Some interesting Tweets and 2 Brad Johnson clips! Links 1, Dec. 25, 2018

1. Partial translation of muslim attack on Danish granny

2. I wonder when Zawahiri’s hair will be dry. He seems to have been wearing that for quite a while. Matching bathrobe is more fashion conscious than I would have expected for the “do-what-I-say-not-what-I-do” terror prince.

3. This is one we should all support:

Both sides actually.

4. Brad Johnson on General Flynn:

5. Brad Johnson on the Syria withdrawl:

(Subsequent to this of course, the US gave the Islamic State quite a pounding the other day. Which shows that while tactics may change the objectives have not.)

Also, I did these at the same time Brad and I discussed the update on the Chinese Telco-spy arrest. But it has been really very busy and they escaped my attention after the upload so, well better now than never as they are not what I would call, “late” yet. They just could have been earlier.

Merry Christmas to all of you, this wonderful community that has formed at VladTepesBlog.

For those of you that never saw the two episodes from South Park, Season 10, episodes, 3&4 entitled, ‘Cartoon Wars’, I strongly recommend them ASAP.

Not only are they not dated, they are more poignant now than ever. Inspiring even. They help to remind us how much we here who get the issues, have let ourselves slip in terms of the right of freedom of speech. So if you get a chance to watch them, please do.

Think of them as a much more entertaining and LOL! kind of 1984.

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  1. Merry Christmas

    The betrayal of the Kurds is a bad thing, we will have to find some way for either the US or Israel will continue to help them achieve their homeland.

    No the goals haven’t changed but the tactics have, we are going to return to the time of gun boat diplomacy. This is something that pretty much has to happen because of the massive deficit that Obama created. The neo cons and some leftist bought into the idea of nation building because we had the success in rebuilding Japan and West Germany after WWII. What they refuse to learn is that we were successful in rebuildijng West Germany and Japan because we had destroyed their countries. We have shown everyone in both countries that we could and would destroy any nation that attacked us. Since then the neo cons and leftists have prevented us from destroying the nations we are fighting, they call their actions merceful but in the cultures of the nations we are fighting this is taken as a sign we are afraid of them. Instead of avoding civilian causalities and the destruction of civilian housing and factories etc. we should target the buildings and savage anyone that looks like they want to shoot at us. We should get rid of the rules of engagement that try and force police procedure on the battlefield and return to fighting wars to win and to hell with the enemy.

  2. Merry Christmas Vlad Tepes friends! Keep on red-pilling people with those keen facts and observations. Slowly, like a huge ship changing direction, the Western World is waking up to the outrageous schemes that are being hatched against it and it’s just a matter of time before critical mass is reached and the liars are exposed…

  3. BRAD JOHNSON: Trump would never abandon the Kurds.

    The Saudis are sending troops to replace USA troops. This was all planned out between Trump and MbS. It’s the price the Saudis must pay for Trump not meddling into the Kashoggi murder, not stopping US weapon sales to KSA, and going as far as casting doubt on MbS’s involvement in the murder.

    The Saudis will be much more effective than the Americans. They speak Arabic, they’re great infiltrators, they have a Mid-East skin tone, and they have highly specialized small combat units with mega-power American weaponry.

    This brilliant Trump strategy is so effective that even Erdogan is postponing his incursion into Syrian-Kurdish territory.

    BTW: We haven’t heard any complaints from the Kurds. Why?

      • Once again thank you for the info, this puts everything in a very different light, one that is showing several possible futures that are much better for the free people of the world.

        • I thank you for your gracious acknowledgment.

          Few people on this planet can out-think the great Donald J. Trump.

          Yesterday’s tweet TRUMP: Not only will they be safeguarding the Kurds but they will also rebuild the country.

          Donald J. Trump
          ?Verified account @realDonaldTrump
          Dec 24

          Saudi Arabia has now agreed to spend the necessary money needed to help rebuild Syria, instead of the United States. See? Isn’t it nice when immensely wealthy countries help rebuild their neighbors rather than a Great Country, the U.S., that is 5000 miles away. Thanks to Saudi A!

          • MbS promised PTrump $4 BILLION and BOOTS on the ground last spring!
            He ponied up only $100 M – and that was in October, right after the Khashoggi story started to break.

            Since then it’s blown-up to a scandal that gives PT more leverage. The Prince had better come through right now.

            • Yes.

              I read two years ago the Saudis were branching out into natural gas because their petroleum proven reserves were estimated at no more than 20 years max.

              They’re thinking of building pipelines of natural gas throughout a Mid-East corridor.

              Meanwhile, they’re working with the Israelis who have just signed a petroleum deal with Greece and Cyprus.

              So, the Israelis are leaving the Mid-East to the Saudis while the Saudis are leaving Europe to the Israelis.

              Meanwhile, Russia… who knows?

              It’s mind-blowing what Trump has quietly achieved in two years.

              • Israel _is_ Middle East.
                Over half of the population comes from peoples displaced from the Arab world, the birthplace of the Jewish people.

                That stock had more babies than the people of European origin. Everybody mixes, so over time Israel is more Middle Eastern than ethnically European in many ways.

                Not only tastes in music and food. Darker skin. And more religious. And willing to fight.

                The future bodes ill for Israel’s relations with Europe. The European Jewish community is shrinking to insignificance.

                There’s a lot that will continue – gas is a fine addition – but energy is fungible, technological genius is not. Israel is expanding her options.

                This government’s policy is accelerating expansion of relationships outside the Continent. An historic trend.

                • Future bodes ”ill” for Europe because of the corrupt EU and UN. Maybe not.

                  Don’t forget Trump is slowing down Russian petroleum into EU. through signing petroleum deals with Germany and others.

                  Russia is in deep problems. Nobody talks about it.

                  • Russia is in deep problems. Nobody talks about it.

                    I talk about it:

                    Widespread FAS (Fetal Alcohol Syndrome) resulting in a “lost generation” with growing numbers of non-contributing youth and adults

                    Beer being sold like soft drinks just one symptom of near-epidemic alcoholism

                    Unsustainably low population replacement rate

                    General demoralization due to sociopolitical monopolies held by oligarchic syndicates

                    Intensely disaffected senior and veteran populations, especially senior veterans.

                    Liabilities related to Putin’s KGB-style (sense of) impunity when projecting power on the international stage

                    Russia’s big diamond strike being carbureated by De Beers

                    Need I go on?

        • You know… thinking one step further.

          Is it possible that Trump will give the Kurds their territory in Northern Syria, and the extension into Kurdish Iraq for a definitive homeland?

          And after, move USA base from Turkey Incirlik to Syrian Kurdish area?

          If he does this, he’ll be crippling Erdogan’s Islamist Turkey. And the next move would be to kick them out of NATO.

          Which would explain why Erdogan suddenly wants to wipe out Islamic State from Syria. He doesn’t want to lose NATO privileges.

          Erdogan will be doing the heavy lifting while the Saudis et al will be protecting the Kurds and rebuilding Syria.

      • The Conservative Treehouse – December 21, 2018

        “CHECKMATE – SAUDI PRINCE MbS Sends Replacement Troops To Defend Kurds on Syria…” by Sundance

        “Trump Arms Kurdish Allies After US Pulls Out of Syria”
        by Jim Hoft – December 23, 2018

          • He may know it but is hampered by his source saying don’t talk about this for a while. Intel types that aren’t working for the government have more latitude about talking but at times have to watch what they say so they don’t upset a source and cause that source to dry up.

    • Oh, they’re complaining!
      They don’t have the deep enough pockets to pay off lobbyists and well-connected PR-firms that get major media placement.

      Mostly regional-specific publications of little general interest. Think-tanks and advocacy groups that have limited reach.

        • I look for analysts I’m familiar with, follow them across different vehicles. If they cite a source, I’ll check it out.
          Some people are gold-standard: a limited group!
          A couple each for, say, Turkey, the Levant, each of the major tribal regions of Iran.

          • A couple each for, say, Turkey, the Levant, each of the major tribal regions of Iran.

            Speaking of the Levant, yucki, have you read either of Olivia Manning’s compilations? It would be very interesting to know just how accurately you consider her works (i.e., The Balkan Trilogy and The Levant Trilogy) to have reflected the reality of those turbulent times.

            Also, have you read “The Haj”, by Leon Uris? This short, almost-novelette, book in some ways defied his more usual meticulously researched works (e.g., QB VII, Redemption, et al.).

            Also, for a real hoot or two please consider The Potato Factory Trilogy by Bryce Courtenay and (despite her being a Leftist Loon) Colleen McCullough’s, “The Ladies of Missallonghi”.

            Regardless of quibbles over historical accuracy, Courtenay’s writing style (at least in volume one) is almost Dickenesque. McCullough’s, “Missallonghi” is a compact little laugh-riot that you’ll want to finish in one sitting.

            Regardless of her rather eccentric orbit, “First Man in Rome” series by McCullough (she of “Thornbirds” fame) is some of the more amazing historical fiction that you’ll ever read. For example, she owns the world’s largest private body of ancient Latin documents. You’d have to access university or museum collections to find better.

            Just as Clancy made a submarine chase into an edge-of-your-seat page turner, so do you get hooked real fast starting with McCullough’s “The Grass Crown”.

            • I love all those books!
              I read them en un solo trago – a single gulp!

              I used to collect stamps. I have stamps of every place Olivia Manning mentions. Hunted them down.

              • I think we’d both get rushes of envy perusing each others’ libraries. Most of mine is stored in the basement.

                One example. A pale blue slender hardback volume of poetry by Sara Teasdale titled, “Strange Victory”. Inside are bound handwritten slips of paper bearing errata and initialed, S. T..

                I picked it up at a local thrift shop. Far be it from me to have corrected the American cashier when he read its British price of £10 as 10¢.

  4. At the end of August the President started signaling growing impatience with the Saudis. Articles appeared in _just_ the right places, influencial sources widely read at senior levels by governments throughout the region. Different emphasis, depending on the specific audience, but similar thrust.

    In English, Hebrew, and Arabic.
    The Administration was sending messages.

    For example, August 26, 2018
    US-Gulf States Relations: Mutual Sobering?

    Examination of several issues on the agenda between the United States and the Gulf states, and Saudi Arabia in particular, indicates that both sides have found it difficult to live up to the high expectations regarding their relations created by the election of Donald Trump. A mutual sobering in this context requires them to reassess their ability to shape a policy that promotes their aims.

    For the US administration, this is particularly true with regard to its hope to rely more on the Gulf states to promote its aims vis-à-vis Iran and the Israeli-Palestinian political process.

    These gaps have direct implications for Israel, and accentuate where respective Israeli and Gulf interests do not converge, and highlight the limited room that the Gulf states, and Saudi Arabia in particular, have to maneuver, in order to translate shared interests into concrete action.

        • These countries have blurry borders. Tribal ties more significant than even sectarian. That’s why I always refer to the ‘Levant’ or ‘Mesopotamia’.

          Anyway, Kuwait came through for the drunken dwarf kinglet. That’s not a real stable situation. Israel and the USA will hold it together for as long as possible, but Jordan is precarious.

          • Re Jordan, I agree.
            No Islamic nation can survive in peace without a strong dictatorship. As we see in Pakistan and Turkey.
            Jordan is doomed for now. After Syria and Iraq, in a few years, we’ll be in Jordan. Loads of Ismalists in Jordan although the King and the Queen pretend they don’t exist.
            Same story always. DAMN ISLAM.

  5. At the end of October, brutally honest, *meaty*:

    The “Moderate Sunni Camp” – Does it Really Exist?

    In recent years there has been much talk in Israel and the US about the “moderate/pragmatic Sunni camp” as a potential regional ally for dealing with Iran and even for pursuing a “creative” solution to the Palestinian issue. However, this “camp” is not really a unified player, but more an expression of Saudi and Emirati aspirations for hegemony.

    There is also a lack of identity of interests and agendas between these states and Egypt and Jordan, which have long been important strategic partners of Israel. Although Israel should pursue any opportunity to strengthen ties with Arab and Muslim states, it should not rely on an incoherent “bloc” headed by an unstable and problematic leadership, even if doing so would correspond with the interests of the US Administration.

  6. #1 I’ve seen the claim elsewhere that the victim is a young man. It’s hard to tell due to low resolution, but it looks more plausible to me than an (old) lady. The clothes and hairstyle are androgynous, I wonder if this was a homophobic attack.
    The attackers are scum in any case (obviously).

    #2 With the graphics (snowfalkes falling) I thought Zawahiri was Santa for a second. Wouldn’t want a package from him.

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