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5 Replies to ““Faster than an army could invade” -Rep. Steve King”

  1. Germany will take care of me.

    How many quickly-silenced voices chanted that same mantra in the middle of WWII?

    What time remains until this no longer is an invading army but a conquering one?

    Nevertheless, what each of these fighting-age gatecrashers couldn’t be bothered to ask himself is exactly how “Germany will take care of me”. Deutschvolk are legendary for reflexive (if not obsessive-compulsive) fastidiousness. Despite some recent and justifiable fears that their once high Teutonic standards have slipped a bit, even were these interlopers the most incurious history students, it is they who should be most fearful of all. Just ask any Jew.

    We must remember Steven King in our most cynical moments, and know there remain good politicians.

    Just as there remain many ethical lawyers. Unfortunately, in both cases such individuals are too few and too far in between. Although America is in its own slow-motion version of Europe’s ghastly train wreck, a much more serious invasion has taken place all across North America.

    It is a lesson that the USA (along with Canada and even Mexico) should have learned from Western Europe’s own calamitous descent into chaos. To the contrary, we’ve instead allowed a rogue’s gallery of career politicians and guild-mentality bureaucrats to crowd themselves—often with skids palms well-greased by Special Interests—into, what are emerging as, Washington DC’s most hallowed and powerful corridors.

    This perpetual bloating of Big Government™ was something that encountered inadequate opposition (if not outright encouragement) from three successive administrations, at the very least. Breeding up today’s shambling superstate demanded and received assiduous husbandry from both parties. Such ballooning amongst the ranks of civil servants was a too-frequently-ignored harbinger of the nanny state’s arrival.

    Riding on that same psychological baggage train, Political Correctness has descended from its elite private railcar and onto the platform of all American parties. Its debut is a cautionary tale of betrayal and deceit that’s best recounted from the witness box of a federally empaneled grand jury.

    Dislodging these Deep State chiggers from the taxpayer’s tender hide is an onerous and all-too-often thankless task … at best. Only stern leadership will possess sufficient grit to ignore whatever piteous yelps or pleas and keep burning away these distended parasites from the pasty white cheeks of complacently partisan American voters.

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