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5 Replies to “Bill O’reilly on the behaviour of Jim Acosta”

  1. He is right Acosta was trying to take over the press conference so he could debate the President and try and make him look like a fool, Acosta should never be allowed in the White House again.

      • His actions show the attitude of the left towards anyone in authority that is not a leftists, his banning from the White House is the absolute minimum on the list of possible responses, personally I would have changed him with assault for pushing the intern away. Yes this would have touched off a big uproar but one is building and delaying the uproar will probably make it worse. The left has been fomenting a civil/race/class war for decades and they think they have crushed the will to resist from the rest of the people. They are wrong but we will have to prove that through fighting an asymmetric war with the left and their militias. We are in the opening days of the war which will last a long time, we will not only be fighting the enemy within but we will be fighting the enemy from abroad. This will be a war that will make WWII look small and tame.

        Keep your musket clean, your powder dry and watch your back.

    • Acosta was a guest at the WH.
      As a guest he was to respect the house rules of his host.
      He choose not to do so.
      So he got kicked out.
      End of story.

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