Mohammad Mohammad with a koran on the dash, tried to run over group of Jews in LA: Links 1, Nov. 26, 2018


Last March 14, I, along with some friends and colleagues, attended a speaking event at Golden West College in Huntington Beach, California titled Islam 101. The speaker was Nicole Bovey from the Muslim Speakers Bureau of Orange County, part of the Islamic Networks Group, an organization based in California that provides speakers to present a positive image of Islam to audiences, mostly schools and colleges. As might be predicted, the presentation was a sugar-coated description of Islam to the point of being downright false. When I and others asked pointed, critical questions, we were admonished by the professors sponsoring the event that such questions were unacceptable. During the break, campus police were called into the hall, and a couple of the questioners were taken outside to be scolded. As the critical questions continued, one of the professors called an abrupt halt to the event a full hour early. I videotaped the entire event, which can be viewed here.


Subsequently, a few us wrote letters to the then-president of the college, Wes Bryan, as well as the chancellor of the Coast Community College District, John Weisphenning, complaining about the manner in which we were treated. Chancellor Weisphenning invited three of us to a meeting in his office on May 15, in which he expressed regret for the incident. We then discussed ways in which a follow-up event might be scheduled in which a speaker of our choosing might give alternative viewpoints on the subject of Islam. From the start, we suggested first and foremost, Nonie Darwish.

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2. Adding a data point to my theory that the Asia Bibi story is in fact the most historically important story, perhaps of all time, or at least since the great extinction event, muslims in Pakistan are still making the world too afraid to accept a single maltreated Christian refugee because she was accused of islamic blasphemy.

This means that muslims now control foreign and domestic policy world wide, as no country is willing to risk taking in one innocent genuine refugee, despite all international law and local federal laws allowing and some even insisting that they take cases like this in.

Islam now rules. And this is being ignored.

3. Another fake conservative funding leftist destruction of the West.

4. More fake news. The fleeing peasants from tear gas at the border yesterday. Or we’re they.

5. This twitter video claims to show people bricking up the gate to Macron’s palace. Could be true. But it is a buyers market on fake news out there

6. Mohammad Mohammad had a koran on the windshield when he tried to run over a group of Jewish people.

7. Spencer Fernando, one of my very favorite news people in Canada, gave a speech on the state of Canada. Bellow is part three, on “Islamism”. I guess even he has to BS just a little given Canada’s communist and increasingly authoritarian nature. For the whole speech, please click here.

Thank you Richard, Wrath of Khan, Gates of Vienna, M., EB., Yucki, Bill S. Xanthippa, and many more who dedicatedly work to bring us actual news in a sea of leftist and Islamic propaganda.

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  1. 4 – The people who are taking the pictures need to learn how to fake photos in the age of the internet, too many people are watching for lame excuses of propaganda like this to pass muster.

  2. Asia Bibi story

    If only Canadians would stop shouting, “Off our streets, Nazi scum!” for just one second and instead turn their heads to the truth… Every single man in that gigantic crowd of little lights has a belief system that I consider entirely evil. Anybody who would knowingly allow such malevolent creatures into a civilized country is clearly out of their mind. Just think of the things those guys would vote for if they were all transported to your town…

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