South African anti-racism, France France France and a note about the CBC

1. BPS on the South African/Marxist version of what “Not racist” means.

2. Salim Mansur on the migration pact of Trudeau

Full video here:

3. Check out the disgusting language of bias of this Bloomberg article about the fall of Macron. 

One small sample:

It was a humbling moment for opponents of the populist revolts that spawned Donald Trump.

Notice how tortured the sentence had to be in order to level an insult at supporters of the US president.

4. Pres. Trump Suggests Paris Agreement ‘Isn’t Working Out So Well For Paris’

He made the comment in a tweet Saturday, noting that protests and riots are happening all over France.

The president also said people do not want to pay large sums of money, much of which goes to “questionably run” third world countries, in order to “maybe protect the environment.”

The president’s comments come as riot police launch tear gas at ‘yellow vest’ protesters, during the fourth weekend of fuel tax demonstrations.

5. Report: Pres. Trump Demanding South Korea Increase Funding For U.S. Troops

(This headline is satisfying personally, as I know Democrats who used to whimper about the US paying too much for global defence and Obama was ‘fixing’ that. Of course that is because they were incapable of understanding the costs of tyrants and opportunists destroying the US as it was and somewhat still is, which would be infinitely more than the costs of protecting her. Meanwhile, Trump is actually improving defence while also getting the costs from the recipients. Quite certain those Democrats will find a reason to make this a bad thing.)

6. As it happened: More than a thousand arrested in Paris ‘Yellow Vest’ protests

While France’s capital is going to feel the brunt of the Yellow Vests protest this weekend, FRANCE 24 sent its reporters out of Paris to meet protesters in rural France. In the small town of Montargis, the Yellow Vests have set up camp at a strategic roundabout and are preparing to spend the Christmas holidays making their voices heard. FRANCE 24 takes a look at some of the reasons behind their anger.

(Video at site is very interesting)

Thank you Richard, M., Wrath of Khan, Oz-Rita, EB., C. Xanthippa and so many more who are the life blood of the Reader’s Links. A compulsory daily read for all who wish to be informed and not deceived.

Yesterday at the demonstration against the Migration Pact, CBC was there. But had NO identifying marks whatsoever. Remember, this is a STATE broadcaster who receives over ONE BILLION in tax payer dollars a year to spread cultural Marxism and disinformation as a general rule.

And now, they go to events without identifying their affiliation whatsoever. What does this tell you? The CBC is done, Baked. The people have bloody had it with their lies. No, no spin, not interpretations, but like Global News and the “Trump supporter” at Fiddler on the roof, I mean outright lies. The people know it and won’t talk to them if they know who they are.

Maxime Bernier is right.

Defund the CBC. Then they can pay for their leftist propaganda on their own.


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2 Replies to “South African anti-racism, France France France and a note about the CBC”

  1. The agreement on global migration is turning into the death sentence of the EU and the leftist governments of the world. The left isn’t going to go down quietly but will fight to the end to acheive their goal of world domination, they were so close and are now seeing the little people that they despise are fighting back and snatching freedom and liberty from the jaws of the slavers of the left.

    To steal from Churchill: This isn’t the end, this isn’t even the beginning of the end, but it may be the end of the beginning.

  2. 5- My son lived in SK for 4 years. American military presence is quite obvious. But someone in the comments made a statement that was just incorrect. The tariffs on American products going into SK are extreme. So much so that if my son wanted something on Amazon he would have it shipped to us, we would break the packages and send it repacked to him. Mostly he wanted electronic accessories, there was a 30% tariff on items like that.
    Also, the postage to SK is extreme, unlike China. Almost every Christmas the postage exceeded the cost of the items shipped.
    As a final blow, there are no cheez its or cranberries for sale in SK.(imagine giving your child cheez its for Christmas!) One year my other son smuggled in 5 bags of cranberries for an ex-pat Thanksgiving. There was this British restaurant/bar that was roasting a turkey (ovens are scarce in SK) and my two sons were meeting there. The visiting son cooked up the cranberries during the day and brought them to the bar.The SK son was hung up at work and by the time he got to the bar all the cranberries, 5 bags, were gone!
    I’m sure my SK son thinks back fondly of his time in SK. He has since moved to Hawaii. We went out there 2 T-Days ago and had fried chicken and macaroni salad for T-Day. Not much of an improvement…

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