Islam seems to be one of the pointy ends of the leftist spear overall: Links 1, Nov. 2, 18

1. Mike Pence makes it simple and clear on invading columns of military colonists.

2. David Menzies is in Mexico reporting on the army of invaders moving in on the US.

3. KH tweet on Pakistani reaction to the Asia Bibi acquittal, which we could have predicted with 100% accuracy was a foaming rabid mob of muslim retards demanding that everyone involved be killed, despite the fact that there was no crime, no evidence and no victim.

Normally we would have posted a lot on this, and hopefully we will. But its busy in all sectors now. However those looking for videos of the reaction to the acquittal are welcome to search the comments on the Daily Reader’s Links posts since the verdict a couple of days ago. There is no shortage, but also no surprise. Except maybe where a Pakistani official admits after direct questioning, that despite her acquittal, she will have to move away from Pakistan.

I wonder if Canada or the UK would consider her a genuine refugee.

The answer of course is no.

3. Even the possibly fake conservative, Andrew Scheer, is making statements about the Chinese level intrusion into our lives with the banking demands.

4. Preview of Lauren Southern’s new documentary, Borderless.

5. Another ANTIFA knockout moment, Commie attempts to hit patriot with what looks like a tire Iron and gets a KO in one punch out for his efforts.

(This seems like a good time to remind people of the counter-narrative fact that antisemitism comes from the left overall.)

6. Imams in the US speak from an Islamic perspective (obviously) and sooner the hoodwinked masses know this, the less suffering humanity will endure in the coming months,

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