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    • All of these videos say a war is going to start between Israel and Hezbollah sooner rather then later. If, I repeat if this war is the only one being fought Israel can win but if they are attacked on on other fronts at the same time it is gong to get real nasty.

  1. PA TV Host Dana Abu Shamsiya Praises Palestinian Who Stabbed Israeli Policemen

    During her opening monologue on a November 23, 2018 morning show on Palestine TV (Palestinian Authority), TV host Dana Abu Shamsiya said about Abd Al-Rahman Abu Jamal, a Palestinian from Jerusalem who stabbed four Israeli policemen: “I am a Palestinian lion cub, planted in my land… The blood of the martyrs throws through my veins… I harvest souls on the battlefield. I am a guardian of Al-Aqsa and the [Dome of] the Rock… I am feared by the armies of betrayal. I am desired by the black-eyed virgins [of Paradise]… Liberation shall come at the hands of the lion cubs.”

    I have to vent…
    Soros collaboration with the Nazis is NOT a conspiracy theory. I have watched the extended interview during the 90’s of George Soros on 60 Minutes, interviewed by Steve Croft which, during his own admission admits to collaborating to loot the homes of Jews taken off to the concentration camps.
    When Croft asked him if he felt sorry that he did that Soros shrugged and replied if he hadn’t done it someone else would have.
    I am very surprised that Stewart Varney isn’t aware of this disgraceful part of Soros’ history and goes so far as to denounce it. The following link is a short clip of Soros admitting his collaboration:

    • My neighbor’s 4-year-old grandson has proclaimed himself vegan. He’s hardly eating anything at all. We’re all a little frantic.

      Where can he have gotten such foolish ideas?
      They’re checking the school, parents of friends. It’s not as bad as “gender-fluid”, but it’s the same trendy indoctrination. Scary.

      • We’re all a little frantic.

        Yucki, you and everyone else are entirely justified in feeling frantic. That child’s body is going through one of its biggest growth spurts and any vitamin deficiencies now, can have permanent future physiological effects.

        Ask the kid if he wants to be stupid. Then gently spell out the role of B12 in his brain’s development. If anything, the tot can identify numbers and letters, so show him some multivitamin labels that all list b12 as an ingredient (if necessary, do this at the doctor’s office). Even getting this boy to take the multivitamins would be a minor victory.

        The person who infected this tyke’s mind should be sent up on charges of child abuse.

        Many Vegetarians At Risk of Dementia and Alzheimers

        Latest studies have show that many vegetarians are not getting enough vitamin B12 in their diet. A lack of vitamin B12 can lead to poorer cognitive function including memory loss, and in the long term could attribute to increased risk of dementia and Alzheimers. [more at link]

        Vitamin B12 Deficiency & Dementia

        Experts at the Mayo Clinic point out that vitamin B12 helps in maintaining the health of nerve cells and red blood cells. Vitamin B12 is also instrumental in the formation of DNA, the genetic material in all cells. Fish, shellfish, meat and dairy products serve as the most reliable dietary sources of vitamin B12 — all of which factor prominently in the diets of many people. Vegetarians–particularly vegans–may have difficulty obtaining the daily requirements of B12 due to their reluctance to consume any animal-based foods. [more at link]

      • I have never raised children. but I have had lots of dogs.

        My suggestion would be to take his bowl away, and offer him the proper food the next day for a minute or two and if he won’t eat it, take the bowl away again. Usually only needs one or two repeats.

      • Very scary, whoever infected his mind with this BS is guilty of child abuse, do all you can to save the child from the fate that the arrogant unthinking vegan has set out for him.

  3. Poll Shows Huge Democrat Bias Toward Muslims Over Christians (breitbart, Dec 4, 2018)

    “Sixty-eight percent of Democrats say employers should grant a request for prayer space by Muslims — but only 45 percent say employers should grant a similar request by Christian employees, says a survey by Grinnell College.

    In contrast to the Democrats’ 23-point anti-Christian bias, the November poll showed only a ten point gap in response from conservatives.

    Thirty percent of Republicans say employers should provide a prayer space for Muslim employees and 40 percent say employers should support a similar service for Christians, according to the Grinnell College poll of roughly 500 people.

    The same poll showed a three-point pro-Christian skew among Donald Trump’s voters and a huge 20-point pro-Muslim skew among Hillary Clinton voters.

    The massive bias among Clinton voters towards Muslims is a huge contrast to Trump voters’ more principled approach to religious requests on business.

    The poll asked, “Suppose a group of devout Christians [or devout Muslims] asked their employer to provide a private place for them to pray together. Even if it is a hardship [on business], do you think the employer should or should not accommodate the request?”

    The Democrats’ pro-Muslim bias exists despite the hostility of orthodox Islamic rule-books towards Christians, atheists, women, secularists, and democracy.

    The poll also showed that urbanites, young people, and women were far more supportive of Muslim believers than of Christians, despite Christianity’s orthodox support for secularism, sexual equality, and economic redistribution.

    However, the Democrats’ favor for Muslims is likely unconnected to Islam’s hostile scriptural requirements.

    In general, progressives strongly favor imposing variety on society because the resulting “diversity” fragments the coherent civic cultures which help ordinary Americans to manage their families and communities without rule by progressive-led government.

    For example, the arrival of a small Muslim group in a large Christian-populated town allows Democrats to argue that religious equality requires the cultural visibility of Christianity be reduced to the same level as Islam. In this explanation, progressives will support the expansion of orthodox Islam to weaken the conservative influence of Christianity.

    Also, Democrats tend to favor minorities, even in a democracy, partly because progressives seek to rally a coalition of conflict-ridden minorities against the mainstream, self-governing majority.

    The poll can be read here.”

    • In general, progressives strongly favor imposing variety [i.e., Muslims and “refugees”] on society because the resulting “diversity” fragments the coherent civic cultures which help ordinary Americans to manage their families and communities without rule by progressive-led government.

      In a nutshell. Rarely will you ever find a more concise summary.

      Here’s a comment by no mo uro from the original Breitbart thread that echos sentiments frequently expressed at this forum:

      The left and expansionist Islam are in a tacit alliance to disenfranchise Christians politically and economically, and ultimately exterminate them.

      Each believes that after wiping out Christianity they will easily be able to wipe out their current ally and become the hegemon for the rest of time.

      What could possibly go wrong?

  4. Australia’s Controversial Anti-Encryption Law Passes (sputniknews, Dec 6, 2018)

    “The Australian Parliament passed a new anti-encryption bill compelling tech companies to grant the government access to encrypted information. Analysts say the bill has worldwide implications for digital privacy.

    “This ensures that our national security and law enforcement agencies have the modern tools they need, with appropriate authority and oversight, to access the encrypted conversation of those who seek to do us harm,” Australian Attorney General Christian Porter said, as quoted by the New York Times.

    The bill squeaked through the Senate on parliament’s final workday of the year in Canberra late Thursday.

    Those who are against the bill say that it opens up a pandora’s box for the so-called Five Eyes security agencies of Australia, Britain, New Zealand, Canada and America. “Once you’ve built the tools, it becomes very hard to argue that you can’t hand them over to the US government, the UK — it becomes something something they can all use,” said Lizzie O’Shea, an attorney cited by NYT.

    Australian businesses berated the legislation, saying that it would make Australian companies seem equivalent to China’s Huawei when Australian companies expand into foreign markets.

    When asked if US citizens should use products or services from Huawei earlier this year, FBI Director Chris Wray said his agency was “deeply concerned” that Huawei’s phones provide the “capacity to maliciously modify or steal information. And it provides the capacity to conduct undetected espionage.” Huawei dismissed Wray’s assertion, saying that it posed no greater risk than similar vendors, according to CNBC.

    Forcing Australian firms to install avenues for the government to see encrypted data makes Australian firms vulnerable to the same criticisms aimed at Huawei.

    “The way some parts of our industry have been talking about Huawei is the exact same way that Australian vendors will now be spoken about by their competitors,” said James Turner, a cybersecurity pundit and managing director of CISO Lens, as cited by the Australian Financial Review.

    “That’s not great for our export market, and I suspect the impact of that will be quite costly,” said Turner, noting that “there will be deals we don’t win where our legislation will be raised as the block.”

    Some Australians found the news as groundbreaking as Democrats waking up on November 9, 2016, to discover Donald Trump had become president, according to AFR. “I don’t think anyone in the industry thought it would get this far. We thought someone would come to their senses before this,” said Alan Jones, a venture capitalist.

    Australia’s Labor Party wound up dropping its calls to include better amendments in the law and voting in favor of the bill. “I’m not willing to go home and see a terror event happen,” Labor leader Bill Shorten said Thursday, noting that terror attacks are more likely around the holidays. Labor was promised its amendments would be considered in the early part of the New Year, said Shorten.”

  5. GOP Congressman Accuses Soros of Betraying ‘Fellow Jews’ (sputniknews, Dec 6, 2018)

    “Fox News opted to distance itself and the anchor-man from the guest speaker’s views after the program was aired.

    A Republican representative for Texas met a barrage of criticism on Thursday after he accused Democratic donor George Soros of turning against “fellow Jews” and assisting in the expropriation of their property.

    Gohmert brought up a once widespread conspiracy theory about the Hungarian-born billionaire’s ethnicity, while starting his speech on Fox Business Network with the widely covered story regarding the tech giant Google and its reported involvement in devising a search engine for China.

    “Google is born in a free country and then they go over and oppress others, help oppress in another country”, Gohmert said, shortly after moving on to something else:

    “You mention [George] Orwell”, he added, thereby digressing from the topic. “That reminds me of another George. George Soros is supposed to be Jewish but you wouldn’t know it from the damage he’s inflicted on Israel and the fact that he turned on fellow Jews and helped take the property that they own”.

    “Holy crap”, one Twitter user posted, whereas another said to pay no attention to a GOP member repeating “vile slander”.

    “No big deal”, another one chimed in on the social network, remarking, tongue-in-cheek, that one of those conspiracy theorists or theory believers might have directed mail bombs at the prominent Democrats in the run-up to the midterms.

    Meanwhile, the well-known fact-checking website Snopes deemed the conspiracy theory about Soros, which circulates on the internet from time to time, to be “false”. The theory suggests that Soros collaborated with the Nazis during World War Two, though he was only 14 years of age at the time the Germans occupied Hungary, in 1944.

    “Abhorrent that a sitting Congressman propagated debunked Soros conspiracies”, the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) tweeted shortly after.

    “Rep. Gohmert should retract his remarks immediately. This rhetoric is common in extreme far-right circles & perpetuates anti-Semitism”, the ADL added, posting a link to their website attempting to bust a number of false claims regarding Soros, namely theories that depict him as a greedy and covetous Jewish man.

    Fox Business Network host Stuart Varney later on Thursday chose to distance the network from Gohmert’s comments, saying the aired speaker’s views are not shared by the media outlet and the program, in particular.

    It is not the first time that Fox News has been implicated in a scandal surrounding Soros’ name. Fox Business dropped a guest in October, who blamed the contentious migrant caravan on the “Soros-occupied State Department”.”

  6. Italy Cuts Illegal Migration Sea Landings by 80 Per Cent (breitbart, Dec 6, 2018)

    “Illegal sea landings to Italy have dropped by 80 per cent in just one year after the country’s populist government enacted tough new immigration measures.

    Between January 1st and December 2nd 2018, 23,011 migrants arrived by sea to the shores of Italy compared to 117,120 over the same period last year, according to data published by the United Nations’ International Organization for Migration (IOM).

    Italy has gone from the number one Mediterranean landing destination in 2017 to number three, after Greece (29,782) and Spain (52,678).

    In contrast, socialist-run Spain has seen its migrant arrivals increase by more than two and a half times (263 per cent) from 20,043 to 52,678 across the same periods.

    It was in the summer that Italy, under the directive of interior minister and deputy prime minister Matteo Salvini, halted much of the illegal migration by blocking private non-governmental organisation (NGO) migrant transport vessels from docking in Italy, starting with denying port to the Aquarius, chartered by SOS Méditerranée and Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF or Doctors without borders).

    After an eight-day standoff in the Mediterranean Sea, where neither Italy nor Malta would accept the vessel, Spain welcomed the Aquarius and its 629 sub-Saharan African migrants to its shores.

    While Italy’s new government, a coalition of the right-wing League headed by Salvini and the anti-establishment Five Star Movement led by fellow Deputy Prime Minister Luigi Di Maio, has toughened the country’s position on illegal immigration, Spain’s socialist government under Pedro Sánchez has welcomed migrants, with the country’s foreign minister Josep Borrell claiming Europe needs “new blood.”

    “Europe’s demographic evolution shows that unless we want to gradually turn into an ageing continent, we need new blood, and it doesn’t look like this new blood is coming from our capacity to procreate,” Borrell said in August.

    To deal with the issue of illegal migrants in Italy, Salvini unveiled in September a security and migration decree which terminates humanitarian residency permits, which allows migrants to live temporarily in Italy who do not qualify for ordinary asylum, and increases funding for deportation centres.

    Some 2,000 migrants with the permit a month are expected to be deported when the law comes into force in January 2019 as the two-year limited visas expire.

    Recently, Mr Salvini told the European Union’s Schengen Committee he does not want Italy to renew engagement in Operation Sophia, the EU-run venture where several member states partner to pick up migrants in the Mediterranean Sea, confirming the country’s “unavailability” of landing ports.”

  7. Report: Number of French Prisoners Increased by 23 Per Cent in a Decade (breitbart, Dec 6, 2018)

    “The French prison population has increased by almost 25 per cent in ten years, leading to problems with overcrowding.

    A report published by the Council of Europe and released on Tuesday says there has been a 23.3 per cent increase in the number of inmates per 100,000 of the total French population and a 31 per cent rise in the prison population as a whole going from 58,053 prisoners in 2005 to 76,111 in 2015, Le Monde reports.

    The increases have done nothing to help the already existing problem with prison overcrowding. There were 114 prisoners for every 100 places in 2005, which spiked in 2013 at 136 prisoners per 100 places.

    There was a substantial drop in the number of deaths in prisons over the ten-year period from 43 to 17 per 10,000 prisoners and suicide rates dropped by more than half from 21 to 10 per 10,000 inmates, although the statistic is still regarded as being high.

    Earlier this year, French police investigated the suspicious deaths of two prisoners at the Fleury-Mérogis prison in the department of Essonne outside of Paris, well-known for its radical Islamic inmate population and being a hub of radicalisation.

    Another prison known for having a large radical Islamic population saw major riots in 2016. A fire at the Vivonne-Poitiers prison resulted in around 60 detainees escaping their cells, leading to five security guards and six prisoners needing to be hospitalised as a result of the violence.

    Radical Islamic extremists have also managed to smuggle in mobile devices into French prisons with two men even using a mobile phone to communicate with Islamic State terrorists and plot a terror attack whilst behind bars.

    Last month it was also revealed that an inmate at Tarascon had allegedly published Islamic State propaganda with a phone that had been smuggled into the prison. The inmate, named Amir, later claimed that he had nothing to do with the posts and said he had loaned the phone to other inmates who could have posted the terrorist material.”

  8. That Aged Badly: Macron Worship Turns Sour as Protests Intensify (breitbart, Dec 6, 2018)

    “With France brought to its knees by the country’s worst unrest in half a century, as citizens protested Emmanuel Macron, there will be increasing concern amongst the globalist establishment over the future of the French president they hailed as the saviour of Europe.

    Reports have showed a country in chaos over the past three weeks, with hundreds of people wounded and a number killed in anti-government protests which, despite disruption and violence, enjoy wide support from a large majority of the population.

    Against so-called green taxes and a major squeeze in French workers’ cost of living, the Yellow Jackets movement represents “a rejection of all things Macron”, admitted the liberal U.S. magazine Slate this week.

    Sadiq Khan
    The French people have chosen hope over fear and unity over division. Congratulations @EmmanuelMacron. #FrenchElection

    7:30 PM – May 7, 2017

    But since he came to power last May, globalists around the world said the French president’s rise marked a political ‘new dawn’ against “division” and “hate”, with many insisting his brand of “radical centrism” was a formula that should be imposed on their own nations.

    Hillary Clinton
    Victory for Macron, for France, the EU, & the world.

    Defeat to those interfering w/democracy. (But the media says I can’t talk about that)

    9:32 PM – May 7, 2017

    Chuka Umunna
    Macron won by rising above the petty tribalism of the main parties and appealing to a desire to get things done. Me on @BBCNewsnight:

    7:38 AM – May 9, 2017

    This sentiment has been particularly prevalent amongst Britain’s pro-EU elite, with Liberal Democrats leader Vince Cable — who previously attacked Brexit as the result of elderly voters’ ‘white nostalgia’, and likened ‘church hall-dwelling’ Leave voters to “jihadis” — telling UK voters his party could “offer the same formula as Macron”.

    BBC Politics
    Vince Cable: I can offer the same formula as Macron

    10:26 AM – Jul 21, 2017
    Twitter Ads info and privacy
    Emmanuel Macron and Vince Cable
    Cable: I offer same formula as Macron
    The new Lib Dem leader makes a bid for the “abandoned” middle ground of UK politics.

    Gary Lineker
    Macron is charismatic, smart and ballsy. Can we borrow him?

    After writing several articles lavishing praise on the French premier, Alastair Campbell — who served as Iraq war architect Tony Blair’s spin doctor under the former prime minister’s Labour regime — has been uncharacteristically quiet since the start of France’s developing crisis, tweeting recently only to comment that Macron “has a very large brain”.

    My piece @IBTimesUK on what May could learn from Merkel and Macron

    5:51 PM – Jun 2, 2017
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    If May teamed up with Macron and Merkel, the three Ms could take on Donald Trump
    Trump’s madness is a danger to the world – but he can be stopped.

    Max Boot
    To defeat populism, America needs its own Macron–a charismatic leader who can make centrism cool. My take:

    11:19 PM – Jun 15, 2017
    Twitter Ads info and privacy

    Whither Populism?
    Whither populism? On that question rests the future of the West. If populism becomes ascendant on both sides of the Atlantic, it will kill the vision of “the West” that Americans and European…

    Particularly laudable, according to Campbell, was Macron’s vow to slash carbon emissions through the same ‘green’ agenda which has driven French workers onto the streets in recent weeks to protest the rising cost-of-living and massive fuel tax hikes.

    Unsurprisingly, another arch-Remainer who has revealed herself to be in awe of Macron is Anna Soubry, the Tory former defence minister who says opponents of mass migration are “ignorant” and “racist”, and who told an audience of Muslims that the UK “would be a better country” if “white British people … learned more from your community”.

    Anna Soubry MP
    Just in case you missed it ….”There’s never been a better time for a British Macron”

    11:35 AM – Oct 2, 2018
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    If you would like to read this article, or get unlimited access to The Times and The Sunday Times, find out more about our special 12 week offer here

    Just in October, when the French leader’s fast-sinking approval rating was well on its way to this month’s record low of 23 per cent, the reportedly deeply unpopular Broxtowe MP tweeted “there’s never been a better time for a British Macron” in a post which linked to an article alleging that a neoliberal, ‘social justice’-pursuing political force led by a globalist figure such as “Ruth Davidson, David Miliband [or] Chuka Ummuna (sic)” would “do rather well” at the ballot box.

    Miliband returning to UK politics to lead the country as a ‘British Macron’ seems to be a major hope among many in the Europhile elite, after the former foreign secretary fueled rumours of a comeback in recent months, campaigning against Brexit.

    The failed Labour leadership candidate moved to New York in 2013 to take the helm at the International Rescue Committee (IRC), a George Soros-backed NGO which works to transfer refugee populations to Western nations.

    David Miliband
    Europe is a region of values says Macron. The best hope for the future.

    3:15 PM – Aug 28, 2017
    Twitter Ads info and privacy

    In stinging attack, France’s Macron says Poland isolating itself in…
    French President Emmanuel Macron said on Friday Poland was isolating itself within the European Union and Polish citizens “deserve better” than a government at odds with the bloc’s demo…

    Macron is Europe’s “best hope for the future”, Miliband tweeted last year, linking to a Reuters article reporting the then-newly elected leader of France had declared that Poland must not be allowed to “define the Europe of tomorrow” after the eastern EU state’s pro-sovereignty government rejected orders from Brussels to welcome illegal immigrants from the third world.

    Another Miliband tweet praising Macron’s pro-mass migration politics approvingly paraphrased Soros, who said that the continuing illegal entry of millions of migrants to European shores must become “the new normal”.

    David Miliband
    · Sep 28, 2017
    Bold proposals from @EmmanuelMacron in Sorbonne on #migrationEU. Improving support for integration, solidarity & partnership w Africa vital.

    David Miliband
    ‘Migration crisis is not a crisis, it’s a challenge that will be here for a long time’ -Macron. EU cooperation key to addressing new normal.

    5:05 AM – Sep 28, 2017

    Macron’s assertion that Europe is entering an “unprecedented” age of mass migration, in which absorbing as many as hundreds of millions of Africans is the bloc’s destiny, somewhat conflicts with the leader’s claim it would be necessary to enact punishing ‘green’ taxes on French workers to ‘wean’ the country off fossil fuels to stop global warming.

    Given the president’s insistence that hit his countrymen should be hit in the pocket with fuel tax rises in order to lower emissions, it is unclear why he advocates a policy which would vastly increase global CO2 output through transferring populations from low-polluting parts of the world to rich nations where residents have a far higher carbon footprint.”

  9. The Iranian Modus Operandi

    BESA Center Perspectives Paper No. 1,029, December 6, 2018

    EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: Time and again in recent decades, Iran has used its Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps to attempt to deprive Israel of calm borders with its neighbors. As this problem is likely to recur in the context of the Gaza Strip, it is essential – and by no means impossible – to root it out from that area.

    Iran considers Israel an archenemy, and it is a highly sophisticated and clever antagonist. While in Lebanon and Syria, the rooting out of the Iranian threat is extremely complicated, it is an achievable goal in the Gaza Strip (with Egyptian assistance).Iran has employed a consistent pattern in its long battle against Israel. In January 2000, a senior IDF intelligence officer told the Knesset’s Foreign Affairs and Security Committee: “Consequent to the ongoing peace process between Israel and Syria, there is now, already, an appreciable Iranian-induced escalation of Hezbollah activity in Lebanon against Israel. And along with the progress of the Israeli-Syrian peace process, Iran will increase its terror activities against Israel, and there will be an elevation in sabotage events.” This is what indeed happened.

    • Stunning pair of articles.

      Both show deep understanding of the enemy, prey on his achille’s: “honor” ~ “face”.
      Outline a new strategy for asymmetric warfare. Brains and the exquisite touch of a surgeon.
      Diplomacy that recognizes global imperatives, mitigates blowback.

      ANALYSIS: IDF’s New Gamechanger Doctrine In The War Against Iran

      Operation Northern Shield is an example of Israel’s defense strategy against Iran’s asymmetric warfare.

      *Prof. Mordechai Kedar*
      The Mole Inside The Hezbollah Tunnel

      How did Israel gain the intelligence information it needed to discover and booby-trap Hezbollah’s tunnel and what does that mean for the future?

      • Interesting, especially the way he thinks he can destroy US bases using asymmetric warfare, he needs to stop listening to the propaganda media about Nam and read the books written by the North Vietnamese Generals.

        • Yeah, Hezbollah is drunk on Viet Cong PR.
          I don’t know how much they picked up from their little North Korean buddies. Maybe it’s standard commie porn.

          • It is pretty much standard commie/leftist porn, they think they can convince middle America to surrender to them because of their lies.

      • Both good articles, but I’m stunned if it has taken Israel this long to figure out that humiliation and loss of face are functional retaliations against asymmetrical warfare. Israel, by comparison, is a much lower-context culture than surrounding Islamic ones, and loss of face is nowhere such a serious issue. It’s a big reason why Israel’s Muslim neighbors are so implacable. The Jews kick Arab butt so regularly that you can set your watch by it (and, thanks to network broadcasting, the whole world knows this).

        Once again, I will leave a link to Sarah Rosenberg’s superb essay on the concept of “Face” and the role it plays in high- and low-context cultures.

        The second article’s list of ramifications stemming from the tunnel demolition is some excellent and deep analysis as well. Thank you, yucki.

  10. William Barr, H.W. Bush-era attorney general, eyed as possible Sessions successor

    President Trump wants to nominate William Barr, the George H.W. Bush-era leader of the Justice Department, as his next attorney general, sources told Fox News.

    While Trump does not know Barr, he likes the immense respect Barr commands and the fact that he has earned bipartisan support in the past, the sources said.

    Still, other sources indicated that Trump could still decide to go with someone else. Others believed to be under consideration include Texas Rep. John Ratcliffe and former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie. Those close to Trump are divided over the choice: One source close to the White House told Fox News that Barr would be a bad choice, saying “Barr could be worse than Jeff Sessions.”

    Attorney General Jeff Sessions resigned at the president’s request after the November midterms. For months, Trump lambasted Sessions in public over his recusal from the Russia investigation. The president then named Matthew Whitaker, who was chief of staff to Sessions, acting attorney general.

  11. L’UE annonce 1,3 milliard d’euros d’aide pour le Sahel, dont 500 millions financés par la France

    L’Union européenne et la France vont prendre en charge la plus grande partie du financement de projets de développement, axés sur la prévention du djihadisme, de l’organisation G5 Sahel (Mauritanie, Mali, Burkina Faso, Niger et Tchad), ont-elles annoncé lors d’une réunion de bailleurs de fonds à Nouakchott.

    « Je suis heureux d’annoncer que le soutien de l’Union européenne au Programme d’Investissements Prioritaires (PIP) s’élève à présent à 800 millions d’euros. Cela comprend l’annonce aujourd’hui de 122 millions d’euros d’argent frais », a déclaré depuis la capitale mauritanienne le commissaire européen pour la Coopération internationale et le Développement, Neven Mimica. La France de son côté va ajouter 220 millions d’euros de financements nouveaux à 280 millions d’euros déjà engagés, a-t-on précisé de source diplomatique française.

    De cette manière, « la France (…) investira 500 millions au profit des priorités » du G5 Sahel, a souligné le ministre français des Affaires étrangères, Jean-Yves Le Drian. « La moitié de cette somme concerne des projets déjà en gestation et en cours (…) L’autre moité sera octroyée de manière accélérée dans les deux ans qui viennent pour vous permettre d’être au rendez-vous de vos priorités », a ajouté M. Le Drian. […]


    Second G5 Sahel donors Conference under way in Mauritania

    Heads of state from the 5 Sahel countries in Weste Africa are meeting international donors in Mauritania.

  12. VoA- Pressure Increases on US to Change Myanmar Policy

    Two major groups have determined that the mass killing of ethnic Rohingyas by Myanmar’s military amounts to genocide.

    Their assessment increases the pressure on the United States to change its official designation for the crimes against the Rohingya Muslim minority by the majority Buddhist government in Myanmar, formerly known as Burma.

  13. Italy-bound Pakistani ‘human smuggler’ offloaded at Islamabad airport (tribune, Dec 6, 2018)

    “Authorities at New Islamabad International Airport on Thursday arrested a suspected human smuggler attempting to flee out of the country.

    The Pakistani national, identified as Gohar Ali, was attempting to leave the country with a fake travel permit for Italy. He was first offloaded from the plane and then arrested.

    Ali later confessed to forging the travel permit with the assistance of a human smuggling racket…”

  14. Forged Indian visa stamps, Afghan govt documents recovered in K-P (tribune, Dec 6, 2018)

    “PESHAWAR: Police in Peshawar have recovered forged documents and stamps of Afghan and Indian government besides literature of Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) from a printing press in the old city area of Qissakhwani Bazaar.

    Acting on a tip-off the Khan Raziq Shaheed police station raided a printing press in Dahki Nalbandi locality of Qissakhwani area and recovered TTP pamphlets, Indian visa stamps, K-P police cards and Afghan customs papers.

    Khan Raziq Shaheed police station SHO Muhmamad Noor Khan said they had received information that clandestine activities were going on at the Yousafzai Printing Press in the inner Peshawar city.

    Noor said that plainclothesmen were deployed to survey the area and find out exactly what was going on. The revelations he said were startling following which he informed the higher authorities and and git a go-ahead signal for the raid.

    Subsequently, a police party raided the Yousufzai Printing Press and arrested its owner Qari Saif Ullah who is a resident of the Kakshal area of Peshawar.

    During search of the premises, SHO Noor said, police recovered K-P police cards, stamps of the Indian visa, pamphlets of TTP and Afghan Taliban, besides Afghan customs receipts and letter heads.

    Noor said the owner of the press was under interrogation at the precinct and charges will be framed after initial investigation.”

  15. Algerian army seizes 11 missiles near border with Mali (AA, Dec 6, 2018)

    “Algerian military discovered a hideout containing 11 missiles near the border with Mali, the Defense Ministry announced Thursday.

    “After a search operation in Bordj Badji Mokhtar town, an ammunition cache was found containing 11 anti-tank missiles,” said the ministry without disclosing any further details.

    The operation comes a day after an operation in the same area in which the army uncovered “an ammunition cache containing 20 mortar rounds and 120 kg of ammonium nitrate that is used in explosive manufacturing”.

    In November, the ministry also announced a cache containing 41 anti-tank missiles in the same border town was found.

    In recent years, Algeria has mobilized its troops on its southern border with Mali, Niger and the eastern border with Tunisia and Libya to prevent the infiltration of terrorist groups and smuggling of arms.”

  16. Migrant rescue ship Aquarius to end operations (DW, Dec 7, 2018)

    “The NGOs that chartered the Aquarius cited a “smear campaign” by European governments as the reason for its ceasing operations. The ship has been stranded in Marseille since losing its registration.

    The Aquarius search and rescue ship has ended its operations after saving tens of thousands of migrants from drowning in the Mediterranean Sea, Doctors without Borders (MSF), one of the charities that ran the ship, said on Thursday.

    The ship has been blocked at the French port of Marseille since the end of September after losing its Panamanian registration.

    Italy also ordered the boat to be impounded last month. Italian magistrates accused MSF of illegally dumping toxic waste at ports in southern Italy, a claim the charity vehemently denies.

    “This is the result of a sustained campaign, spearheaded by the Italian government and backed by other European states, to delegitimize, slander and obstruct aid organizations providing assistance to vulnerable people,” MSF, who chartered the ship with French NGO SOS Mediterranee, said in a statement.

    “Coupled with the EU’s ill-conceived external policies on migration, this campaign has undermined international law and humanitarian principles. With no immediate solution to these attacks, MSF and SOS Mediterranee have no choice but to end operations by the Aquarius.”

    The last of the charity boats

    The ship rescued more than 30,000 migrants since it first left port in February 2016, including more than 3,000 in 2018, according to SOS Mediterranee. It was the last NGO-chartered rescue ship operating off the coast of Libya, a key departure point for many sub-Saharan African migrants — there were five groups running rescue ships last year.

    The ship was denied port by multiple times by European countries bordering the Mediterranean this year. It famously traveled 1,500 nautical kilometers (810 nautical miles) to Valencia, Spain with 629 migrants onboard in June after being turned away by Italy and Malta.

    The International Organization for Migration said about 15,000 migrants have drowned in the Mediterranean since 2013, including more than 2,000 so far this year. Italy has seen some 600,000 migrants land on its shores over the same time period.

    The number of migrants reaching Italy has fallen sharply over the past year as smuggling networks inside Libya have been disrupted and the European Union has stepped up efforts to increase Libyan coastguard patrols.”

  17. Poll: fall in popularity for Emmanuel Macron (-3 points) and Edouard Philippe (-6)

    While the crisis of “yellow vests” continues, Emmanuel Macron and Édouard Philippe reach their lowest level of popularity, according to a YouGov poll released Thursday.
    The popularity rating of Emmanuel Macron down 3 points to 18% in one month and that of Édouard Philippe drop from 6 to 21%, to reach their lowest level since taking office, according to a survey * YouGov broadcast Thursday .

    Seven points less in two months for Macron. The head of state has given up seven points in two months in this barometer and 76% (+7) of French respondents now make an “unfavorable” judgment on his action. Three weeks after the beginning of the movement of “yellow vests”, he loses 6 points among supporters of the center and 5 among those on the right, according to this survey for CNews and The Huffpost.

    Edouard Philippe falls in his turn. The Prime Minister, who had previously avoided brutal falls, sees his image deteriorated with the worsening of the crisis. He loses 14 points to relatives of the right and 70% (+13) of the people questioned judge his action negatively.

    77% of French people disapprove of the government’s action. The executive couple leads the government in unpopularity, with only 17% (-3) favorable opinions on its action and 77% (+6) of contrary opinions. The government team loses 11 points among right-wing sympathizers and wins 3 against those on the left. 73% (+5) of French respondents consider in particular that the executive has a “bad” management of the economy.

  18. DAILY MAIL – More than 200 academics sign open letter accusing Cambridge don of publishing ‘racist pseudoscience’

    Dr Noah Carl has previously argued in support of eugenics and claimed opposition to immigration can be based on ‘rational beliefs’

    The University of Cambridge research fellow has now been accused of publishing ‘ethically suspect and methodologically flawed work’

    Professors at top universities have published an open letter demanding Cambridge carry out an investigation into the appointment process

    […]A careful consideration of Carl’s published work and public stance on various issues, particularly on the claimed relationship between ‘race’, ‘criminality’ and ‘genetic intelligence’, leads us to conclude that his work is ethically suspect and methodologically flawed’, it says

    […]‘Carl’s work has already been used by extremist and far-right media outlets with the aim of stoking xenophobic and anti-immigrant rhetoric…

    […]His research has been backed by various far right US media groups, including Info Wars, which is headed by conspiracy theorist Alex Jones.

  19. The Rebel BLACKLISTED from UN Migration Conference

    David Menzies : Justin Trudeau and Ahmed Hussen have repeatedly condemned The Rebel for opposing the UN Global Compact for Migration, so now the UN won’t let me come to the conference.

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