me, or does “Elder” Phillips look like he’s been ridden hard and put away wet one too many times?

      • I agree with everything.
        From what I’ve been reading, there are ongoing investigations into individuals that uttered all kinds of threats.
        A Native group allied with a Women’s March group are planning demonstrations at the students’ school tomorrow morning.

        • I know a lawyer who worked for a few Native American tribes. Heap-good wampum.

          Some clients had territory perched on oil deposits. Others made big bucks off the gambling racket.

  7. Fox News has a complete factual news bite on the entire truth of the Mega Kuds and the drunk debauched old Indian who was with another group of black extremists who harassed the kids as they wererwaiting for a bus and just stood their ground.
    The lies of the fake news media

    But this illustrates the mind set of the masses
    In Alberta now every time you attend a theatre production you must
    Endure some creepy little spokesperson telling you to be thankful for
    Using Native land
    This is not only outrageous but disgusting and insulting

    Ya sure, they worked hard to build all the theatres
    NOT THEIR LAND. So fuck off back to your reservations

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