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  1. One in five North African asylum seekers in the Netherlands have been suspected of crimes in the past one and a half years, according to figures released this week.
    The data, released by the Dutch National Police, reveals that since the start of 2017 3,888 asylum seekers from the Maghreb have been suspected of being involved in 5,076 incidents reported to the police, De Telegraaf reports.

    Since the height of the migrant crisis in 2015, the Netherlands has taken in just over 80,000 asylum seekers, but North Africans have proven to be the group most prone to crime, according to the police.

    While the majority of migrants in 2015 were Syrians, the years following have seen a steady stream of asylum seekers from the Maghreb, with many claiming to be from Libya — though some, like Mayor of Weert Jos Heijmans, believe many are actually from neighbouring countries.

  2. Iran: Hundreds of Shias hold ceremony in honour of Muhammad al-Mahdi

    Hundreds of Iranian Shia Twelver Muslims gathered in Tehran to celebrate the anniversary of what they believe is the beginning of the twelfth Shia Imamate on Saturday.

    Muhammad al-Mahdi

    […]is believed by Muslims to be the Mahd?, an eschatological redeemer of Islam and ultimate savior of humankind and the final Imam of the Twelve Imams who will emerge with Isa (Jesus Christ) in order to fulfill their mission of bringing peace and justice to the world.


  3. An effort to allegedly add Democrat votes after Election Day in Florida is “potentially grounds for a RICO” investigation, an election fraud expert says.
    The Government Accountability Institute (GAI) research director Eric Eggers exclusively told SiriusXM Patriot’s Breitbart News Tonight‘s Senior Editors-at-Large Rebecca Mansour and Joel Pollak that a report revealing that Florida Democrats asked voters to submit absentee ballots after Election Day is a “smoking gun” and could possibly lead to a racketeering investigation.

    Eggers said:

  4. Why Is Media Ignoring Two ‘Hezbollah in the U.S.’ Indictments?

    This is the third installment of a series derived from two ongoing federal court prosecutions of individuals who allegedly worked as undercover operatives for Iranian Hezbollah’s notorious “Unit 910” foreign terrorist wing. Part I and Part II delivered revelations about U.S. assassination and target surveillance activities of Bronx-based Lebanese immigrant Ali Kourani.

    This article examines what has become public so far about a seemingly related case against Samer El Debek of Dearborn, Michigan.


    For all intents and purposes, the government’s case against Dearborn, Michigan resident Samer El Debek is on ice.

    Little from the government or media has emerged about the El Debek charges filed more than 17 months ago. Those charges stated that, for more than a decade, the naturalized U.S. citizen clandestinely served Iran and Hezbollah as a terrorist operative, scoping out targets as far away as Panama and Thailand.

    Also, nothing has yet emerged regarding any connection between El Debek’s case and the very similar case against Bronx-based Ali Kourani. Their indictments were announced the same day, in the same judicial district of New York, in June 2017.

  5. The Supreme Court announced Friday it will grant an expedited hearing on the Trump administration’s request to add a question concerning citizenship to the 2020 census.

    The justices set oral argument for February, converting what had been a narrow request involving one part of the case into a full grant of review.

    At stake is one of President Trump’s key goals — asking people to disclose their citizenship when they take part in the 2020 count.

    Anti-Trump state attorneys general and immigrant-rights groups sued to stop the question, arguing it will scare immigrants, both legal and illegal, away from taking part in the census, skewing the count. That, they say, will mean some states won’t get the congressional representation nor federal money they are entitled to.

    A federal judge in New York has ruled that asking the question isn’t inherently illegal — indeed, it was part of censuses up to 1950, and is still asked by the Census Bureau to some smaller sample sizes. But the judge questioned the motives of the Trump administration in asking it.

  6. For those who want to see a young Clint Eastwood as a supporting character

    1958 Clint Eastwood Western..**AMBUSH AT CIMARRON PASS**..1080P..

  7. Alan Dershowitz said Saturday on Fox & Friends that Democrats on the extreme left are “tolerating anti-Semitism” to avoid being alienated by their base.

    His remarks come after Minnesota Rep.-elect Ilhan Omar seemed to reverse her stance on the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) movement against Israel.

    During a forum in August, Omar said that she supports a two-state solution to the Israeli–Palestinian conflict, saying that it’s important to “recognize Israel’s place in the Middle East and the Jewish people’s rightful place within that region.”

    However, Omar’s campaign told the blog Muslim Girl that she “believes in and supports the BDS movement,” though she has reservations about its effectiveness.

  8. WASHINGTON, D.C. – The Nov. 1 death of Daniel Best , a pharmaceutical executive from Bay Village who led U.S. Department of Health and Human Services efforts to lower prescription drug prices, has been ruled a suicide, officials in Washington, D.C., said Thursday.

    Police say Best was found “unresponsive” near the garage door exit of an apartment building in Washington, D.C.’s Navy Yard neighborhood at 5:25 a.m. on Nov. 1, and was pronounced dead by medical personnel who responded to the scene.

    The city’s Office of the Chief Medical Examiner on Thursday said Best died from “multiple blunt force injuries” and it ruled his death a suicide. It would not release further information.

    In announcing his death, HHS Secretary Alex Azar said the 49-year-old former CVSHealth and Pfizer Pharmaceuticals executive agreed to work at HHS “out of a desire to serve the American people by making health care more affordable.”

  9. FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. – Fresh off its bungled machine recount, Broward County’s second day of manual recounting temporarily stopped about an hour after it began Saturday when lawyers from both political parties pointed out that volunteers were counting the wrong ballots.

    Hundreds of volunteers spent most of Friday sorting through 32,000 overvotes and undervotes in the Senate race between incumbent Sen. Bill Nelson and Republican Gov. Rick Scott. Broward officials announced Friday night they had finished their manual recount.

    recount goes on, more fishy stuff..

    She also blamed the county’s issues mechanical errors and said the scanning machine overheated.

    She flew in two mechanics to fix the problem. The technicians, though, witnessed Palm Beach County workers jam a paper clip into the scanner’s “enter” button to slow the high-speed scanner down. That action caused a short circuit that cut off the power, according to the New York Times.

    More than 8.1 million votes were cast in Florida. The state is scheduled to certify results in the Senate race on Nov. 20.

    Germany to make Turkish migrant Vice President of Intelligence Service

    Sinan Selen, a lawyer born in Istanbul, is to become the next Vice President of the Office for the Protection of the Constitution.

    He will be the first top official with a migrant background in the German intelligence services. It is not completely clear yet when Selen will assume his new position.

    Maassen, the former President of that office, was just forced into retirement in a controversial decision after criticising Merkel and the alleged radical left-wing element within her coalition partner, the SPD.

    Selen previously worked for the Federal Bureau of Investigation in 2006 and was in charge of an investigation into two radical Lebanese Islamist, who planned a terror attack on a train.

    The only reason for the failure of the terror plot was a technical problem with the explosives. He dedicated himself to working with and advising family members of radicalised Muslims.

        • Maybe they do.

          Maybe too many alpha-males died in the 20th century. Followed by a couple of generations of “guest workers”, socialism, atheism. Anomie. Broken families, deviancy, hedonism. Human life devalued, “Right to Choose” exercised in the negative, refusal to procreate.

          Matt Bracken’s “hybrid vigor” might just look like the Turk-Reich. If the majority of the population uses the right words [v. Mj. Coughlin] to choose political Islam, that’s not something we can “liberate”.

          There will be a wave of emigration, but those are an historical constant, not the end of the world. Energy is reborn in pioneers.

          That’s something with which we’ll have to come to terms. We probably can, we won’t be alone. The Far East, India, Israel, pockets of Europe will never submit.

          Civilization as we know it doesn’t depend on Western Europe as we know it. If we hold on to our own identity, we’ll be able to find our place in a whole new world.

          • They might have that much power, but they might not. I don’t think it is a lack of Alpha Males but concentrated indoctrination for generations that is the problem. We are seeing resistance cells being formed in the Military and Michelle says that the military is seething over what is happening.

            Remember that starting just after WWI the German military was indoctrinated with the idea that the Military si subordinate to the civil power. This is what has kept the US free for so long but is turning around and biting the Germans and the French when the Civil power is in the hands of traitors. When you have been taught/indoctrinated in one idea for that long it is hard to move beyond that idea to the idea that a military coup./revolution is the only way to remain free. Turkey remained a fairly free nation until Europe told the military that they had to stop their periodic coups to keep the Islamists out of power. Look at Turkey now.

            This isn’t a one size fits all worlds and no one culture has the only way of doing things for people to remain free. The next 10 to 20 years will show us if freedom is going to survive and which nations it will survive in.

            I predict that during this Century the map makers will be busy keeping up with the changes in national borders with some nations expanding some collapsing and some splitting into several smaller nations.

            • Your prediction on reconfigured nations is certainly correct. Poor Belgium, a crazy-quilt patchwork that’s now an archipelago of no-go zones!

              I worry about what the meaning of “free” will be in the next decade or two. “Free to be the consumate tard”?!

  11. CHICO, Calif. (AP) – At least 25 people have been hospitalized due to an outbreak of norovirus at shelters housing people who evacuated from a massive wildfire in Northern California.

    Butte County public health spokeswoman Lisa Almaguer says the number of sick people keeps growing as officials work to stop the spread of illness.

    She said in a statement that some of the sick include workers at the shelters.

    Norovirus is highly contagious and can cause diarrhea, fever and body aches. It spreads commonly when people are in close quarters.

  12. Britain’s education system is failing to tackle the “astonishing” underperformance of boys as feminists have made the topic “taboo”, the former head of the university admissions service has warned.

    Mary Curnock Cook, who was chief executive of Ucas until last year, said the fact that boys are falling behind in education is a national scandal – yet it is such an “unfashionable” topic to discuss that it has become “normalised”.

    Girls outperform boys in all aspects of education, from primary school to GCSEs and A-level results. Last year, 57 per cent of women went to university compared to 43 per cent of men, a gap that has widened significantly over the last decade.

    “I just find it unacceptable to think that it’s OK to let boys fall further and further behind in education and allow the gap to get bigger,” Ms Curnock Cook said.

    “Boys underachieving in education is becoming pretty normalised – everyone knows it yet no one is doing anything about it.” She said that other disparities in education – such as the gulf between rich and poor children – are narrowing, but the gap between boys and girls is getting wider.

  13. Spain: Antifa march on Madrid ahead of anniversary of Franco’s death

    Around a thousand anti-fascist protesters marched through downtown Madrid on Saturday, three days before the anniversary of the death of Spanish dictator Francisco Franco.

    • SPAIN – Franco’s family demands dictator be buried with military honors

      His seven grandchildren want him to be interred in La Almudena cathedral, in the heart of Madrid

      If the body of Spanish dictator Francisco Franco is finally transferred out of the Valley of the Fallen monument, his family wants him to be reburied with “military honors” at a major landmark in downtown Madrid.

      Spanish Congress recently approved a plan by the Socialist Party (PSOE) government to exhume Franco’s remains from the Valley of the Fallen monument, located north of the capital.

      But the dictator’s seven grandchildren oppose the move and have filed a petition with the Ombudsman’s Office to stop the exhumation.

      If their petition fails, Franco’s family say they want the dictator to be buried inside La Almudena cathedral in the center of Madrid, and with full “military honors.”

      According to the grandchildren, under a 2010 decree Franco is entitled to a military funeral with the “complete national anthem, volley shots and a cannon gun salute.” This decree states that military funerals are granted to the Spanish king, the royal family, the infantas of Spain, the prime minister, the defense minister, the chiefs of staff of the army, navy and air force, as well as general officers of the armed forces.

      The government of Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez has promised that the remains of the dictator will be removed with “dignity and respect,” but there was never any mention of a funeral with military honors. Indeed this would contradict the aim of the exhumation, which is to strip the dictator of his privileged position at the Valley of the Fallen monument. More than 33,000 victims of the Spanish Civil War are buried at the site but only Franco and José Antonio Primo de Rivera, the founder of the Falange, Spain’s fascist-inspired political party, have a marked grave.

      Franco received a military funeral when he died on November 23, 1975. His coffin was taken on a military vehicle from the Victory Arch in La Moncloa in Madrid to the Valley of the Fallen monument north of the city. The then-king of Spain Juan Carlos and Queen Sofía attended a service in Franco’s honor and a military parade was held before his coffin.

      The family’s request to have the dictator reburied at La Almudena cathedral also poses a challenge for the government, which wants to stop the new resting place from become a pilgrimage site for Franco followers. The cathedral is located in the heart of Madrid, in a popular tourist spot where there is the risk that it could turn into an attraction. The Franco family has a crypt at the cathedral which holds the remains of Franco’s daughter, Carmen Franco, as well as a vault at El Pardo cemetery, where Franco’s wife Carmen Polo is buried.

      • much the same as Cromwell,they can not him harm during his life ,so desecrate his corpse when he is dead,it seems that children rule.

          • Everyone of them including the left wing ones about massive enviromental damage, granted the damage is in the Third World and not the First and Second one but it is once of the motivating factors in the mass migration.

  14. $84.7bn Saudi aid covered 79 countries (saudigazette, Nov 17, 2018)$847bn-Saudi-aid-covered-79-countries

    “The Kingdom’s foreign aid from 1996 to 2018 totaled US$84.7 billion and covered 79 countries, said adviser at the Royal Court and Supervisor General of the King Salman Center for Relief and Humanitarian Aid (KSrelief) Dr. Abdullah Al-Rabiah.

    Addressing a symposium at Warsaw University, Poland on Friday, he said Saudi Arabia has helped millions of people all over the world and saved millions of others in regions of conflicts and crises without any discrimination based on religion, race or color.

    Since its inception in 2015, KSrelief has carried out 482 projects in 42 countries at a total cost of US$1.925bn.

    Some 86 percent of the projects were allotted for Yemen totaling nearly US$1.66bn.

    The Kingdom has helped 561,911 Yemeni refugees, 283,449 Syrian refugees and 249,669 from Myanmar.

    This is equivalent to 5.36 percent of the Saudi population in the Kingdom. Hence, the Kingdom comes second in the world in terms of the number of refugees.”

  15. Renaming spree: Erasing Muslim heritage in India (gulfnews, Nov 17, 2018)

    “The chief minister of the north Indian state of Uttar Pradesh (UP), Yogi Adityanath, has lived up to his reputation as a Hindutva (Hindu nationalism) hawk. His attitude has not mellowed after ascending to power. Instead, he has used his political clout to state that Hindu symbols and signs are of overriding importance. Hence, the concept of a huge statue of Rama on the banks of the Saryu, the wholehearted support to the Ram temple movement and the erasure of Muslim names of towns.

    Starting with the renaming of the Mughal Sarai railway junction, familiar to countless travellers, after a person who is little known outside the Hindutva camp — Deen Dayal Upadhyay — the Adityanath government has been energetically changing the names of other places as well. These include Allahabad, which has become Prayagraj, Faizabad is now Ayodhya, and Muzaffarnagar, which may soon be called Laxmi Nagar if the government accepts the suggestion by Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) member of legislature Sangeet Som, who had called the Taj Mahal a “blot” on Indian culture.

    Encouraged by Adityanath, Gujarat Chief Minister Vijay Rupani has suggested the name Karnavati for Ahmedabad. Not to be left behind, the BJP’s ally, Shiv Sena, has sought a time-frame for renaming Aurangabad and Osmanabad. Hyderabad too is under the Hindutva scanner: The BJP has said that if it wins the assembly elections in Telangana, it will rename the city Bhagyanagar.

    Although cities have been renamed in the past — Chennai for Madras, Mumbai for Bombay, Kolkata for Calcutta — the idea was generally to revive an old name such as the association of Madras/Chennai with a 16th-century ruler, Chennappa Naicker. Or to pay homage to a local deity, Mumbadevi, as in the case of Bombay. Or to bring a name phonetically close to the way it is locally pronounced like Kolkata. But rarely has a city been renamed to highlight a Hindu name and snub Muslims.

    True, the names of roads and localities (such as Clive Street or Connaught Place) associated with the British rulers were changed. But that was to sever a colonial connection although the names of “friendly” foreigners were retained, as in the case of the Corbett National Park. But the saffron brotherhood’s drive is solely motivated by a desire to erase all signs of Muslim heritage, presumably because of the belief that the community does not — or at least should not — have any place in the country. Hence, BJP MP Vinay Katiyar’s advice to Muslims living in India to go to Pakistan or Bangladesh.

    The Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) and the BJP hold the view that the Mughals and the Muslim rulers before them, as well as their co-religionists today, are aliens, although the Mughals and the others made India their home unlike the British. Although RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat argued at a conclave in Delhi earlier this year that Hindutva is incomplete without Muslims — thereby acknowledging the country’s multi-religious identity — Adityanath’s acts show that the case for accommodation is not accepted by the Hindutva hawks.

    To them, the replacement of the signs of Muslim presence is an expression of Hindu pride just as the demolition of the Babri Masjid in 1992 and the Gujarat riots of 2002 were cited as instances of Hindu “awakening”. Multicultural tenets are anathema to the Hindutva brigade as they militate against the “one nation, one people, one culture” ideals of a Hindu Rashtra, where the minorities will be second class citizens. The Hindus-only tunnel-vision of the hardliners ignores the fact that India is the birthplace of four religions — Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism and Jainism — and the home of the followers of three other faiths — Islam, Christianity and Zoroastrianism, not to mention the animism of the tribals.

    The urgency to erase Muslim signs in the twilight years of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government may be due to the apprehension that the inadequacies of the government have left it with no option but to play the Hindu card with greater fervour. The tactic has only brought to the fore the long-standing anti-minority outlook of the Sangh Parivar (family). It is also evident that the occasional homilies of the RSS bigwigs in favour of accommodating Muslims and the lectures favouring pluralism have had little effect.

    The humiliating wiping out of little bits of India’s past with their Muslim associations can only widen the gulf between the Hindus and the country’s largest minority community, even if Muslims understand the crass political intent of the provocative acts, which have the support of only saffron outfits and not of Hindus in general.

    For the political saffronites, it has been a step-by-step process of rewriting history. When Murli Manohar Joshi was the Union human resources development minister, the Middle Ages were presented as a time of constant conflict between Hindus and the “invaders”. The latest attempt is to obliterate the concept of a composite culture or the Ganga-Jamuni tehzeeb (culture), as it is known in Uttar Pradesh.”

  16. Bangladesh: Ruling party infighting leaves 4 dead (AA, Nov 17, 2018)

    “At least four people were killed and another 50 injured in a clash between two factions of Bangladesh’s ruling Awami League party on Friday, local media reported.

    The deadly clash took place in central Narsingdi district, 50 kilometers (30 miles) northeast of Dhaka, over political supremacy in the region, the daily Samakal said in a report, citing a senior police official.

    An old dispute between the followers of late Awami League leader Shiral Islam and slain leader Shahed Sarkar gained momentum following the announcement of general election schedule.

    Belal Hossain, assistant police superintendent in the area, told media an additional contingent of police personnel has been deployed to bring the situation under control.

    Bangladesh will hold general elections on Dec. 30, 2018, the country’s election commission announced earlier this month.”

  17. Nigeria: Muslim body slams school banning headscarves (AA, Nov 17, 2018)

    “Shutting out Muslim girls from school for wearing headscarves amounts to unacceptable religious bigotry and a violation of the Constitution, Nigeria’s apex Muslim body said on Saturday, a day after nine pupils were told to leave a school in the southwest Oyo State.

    The nine Muslim teenagers were prevented from entering the International School Ibadan (ISI) compound on Friday because they wore headscarves, barely a week after the government in southwestern Lagos officially approved the wearing of headscarves by Muslim girls. The government decision came two years after its circular banning headscarves was struck down on appeal.

    In a statement on Saturday, the Nigerian Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs (NSCIA) said the action of the school, located in the premises of the country’s premier University of Ibadan, amounted to official discrimination against Muslims and threatened to sue the violators.

    “The denial of the Muslim girls of the right to use their hijab is just a ring in a long chain of institutionalised religious discrimination against Muslims in the school, which should ordinarily be a centre of excellence where learning, probity, excellence and character are respected,” NSCIA spokesman Salihu Shehu said in a statement.

    “We strongly condemn the management of ISI and warn the principal that she will be held responsible for whatever her administrative incompetence and religious intolerance precipitate in this matter.

    “Muslims in Nigeria can no longer fold their arms and watch their rights being unabashedly trampled upon by minions and tin-gods who find themselves in some positions of authority,” the statement read.

    Headscarves have increasingly become a symbol of Muslims’ rejection of the British colonial legacies in Nigerian public life.

    In 2017, a Muslim female law graduate was barred from a call to bar event in the capital Abuja for wearing a headscarf, precipitating anger from the Muslim community and a debate over the country’s controversial secular status.

    Barrister Firdaus Amasa was later called to the bar with her headscarf after the country’s council on legal education backed down. In a 2016 ruling, a court said wearing headscarves qualifies as a human right under the country’s Constitution.”

  18. Three men rushed to hospital after double shooting in North London as capital’s violence continues to escalate (dailymail, Nov 17, 2018)

    “The Met have confirmed three were hospitalised after a shooting in Edmonton, North London.

    A local shopkeeper called Abdul told the Mirror Online: ‘We heard a bang noise and we saw a guy running toward the fruit shop next door.

    ‘Blood was pouring out his eye, just near his eye, it only just missed.

    ‘It was right in front of our business.

    ‘I saw him saying “call an ambulance, call an ambulance”.’

    Calls were made to 999 just after 6pm this evening as people were out doing their Christmas shopping by Gordon Road close to the train station.

    Officers and the London Ambulance Service found four males.

    Three of the victims were rushed to hospital, with two suffering gun shot wounds.

    The police said one of the victims was not in a life-threatening condition, while no further details were provided for the other two casualties.

    No arrests have yet been made and police did not disclose what type of firearm was used in the attack, as they cordoned off the scene.”

  19. Nigerian troops foil Boko Haram attack (france24, Nov 17, 2018)

    “Nigerian troops repelled an attack on a military base in northeastern Borno state in which a soldier was killed and four others were injured, military and militia sources told AFP Saturday.

    On Wednesday jihadists from IS-affiliated Islamic State West Africa Province killed three soldiers when they temporarily seized control of another base in the town of Kareto, 200 kilometres away.

    In the latest attack on Friday, the jihadists in several trucks carrying anti-aircraft guns attacked a base in the Kekeno village near the garrison town of Monguno, the sources said.

    The militants were pushed back after a prolonged fight that lasted almost three hours with aerial support and reinforcements from Monguno.

    “The terrorists made desperate efforts to overrun the base but were pushed back after heavy fighting,” a military officer in Maiduguri said.

    “Unfortunately we lost one soldier in the encounter and four others sustained injuries,” the officer, who asked not to be named, added.

    There was no indication of Boko Haram casualties.

    Details of the attack were slow to emerge as telecommunications infrastructure has been destroyed by fighting and there are strict controls on movement in rural Borno state…”

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