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8 Replies to “ECHR rules defaming Muhammad not protected by free speech”

  1. So… he complains about being labelled as an “other” even though his very religion dictates that he must be an “other’ by rejecting all other dogmas and working to convert the globe….Ha! I never tire of the spin from these apologists.

  2. Otherism? What about the hadith which proscribes that muslims must not be friends with infidels? Why do muslim women seperate themselves from others by covering all but their eyes?

  3. “The Islamic homeland is a refuge for any who accepts the Islamic Shari’ah to be the law of the state, as is the case with Dhimmies. But any place where the Islamic Shari’ah is not enforced and where Islam is not dominant becomes home of Hostility (Dar-ul-Harb) for both the Muslim and the Dhimmi. A Muslim will remain prepared to fight against it, whether it is his birthplace or a place where his relatives reside or where his property or any other material interests are located.”

    “We need not rationalize Islam to them, need not appease their desires and distorted concepts. We will be extremely outspoken with them.”


  4. Note that the Muslim being interviewed asserts that Muslims ARE Austrians and don’t need to be welcomed there by the native Austrian population. This, he says is the language of exclusion – treating Muslims as though they aren’t native to Austria. He says Muslims belong there.

    Try using the same arguments to have Iran, Turkey, or Pakistan welcome Christian immigrants in large numbers who then go on to build many churches, demand religious accommodation in every aspect of life, and who prove to be very sensitive to any criticism of their religion, so much so that they use (and change) the legal systems there to put an end to it and vilify anyone who questions their right to be in their new homelands. Ain’t ever going to happen, I know. The flow of immigrants is one-way and will never be reciprocated. Here we see the effect that Muslim immigration has had on the European justice system.

    This latest blow to the freedom of speech in Europe by the ECHR heralds the institution of Shariah law into the daily lives of Europeans. Those who criticize Islam run the risk of hurting the religious sentiments of Muslims and being hauled into court. Until now, this Sharia compliance has been the de facto state of affairs in many areas of Europe, but now the ECHR has made it official.

  5. The Lord Denning Report of 1949 was pivotal in ridding this country of our blasphemy laws which had been used only 8 times since 1820. His recommendations were implemented,eventually, in the 1960’s.

    Given that the fact on the ground, is that criticism of Islam can lead to prosecutions,then we essentially have de-facto blasphemy laws rearing their ugly head again. This has been the case for,perhaps,ten years.

    If you look at the duration of our true secularism,devoid of legislation that criminalised critique of religion,it was as little as 40 to 50 years.

    Our freedom is not,never has been,and never will be simply a thing that we have without having to pay the utmost attention to it’s maintenance.

    This is going to be a long and rocky road.

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