Viktor Orban explains item 4 back in 2016: Links post 1, Jan. 3, 2019

First thing, a major site today discussed the cross of Matamoros in some detail, agreeing that it offers the symbol we need for the push back for Western Civilization against Islam and Leftism.

This means that all the ones I had for readers of the site, are now sold. However anyone who orders one will get it once the next batch is ready. This will likely be a few weeks though, but it will be made and it will be sent.

Thank you very much to all who ordered one already. I hope you like it as much as I like mine.

And thank you to the good people at Infowars, who took on the mantle. If I understand events properly, not having heard the segment myself yet, other companies are going to be making everything from patches to T shirts and more.

To this I say, “HOORAY!”.

May they know great success with it, and may it be, for the second time, the symbol that unites all who oppose tyrannical forces against classical thought and civilization.

1. WELCOME TO HELL New Year’s riots and looting make Belgium’s notorious ‘jihadi capital’ Molenbeek a no go zone for cops and firefighters.

NEW Year’s riots and looting made Belgium’s notorious “jihadi capital” Molenbeek a no-go zone for cops and firefighters, a fire chief has said.

The Brussels neighbourhood has previously been dubbed a “breeding ground for violence” after three of the extremists who carried out the November 2015 attacks in Paris were revealed to be from the district.

Firefighters in Molenbeek were called out to dozens of fires on New Years Eve

2. Essay on racism: Democrats Vs., well everyone else.

3. The charges against Yellow Vest Protest spokesperson, Eric Drouet

Sassy adds this in a comment:

Re Éric Drouet taken into custody: There is no law preventing protests in French law, even spontaneous ones. However, it is expected in some cases that the protestors inform the police of their itinerary. And that’s it. Nothing more.

Éric Drouet will be in front of Paris City Hall on Saturday to read a 4-page letter directed at Macron. It’s Act 8 of the Gilets Jaunes.

Now, a fun video clip of young women asking ”Who are the nice Bad People? – It’s us”

In the clip, they sing of the police brutality, the gas prices, Macron & the elites, and more.

4. Naples mayor offers to welcome in stranded NGO migrant boat

ROME (Reuters) – Naples is ready to defy Italian Interior Minister Matteo Salvini and let in a charity-run ship carrying 32 migrants that is blocked in the stormy Mediterranean, the city mayor said on Thursday.


His offer adds to a growing challenge from opposition politicians to Salvini’s far-right League, which has vowed to bar migrants and make life difficult for those already here.

Both Italy and Malta are refusing to let the Sea-Watch 3, a ship operated by a German non-governmental organization (NGO), dock and set down the migrants who were rescued off Libya on Dec. 22.


Both countries say they have taken in too many migrants and accuse NGO rescue ships of acting as a taxi service for would-be refugees.

Naples’ center-left mayor Luigi de Magistris said Salvini was playing politics with peoples’ lives.

“To leave people and children in the middle of cold and stormy seas is a crime — not simply indecent, immoral and appalling,” de Magistris told Radio Crc.

Now before anyone gets either confused about this Napoli mayor’s ambitions, or feel that he is nobly motivated, I invite you all to watch this Viktor Orban speech from September 14, 2016 where at 11:24 seconds in he explains exactly, what is going on here.

The money quote, and yes, in this case its literal, is:

“In Brussels they are preparing a trick: if they can’t deal with the individual nation states they will can make a deal with the cities, led by leftist (socialist) mayors, so they will accept the migrants…”

5. Katie Hopkins:

Thank you Xanthippa, M., Wrath of Khan, Richard, and MANY more who have been sending in links to important stories, today and consistently for the years. Thank you all, contributors and readers/commenters alike.

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  1. Eeyore, thank you for all you do – I got hip to your wonderful blog via Matt Bracken on Infowars; heard the same dialogue re: St. James Cross; ordered mine FROM YOU already, and will donate further to support you, just ask when/if needed

    In fidelity to freedom and liberty, Rick

  2. 3 – I don’ t know who wrote the song and directed the video but it is a stroke of genius that song will appeal to the younger people who will do most of the fighting in the civil wars. I hope they keep up the good work and continue to make appeals to the young.

  3. The Orban speech I remember watching the video and being grateful that a National leader is understanding what is happening and is speaking out opposing the destruction of the Western Culture.

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