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3 Replies to “Justin Trudeau must stop snooping around our banking information”

  1. I don’t care what the Canadian Government says this is the opening move towards the Government knowing how you spend your money. Only a totalitarian government would want this data.

  2. Trudeau said something significant there. “high quality and timely data are critical to ensuring that government PROGRAMS remain RELEVANT and EFFECTIVE for Canadians. What programs is he referring too? What kinds of government programs would require monitoring of the spending habits of the average Canadian who may be under them? Social programs? Disability programs? Senior programs? E.I. Programs? There’s something rotten in Denmark with this insidious data grab. I wouldn’t trust this creepy, globalist pony boy with a litter of kittens. He’s up to something here and I know it can’t be good. Hope we find out soon enough.

  3. I’ve been annoyed about this since I first heard of it. It is a invasion of privacy!
    Agree, Trudeau’s answers when questioned. just do NOT make sense… This must stop asap!

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