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  1. The British class system aggravates this un-common man. The preference by his so-called betters–the establishment journalists, lawyers, judges and politicians–of toxic Islam over brother Brits is searing the common soul. The beloved monarchy once represented the greatest country on earth. Now, it seems to stand for the deconstructionist status-quo.

    The greatest lie is the one you tell yourself. Working-class people usually learn by their mistakes the worst way. They have to pay hard-earned money for them, figure out where they went wrong, then move on the better for it.

    Once upon a time Britain could afford this class system. It could afford a monarchy that supported it. The empire stood up proud and straight, fiercly loyal to its great history and institutions. And there was courage in these convictions.

    Now, the class system is revealing its intolerable detriment to the common man. The People knew that Winston Churchill had their backs. He was true-blue and they knew it. Now? They see bullshit everywhere. The monarchy is an expensive joke. The leftist establishment is trying to spoon feed the people the same horrible, politically-correct lies they’ve been eating themselves. Their ill-gotten wealth and stature insulates them from the very risk taking that defines legitimate wealth and stature.

    Regular people cannot forever cohabitate with the lies of their rulers. They alone must suffer the alien rape gangs and unfair imprisonment. They alone suffer the inability to afford legal counsel to fight the needed fight for free speech.

    Nope. When America fought its War of Independence it was Tommy Robinson. Now Tommy Robinson is America, casting off undeserving parasites most deserving of their coming inversion of stations.

    The political class and the monarchy are now officially bullshit and must go. This will spread everywhere the Left has its claws sunk in. President Trump is trying his best to help America save itself, but even he can use a warm wind at his back.

    I’m no historian, but even I can see we’ve recast ourselves as colonists in our Motherlands. Self-appointed supremecist globalists and muslims are now our new masters. Emboldened Jew attackers are but one proof of this. However lines are being drawn and sides taken every single day. Look at the new Lindsey Graham. Look at all of the fierce courageous independents sprouting up from the grass roots. Jordan Peterson, Ezra Levant, Lindsay Shepherd, Tucker Carlson, Ann Marie Waters and on and on.

    As the new colonists more broadly discover themselves they will speak with newfound clarity and resolve. They will emerge from chaos with vigor and direction. The rate of change will now accelerate.

    The writing is on the wall, and it is written in the most beautiful lunchbucket poetry.


    • I have to think about the analogy: Deplorables doing a new American Revolution?
      Lindey Graham and many Republicans may glow occasionally, but they’re still Uniparty Swamp. We’ve got to primary them out of existence.

      • Oh I know what they were, Yucki, but it still makes me a little nostalgic for the simpler times. Anyhow, thanks for giving my thought a read.

        • The political class and the monarchy are now officially bullshit and must go.

          I don’t know how things will shake out during the in-between. I expect we’ll see a turn to authoritarianism to control the violence that’s surely in our future.

          That’s what Brazil has chosen; it might be temporate and limited. That was their only choice, and it can turn out well for them.

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