Explosion at Queens power plant?

Transformer fire at plant, Con Ed, Queens NYC

NYT story on it:

A giant plume of smoke colored by bright blue light exploded into the night sky on Thursday night in Queens, causing people across New York City to gawk in awe as the authorities scrambled to figure out the cause.


The bizarre sight set off a frenzy on social media, where people reported power failures at La Guardia Airport. A spokesman for the Federal Aviation Administration said that a ground stop was ordered there around 9:30 p.m. because of the power failure, but was lifted after about 45 minutes; the airport then resumed its operations, he said.

Adding videos as fast as I can to this one.


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5 Replies to “Explosion at Queens power plant?”

  1. The power lines caused the fire and not the transformer. But it’s still strange so much blue light.

    Power was restored quickly, but still very strange a few days before New Year’s Eve party in NY.

    • They’re saying the transformer caught fire. But for this to happen, it’s either a lightning strike or some type of sabotage or non-maintenance.

      No lightning strike, we know. Through web searches, a tiny EMP attack can also cause this.

      I think they’re scrambling to find the answer as to the cause and they won’t tell us because of possible loss of tourist revenue on December 31.

      I don’t want to be alarmist but this never happened before to Edison. I can’t find any history of this happening re Edison.

      • Just because our WTF antennas are twitching and terrorism is one of the two most likely explinations doesn’t mean we are paranoid.

        If this was a test run for a new type of terror attack on New Years Eve the fact that it was held in Queens says that either Times Square isn’t the target or the terrorists are very inexperienced.

  2. O.K. The transformer caught on fire. Why? Very rare. Never happened, I think, at Edison, except today.

    I did so many web searches on this tonight, through so many word combinations, with no results for Edison except in the 1800s.

    What can explain it? Over-voltage within the plant which might be intentional.


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