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4 Replies to “Free Speech Police”

  1. As he points out Great Britain, the United Kingdom is now officially a police state, and it is going to get worse for our British cousins before they manage to regain the freedom that is their birthright.

    We in the US have our own problems from people want to shut down free speech, they are doing things that are far beyond the pale for a civilized society and seem to be designed to allow one side to win the upcoming election. (In my opinion that is the side that sent out the bombs that weren’t designed to explode) The entire world is collapsing thanks to the Far, Radical left trying to take over the world,

    We are sailing in uncharted waters in a leaky boat in the middle of a massive storm, stay frosty and watch your backs.


    “The court found her guilty of publicly disparaging an object of veneration of a domestic church or religious society, namely Muhammad, the Prophet of Islam, in a manner capable of arousing justified indignation”

    Those who say publicly Allah is greater have all-rights over those who say Allah is lesser.

    H/T Fred Alan Medforth


  3. I hate rap but of course this guy is absolutely right. Free speech is free speech is free speech, sorry did I offend you?
    Sling some more dung at the mother Mary. You will feel better.
    After all, free speech, and in this case at the taxpayers expense. (subsidized art work at the public expense, displayed in the Brooklyn museum at public cost.)
    What a bunch of insane hypocrites.

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