Islamic terror attack in Melbourne, an update from Avi Yemeni

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At least Allah has another client for his sky brothel today.

Story here, political response, surrender while making it look like victory.

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  1. “Melbourne stabbing attack was ‘terrorism incident’, police say, as Islamic State claims it”

    Like a Massacre Incident or Genocide Incident? Or more meaning like Rape Incident?

  2. Police are treating an attack at Bourke Street mall in Melbourne in which one person was stabbed to death and two others injured as a terrorist incident.

    The man, identified as HASSAN KHALIF SHIRE ALI, 30, drove a 4×4 truck loaded with gas bottles into the city centre, ignited the vehicle in a ball of flames and then attacked passers-by with a knife.

    He was shot by police and died later on Friday in hospital.

    Counter-terrorism investigators were raiding two addresses in Werribee and Meadows Heights on Saturday morning, police said.

    Graham Ashton, the chief commissioner of Victoria police, said police homicide and counter-terrorism squads had been working into the night.

    He said the attacker was also known to federal intelligence agencies but was not being actively monitored.

    “He is a brother of a person that we did arrest last year ,” Ashton told the Nine Network on Saturday morning.

    “He is someone that is known to us but we certainly haven’t had any information of recent times that would suggest he he was planning anything, or that he had the intent to do what he did last night, unfortunately.”….

      • Thank you Rita, we in the west don’t carry out attacks because of a date and thus we forget to be alert on the dates the invaders consider significant.

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