Muslim or marxist or both, argues for the destruction of all things Danish for tolerance and inclusivity

The muslim is called, Moe Ansar, and has a long track record of fertilizing people’s ears via Twitter.

Our video of the Danish Parliamentarians singing the song in one of the chambers of Parliament.


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7 Replies to “Muslim or marxist or both, argues for the destruction of all things Danish for tolerance and inclusivity”

  1. The very bad thing is that western politicians get kind of scared in talks like this one. Iben should not hurry to answer…she should think 2 times before talking. There were few occasions to shut the muslims mouth. This kind of muslims know what are the sensitive “notes” thay must use and they do. Western politicians are mentally manipulated and controlled by these muslims because they don’t think and they react as scared children.
    One of the most important question to that muslim is: what do you understand as meaning for “multiculturalism”? What do you understand as real meaning for “integration” ? What efforts should muslims do in order to integrate ? In what direction should integration go in western civilization ? Should west adopt as standard integration that westerners must change their life style according to muslims, or muslims should adopt western style as first step in integration ? Who integrate who ?
    There are so many simple ideas to “spit” against these muslims while talking on TV. And without offending. But today politicians are no longer courageous, they don’t feel connected with their people, culture, traditions, countries. And they are no longer intelligent. The education system for too many years canceled the main objective: finding and stimulating intelligence. They have no longer their GOD. They obey to new gods.

  2. Let’s cut the crap. Mohammedans don’t “integrate” into anything except in aid of overthrowing or poisoning the existing culture. Look at the hijab which is the FLAG OF ISLAM. Should any Mohammedan desire integration one’d think the hijab would be the first thing to go.

    Don’t like Denmark? Go the f*ck back “home”. Wish I could’ve “debated” that arrogant, Mohammedan f*ck. I would’ve loved to ask this f*ck about the group of Mohammedan youth that beat up the old Danish woman, actually I would directly accuse this f*ck of enabling it. The irony is that free nations “allowed” Mohammedans into their nations in the first place.

  3. Diversity means, no blond(e)s allowed, no heterosexuals except Muslim homophobes, no politics but communism (with a hint of anarchism), no hard subjects in school only lessons in guilt, no religion but the most intolerant one of all, no media but propaganda, no qualifications except in bitching and moaning.

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