Clinton, Soros, and the man behind calling Tucker’s daughter a c**t: Links 1, Nov. 13, 18

1. Czech Republic also plans to leave the suicidal UN Migration Pact.

(I believe there are several other nations as well, and will post as they are found)

The Czech Prime Minister has revealed his nation is looking to pull out of the United Nations’ (UN) migration pact, as the European Commission blasted Austria for withdrawing from the agreement earlier this week.

Andrej Babiš, who recently compared Europe to ‘Asterix’s besieged village when he stated citizens in the bloc must “have the right to defend our borders, our lifestyle, our heritage and our culture” against mass, third world migration, indicated Thursday he would recommend the Czech Republic withdraw from the compact.


“I don’t like the pact. It’s not clearly interpreted and it could be abused,” he said of the agreement, which claims that mass migration is “inevitable, necessary, and desirable”, warning lawmakers the document was “not clearly interpreted and it could be abused”.

2. Controversy as Italian School Textbooks Revealed to Promote Only Pro-Mass Migration Views

Media investigations have found Italian school textbooks have a totally pro-mass migration slant, which has been deemed “migratory propaganda.”

The migration crisis has been a focal part of Italian politics and has led to a surge in popularity for the populist League party which fiercely opposes open borders.


An investigation by Italian media shows that while voters are largely rejecting mass migration, Italian middle and high school pupils are only being taught about it from a positive point of view, with Il Giornalereferring to the curricula as “migratory propaganda”.

3. MORE EVIDENCE of George Soros Foundation Ties to State Department.

(I may have posted this before. But the Soros-far left, globalist and illegal attacks on national sovereignty of all Western nations cannot be treated as just another news story.)

4. Why have borders?

5. Because the left believes in freedom of conscience just like Islam does.

6. Islamic antisemitism is pretty much mainstream in the Democrat party USA at this point.


The Women’s Initiative refused to provide comment about Board of Directors member Juan Manuel Granados who allegedly attacked Fox News host Tucker Carlson’s daughter with vulgar language in a country club in October.


The women’s group refused to respond to The Daily Caller News Foundation’s multiple phone and email requests for comment, electing to remain silent following the allegations that Granados called Carlson‘s 19-year-old daughter a “whore” and a “f**king c**t” at the Farmington Country Club in Charlottesville, Virginia.


“Sorry, we don’t speak to reporters,” said a Women’s Initiative employee who answered TheDCNF’s first phone call requesting comment about its position regarding Granados and the alleged incident. Elizabeth answered the phone next, saying only, “We’re not offering comment.” She then hung up on TheDCNF.


TheDCNF called a third time to ask if Granados’s alleged actions comport with the group’s values and if it intends to take action. “I can’t speak to that, but we have no comment at this time,” said Andrea who answered the third phone call.

(I only know two things about feminism. 1. It is just a front for Marxism of one iteration or another. And 2. It really, really hates women.)

8. Federal Court Hearing TOMORROW to Compel Testimony from Hillary Clinton on Email Scandal

Thank you Xanthippa, Richard, Wrath of Khan, M., EB., Yuckie, Amy M., Johnny U,. and a large list of wonderful people who have been working hard to try and give us all access to real information about the massive conspiracy to deceive the public, destroy nations, and create something no one but no one asked for.


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9 Replies to “Clinton, Soros, and the man behind calling Tucker’s daughter a c**t: Links 1, Nov. 13, 18”

  1. 7. “Granados is originally from Argentina, but is now a U.S. citizen. His partner, Will Trinkle, is a real estate agent who went to the University of Virginia. Trinkle is the president and CEO of CW Francis Real Estate, based in Roanoke, Virginia. Together, Granados and Trinkle have a son named Oliver.”

    Yet another child fatherless with two psycho moms.

    • “Yet another child fatherless with two psycho moms.”

      Er, isn’t Juan Manuel a man’s name, though who knows? Juan Manuel might be a biological woman who’s pretending to be a man and has taken a man’s name. As for “Will Trinkle”, the same applies.

      Anyway, it seems to me that a society which allows two men or “men” to bring up a child and thus necessarily distort that child’s emotional development, is pretty much bound to collapse, not “if” but “when” (how fast, how soon?). A child needs a mother and a father: it’s worked that way for millennia and that’s still the way IT ACTUALLY IS. Throw out God, throw out morality and decency, and you get what you ordered.

      On another note, about the Dutch guy who wants to change his age: in Europe, the precedent has already been established; immigrants (refugees, “refugees”, etc. etc.) are already able to register the age they choose and thus obtain benefits and privileges not otherwise available to them. (And the state looks the other way, mumbling something about “invasion of privacy”.) So then, what’s sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander. Good luck to the Dutch guy. I, meanwhile, am in the process of deciding which age to choose and in which country I will demand the same rights and privileges (I won’t of course mention “duties”) as those who happen to have “lived in that country longer”.

      • Fight or flight
        Rebel or conform
        The bitch has gotcha
        With no dads to forewarn.

        Dom or Sub
        Dyke or Queen
        Muslim or Marxist
        Death living the dream.

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