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4 Replies to “DeSouza fields a seemingly reasonable question about leftist and WW2”

    • A lot of courage involved. It’s a one on one each time we are in public places or among friends.

      I lived it today. A friend read about the Global Compact today and he was very angry, so much so he couldn’t express himself.

      I had told him about it and signing Maxime Bernier’s supported petition. He replied before, today also, we must live in our comfort zone and he said we are powerless against those who control us.

      Many think that way.

      He now wants to sign the petition and forward it, although we know Justin will win the next election.

      Our situation is so fuc**d up because of Andrew Scheer, the wrong leader. We live in very troubled times where we have no true leader except Maxime Bernier.


      • Yes a lot think that way, remember you only need 33% of the population supporting a civil war for it to succeed, some optimists say 25% but I like to have a little fudge factor room.

  1. Before they went to war they were allies in starting it in 1939: Germany on the 1st September, Russia on the 17th. They celebrated their joint genocidal invasion of Poland with a victory parade in Brest-Litovsk.

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