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  1. Live stream of “Yellow Vests”
    Do not believe the somewhat bias (pro-Macron) intro by RT – they have turned lately, but they are the only life coverage I’m seeing at the moment.
    The “fuel prices” are only the symptom
    Macron and his complices are the cause
    The Camera work also, from what I have seen, is rather trying to find some transgressions by the Yellow Vests (but that is normal main journalist modus operandi).

      • Just to let you know, the Yellow Vests are not wearing these face-masks to hide (like the neo-fascists aka antifa) but against the tear gas, the French police have been ordered to use.

        All the good ones (friends of our cause) are with them, and I believe Christine Tasin (Resistance Republicaine) and Pierre Cassens (Riposte Laique ) are among them too (but probably at some Provincial round point.

      • But it is just soooooooooooo sad to see that, while they “follow orders” to stop the rather desperate but so far peaceful French People (with teargas etc.) they did not stop month-long so-called “prayers in the street”, really occupation of French Streets by muslims. Why ? Because no such orders came from the corrupt and islamo-collaborating “authorities”.

      • Paris police fire tear gas, water cannon against ‘yellow vest’ protesters

        Paris (AFP) – Police fired tear gas and water cannon Saturday in central Paris against “yellow vest” protesters demanding French President Emmanuel Macron roll back tax hikes on motor fuel.

        Some 3,000 police were deployed in the capital as demonstrators who have blocked French roads over the past week wearing their now signature high-visibility jackets caused another day of disruption after calls to bring Paris to a standstill.

        AFP reporters said several thousand had gathered by early Saturday on the famous Champs-Elysees where they clashed with police trying to prevent them moving down to the Place de la Concorde near the Louvre museum.

        Police said the protestors had tried to break through a cordon several times but had been prevented from doing so, with tear gas used more than once.

        “We have just demonstrated peacefully, and we were teargassed,” said Christophe, 49, who traveled from the Isere region in eastern France with his wife to protest in the capital. “We see how we are welcomed in Paris.”

        • French police fire tear gas at protesters on Champs Elysees

          PARIS (Reuters) – Police fired tear gas and turned water cannon on protesters in Paris who are angry over rising fuel costs and President Emmanuel Macron’s economic policies, the second weekend of “yellow vest” protests across France.

          By midday around 5,000 protesters had converged on the Champs Elysees where some clashed with police sent to prevent them from reaching the president’s Elysee Palace nearby.

          Protesters sang the national anthem and waved French flags while others carried signs with slogans saying “Macron, resignation” and “Macron, thief”.

          Others were seen digging up cobbles or building barricades as police confirmed the presence of several hardline groups on one of the city’s best known avenues.

          Interior Minister Christophe Castaner accused far-right leader Marine Le Pen of fanning the protests.

          “The ultra-right is mobilized and is building barricades on the Champs Elysees. They are progressively being neutralized and pushed back by police,” he said.

          In a message on Twitter, Le Pen said she had questioned why no protests were being allowed in the area.”Today Mr Castaner is using this to target me. This is low and dishonest” she said.

          Protesters are opposed to taxes Macron introduced last year on diesel and petrol which are designed to encourage people to shift to more environmentally friendly transport. Alongside the tax, the government has offered incentives to buy green or electric vehicles.

          • As Rita so sagely asks, “[Why]…they did not stop month-long so-called “prayers in the street”, really occupation of French Streets by muslims…?”

            This is France’s Deep State—and its congenitally embedded multiculturalism—at work. It is highly unlikely that such an ingrained POMO (i.e., Postmodern) mindset will be changed by anything short of clattering tumbrels.

            • They are afraid of the Moslems, they don’t think the French people are a danger. The fact this protest if filled with both right and left says they are making a real big mistake in not taking this mess seriously.

  2. One of the battle cries (beside the main one “Macron Demission”) by the French Patriots is:

    La Police avec nous !

    Police with us !

    I see some of the police have sad faces, but understand they have to feed their families too. It’s always about food and roof over one’s head – even more so in France.

      • thanks Johnnyu … you see more than I do 🙂

        My heart goes out to the patriots !
        The police ON ORDERS are smoking them out>
        One of the most poignant and most FRENCH things I have seen, a group of demonstrators around a big back pack, trying to open it, the police rather ready to pounce…and what did they get out of the back pack ?
        Sandwhiches ! and other food 🙂 LOVE ‘EM !!!

    • Dear Rita, your comments are appearing just fine.

      I, too, have similar experiences. After submitting a comment, the page will freeze on the new banner (at page top) and not return me to my point of reply. I then (laboriously) scroll down through the page to where my post should be and viola!, bupkis mit kaduchas.

      [insert curmudgeonly sounds >here<]

      Only by refreshing the page at that point will my comment finally appear.

      Don't even get me started about the videos. One of my most recent clips (i.e., Leslie Nielsen's, "Don't call me Shirley") hung about as a copy of Richard's Fox News piece on Hillary for almost 24 hours and then magically rendered correctly.

      That said, I am immensely grateful for all of the hard work that Eeyore puts into maintaining Vlad Tepes Blog. The Internet would be a less robust cyberspace without his efforts and this website.

      Thank you, Eeyore.

    • thanks again Johnnyu ! I have seen a few more posts. Can you see the life-feed?

      Another aspect of this: regarding the fuel-prices alone, that affects much more the people outside of Paris….the Parisians take public transport. So, initially, the following from the Parisians was rather small. But that seems to be changeing.

      And also: the Fuel-Prices are just the symptom, the cause is Macron and the past 30 years he represents of corrupt and/or cowardly governments.

  3. Oh DEAR, NOW they are bringing in the water canons.
    My anger is mainly towards what the French call: 2 poids – 2 measures
    ie Double Standards.
    They have ORDERS to treat the real FRENCH like crap (even though I saw some of the protesters make a contininued effort to engage the police, they know both of them are in the same camp, and there is no real animosity between them ) yet they let the muslims block traffic and occupy the streets of Paris for months without even “disturbing” them.
    Yet, it is those muslim arses lifted towards Allah’s bordello in the sky, that could have done with WATER CANONS.
    //end of rant. …sorry if I got carried away

  4. One of the Yellow Wests said something, I have heard from our American Friends:

    “For the revolution we need ARMS… we are unarmed, and unarmed we cannot make a revolution”.

    I know, many of Vlad readers agree with that.

    …..Hmmmm they are pretty much in a short walking distance from the Elysees. (Mind you, I think Macron is not in residence…and he is well protected) but it would be nice if they could knock at the Gates of the Palais 🙂

    And with this I wish you a happy week-end. (If I can stay away ;))

    • Every time his voice goes real high he sounds like he is calling the Hogs to the feeding trough. In a way I guess he is calling the hogs of the left to feed off the people.


    More gun control.

    So here’s an impossible, crazy concept: imagine if we banned the internet. Who would benefit? What if we had to rely again on physical communities and real conversation? What if you allowed gun ownership but licenced internet use? In other words licenced access to this tool that is practically the sum total of human knowledge, but also of dangerous, mind-bending, destructive propaganda such as the communism and Globalism that has us so bent out of shape. Would our children be better off? It would put a big dent in cyber crime and foreign espionage. Still, I know it’s a preposterous proposition.

    But which would you take first, the Colt .45, or the Google Search? Does a gun in the hands of a child or a maniac not pose a threat? Does the internet in the same hands not do the same?

    I just heard that in our planet’s most recently formed country, Dystopia, both will require strict licencing. Apparantly the government there has decided it is best to push for full control of all media. To get to Dystopia just drive north past Watertown, cross the border where there’s this big river named Larry with cigarette boats zooming around full of illegal smokes and Mohawks, continue north for five minutes until it snows, and you’re–as they like to parlé–voilà!

    However before you are permitted entry by Dystopian border guards you must first answer at least one skill-testing question. The guard will ask you to remove your sunglasses so he can see your lying eyes. He will have one twitchy finger on his firearm. He will casually survey the number of people in your vehicle then ask,
    “What is the meaning of life?”

    Calm down. You’re so nervous now you can hear your wife wondering what Dystopian chicken will taste like for supper tonight. –What is the meaning of life? What the hell kind of question is this to ask at customs? Here, in this netherworld between borders where for 500 feet or so of territory you have no rights. But then you remember something your cousin’s friend’s girlfriend said. What was it the leader of Dystopia keeps repeating every chance he gets? Damn. It’s, it’s–

    “Diversity and Inclusion?” you suddenly blurt as if you’ve just yacked up a nine-pound Amazonian rainforest slug.

    The customs officer exhales, finally, standing down. He breaks a smile while removing his ball cap as if you’ve both just avoided a very unpleasant situation. “Have a great visit to Dystopia”, he says as he waves you on. “Diversity and Inclusion,” he repeats as if it were some, well, dystopian mantra.

    Whew. That was close. Your wife lights up a Pall Mall and cracks her window. The last time you were up here was 40 years ago when you came with your parents and siblings for a Sunday drive in the station wagon. You continue north to the capital, passing the many large red and green flags waving at you. Not more than three minutes have passed when suddenly you hear a siren. You look in your rear-view mirror. A police car has appeared out of nowhere. You pull over and you’re nervous. Again.

    The officer walks to your door. You roll down your window. “Registration and insurance please,” she says. You can’t see the policewoman’s face because of her black burka. You hand her the documents.

    “What did I do, officer?”
    “I suppose you missed the big sign as soon as you left customs?” she asks.
    “Yes. The one that says no smoking cigarettes on private property. –Your wife.” The officer nods towards her in the passenger seat. She still hasn’t finish her Pall Mall. “Only marijuana smoking is permitted in all places in Dystopia, sir.”

    “Gosh, officer, we didn’t know. We just thought we’d take a little drive to your beautiful country. We’re Americans, see, and–.”
    “–I understand, sir. Still.”
    “What’s the fine?”
    “That depends,” says the officer as she continues to inspect my papers.
    “On what you say next. What is the meaning of life?”

    Man. And here we were just wanting to try out the Dystopian chicken. Well, at least I had this covered now. I guess when in Rome…

    “Diversity and Inclusion,” I say with confidence.
    The cop doesn’t hesitate. “The fine is $1, 550. U.S. dollars please. Will that be cash, credit, debit or Dystopian Crypto?”

    “But officer, I answered the same question from the border control guard correctly just a few minutes ago. The meaning of life for your own Federal government is Diversity and Inclusion. What do I have to say now to get along in Dystopia?”

    “Different jurisdiction, sir. Provincially we have slightly altered requirements.”

    “Please, officer. Give us a break. That’s alot of money for a chicken dinner. Whadda I gotta say?”

    “Allahu Ackbar will do.”

    • “Diversity and Inclusion?” you suddenly blurt as if you’ve just yacked up a nine-pound Amazonian rainforest slug.

      Tie me to a hog and throw me in the mud! That is some outstanding scribbling.

      It’s also encouraging to see people begin constructing complex scenarios like the foregoing as they represent readily absorbed, yet deeper analysis of Western Civilization’s current trajectory. Consider this tale to be a multiphasic meme.

  6. Police Deploy Extra Forces in Freiburg After Girl Allegedly Raped by Migrants (sputniknews, Nov 24, 2018)

    “Late in October, thousands protested in the Southern German city after seven Syrians and one German citizen were arrested on suspicion of assaulting an 18-year-old. The key suspect had been on police radar but had remained free, prompting many to criticize the authorities.

    The police have launched their first large-scale control and search operation in the city of Freiburg, where a student was reportedly drugged and raped by several men, the German outlet Focus reports.

    Law enforcement has boosted its presence in the city, deploying hundreds of police officers, including officials from the Federal Police and the State Criminal Police Office. They checked people and vehicles in the early hours of November 24th and made several arrests, the website reports, citing a police spokesperson.

    City police chief Bernhard Rotzinger has announced that such raids would be held regularly in the future. They are to prevent and investigate crimes and make people feel more secure in the city.

    Following the assault, which triggered unrest throughout the community, the state authorities of Baden-Wuerttemberg, where Freiburg is located, adopted a security package foreseeing better police control and tighter security.

    At the same time, the country’s authorities face the challenge of looking for a better way to deal with young and criminal refugees, identifying and tracking them better as well as deporting them earlier, if they are convicted.

    This problem has been on the agenda of the recent conference of the state prime ministers, who are currently working on a means of thwarting repeat offenders who come to Germany as asylum seekers. The draft plan is currently being revised; the heads of regional governments are to discuss the topic again in December.

    The alleged gang rape and subsequent protests in the city have pressured the authorities to act and revise the existing policy. The main suspect, a 22-year-old asylum seeker from Syria, had committed 28 crimes during his four years in Germany but was only arrested, along with 6 other Syrians and one German citizen, after the assault.

    In mid-October, the German media reported that a teenage student was offered a drink by a man in a nightclub, with whom she later left. The drink was allegedly drugged, so she couldn’t defend herself. She was then assaulted by several perpetrators, who took turns raping her. DNA evidence linked the victim to at least one of the suspects.

    The incident is the latest in a series of violent acts to hit the southwestern university town since 2016. A middle-aged man was beaten to death by a group of teenagers, a female jogger was raped and killed by a truck driver and a paedophilia ring was nabbed in the nearby town of Staufen.”

    • Police Deploy Extra Forces in Freiburg After Girl Allegedly Raped by Migrants

      Let’s examine several possible reasons why police might “deploy extra forces” after the rape incident, shall we? —

      A: Making a door-to-door search for the perpetrator.

      B: Beefing up protection for other young local German girls.

      C: Furnishing classroom instruction about avoiding rape.

      D: Providing a show-of-force to the immigrant community.

      [You can stop laughing now…]

      E: Controlling the city’s indigenous German population.

      F: Protecting the area’s immigrant population from reprisals.

      G: Lining up to kiss Islam’s @ss.

      • Important observation NR.

        Indeed the extra police presence is to make a show so the locals will think something is being done, but really its to prevent protests or any other actions that might be A. effective, or B. make Merkel’s immigration and globalization policies look bad or threaten them in any way.

        • Thank you, Eeyore. The order in which things are listed is meant to represent some truly bitter humor and irony.

          Then again, isn’t that what the EU is all about?

  7. US service member killed in Afghanistan – NATO (RT, Nov 24, 2018)

    “A US service member has been killed in Afghanistan, NATO-led Resolute Support mission has confirmed. The person has become the eighth American combat fatality this year, according to Reuters.

    The identity of the victim has not been immediately disclosed and will be shared after the required military procedures are complete.

    More than 2,400 US troops have died in the 17-year war, while the goal to defeat the Taliban, Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS), and Al-Qaeda is still far from being achieved.

    Despite the fact that major combat operations were wrapped up years ago, a US contingent along with allied Western troops are still present in the country with the stated mission “to train and assist local forces.”

    However, the Taliban, which operates in vast parts of the country and considers the American presence an “invasion,” has repeatedly said it will not engage in any meaningful peace process until US troops are withdrawn.

    “We will not tolerate a single US soldier in Afghanistan,” Sher Mohammad Abbas, the head of the Taliban delegation, said at the international meeting on Afghanistan in Moscow….”

      • All the rare-earth minerals in the world ain’t worth one Western boy’s life. (We here in Dystopia have our fair share of PTSD survivors from their tours). Russia had their go in that shit hole. We have. Let the Red Chinamen have it.

        • Pour off China’s excess male population, won’t have to keep building ghost cities.
          Q-u-a-g-m-i-r-e: A Mandarin sing-along.

          Dystopia doesn’t give vets priority access to meds, I guess. Maybe the vets stay away to avoid the “Death with Dignity” squads.

  8. British ISIS couple who tried to sneak back into this country after running away to Syria are jailed for a total of 12 years in Turkey (dailymail, Nov 24, 2018)

    “A British jihadi couple who tried to sneak back into the UK after two years in Syria have been jailed in Turkey.

    Muslim convert Stefan Aristidou, 24, and his wife Kolsoma Begum, 23, were convicted of being in an armed terrorist organisation and sentenced to six years and three months each.

    Last night, MPs said the case was ‘the tip of the iceberg’, and pointed to the far greater number who had come back to Britain without facing prosecution.

    Only 40 out of 400 British jihadis who fought in Syria and Iraq have been prosecuted on their return, it has emerged.

    At least 360 battle-hardened fanatics were allowed to go free as there is not enough evidence to jail them.

    It is unclear which sanctions Aristidou and Begum, who gave birth to a girl in Syria, will face on their return. But they are unlikely to lose their passports unless they are dual nationals.

    The Londoners had been trying to return to the UK since September 2016 after defecting from IS. They fled Syria last April but were arrested after surrendering to the Turks.

    The couple claimed they joined IS in April 2015 so they could live under sharia law rather than to fight, but went into hiding after seeing the terror group’s murderous regime with their own eyes.

    But last month a court in the Turkish town of Kilis, three miles from the Syrian border, rejected their defence.

    They were jailed alongside US citizen Kary Paul Kleman, 48, from Wisconsin, who claimed he had been captured by IS militants while visiting his Syrian wife’s family in 2015.
    Aristidou, who grew up in middle-class surroundings in Enfield, north London, and Begum, who was training to be a midwife, became desperate to return to the UK after discovering that living under IS was like being in ‘prison’.

    In March 2017, while on the run from the terror group, Aristidou told Sky News: ‘I’m just trying to get my life back.

    ‘So be it if I have to go to prison in order to do that. I’m prepared to do that. I’m just here to look after my family.’

    After their arrest, Begum’s father Ahmed Ali, 48, told the Mail that his daughter, from Poplar, east London, should face justice if she wants to return to Britain.

    Home Secretary Sajid Javid plans to make it illegal to travel to terror hotspots without good excuse to deter Britons from travelling to warzones to join extremist groups…”

  9. Fraudsters who ran fake visa scam and stole £13m from HMRC sentenced to 31 years in jail (telegraph, Nov 23, 2018)

    “Five fraudsters who ran a fake Bangladeshi visa scam and falsely claimed £13 million in tax repayments have been sentenced to total of 31 years in jail.

    London law student Abul Kalam Muhammad Rezaul Karim, 42, was the ringleader in the organised crime group, which set up 79 bogus companies and created fake documentation used by Bangladeshi nationals in fraudulent visa applications.

    They also used the companies to fraudulently reclaim £13 million in tax repayments from HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) over a six-year period, the equivalent of 494 new nurses in London for a year.

    Officers found that Karim, his brother-in-law Enamul Karim, 34, Kazi Borkot Ullah, 39, accountant Jalpa Trivedi, 41 and Mohammed Tamij Uddin, 47, charged clients for temporary visas wanting to remain in the UK a minimum of £700 in cash for their fraudulent immigration services.

    The gang claimed their clients were employees as part of their tax and immigration fraud. They created fake payslips and provided false information on around 900 visa applications to ensure eligibility for a Tier 1 visa.

    An investigation into their wrongdoing was the “longest ever undertaken” by Immigration Enforcement’s Criminal and Financial Investigation (CFI) team…”

  10. Police officer stabbed outside London rail station  (telegraph, Nov 24, 2018)

    “A police officer has been stabbed in an incident outside an east London railway station.

    British Transport Police (BTP) said the male officer was approached by a suspect outside Ilford Station and attacked with a knife.

    The officer was taken by ambulance to hospital for treatment for his injuries, which are not thought to life-threatening.

    A man has been arrested over the incident, BTP said.

    Counter-terrorism police are not involved at this stage, it is understood.

    Metropolitan Police Federation chairman Ken Marsh sent his best wishes to the injured officer, saying: “He’s one of our own, it doesn’t matter if you’re BTP or Met or whatever. My heart and feelings go out to him and his family – we don’t want any of our colleagues not coming home.

    “It just reiterates what I’ve been talking about this week, we’ve got to take stock of what we want as a society.”

    Witnesses described seeing the bloodied officer outside the station as it was put on “complete lockdown”.

    Another tweeted: “At Ilford station… just come outside and all I see is someone on the floor, blood and police.”

    Footage shared on social media showed a man being restrained on the floor as more officers arrived.

    The incident comes amid concerns of an increase in attacks on police officers amid a rise in violent crime across London…”

  11. Hungary Attacks UN Migration Compact for Attempting to ‘Legalise Illegal Immigration’ (breitbart, Nov 24, 2018)

    “Hungary’s foreign minister Péter Szijjártó has condemned the UN Migration Pact for attempting to “legalise illegal immigration,” announcing his country will vote ‘no’ on the agreement in Marrakesh in December.

    Mr Szijjártó told media on Thursday that “The goal of the UN Global Compact for Migration is to legalise illegal immigration, which is totally unacceptable and violates the sovereignty of member states, including that of Hungary.”

    “The UN is making the same mistake as the European Union, which wants to base its own migration policy on mandatory resettlement quotas,” he continued.

    “The UN Compact is more dangerous, however, because it is a global initiative, meaning it will have a greater effect than [European] policy, and represents a risk to the whole world.”

    Confirming that Hungary will be voting “No” to the Global Compact for Safe and Orderly Migration in Marrakesh, Morocco, next month, the minister said the government’s main issue with the Compact is “whether or not it is mandatory, and in view of the fact that the document contains the word ‘obligation’ on eighty occasions, the claim that it only includes recommendations is a false one.”

    “A legally not binding document would not prescribe the establishment of national action plans, and accordingly it is ‘clearer than day’ that, just like the originally voluntary mandatory quota, the Global Compact for Migration will become a point of reference, mandatory, and the basis for international judicial decisions,” the minister of foreign affairs and trade explained.

    Hungary’s statement that the ‘non-binding’ Compact can, in fact, be ‘binding,’ came days after Dutch MEP and Co-President of the Europe of Nations and Freedom (ENF) group Marcel de Graaff said that “it is still the legal framework on which the participating countries commit themselves to build new legislation.”

    Calling it “a legalisation of mass migration,” the Dutch populist said: “It’s declaring migration a human right.”

    Belgian law professor Pierre d’Argent has argued the migration agreement, like other UN compacts, could be used by lawyers in interpreting laws, with German law professor Matthias Herdegen noting the UN compact occupied a “legal grey area” which “gives the impression of [state] liability.”

    Mr de Graaff also warned this week that the document could be used as a basis for making criticism of mass migration illegal, saying: “One basic element of this new agreement is the extension of the definition of hate speech… Criticism of migration will become a criminal offence. Media outlets that give room to criticism of migration can be shut down,” he claimed.

    “In fact, it will become impossible to criticise Merkel’s ‘welcome migrants’ politics without being at risk to be jailed for hate speech,” de Graaff added.

    On Wednesday, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, the architect of the European migrant crisis, made an impassioned defence of the UN Migration Compact, saying there should be “no compromise” on global mass migration and condemned opposition as “nationalism in its purest form.”

    Apart from Hungary, Australia, Israel and several other countries have said that they will not sign the document or have signalled that they will not, following the lead of U.S. President Donald Trump who rejected the compact in December 2017.”

  12. Nigeria’s military acknowledges major attack by extremists (abcnews, Nov 24, 2018)

    “Nigeria’s military on Saturday acknowledged a major attack against it by Islamic extremists after opposition lawmakers said 44 soldiers were killed, while public pressure on President Muhammadu Buhari grew over the failure of his pledge to defeat Boko Haram.

    The military statement issued overnight didn’t say how many are dead after the Nov. 18 attack in Metele in the northeast, but it dismissed media reports citing even higher tolls and called the situation under control. Nigeria is often reluctant to expose the number of casualties after such attacks…”

    • Nigeria’s military on Saturday acknowledged a major attack against it by Islamic extremists after opposition lawmakers said 44 soldiers were killed…

      Sounds like piss poor perimeter security to me. How about K-9 patrols? Idjits!

    Robots Are Killing People. How Worried Should We Be?

    The new HBO doc ‘The Truth About Killer Robots,’ premiering Nov. 26, casts a critical eye on our increasing dependence on technology—and the ramifications, moral and otherwise.

    The specter haunting Europe—and the rest of the world, for that matter—isn’t communism anymore, as Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels so famously wrote in their 1848 manifesto. It’s something far more insidious, and something that Marx and Engels could have hardly imagined: automation, which is to say, AI and robots in all their various iterations.

    This slow introduction of artificial intelligence into human economies is the focus of director Maxim Pozdorovkin’s latest documentary, The Truth About Killer Robots, which premieres this Sunday on HBO. Pozdorovkin takes an unflinching look at the way automated cars, industrial-strength robots, and bomb-detecting autonomous devices have infiltrated human life—and the effects, good or bad, that have come along with them.

  14. Migrants defy Trump at Mexico border as US forces flex muscle

    Tijuana (Mexico) (AFP) – Hundreds of Central American migrants staged a boisterous demonstration on the US Mexico border Thursday, screaming for President Donald Trump to let them in as US soldiers and riot police put on a menacing show of force.

    The increased tension over the presence of a thousands-strong migrant caravan came as Trump marked Thanksgiving Day by threatening to close the border if he thinks Mexico has lost control of it.

    Vehicle and pedestrian traffic at the busy San Ysidro crossing came to a halt for 40 minutes as dozens of US police wearing helmets and holding rifles formed a line facing the Mexican side of the frontier. Separately, riot police rehearsed deployment movements. US Customs and Border Protection called all of this a “large-scale readiness exercise.”

  15. Crime menaces migrants on Mexico border as Tijuana declares crisis

    TIJUANA, Mexico (Reuters) – Unaccompanied minors and other vulnerable migrants risk falling victim to crime in the Mexican border city of Tijuana, where thousands of Central Americans from caravans may be stuck for months as authorities tighten up asylum rules, advocates say.

    Some 4,600 migrants from the bedraggled caravans whose advance has angered U.S. President Donald Trump are camped out with blankets and little food in an overcrowded stadium in Tijuana, whose mayor has declared a “humanitarian crisis.”

    Trump has sent troops to the U.S.-Mexico border, authorized the use of lethal force and threatened to shut down the frontier entirely if the migrant caravans are not stopped.

    Among the Central Americans, many of whom are Hondurans fleeing violence and poverty in the struggling region, are about 80 minors between the ages of 10 and 17, according to migrants rights groups.

    Josue, a 15-year-old Honduran in Tijuana, said that during a previous attempt to cross into the United States last year he was kidnapped and badly beaten in Mexico by drug traffickers claiming to be from the notorious Zetas gang.

  16. Venezuela Is Leaking Oil Everywhere

    (Bloomberg) — From a distance, the scene is beautiful, a dark pool shimmering under the midday sun, reflecting billowing clouds. But when you close in on the dirt-packed trail leading toward a trio of storage tanks, a pungent odor makes it clear. It’s not pretty; it’s an oil spill.

    In this one spot in the Orinoco Belt, a region in Venezuela named for the river that flows above the world’s largest deposits of crude, so many barrels have escaped from underground pipes that a 2,150-square-foot pit around the tanks is filled to the brim. The country is pockmarked with these messes, as Petroleos de Venezuela’s infrastructure rots after years of neglect, scant investment and corruption scandals under the regimes of the late Hugo Chavez and his successor as president, Nicolas Maduro.

    Venezuela, an OPEC member dependent on oil sales for almost half the national budget, is pumping at the lowest levels since the 1940s.

    The spills are conspicuous signs of what has gone so horribly wrong at once-mighty PDVSA. The state-owned company doesn’t publish statistics, but environmentalists, analysts and workers keep seemingly endless lists of examples of wayward crude—unleashed by busted valves, ripped gaskets, cracked pipes and on and on—that they say has polluted waterways and farmland and probably has seeped into aquifers.

  17. Tijuana mayor declares humanitarian crisis as small group breaks away from caravan

    OAN Newsroom
    UPDATED 1:45 PM PT – Fri. Nov. 23, 2018

    As apparent chaos at the border continues, the mayor of Tijuana is taking steps to try and end the migrant issue.

    He declared an international humanitarian crisis on Thursday, appealing for help over the situation.

    This, as members of the migrant caravan are increasingly pushing to enter the U.S. despite threats from President Trump to shutdown the southern border.

  18. Senior Saudi prince says CIA cannot be trusted on Khashoggi conclusion

    ABU DHABI (Reuters) – A senior Saudi prince cast doubt upon the reported CIA finding that Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman ordered the killing of journalist Jamal Khashoggi in Istanbul last month, saying the agency could not be counted on to reach a credible conclusion.

    “The CIA is not necessarily the highest standard of veracity or accuracy in assessing situations. The examples of that are multitude,” Prince Turki al-Faisal, a senior member of the royal family, told journalists in Abu Dhabi on Saturday.

    The prince, a former Saudi intelligence chief who has also served as ambassador to the United States, said the agency’s conclusion that Iraq possessed chemical weapons before the U.S. invasion in 2003 showed it could be unreliable.

    “That was the most glaring of inaccurate and wrong assessments, which led to a full-scale war with thousands being killed,” he said, speaking at an event hosted by the New York-based Beirut Institute.

    “I don’t see why the CIA is not on trial in the United States. This is my answer to their assessment of who is guilty and who is not and who did what in the consulate in Istanbul.”

  19. Setback for Taiwan ruling party in elections watched by China

    TAIPEI (Reuters) – Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen resigned as chairwoman of the ruling pro-independence Democratic Progressive Party on Saturday after it suffered a major electoral setback, losing two of the island’s most important posts in mayoral elections.

    The results of the polls, being held a little more than a year ahead of Taiwan’s next presidential elections, will be closely watched in China, which claims self-ruled and proudly democratic Taiwan as its own and which has ramped up pressure on Tsai and her administration since taking office in 2016.

    In the run-up to the elections, Tsai and her government repeatedly said China was attempting to sway election results with its “political bullying” and “fake news”, accusations that Beijing denied.

    But the DPP lost control of the mayoralties in Taiwan’s second-most populous city Taichung and the key battleground of Kaohsiung in the south, which it had held for two decades and played a central role in Taiwan’s pro-democracy movement in the 1970s.

    Both were won by the China-friendly opposition, the Kuomintang, which once ruled China before fleeing to Taiwan at the end of a civil war with the Communists in 1949.

  20. Senate: Republican Intel chair says Russia probe won’t end any time soon
    By Daily Caller News Foundation November 24, 2018

    Senate Intelligence Committee Chairman Richard Burr said the panel’s probe into Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election will be going well into 2019.

    Burr said, in an interview with Bloomberg released Friday, he believes the committee’s Russia probe would easily take as long as “six months,” as the committee plans on interviewing a number of other witnesses. The committee will also need to gather all of its information it will declassify in order to release a final report.

    Burr’s colleague on the committee, Democratic Virginia Sen. Mark Warner, has called for public hearings with the witnesses involved in the committee’s probe. However, Burr said he disagrees, saying he does not think it is necessary.

  21. Schumer unwittingly makes Trump’s case about partisanship in the judiciary
    By LU Staff November 24, 2018

    In a post Thursday, Howard Portnoy opined that the Left, despite its delight in Chief Justice John Roberts’s public reproach of Donald Trump, knows full well that judges’ rulings are informed to some degree by ideology. “As for the notion that ‘we do not have Obama judges or Trump judges, Bush judges or Clinton judges,’” Howard wrote, “if that were true why would Democrats in the Senate have worked so hard to oppose Brett Kavanaugh, who typifies the ideals Roberts spoke about in his rebuke of Trump?”

    As if more proof of this reality were needed, on Friday staunchly liberal Democratic Sen. Chuck Schumer tweeted out what he presumed would be seen as a message of solidarity with Roberts and a further dismissal of Trump. Instead, his tweet — and especially the first paragraph — demonstrates precisely the president’s point.

  22. CANADA – Landlord loses bid to overturn human rights tribunal order

    Virtually branded a racist, small landlord John Alabi loses at every turn.

    The Divisional Court has just refused to overturn the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario decision ordering him to pay an astounding $12,000 for violating the religious rights of his Muslim tenants.

    Despite his denials, the tribunal found he harassed the couple by not removing his shoes and failing to accommodate their prayer times when trying to arrange showings for prospective tenants.

    Now he’s not only on the hook for the original $12,000 award but because he lost at Divisional Court, the Nigerian-born small landlord must pay their side’s $5,000 in legal costs as well.

    Fighting back tears in the halls of Osgoode, Alabi was trying to remain philosophical.

    “I lost my son, I lost my family of 25 years. What more? I’m still alive.” he shrugged.

    “It’s not as bad as losing a son, believe me.”

    In the midst of this human rights complaint, Alabi’s son committed suicide and his marriage crumbled.

    When he asked for an adjournment, the tribunal coldly rejected his request.

    It went ahead — and it went badly.

    When we first told his story last year, it went viral and Alabi, 53, garnered support from around the world. It’s cold comfort when he remains cast as some kind of intolerant, anti-Muslim landlord — first by the tribunal and now by the court, when he insists he’s nothing of the kind.

    For 15 years, Alabi rented out the in-law suite of his Brampton home to help pay his mortgage. In December 2014, Walid Madkour and Heba Ismail moved in but after a number of disputes — they wanted it quiet after 10 p.m. for example — they gave notice to leave at the end of February.

    At first, Madkour told his landlord he couldn’t show the apartment to prospective renters when his wife was home. Alabi said the law gave him the authority to enter with 24-hour notice, even if she was there.

    The tenants called the police, claiming his loud shovelling snow outside their apartment was harassment.

    The attending officers confirmed Alabi was legally allowed to show their unit when they were there.

    That’s when they suddenly raised the religion issue, he says, and told him he couldn’t enter during prayer times. He agreed.

    It was never enough, he complains.

    In addition to the 24-hour notice, and the prayer times, they also wanted him to text an hour in advance.

    When he did, they didn’t reply — so he stopped texting. The tribunal saw that as a refusal to accommodate their religious needs.

    The couple also complained about his wearing shoes in the bedroom where they prayed; Alabi said he was wearing his house shoes, not ones he wore outside.

    The tribunal found he was being “vexatious” by refusing to take them off.

    There was obviously bad blood between them, which is hardly uncommon between landlords and tenants. But their dispute went nuclear.

    Alabi never did enter during prayer times. Yet the couple went to the tribunal claiming harassment and failure to accommodate. They even used a Facebook joke he shared a year after they left to prove he was biased against Muslims.

    For their “stress” and humiliation, Madkour and Heba Ismail asked for $10,000 each. Without requiring any evidence of their emotional distress, the sympathetic tribunal awarded them $6,000 a piece. The couple then put a lien on Alabi’s house to make sure they’d get their windfall for less than three months under his roof.

    “It was all about the money,” Alabi sighs.

    The Divisional Court was clearly on the tenants’ side and loathe to interfere with a decision by the human rights tribunal without evidence of a clear error.

    They demanded to know why Alabi hadn’t offered at least a few minutes notice beyond the 24-hours he gave.

    “What was asked from your client was pretty trivial,” said Justice Fred Myers.

    “It would have injured him not a whit.”

    Despite the arguments by Alabi’s lawyer Yuce Baykara, the panel had heard enough to rule against him without even calling for the rebuttal.

    “We’ve decided to dismiss the application for reasons to follow,” they said.

    “Did I lose?” Alabi asked in confusion when the hearing suddenly ended. His eyes then filled and he took a deep breath.

    “The whole process is futile.”

  23. Friedrich Merz, a candidate to replace Chancellor Angela Merkel as leader of the Christian Democratic Union (CDU), has questioned whether Germany can continue with its asylum policy.
    Mr Merz, a long-time critic of current Chancellor Merkel, spoke of Germany’s asylum laws on Wednesday at a regional conference of the CDU that took place in Seebach in the region of Thuringia, Kronen Zeitung reports.

    “I have long believed that we must be prepared to talk openly about this asylum fundamental right, whether it can continue in this form if we seriously want a European immigration and refugee policy,” Merz said.

    Germany is unique in that the right to claim asylum is enshrined its the country’s constitution.

    Merz also added that he did not support the idea of accepting climate change as a legitimate argument for asylum saying that he would demand further clarification regarding that definition in the proposed UN Migration Pact, but noted that legitimate political asylum was not comparable to the effects climate change.

  24. Pakistani authorities have arrested the leader of a religious party which had disrupted daily life with nationwide rallies following the acquittal of a Christian woman in a blasphemy case.

    The son of Khadim Hussain Rizvi, leader of the right-wing Tehreek-e-Labbaik (TLP) party, said his father was taken away on Friday in a nighttime raid on his religious school in the eastern city of Lahore.

    “Police raided our school and arrested our revered leader,” Saad Rizvi told the Reuters news agency.

    The TLP said in a statement that Rizvi was arrested along with scores of supporters, according to a report by The Associated Press.

    In a tweet, Pakistan’s Information Minister Fawad Chaudhry said Rizvi “has been taken into protective custody and shifted to a guest house”.

    “The action was prompted by TLP’s refusal to withdraw its call for protest on November 25. It’s to safeguard public life, property and order,” the minister said.

  25. Do not understand Turkish, but it was posted with a claim that this video proves Kashegi killing was a CIA/MI6 operation…

  26. Thomas Sowell’s 3 Questions to Liberals Will Debunk Every One of Their Arguments
    NOVEMBER 23, 2018 AT 4:48PM
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    If you’ve ever wondered how you can effectively counter leftist arguments, American economist Thomas Sowell once provided a roadmap, if you will. Using his three key questions, you can engage in civil, thoughtful dialogue, on your part, that can help provoke critical thinking and much-needed “aha” moments.

    During his 2005 interview for Fox News titled “Thomas Sowell: In the Right Direction,” Sowell brought up these three key questions while also shedding light on his own transition away from Marxism. He spoke a great deal about the differences between the political left and right, and these questions were part of highlighting those things.

  27. 108 caravan migrants arrested for crimes in Tijuana, so far…
    By Monica Showalter
    The Department of Homeland Security took a lot of flak for identifying 500 migrants traveling with the Central American caravan as known criminals. And President Trump was blasted in the press for saying the caravan had a lot of “rough people.” But what’s undercover intelligence compared to the media narrative that the caravan is just moms and kids, fleeing gangs?

    Actually, the migrants are the gang.

    Buried deep in this RT News story, with an official link, is news that the Tijuana cops have arrested 108 migrants on criminal charges. Not old charges, but charges for crimes committed upon arriving.

  28. TIJUANA, Mexico — The mayor of Tijuana has declared a humanitarian crisis in his border city and said Friday he was asking the United Nations for aid to deal with the approximately 5,000 Central American migrants, most of whom were camped out inside a sports complex.

    The comments by Mayor Juan Manuel Gastelum came as city officials and volunteers worked together to assist the 4,976 men, women and children who had arrived after more than a month on the road. The Trump administration has spent weeks lambasting the caravan, which it said was filled with criminals, gang members and even — it insinuated at one point without any proof — terrorists.

    Donald Trump
    Trump: If Mexico doesn’t control the caravan, I’m closing the border
    Manuel Figueroa, who leads the city’s social services department, said Tijuana was bringing in portable toilets and showers, as well as shampoo and soap.

    It wasn’t enough.

    “Because of the absence, the apathy and the abandonment of the federal government, we are having to turn to international institutions like the U.N.,” Figueroa said.

    Adelaida Gonzalez, 37, of Guatemala City arrived in Tijuana three days ago and was having a hard time adjusting. She was tired of sleeping on a blanket on a dirt field, of waiting 30 minutes to go to the bathroom and again to get food and didn’t know how much more she could take.

    Donald Trump
    Trump claims migrant caravan contains ‘unknown Middle Easterners’
    “We would not have risked coming if we had known it was going to be this hard,” said Gonzales, who left Guatemala with her 15-year-old son and her neighbor.

    She said she was considering accepting Mexico’s offer to stay and work in Chiapas as a refugee.

    Some of the migrants staged a small demonstration at the city’s Chaparral border crossing Thursday, and a few dozen spent the night there. Police cordoned off the streets around the crossing tangling traffic, but pedestrian traffic across the border continued uninterrupted Friday.

  29. The Fracturing of France

    by Giulio Meotti
    November 24, 2018 at 5:00 am

    US President Donald Trump and French President Emmanuel Macron engaged in a public diplomatic clash just days before Trump visited France this month. The spat began when, in a radio interview, Macron suggested that Europe needed an army to protect itself from the US. “We have to protect ourselves with respect to China, Russia and even the United States of America,” said Macron.

    Protecting France from the United States? In a November 11 speech commemorating World War I, Macron in a diplomatic welcome to his guest, attacked “nationalism”. President Trump had proudly called himself a “nationalist” less than three weeks before.

    Macron, it seems, was using the armistice signed in 1918 to forget what is going on in France in 2018.

    Gérard Collomb, France’s Interior Minister until last month and currently Mayor of Lyon, is apparently pessimistic about the situation in his country, according to comments reported by Valeurs Actuelles. “People do not want to live together,” Collomb lamented, continuing that the responsibility for security during the recent immigration has been “huge.” Collomb also warned that there is only a “little time” to improve the situation. “It’s difficult to estimate but I would say that in five years the situation could become irreversible. Yes, we have five, six years to avoid the worst,” he added.

    Expert: Psychiatric drugs likely cause of Lanza’s extreme violence
    Published: 12/18/2012 at 10:16 PM
    author-imageJEROME R. CORSI
    About | Email | Archive
    rss feed Read
    NEW YORK – From the moment news emerged Friday that a young man had carried out a horrific massacre of elementary-school children, politicians from local city halls to the White House have been restoking the age-old push for more gun control. While guns have been a common denominator in mass slayings at schools by teens, there’s another familiar element that seems increasingly to be minimized.

    Some 90 percent of school shootings over more than a decade have been linked to a widely prescribed type of antidepressant called selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors or SSRIs, according to British psychiatrist Dr. David Healy, a founder of, an independent website for researching and reporting on prescription drugs.

    Though there has been no definitive confirmation that drugs played a role in the Newtown, Conn., assault, that killed 20 children and six adults, media have cited family members and acquaintances saying suspect Adam Lanza was taking prescription medication to treat “a neurological-development disorder,” possibly Aspergers.

    Healy cautioned that the public needs “to wait to find out what Adam Lanza was on, and whether his behavior does fit the template of a treatment-induced problem.”

    However, in an email to WND, he said he suspected prescribed psychiatric medications was the cause of Lanza’s violent behavior.

    Healy said that while the public waits to learn more about Lanza, there are two general points that can be made.

    First, he said, “psychotropic drugs of pretty well any group can trigger violence up to and including homicide.”

    “Second, the advocates of treatment claim both that it is the illness and not the drugs that causes violence and that we are leaving huge numbers of people untreated.”

    But Healy argued that if this were the case, “we should not find that comfortably over 90 percent of school shootings are linked to medication intake.”

  31. Angela Merkel Admits End Goal — Nations Must Give Up Sovereignty
    By S.Noble – November 23, 20188
    Angela Merkel finally admitted her end goal. She wants European nations to give up sovereignty to the EU, according to the Express. Last month, she said ceding power to a superstate is a better form of patriotism.

    Obviously, she is trying to change the meaning of the word ‘patriotism’.

    She told the event, titled ‘Parliamentarianism Between Globalisation and National Sovereignty’: “In this day nation states must today – should today, I say – be ready to give up sovereignty.

    But of course in an orderly procedure.”

  32. Maryland’s “Red Flag” Law Spurs Hundreds Of Gun Confiscation Requests
    JAZZ SHAWPosted at 4:41 pm on November 20, 2018

    It’s been more than a month since Maryland’s new “red flag” law went into effect, allowing all manner of people to file a complaint about the behavior of a gun owner which can then result in the police arriving to confiscate the person’s firearms. How popular has the law been? According to CBS Baltimore, police have recorded more than one hundred such requests in only the first few weeks. There is no indication as to whether or not that trend will slow down or continue to expand.

    SEE ALSO: Holey soles! Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s campaign shoes on exhibit

    Just weeks ago, new legislation went into effect that can remove guns through protective orders from owners who may be a danger to themselves or others.

    The first month of the “Red Flag Law” drew more than 100 requests, with most coming from family members and spouses.

    Date: 23/11/18 The Irish Times & The Irish Independent
    Households face annual carbon tax bills of at least €3,000 unless the Government introduces a raft of measures to reduce emissions and tackle climate change.

    Note: this is an intentional effect – making it too expensive for people to drive their own cars will effectively strip them of the ability to freely move around.

    This was true in behind the Iron Curtain where I grew up.

    If public transit did not lead there, there was no way for people to actually get to places that government wanted kept secret.

    And, in the Soviet Union, you needed internal passports.

    But back to the main point. If the only means of travelling within a country is controlled by the government, then the government decides who is permitted to travel where and when…and at what cost…

    Energy poverty is a most effective tool of oppression, which is why it is being implemented just as people are beginning to wake up to the erasure of national sovereignity, and likely to rebel…unless they are working so hard just to take care of their families most essential needs that they simply have no time or energy to do anything else.

    • And, in the Soviet Union, you needed internal passports.

      In Soviet Union, internal passports stamp you!

      [/Yakov Smirnoff]

    • That is why the left wants gas prices to sky rocket and remain high, if we can’t afford to travel we will be stuck in one location where we are easier to watch and control. This is easy to understand but in nations use to free movement it is hard to implement, look at what is going on in France because of high fuel prices. Protests like this are coming to most Western Nations over actions of the left that are considered intolerable by the masses.

      In the US we still have the right to own firearms to make total oppression very expensive, and the Europeans are slowly discovering that they need to start looking into how to make improvised weapons. Rebellions aren’t impossible without production made weapons but they are bloodier without them.

  34. Slovenia right-wing politician gets 3-month suspended jail
    LJUBLJANA, Slovenia (AP) — A court in Slovenia has slapped a three-month suspended jail sentence on the country’s main right-wing politician for insulting two female journalists.

    The court in the central town of Celje said Friday that the leader of the Slovenian Democratic Party, Janez Jansa, also must pay the costs of the proceedings stemming from the 2016 incident.

    Jansa’s lawyer has said he will appeal the ruling over Jansa’s tweet referring to the journalists as “prostitutes,” according to the state STA news agency.

  35. ‘If the kids knew, how come the school didn’t?’: Parents’ fury after it emerges that Home Office waived 6ft 1ins Iranian asylum seeker posing as 15-year-old into school to sit GCSEs – as officials finally admit he is an ADULT and now faces deportation
    Home Office launches investigation into how staff failed to spot he was an adult
    Experts reconsidering his case didn’t need a medical test to show he was 18-plus
    Parents say that government and the school have ‘failed to protect our children’
    Asylum seeker spent six weeks studying for his GCSEs at Stoke High in Ipswich
    Refugee pupil allegedly told a fellow schoolboy he was a married father of two
    Facebook images of him allegedly swigging beer with full beard also emerged
    He will now be treated as an adult asylum seeker and could be deported
    Do you know the man involved? Email

    • Britian is close to the point France has reached, mass protests that have the very real potential of leading to a civil war, a very bloody civil war. The left in the US is taking a different road to a massive civil war but they are getting closer to fomenting one every day.

  36. A good guy with a gun shot and killed an attacker at an Alabama mall “within seconds” of that attacker shooting and wounding two people.
    WVTM reports that the good guy, a Hoover, Alabama, police officer, shot the gunman, who was then pronounced dead at the scene.

    The incident occurred at Riverchase Galleria.

    Hoover Police Chief Nick Derzis said, “From the time that shooting took place, they engaged and it was safe within seconds that it happened. You don’t see that too often. So very, very proud of that.”

    Hoover Mayor Frank Brocato said, “Unfortunately, an individual lost his life. Unfortunately, one of our police officers had to engage that individual. He did so as a professional. He did so at the risk of his own life. But he stepped in to protect thousands, and I’m grateful for that.”

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