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6 Replies to “Vlad Tepes, Amy Mek, first podcast with special guest, Trevor Loudon”

  1. Thank you Amy Mek & Vlad Tepes for this podcast.
    It is a very good format for guests: skip the Lecture and go straight to the Q & A. The info that Trevor Loudon was good but depressing. The question still is: how do you warn people about the dangers of communism?

    Maybe John Lennon has the answer 😉

    “Part of me suspects that I’m a loser, and the other part of me thinks I’m God Almighty.” – John Lennon

    Well, no one wants to be a loser.
    Maybe we can challenge our “friends” with the new and improved Trivial Pursuit Game: KeyWiki Edition.
    There are many types of Trivia/Quiz games online.
    Find a format that works and you’re off to the races.

    “Sen. Paul says he spoke to Trump about securing asylum for Pakistani Christian woman”
    by Alena Sadiq – November 15, 2018

    “Common Core is the Communist Core I Went Through in China” Lily Tang Williams – Published on January 27, 2015

  2. 1)I saw news that at the moment (Nov 28 2018) if Canada will not grant Asia Bibi asylum Australia will give her asylum. Also I don’t understand why US do not give her asylum
    2) Yellow jackets – it is true that some of the yellow jackets protesting against migrants, but they are also, even more, protesting against increase in fuel tax.
    Increase in fuel in France is connected with increase of CO2 taxes. This increase is so hated by majority of French because people are using fuel to heat home, so for majority of people the fuel increase very much increases their cost of living, particularly cost of heating. .
    btw in France business competitiveness is very low, International Tax Competitiveness Index place France on 33 place, after Italy !!
    3) infiltration of communists in US — but of course.
    4) In the program you are saying that communists in US are talking loudly about their strategy and no one listen to them and no one believes them. But it is, unfortunately, normal, historically normal. Not many believed communists in Russia, not many believed Hitler, not many in the West believes Xi.
    1)No, in China now you have money you can get very good medical care, BUT, the people who have money are usually people with connection to or who are in communist party.
    2) No, I don’t agree with you re Islam. Simply Sarsour is aligned with Marxists because they both want to destroy present American system. There are links between Muslims and Marxists in US and Europe but only because at present they have BOTH same aim. When that aim will be achieved, they will fight each other. But it will be after. The same it was in Iran before Iranian revolution,Tudeh (communist party of Iran) & mullahs supported each other against shah,later Tudeh was destroyed and mullahs triumphed.

  3. Excellent program. And yes, like EB says, pretty depressing. I’m always thinking how fragile this internet medium is and how devastating it would be if it were taken away from us. Your plug gets pulled by some apparatchik and your cause is cooked? Need an old fashioned radio station for redundancy.

  4. I was just reminded of this from your interview with Trevor. It is Dystopia’s new old national anthem.The lyrics say it all. There really are so few surprises now once it sinks in that our neoMarxist brothers are not playing games. None of it is a game. My father can sing this song in Hungarian, German, Russian and Swedish. Is there is a language untouched?


  5. The ramifications of an Islamo–Communist nexus are exceptionally grave.

    As Loudon notes, the combination of American Caucasian Progressives and all other anti-Conservative voting blocs makes for a potent Socialist stew.

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