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7 Replies to “For Canadians, this is WAY overdue. For Americans, its your immediate future”

  1. My father spotted this pernicious bilingual racket. He looked at the numbers, saw crafty Trudeau père for what he was. Scotched my McGill fantasies.

    I’d spent most summers and many vacations in Quebec, some in Ontario. The “salad bowl” model was comfortable, felt right amongst so many Holocaust survivors.

    O Canada!

  2. I noticed even as a kid the similarity between the level of French literacy in English Dystopian children grades 1-8 force fed daily lessons in school, and East European satellite kids receiving the same Russian language diet under the Soviet system. Forced language was pretty much hated only when the language forced was by the perceived “imperial” power, or else the simple “why?” of it all was lost. While no one can argue against the benefits of a child learning another language, why must it be French in Dystopia when Mandarin would be far more suitable in such a “Globalist” society.

    Once again, societal engineering of a complex system is failing under its own sheer expense and impracticality. I suppose the governing leader of Dystopia, once considered of the white nigger class, has in the the spirit and fervor of his religion of Inclusion and Diversity, decided thr Migrant Compact is an excellent vehicle to drive home his own hatred against the English population that made him.

  3. If the people can’t communicate with each other and the government you have a disaster waiting to happen, not a functioning country but a disaster.

    Starting in the 1960s the thinking people started pushing to have English be the official language of the US, the left screamed and has so far blocked this sensible move.

  4. California now has about 15 different officially recognized languages. Increasingly, residents of CA (legal and illegal) no longer understand each other.

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