Open the window a crack and compare it to TV: Links 1, December 23, 2018

1. Although this is from October of this year, its a worthy video and speaks to a core issue, which is a tactic being used by ‘neocoms’ (The new flavour of PoMo communists) to use odhominem, attacking the speaker rather than the speech, to make people not accept what is true but uncomfortable, and accept what is in the interests of the far left.

2. This is what a population looks like, when they have been disarmed, both physically and spiritually by leftism:

There is a slightly better version of this video out there and on one or another of 200 or so open tabs right now, but this gets the point across I think.

3. Another angle of the gun draw by the Paris police:

Holy cow! And to remember that commie Agitprop organ, Euronews, was reporting that the YVP are winding down and not much happened and the numbers are small.

4. Strongly recommend that all Ontario residents have a look at this. Also anyone in denial of what Muslims have to believe is the correct course of action in democracies. AKA non-Islamic polities.

I would rather not excerpt any of it. Read that page. It is a statement of principles and intentions by the Islamic Party of Ontario.

5. WATCH: Days After Pittsburgh, Israeli Lawmaker Shows ‘How Every Gun-Carrying Citizen Should Act’

“I make sure to improve my marksmanship at the range every year,” Haskel said in a social media post that included footage of her outing. “Since my service as a combat soldier and commander in the Border Police and a level 07-Rifleman basic training, I carry a personal firearm. It’s my duty to maintain my shooting skills, so I’ll be ready for any situation. That’s how every gun-carrying citizen should act.”


Haskel, who was born in Canada and worked as a veterinarian in Australia before getting into politics, noted that during the “?lone wolf intifada” of 2015 and 2016 — which saw a wave of Palestinian terrorism against Israelis, mostly in Jerusalem and the West Bank — armed citizens neutralized a number of the attackers.

[Bold mine]

6. Yellow Vest protest in Alberta: (Turn audio down for this one a bit)

Thank you Yucki, Richard, M., Wrath of Khan, EB., and all who sent in so much great material for us all. More to come today.


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  1. 2. This is what a population looks like, when they have been disarmed, both physically and spiritually by leftism

    Two hundred years ago those craven cowards wouldn’t have seen sunrise. In most cases, it would have required tweezers to bury them.

    That could have been anybody’s grandmother.

    • I’m not grandma, but I’m vulnerable and guns aren’t an option here. Lately friends and family have become more protective of me than I think necessary. But I don’t argue: I’ve had enough martial arts training to appreciate how susceptible I’d be to feral predators.

      Living amongst savages, we’re all compromised. Anybody carrying packages or with a child is at risk. Using an ATM, unlocking a door. Even a martial arts instructor who forgets situational awareness training, drops his guard [z”l Ari Fuld].

      Deterrence has to be radical. As NorseR describes. That’s not enough to stop animals incapable of impulse control.
      But it’s a start, a threshold that might give pause to packs of fiends like this lot.

  2. 3 – This is what the beginning of a civil war looks like, it won’t be much longer before they are mass rushing the police and stealing all of their weapons. If I were a French Policeman I would be thinking of changing my career and doing it in a different nation where no one knew I use to be a French Policeman. If this rebellion turns violent (no this isn’t the real violence yet, just wait it is sprinting down the road to arrive) and shows signs of success it will spread from France to all of the other Western Nations.

    Keep your musket clean and your powder dry and watch your back.

  3. Watching the older lady get beaten, I wanted to jump through my computer and smash the living fuck out of those Mohammedans. Hopefully, some local men will take this up and end the ability of these guys to walk properly, throw a punch or chew solid food.

    If the elderly getting beaten doesn’t mean war then I wonder where the line is?

  4. 5/ There’s nothing intrinsically wrong with Canadians.
    Plenty more Canadians like this one: responsible, tough, strong. Decent, brave, generous.
    I don’t know how to turn things around, but trash-talking good people isn’t going to do it. So…
    …STOP IT!

  5. #4 Islamic Party
    Every single member of that party should be rounded up and placed in an internment camp with the option to go back where they came from or stay in the camp until such time as hostilities end with the religion of Islam. They are clearly stating their plan to subvert our laws and ruin our country and they must not be allowed to do that…

  6. 4- Sort of reads like a tragic comedy.

    Forming a political party requires ample numbers. Check. If they’re smart they’ll congregate their slums and no-go zones in Toronto. Was it not the Tamils who were wagging the Ontario political dog and closing streets? Were their concentrations and electoral effect for the Liberals not massive? (correct me if I’m wrong).

    Even if you know nothing about tards or politics, don’t these seem like very disatisfied, radical people?
    No more industrial farms? 100% renewable energy? Well, right there you’ve blown it. To satisfy the first you’d need to turn the whole province into pasture land to feed millions of people. To satisfy the second you’d have to blanket that pasture land with windmills and solar panels and even this wouldn’t suffice. So stupid. But hey, if it fools a few red caucasians into voting for you, why not. –Just have to wait until after the election before throwing 1.5-2% of the population off buildings. What’s the theme song to that part of their political platform, “It’s Raining Men?”

    They advance methodically, purposefully–watching their numbers and looking for vulnerabilities–in what we know is a military manner. They don’t have to be any smarter than their foe to succeed. They need only a greater focus and undivided sense of purpose in their ranks. This is the secret to their success. Every. Subject. A. Soldier.

    My corner Dollar Store is run by this small family. One day I go in for batteries and the woman is wearing a hijab. –First time since they had opened two years before. That was a mile marker. It said something had changed. Someone probably told her to wear it for a reason.

    The same goes for this manifesto. Timing has meaning. Such nonsensicle platitudes will entice more pliable non-tards to vote for them than will move people against them.

    Q- How many communists does it take to change a lightbulb?

    A- A Muslim.

    Both believe they can successfully recreate the same utopia, failure after failure. Afghanistan, Belarus, Pakistan and China…. –Nothing quite says “shithole-in-the-making” like witnessing the emergence of a new political power designed to steal all your money and force you to your knees. What’s the word for a communist-muslim who repeatedly tells himself that Paradise is just around the next corner? For 1400 years and running? Sickleself-taqiyya? Hmm, kinda sounds like a disease. Hope it don’t spread.

    What psychological twins they are, these Reds and Greens. Perfect Child has drawn the lines for us so many times here at VTB.

    I am sure that somewhere in his writings he has told us that it takes a slave to make a slave.

        • ***Diaspora Jew Survival Tips***

          Definitely makes sense for ethnic Hungarians (including semi-H). Now you can claim Hungarian citizenship for the family. Dual-citizenship allowed.

          Summer camp and teenagers. At least the traditional “family values” camps have a longterm, positive impact on mating choices.

          Mr. Orban contracted an Israeli demography consultancy a few years ago. Implemented a comprehensive package of initiatives. The results have been fruitful.
          so to speak

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