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3 Replies to “Pat Condell: The nature of social media companies and free speech”

  1. I am not an expert on this subject but I understand that Facebook, Twitter, etc. claim to be “platforms” not “publishers.” However, since they have started to actively edit their platforms, they fall into the realm of publishers. A publisher falls under a different set of laws and may be sued by aggrieved parties.
    I think it was the clown from Facebook that recently testified in front of Congress. This was a true embarrassment to the American people. It was so obvious that the old men and women of our Congress haven’t a clue about what is going on or even an elementary understanding of this technology.
    IIMO that these “platforms” should have their designation changed but, I see no hope of it.
    The longer this political bias goes on, the more brazen it will become.
    Great to hear from Pat Condell again.

  2. Given the calendar’s turning, Condell’s admonitory lecture could not be more à propos. It’s more than likely that 2019 and 2020 will prove to be battleground years. Quite possibly not just politically.

    The tentacled cephalopod of Cultural Marxism is increasingly overt about its hostility towards First Amendment Rights. The Left’s tactics of hyper-aggressiveness and immediate resort to physical violence mandates some serious rethinking by those on the Right.

    A presumption of civility is no longer such a wise supposition to make. The need for maximum situational awareness has been ratcheted up to near-wartime levels.

    Now, please let the following sink in. This website and many others butcher electrons by the umptillions, spilling digital ink over how utterly clueless today’s children are. Nevertheless, due to peer pressure and increasing levels of social (both academic and interpersonal) cognitive dissonance, modern high school youth currently test for levels of stress that, mid-century, justified institutionalizing people.

    Try to imagine the huge risk of having their snowflake heads explode after they exchanged The Narrative™ for actual TRUTH. Hell, it might sound like strings of firecrackers going off when they finally find out just how bad things really are.

    The candy-coated bupkus these kids have been slopped with has rotted their intellectual teeth. Without any bite left, their only choices are predigested (i.e., MSM) pap or swallowing camels things whole—whilst obligatorily throttling on proverbial gnats.

    Sound familiar? It’s an unholy alliance of propaganda and ideology that, much like Islam, has the potential to destructively resonate in the West for many decades.

    The more rope that both groups have been given, the faster they’ve drawn themselves together by greedily taking up all available slack. Neither of them seem overly abashed about this rather conspicuous newfound intimacy. All the same, if either side drops so much as a fathom’s length of cord, the chances for truly awkward entanglements jump way up there. “Tying the knot” puts it mildly.

    Young kids think they’re stressed out now? [insert demonic cackling >here<] To quote the entertainment greats, "You ain't seen nothing yet!" These insubstantial whippersnappers will look back fondly upon these seemingly tumultuous years as ones of tranquilly blissful ignorance.

    • There’s a video of Katie Hopkins asking young Israeli women soldiers, one after another:

      “Why are you all so beautiful? As a woman, I want to know.
      – Is it the mix in the gene pool?
      – Something in the water?
      – – What do you do with the ugly ones?!”

      Of course they all get embarrassed, laugh, and healthy smiling young women are indeed beautiful.

      But I think they may have fewer hang-ups.
      Or as soldiers, do more push-ups.

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