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8 Replies to ““We reeducate the public or they would overthrow the government” -German reporter on Swiss TV”

  1. Wow! She really believes she and the other “approved” media are educators, not propagandists. What an elitist, self-righteous twit.

      • She is causing people to think about what they are hearing from the Propaganda Media, we will have to wait and see if this was deliberate or accidental.

        • She is a bonafide commie. It is just that she is so absolutely certain of herself that she speaks so frankly.
          For example, after the Brexit referendum, she explained why choices like that should not be left to people “like you and me”, we are not qualified to make important decisions which will have consequences that we can’t oversee.

  2. I forget where I read it but there’s a German blonde female that was appointed to work in education affairs by Merkel’s new Party leader.
    The blonde woman is a Muslim, she used to wear full Muslim garb, but now she westernized her look.
    It could be the gal in the video. Maybe yes, maybe no, but she does look like her only a few years older.

    • I think you mean Cemile Giousuf. An Islamic lobbyist in Merkel’s CDU, Christian (!) Democratic Union, party. She has just been appointed head of Federal Agency for Political Education.

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