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      • Caravan migrants break Guatemala border fence, rush Mexico

        TECUN UMAN, Guatemala (AP) — Migrants traveling in a mass caravan burst through a Guatemalan border fence and streamed by the thousands toward Mexican territory on Friday, defying Mexican authorities’ entreaties for an orderly crossing and U.S. President Donald Trump’s threats of retaliation.

        On the Mexican side of a border bridge, they were met by a phalanx of police with riot shields. About 50 managed to push their way through before officers unleashed pepper spray and the rest retreated.

        The gates were closed again, and police used a loudspeaker to address the masses, saying, “We need you to stop the aggression.”

        • Migrant caravan halted after storming Guatemala-Mexico border

          Ciudad Hidalgo (Mexico) (AFP) – Thousands of migrants who forced their way through Guatemala’s northwestern border and flooded onto a bridge leading to Mexico, where riot police battled them back, on Saturday waited at the border in the hope of continuing their journey to the United States.

          The caravan of mainly Honduran migrants, whose journey has triggered escalating anti-immigrant rhetoric from US President Donald Trump, on Friday surged through a series of police lines and barricades up to the final fence on Mexico’s southern border.

          There — at the far end of the bridge over the Suchiate River, which forms the western part of the Mexico-Guatemala border — they hurled rocks and other objects at hundreds of riot police, who responded with rubber bullets and tear gas.

          Multiple migrants, federal police and journalists were wounded.

        • Notice the difference between the NBC headline and the other headlines.

          First group from Honduran caravan crosses into Mexico, testing President Trump’s red line
          “If migration and the federal police do not allow us access, we will do the impossible to cross into Mexico,” one migrant said.

          The U.S. government is now tracking a small group of immigrants from the Honduran migrant caravan who crossed into southern Mexico on Thursday night, a border President Donald Trump made clear he did not want the migrants to cross in order to prevent them from arriving at the U.S. southern border.

          The breakaway group crossed over the Succhiate River separating Guatemala and Mexico, according to an internal U.S. document obtained by NBC News. They are soon to be followed by a group of 2,000-3,000 migrants who have congregated in Guatemalan border town of Tecun Uman, which is located about 25 miles south of Tapachula, Mexico.

          • Donald Trump Suggests Someone Is Paying Migrants in Caravan

            President Donald Trump suggested Thursday that someone was paying migrants in the caravan traveling to the United States from Honduras.

            “We’re starting to find out, and I won’t say 100 percent, I’ll put a little tiny question mark at the end … but a lot of money has been passing through people to come up and try to get to the border by election day,” Trump said during a campaign rally in Montana.

            The group of over 4,000 migrants is currently traveling through Guatemala, although the president did not cite evidence on Thursday to back his claim that some of them could be paid.


    • Gingrich: Caravan is an attack on US sovereignty

      Wherever this convoy approaches the US border, arrange for a picket line of bulk Riot Control Agent Dispensers with a dozen or two mobile units held in reserve to obtain high density output as needed when things or people cluster up.

      • We knew this invasion was ramping up months ago. I cannot believe neither Newt, nor Laura draw the glaring parallel between this Honduran invasion and the European hijrah invasion. So they’re not muslim invaders, but it goes to prove that the priority is border destruction in the name of Globalist Open Borders. Violent muslims just happen to serve the purpose better.

        Not long ago we heard a very interesting interview here (can’t remember Eeyore maybe you can find it?) about a long-planned Iranian human railroad set up to funnel million of south and central Americans north to destabilize the U.S. and Canada. NGO’s are involved same as in Europe, aiding and abetting in criminal behavior. So how can there not be jihadis embedded in these caravans like in Europe?

        Soros is all over this.

        • This is how it started in Europe, different cast same script, we are going to have to shut down the entire Southern Border in the near future. I wish Canada had a rational government that would help the US in this time of trouble. The time of trouble that is the beginning of the European Chaos in North America.

          Keep you musket clean and your powder dry, stay frosty and watch you back the left is about to turn their militias loose and this time it won’t be the snow flakes that live at home. This time it will be the hard core committed socialists who are out to forcibly seize control of the entire world.

            • Their hard corp thinks that we will get in trouble shooting the snow flakes instead of discovering the identity of the hard corp and going after them. They will discover the true meaning of hunter killer units.

        • I cannot believe neither Newt, nor Laura drew the glaring parallel between this Honduran invasion and the European hijrah invasion.

          Neither can I and observations like yours are just one of many reasons why Vlad Tepes Blog is my primary destination each morning. Aside from a bare few baker’s dozen of other direct commentators at this site (like yourself), your most welcome “blinding glimpses of the obvious” (from, “Den of Thieves” – James B. Stewart – 2012 Simon and Schuster) make—what easily could be near-endless misery—as in keeping updated about geo-global politics) into something that is, at least, faintly amusing. For that, you (and this site’s other ink-stained wretches all) deserve medals.

          Thank you, Johnnyu, for taking time to make the personal effort that distinguishes Eeyore’s proverbial Labor of Love into the premier Internet destination that it is.

        • Not long ago we heard a very interesting interview here (can’t remember Eeyore maybe you can find it?) about a long-planned Iranian human railroad set up to funnel million of south and central Americans north to destabilize the U.S. and Canada. NGO’s are involved same as in Europe, aiding and abetting in criminal behavior. So how can there not be jihadis embedded in these caravans like in Europe?

          I know the video you are thinking about and finally found the bookmark for the website the man has.

          The website:

          The interview: Venezuelan Refugee Crisis | Joseph M. Humire and Stefan Molyneux

            • @ Richard ! Done !
              OT : Thanks for your lovely greeting, the other day. I’m a little like a “helicopter” here atm, hovering around to look, but not always landing (internet problems and computer likely to go into palliatative (spelling?) care. But I see enough!

    • Mexico opens border to women and children from migrant caravan

      Migrant women and children walk through the Guatemala-Mexico border bridge after Mexican authorities allowed them to pass into its territory, as thousands more waited to cross hoping to continue their journey toward the United States.

      • Jamal Khashoggi: One very awkward ‘death’ for the geopolitical hypocrites

        Put politely, all of this is stranger than a snake’s suspenders.

        Were not these political shenanigans and headline monkeyshines in such close proximity to the US midterm elections, all of this might be dismissed as so much MME (Muslim Middle East) Realpolitik and wetwork fol de rol.

        As we dive deeper into the Great Game’s chessboard, there arises this pesky little question:

        In mortal fear of playing economic hardball with Trump, mightn’t the Magic Kingdom have too cheerfully engaged in Khashoggi’s abrupt disarticulation as part of forcing Trump to ‘fish or cut bait’ over whatever unspoken yet longstanding special relationship between the USA and KSA?

        Obliging Trump to “walk back” his position regarding potential KSA complicity in the “disappearance” (to use current South-of-the-Border lingo) of Jamal Khashoggi, is pretty-much guaranteed to backfire against Riyadh in a rather spectacular manner.

        In more ‘crude’ (as it were) language: Despite how KSA’s Arab Light is right up there with the petrochemical benchmark of Texas light sweet, America’s current petroleum output for vehicular transportation could meet all existing demand for just long enough to break the spine of MbS and his gang of Young Turks (in so many words).

        However repugnant it has been for a non-television-watching highbrow snooty like myself, Trump’s sense of showmanship is a near-perfect ‘force-multiplier’ with respect to his Negotiating Skills™:

        • When you are thinking about the political chess game moves that the “disappearance” is affecting add the caravan into the mix, In many ways the caravan doesn’t make political sense. Putting a caravan of illegals on the border this close to the election is guaranteed to make the Trump Voters turn out in mass to vote down the Dems and their open border policy. However both the “Disappearance” and the Caravan could be designed to keep our attention on Saudi and the Border.

          What is happening elsewhere?

  1. Szynka Bez Konserwantow

    (Sung to the tune of “Camptown Races”
    With apologies to Stephen Foster)

    Poland’s Senate can’t be wrong,
    Duda, Duda
    The Polish people must be strong
    So Duda says

    Block “refugees” at night
    Block “refugees” at day
    Keep those “immigrants” the hell out
    And keep them out to stay

    Oh, the EU’s knickers are in a twist
    Duda, Duda
    Warsaw’s on their Christmas list
    So Duda says

    Block “refugees” at night
    Block “refugees” at day
    Keep those “immigrants” the hell out
    And keep them out to stay

    I went to Brussels, got my head caved in
    Duda, Duda
    I belong home votin’ for a Visegrád win
    So Duda says

    Block “refugees” at night
    Block “refugees” at day
    Keep those “immigrants” the hell out
    That’s what Duda says…

  2. Canada Working to Resettle Group of White Helmets (sputniknews, Oct 20, 2018)

    “Ottawa is in the process of resettling a group of White Helmets members who had to leave Syria, Canada’s Foreign Ministry said in a press release.

    “Together with a core group of international allies, Canada is working to resettle a group of White Helmets and their families after they had to flee Syria as a result of being specifically targeted by the Syrian regime and its backer, Russia,” the release said on Friday.

    Security screening is completed before members of the Syrian civil defense group can fly to Canada as refugees, the ministry said.

    Canada has supported the White Helmets by assisting them to train more volunteers and expand, the release noted.

    “We have a moral obligation to assist the endangered members of this civil defence group and their families,” the ministry added.

    On Wednesday, the Foreign Ministry of Jordan said in a statement 279 members of the White Helmets, who fled Syria, have now left Jordan to be resettled in the West.

    Amman said in July that it agreed to grant the White Helmets passage through its territory after it had received a pledge from Canada, Germany and the United Kingdom that they would take the refugees in after three months.”

    • Welcome to the stack register overflow that is about to take the entire EU by storm.

      Given the home culture child-bearing statistics … for every “refugee” currently suckling at the EU teat, there are between four and twenty “blackbirds” to be baked into this European pie.

      Welcome to hell.

    • U.S. dollar shortage will have consequences:

      Update to an ancient maxim:

      When Rome America sneezes, the world catches a cold.

      • Right now the US is in better shape to ride out a major economic collapse then the rest of the world. This is true but only true if the people causing the crisis wants the nations to survive, the resulting chaos will fit well into the Soros/Far Left goal of creating so much chaos the far left can take over. The far left doesn’t care what causes the chaos just that the chaos occurs, and they are placing their troops (Islamic and Leftist) are deployed in all First and Second world countries. The Third World is collapsing sending a much larger flood of economic migrants into Europe and the US to help collapse our economies and to create so much political and police chaos that the nations are rapidly becoming ungovernable.

        The Joker in this card game is the way the US public is armed, while other nations have varying degrees of firearms freedom we are the largest and this gives us the chance to keep some form of freedom and to establish some form of semi stable government and a society with some form of the rule of law. As an intellectual exercise looking at the future that is being formed is interesting, knowing that we will have to live in this future is horrifying.

        Don’t ever get so interested in one emergency that you forget to look around at the rest of the world to see what is happening.

        Another thing to keep in mind is the Bank in (I think it was Hungary) that increased its physical gold by 1000%. What are they seeing and getting ready for?

    • In remembrance of Solzhenitsyn, please permit me to republish what I consider one of his finest summaries of where the entire Gulag system needlessly gained impetus which empowered the Soviet Union’s very worst elements:

      How We Burned in the Camps

      And how we burned in the camps later, thinking: What would things have been like if every Security operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain whether he would return alive and had to say good-bye to his family? Or if, during periods of mass arrests, as for example in Leningrad, when they arrested a quarter of the entire city, people had not simply sat there in their lairs, paling with terror at every bang of the downstairs door and at every step on the staircase, but had understood they had nothing left to lose and had boldly set up in the downstairs hall an ambush of half a dozen people with axes, hammers, pokers, or whatever else was at hand?… The Organs would very quickly have suffered a shortage of officers and transport and, notwithstanding all of Stalin’s thirst, the cursed machine would have ground to a halt! If…if…We didn’t love freedom enough. And even more – we had no awareness of the real situation…. We purely and simply deserved everything that happened afterward.

      — Aleksandr I. Solzhenitsyn

      Europe is about to experience this entire Grand Guignol up close and personal. If America is collectively stupid enough to elect a Democrat president anytime within the next several decades, then prepare for Solzhenitsyn’s scenario to come true for the USA in every last ugly way imaginable.

      This is Norseradish and I accept the late Nobel Laureate, Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, as a reliable information source.

      • Yes electing a Dem in the next few decades will cause major damage to the US and the survival of freedom. However in making your analysis of what is happening consider why was the Caravan sent out now? We all know this is going to turn the Trump voters out in mass, what is this a distraction from? The Middle East? South Africa? The South China Sea? Europe? If Europe which Eastern or Western?

  3. Vienna: Afghan man threatens to cut the head off his rival’s family–
    These are serious accusations made against a 15-year-old Afghan in Vienna: According to police, the teenager beat up a boy of the same age out of jealousy and threatened his family with cutting off their heads. During the night on Friday, the young Afghan was handcuffed at Simmeringer Square. According to police spokesman Paul Eidenberger, the brawl had already taken place at the end of September. The two boys had apparently clashed violently over a girl, the young Afghan beat his opponent from Romania with fists.But that’s not all: He threatened the rival to kill his family, cutting off the heads of the relatives, as the spokesman further explained. He had also demanded that his victim immediately cease all efforts to contact the girl and stop meeting her.The police then took action during the night on Friday. The 15-year-old Afghan was stopped at Simmeringer Square and arrested.The boy is apparently not a stranger: he is repeatedly accused of drug, violent and property crimes. According to the executive, he is to be deported.
    Read more:

    • Vienna: Afghan man threatens to cut the head off his rival’s family

      Then, gentlemen,” said Napoleon, “let us wait a little; when your enemy is executing a false movement, never interrupt him.”

      From a 1836 multi-volume history book… Or, more familiarly:

      Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake.”

      — Napoleon Bonnaparte (1769 – 1821)

  4. “Firstly our thoughts and prayers are with those victims who had to suffer this terrible abuse carried out in Huddersfield. It’s so sad and sickening to hear about what the victims had to go through.

    Sikh Youth UK are saddened and heartbroken to see our sacred Turban associated with this sickening crime. As a community it is important to analyse such cases to understand why these predators have committed these crimes.

    We have spoken to several people in Huddersfield who knew Amere Dhaliwal to try and understand his character.

    We now know this person was NOT a Sikh and a turban was not part of his appearance whilst committing these crimes.

    Suspiciously, he drastically changed his appearance and grew a beard and started wearing a Turban when the investigation first started, he also gained a lot of weight. We can assume this was to hide his identity from victims he had abused around 7 years earlier. This is absolutely shocking and has tarnished our community.”

    The Islamic Council of Child Rapists UK:

  5. Robinson Blasts UK Judge Over Giving Bail to Gang Rapists, Denying One for Him (sputniknews, Oct 20, 2018)

    “Right wing activist and journalist Tommy Robinson went on a rant against Leeds Crown Court Judge Geoffrey Marson QC and the British media following the lifting of reporting restrictions on the case of the notorious “grooming gang,” that operated between 2004 and 2011.

    The activist published a video on his Facebook page, where he slams the judge’s earlier decision to let the suspects go on bail, which led to one of them, later convicted to 17 years in prison, escaping to Pakistan. He noted that when he was accused of reporting on the “grooming gang” case in May, the very same judge never gave him bail, which he had given to the people who “lived the life of crime.”

    “One of these sick child rapists is on the run in Pakistan because he was given bail. No bail for me though, they took me off the street and put me in prison inside five hours but 10 mass child rapists where 15 children gave witness statements spend a year walking the streets with your children because the establishment thought they posed no risk,” he wrote on Facebook…”

  6. Sweden to Charge Student Over Plane Protest Against Deportation of Afghan (sputniknews, Oct 20, 2018)

    “A 21-year-old Swedish student refused to sit down on Gothenburg flight until a man being sent back to Afghanistan was removed. Many have called her a hero; others have criticized her actions.

    Elin Ersson, may be prosecuted for halting a plane’s departure in July in protest of the deportation of an Afghan asylum seeker who was also on board, The Independent wrote, citing local media reports.

    On Friday, the Swedish prosecutor’s office announced that Elin will be charged with “violations of aviation law,” as she repeatedly refused to obey orders from the pilot and aircraft crew – a charge that carries a prison sentence of up to six months and a fine.
    A passenger plane cannot take off until all on board have taken their seats and buckled their belts.

    She will be tried at Gothenburg District Court, but no court date has yet been set…”

  7. Spanish Policemen Injured as 80 Migrants Attempt to Escape From Detention Center (sputniknews, Oct 20, 2018)

    “The detention center in Madrid currently hosts at least 170 people set to be deported from Spain.

    Over 80 people, predominantly of Algerian origin, attempted to escape from the Aluche detention center in the Spanish capital on Saturday, the broadcaster 24 Horas reported. According to media, at least 2 police officers have been seriously wounded and taken to hospital, while 9 more have sustained minor injuries.

    ?This is not the first time that an attempt to escape has taken place at the facility, as 13 migrants succeeded in fleeing it in August.

    The non-governmental organization SOS Racismo earlier reported that from 2014 to 2017, migrants in the detention center had gone on 15 hunger-strikes, also committing at least 7 suicide attempts.

    Earlier this summer, Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez ruled to set up a central operational command to address the ongoing immigration crisis. According to the latest figures from the International Organization for Migration (IOM), Spain currently tops the list of Mediterranean countries by the number of maritime migrant arrivals, with 23,048 people having arrived in the country by this method from the beginning of the year through August 1.”

  8. Three Blasts Rock Polling Stations in Kabul, 15 Killed, 110 Injured – Reports (sputniknews, Oct 20, 2018)

    “Three attacks in northern Afghanistan have injured more than a hundred people and scared voters going to vote in the country’s first parliamentary elections since 2010, according to media reports.

    “At this moment, we have data about three explosions, there is no confirmed information about the dead or injured. However, they did not affect the desire of citizens to cast their votes,” said a police department official.

    Pajhwok Afghan News has reported about 15 people killed and more than 110 injured during attacks on polling centers…”

  9. Jihadi Sid ‘dead’: Drone strike ‘kills’ Anjem Choudry’s former right-hand man who went from selling bouncy castles in Walthamstow to being one of the most brutal ISIS executioners in Syria (dailymail, Oct 20, 2018)

    “British Islamic State executioner ‘Jihadi Sid’ is believed to have died in a drone strike in Syria, it emerged last night.

    Security officials believe Siddhartha Dhar was killed along with his wife and five children in the Syrian city of Raqqa last year.

    Dhar, 35, was used as a recruiting tool by ISIS propagandists after the death of fellow Brit Mohammed Emwazi – also known as Jihadi John…”

  10. The City That Had Too Much Money

    The black coupe pulled up outside the Starlight Casino in a suburb of Vancouver. The driver got out, greeted a man in a red shirt, and pulled two bulging white plastic bags from the trunk. He led the way into an empty noodle shop next door, where he handed over the bags before returning to the car. The man in the red shirt took the bags into the casino, through a cavernous glass lobby with signs in English and Mandarin. At a cashier’s desk, he opened one of the bags to present his cargo: thousands of green Canadian $20 bills, bound into loose bricks with yellow plastic bands.

    The cashier’s counting machine would need to run continuously for more than 10 minutes to riffle through all the notes, which came to more than C$250,000 ($192,000). Converted into chips that could be cashed out later, whether or not they’d been wagered at the tables, the money would be spendable anywhere in Canada, unimpeded by questions of provenance.

  11. Salvini’s Italy Now Leads Europe in Number of Jihadi Deportations (breitbart, Oct 20, 2018)

    “While Italy has so far not experienced a major radical Islamic terror attack, the number of jihadis is rising in the country with Italy becoming the European nation with the highest number of jihad-related deportations this year.

    So far this year Italy has expelled an average of ten radical Islamic jihadists per month, up from last year when the average was around eight per month, Gli Occhi Della Guerra reports.

    The most recent deportation saw female Albanian jihadist Arta Kacabuni sent back to her home country after she was found guilty of joining the Islamic State terrorist group in 2015 and attempting to recruit her nephew and his wife for the terrorist organisation.

    Some jihadists who have been expelled have even attempted to return to Italy, as was the case with Tunisian jihadist Imam Lamjed Ben Krajem, who was found by General Investigations and Special Operations Division (DIGOS) police on a barge heading to Sicily earlier this week.

    The number of jihadis in Italy is rising not only because of illegal immigration but also radicalisation in Italian prisons, with Professor Paolo Branca, Islamologist at the Catholic University of Milan, claiming that some jihadists get arrested specifically in order to radicalise others in prisons…”

  12. Bono Dresses Like a Demon, Calls European Populists Salvini and Orban the Devil (breitbart, Oct 20, 2018)

    “Paul ‘Bono’ Hewson, through his demonic alter ego ‘MacPhisto’, compared European populist leaders who oppose open borders to the devil at a concert in Milan, Italy.

    With a computer-generated demon’s mask on his face, projected onto a large screen at the Mediolanum Forum in Milan, Bono told the audience: “My people [devils] are arriving all over Europe” — but he was not referring to illegal migrants or jihadists.

    “They go by many names, my people,” he explained.

    “In Sweden they call themselves Democrats, Swedish Democrats.

    “In France, they keep changing their names,” referring to the Marine Le Pen-fronted National Rally, previously called Front National.

    “In Poland they have names I cannot even pronounce. In Hungary, well there they are hungry for me.

    “In Italy, well you have a few to choose from, don’t you? My hot tip is Matteo Salvini.

    “Remember they have many names but they always have the same face. Mine,” Bono — or ‘MacPhisto’ — added.

    This is not the first time the open borders backing europhile has touted for the anti-populist movement during his European tour.

    While meeting with the European Union’s top bureaucrats last week, the Irish multi-millionaire said that it was an artist’s duty to romanticise the bloc, adding that if Europe and Africa united, they could “take over the world”.

    His band starts the British leg of its Experience + Innocence tour in Manchester, England, where the 58-year-old is likely to express his opinions on the Brexit negotiations over the border between the Republic of Ireland, an EU member-state, and the British province of Northern Ireland, as the United Kingdom prepares to leave the bloc.

    The Irish Times described how “The band have revamped the tour for its European leg, so it now opens with images of the continent in ruins after the Second World War and ends with the group playing in front of the EU flag, making a plea for tolerance and unity.”

    Admitting that the band’s British audience reception to the show’s theme may be split, Bono said: “I think it’s a beautiful, romantic concept, Europe, but it’s ended up as a cold concept for a lot of people. You just think about the bureaucracy in Brussels, which is why I guess a lot of people in the UK wanted to leave.””

    • Bono Dresses Like a Demon, Calls European Populists Salvini and Orban the Devil

      Bono Dresses Like a Dame (There, fixed that!)

      Then “he” has the nerve to call European populists Salvini and Orban the Devil.

      Boy howdy, this sociocultural termite has a lot to answer for.

  13. Cyprus takes in 29 Syrian migrants departing from Lebanon (abcnews, Oct 20, 2018)

    “Cypriot police say most of the 29 Syrian migrants who have arrived to the Mediterranean island after setting sail from Lebanon told authorities they have relatives living on Cyprus.

    Police said Saturday that the migrants, including five women, nine children and one unescorted minor, have so far made no requests for asylum after being taken to a reception center on the outskirts of the capital, Nicosia.

    The 29 arrived Friday by boat at Cape Greco on Cyprus’ southeastern tip.

    Cyprus officials say the tiny country of 1.1 million people can hardly cope with a burgeoning number of asylum-seekers.

    Earlier this week, Cypriot President Nicos Anastasiades told other European Union leaders that the ethnically split country is coming under “disproportionately great strain” from arriving migrants, especially through the breakaway north.”

  14. China Plans to Launch an ‘Artificial Moon’ to Light Up the Night Skies

    The night skies might soon have company: Chinese scientists are planning to launch an artificial moon into orbit by 2020 to illuminate city streets after dark.

    Scientists are hoping to hang the man-made moon above the city of Chengdu, the capital of China’s southwestern Sichuan province, according to a report in Chinese state media. The imitation celestial body — essentially an illuminated satellite — will bear a reflective coating to cast sunlight back to Earth, where it will supplement streetlights at night.

    Scientists estimated that it could be eight times more luminous than the actual, original moon. It will also orbit much closer to Earth; about 500 km (310 miles) away, compared to the moon’s 380,000 km (236,000 miles).

  15. Exclusive: U.S. weighs new warship passage through Taiwan Strait

    SINGAPORE/WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The United States is considering a new operation to send warships through the Taiwan Strait, U.S. officials tell Reuters, a mission aimed at ensuring free passage through the strategic waterway but which risks heightening tensions with China.

    The U.S. Navy conducted a similar mission in the strait’s international waters in July and any repeat would be seen in self-ruled Taiwan as a fresh expression of support by President Donald Trump’s government.

    The U.S. military declined comment and U.S. officials who discussed the deliberations, which have not been previously reported, did so on condition of anonymity. They did not discuss the potential timing for any fresh passage through the strait.

    China views Taiwan as a wayward province and has been ramping up pressure to assert its sovereignty over the island. It raised concerns over U.S. policy toward Taiwan in talks this week with U.S. Defense Secretary Jim Mattis in Singapore.

    Even as Washington mulls ordering a fresh passage through the strait, it has been trying to explain to Beijing that its policies toward Taiwan are unchanged.

  16. MSNBC analyst defends Elizabeth Warren, claims problem is ‘racist’ Cherokee Nation
    By Daily Caller News Foundation October 20, 2018

    A former aide to Hillary Clinton and MSNBC political analyst came to the defense of Sen. Elizabeth Warren on Thursday by criticizing the Cherokee Nation over its history of ostracizing black American Indians.

    “In terms of the Cherokee Nation statement, I found that to be ridiculous,” Zerlina Maxwell told MSNBC’s Craig Melvin. “I am also part Cherokee but I have not taken a DNA test. I’m not trying to join a tribe or claim membership and neither did Elizabeth Warren.”

    Warren, a Democrat from Massachusetts, faced backlash for misrepresenting her American Indian heritage after a DNA test showed she is likely between 1/64 and 1/1,024 American Indian. (RELATED: Elizabeth Warren Defends The Release Of Her DNA Test)

    video at site

    • … claims problem is ‘racist’ Cherokee Nation

      Well, many Native Americans are horribly racist, but few if any professional walks of life ever will admit this to even members of their own family.

      A former aide to Hillary Clinton and MSNBC political analyst came to the defense of Sen. Elizabeth Warren on Thursday by criticizing the Cherokee Nation over its history of ostracizing black American Indians.

      Let the cannibalism begin!

  17. Iraq: Millions of pilgrims set off to Karbala for Arbaeen

    Iranian pilgrims crossed Iran-Iraq borders on foot on Saturday, in order to arrive in Karbala on October 30th for the annual Shia pilgrimage of Arbaeen.

    Footage broadcast by Iranian state TV captured the pilgrims in Babylon Govornorate, where they resumed their journey. Pilgrims will have to walk for 82 kilometres (50 miles) before they reach Karbala.

    The Arbaeen pilgrimage to Karbala in Iraq is one of the largest religious gatherings in the world, marking the 40th day after the martyrdom of Imam Hussein in the seventh-century. Hussein is said to be the third Shia Imam and the Prophet Mohammed’s grandson.

  18. Leftist Violence Natural Outgrowth of Authoritarian Ideology

    What do you make of the leftist violence and anarchy all over the country lately? Is it just random and unrepresentative of the Democratic Party and the left as a whole? Or does it logically follow from what the left has become?

    In Portland, Oregon, in June, a leftist mob surrounded a U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement field office, barricading the exits and blocking the driveway. “Guards” patrolled the doors, trapping biohazard cleanup crew workers inside in stifling heat and with infernal odors. The agitators carried signs calling ICE employees Nazis and white supremacists. The Portland Police Bureau denied assistance to federal officers pleading for help.

    Mob members followed one ICE officer as he picked up his daughter from summer camp, and some also showed up at his house. Protesters went to another officer’s home with flyers showing his picture and name and accusing him of being part of the Gestapo.

    Democratic Mayor Ted Wheeler, also police commissioner, ordered the police not to intervene in these assaults. “I do not want the @PortlandPolice to be engaged or sucked into a conflict,” tweeted Wheeler, “particularly from a federal agency that I believe is on the wrong track.”

    • He is correct as far as he goes with the thought, the lefts violence is a natural out growth of their totalitarian ideology. In the article he is making the case for voting to keep them out of power, what he doesn’t say in the article is that no matter what the outcome of the election the violence will increase.

      If they win the Dems will use Lawfare and outright violence reverse the 2016 Presidential election undo everything President Trump has done to restore freedom to the Citizens of the US and to punish those who have the gall to disagree with them. Their Marxist Ideology is in many ways a Theology and they are out to hang the blasphemers that don’t follow their belief system.

      If they (as I fully expect) lose the 2018 midterm elections they will use Lawfare and violence to undo the 2016 Presidental Election remove everyone President Trump appointed to seats on Federal Courts and to reverse the 2018 Midterm Election and continue on their goal of destroying all freedom in the world.

      The violent actions and rhetoric is designed to inflame their base and increase the incivility towards their political enemies. They don’t care about the collateral damage to the people they are supposedly fighting for or to the nation as a whole. Anything that gives them power is good and and anything that deprives them of power is bad.

      This war is not one we chose or started but it is one we must win if freedom is to survive, the enemy has taken over many of our traditional allies and is working hard to take over the US, the problem they face is that the people in the US who believe in freedom and democracy are armed and are unwilling to allow the spiritual descendants of Mao, Stalin and Hitler to take over the world and create hell on earth for every person who is alive.

  19. CBC – Muslim mortgage kingpin led investigators on ‘treasure hunt’ for missing gold: Crown

    Trial begins for Omar Kalair, accused of pocketing millions in ‘Shariah-compliant’ mortgages

    A Toronto businessman accused of pocketing millions in fraudulent mortgages marketed to Muslims, emptied his accounts and led investigators on “a treasure hunt” to find nearly $2 million in gold bars, a federal prosecutor told a jury Tuesday. Six years later, where the bars have gone remains a mystery for authorities.

    Crown attorney Damien Frost made his opening statement at the trial of Omar Kalair, dubbed the “Muslim Madoff” by homeowners who bought into his “Shariah-compliant” mortgages that left them thousands of dollars in the hole.

    Kalair, 42, holds a graduate diploma in business, was once admitted to a PhD program in economics, and has spoken at a number of international conferences on Islamic finance — once at Harvard University.

    “The case we will present to you is about theft, fraud and money laundering,” Frost told the 12-member jury (five women, seven men) and two alternate members on the first day of the trial.

    Gold bought with company’s last dollars: Crown

    Prosecutors told a virtually empty courtroom that just days before Kalair’s company, UM Financial, went into receivership, Kalair and Yusuf Panchbhaya, 59, agreed to purchase over $2 million in gold and silver bullion, bought with the last of the company’s money. Panchbhaya was the chairman of a board of religious advisers who issued fatwas sanctioning the businesses mortgages as Islamic.

    Kalair arrived alone Tuesday, wearing mostly black with a brown traditional cap, a poppy on the lapel of his jacket. For most of the day, he sat listening intently as the judge instructed the jury, breaking his stoic expression for just a moment looking bemused when a hunched-over Panchbhaya had fallen asleep.

    Kalair and Panchbhaya have both pleaded not guilty to the charges laid by the RCMP in 2014, which include theft over $5,000, fraud over $5,000 and laundering the proceeds of crime.

    In his opening statement, Frost told the jury they would hear from a retired ScotiaBank manager at the branch where Kalair inquired about purchasing $1 million in gold bars, and a bank employee who authorized the gold to be released, among others.

    Fraud charges laid in 2014

    The case against the accused began in 2011, when some 180 homeowners were left in the lurch. That’s when a superior court judge placed UM Financial into receivership after it emerged that mortgage payments that were supposed to be remitted to the Central 1 Credit Union were in arrears. Central 1 Credit Union had extended millions of dollars in loans to UM Financial since 2004.

    In the years leading up to the scandal, UM Financial had built up an estimated $32 million-portfolio of what were billed as Shariah-compliant mortgages. Some Muslim scholars hold that it is not permissible to charge or receive interest on loans according to Islamic law.

    At the time, the company boasted it was “Canada’s premier Islamic Financial Institution,” at one point working towards an application for a Canadian bank licence — and was profiled on the business pages of some of the country’s major newspapers.

    But while technically interest-free, UM Financial charged a fee to its clients for its religiously-sanctioned mortgages — at a sum higher than what borrowers would usually pay at market rates.

    Fast-forward to 2014, three years after the fallout with Central 1 Credit Union, the RCMP would lay fraud charges against both Kalair and Panchbhaya for allegedly pocketing $4.3 million in mortgage payments, as well as the purchase and disappearance of 32 kg of gold bars.

    Kalair would eventually disappear, leading police to launch a Canada-wide warrant for his arrest, according to an RCMP news release. He turned himself in in March 2014.

    Precious metals to be paid to ‘unnamed clerics’

    In outlining his case, Frost said Kalair purchased nearly $2 million in gold bars and over $300,000 in silver coins purportedly to pay the professional fees of Shariah scholars, chaired by Panchbhaya. That’s despite the fact that for six years, from 2005 to 2011, not a single invoice had ever been issued for the religious advice, Frost told the jury Tuesday.

    Those precious metals would end up in the hands of an individual named Joseph Adam, the Crown said.

    Panchbhaya designated Adam the Shariah board’s manager of finance, authorizing him to take possession of the gold and silver to be paid to “unnamed clerics.”

    Frost told the court that in November 2011, Panchbhaya returned the silver to the court-appointed receiver, Grant Thornton, but that almost $2 million in gold is still missing.

    If convicted, the pair could face a maximum sentence of 14 years in prison.

    The trial continues next Tuesday.

  20. Antisemitic Muslim Minnesota Democratic Lawmaker Faces Fraud, Bigamy Charges with Her Own Brother

    Ilhan Omar is running for woman beater Hakim Muhammad (aka Keith Ellison)’s seat. She should be deported. Instead, she will most likely be a member of Congress.

    Ellison/Muhammad is the former Nation of Islam “activist” who has a long history of promoting and associating with antisemitic groups. Ellison embodied the leftist Islamic alliance, far-left and jihad anti-Israel politics.

    Ilhan Omar is worse. Omar, a Muslim Somali-American who has come under fire for her harsh criticism of Israel, was one of just two lawmakers in 2017 who voted against a Minnesota bill to deny life insurance payments to any person convicted of aiding or committing terror acts.

  21. Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods salads recalled coast to coast due to salmonella concern
    | “These products should be thrown away,” urges USDA

    | CNN – Ready-to-eat salads have been recalled from popular grocery stores like Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s due to concerns about corn contaminated with salmonella and listeria, the US Department of Agriculture Food Safety and Inspection Service has reported. [THURSDAY: 7-Eleven salads recalled for risk of Listeria and Salmonella]

    Manufacturers that have recalled products include:

  22. Pelosi Endorses Retaliatory Attacks?

    Pelosi: If There Is ‘Collateral Damage’ for Those Who Don’t Share Our View, ‘So Be It’

    House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D., Calif.) said over the weekend that her preferred economic policies would entail “collateral damage” on certain groups.

    Pelosi was going back and forth on climate change and its connection to job creation and prosperity with Paul Krugman, an economist and New York Times columnist. After finishing a sweeping discussion about those topics, Pelosi made the case that liberal policies would entail “collateral damage for some others who do not share our view” but ultimately help the country.

    “We owe the American people to be there for them, for their financial security, respecting the dignity and worth of every person in our country, and if there is some collateral damage for some others who do not share our view, well, so be it, but it shouldn’t be our original purpose,” Pelosi said.

    Pelosi did not specify who would be the damaged party, but on the issue of climate, Democrats have long railed against energy companies and promoted so-called clean energy alternatives. For former President Barack Obama, this led to criticism that he was picking winners and losers in the economy, which entailed wasting money on companies like solar-energy developer Solyndra.

  23. Ocasio-Cortez Wants to Defeat Global Warming Using ‘Bueprint’ for Defeating Nazis in WWII

    New York Democratic congressional candidate Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez thinks the “blueprint” for how we won World War Two can be deployed to beat global warming.

    The communist “it” girl appeared at a town hall in Queens, New York, last week where she came up with her unique suggestion on how to defeat global warming, according to the Washington Free Beacon.

    “When we talk about existential threats, the last time we had a really major existential threat in this country was around World War II, so we’ve been here before, and we have a blueprint of doing this before. None of these things are new ideas, but we have is an existential threat in the context of war,” Ocasio-Cortez said in a very vague allusion to the great war.

    Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez: Defeating Nazis Is My Blueprint To Defeating Global Warming

      • …she makes most actors look smart.

        Not a particularly difficult task, even on the most challenging of days (despite the clip’s disastrously poor audio production values). Be sure that truly fine actors are smart and can achieve ad lib moments or passages that transcend even the finest screenwriting.

        How gruesome must it be when someone stands out from the crowd for logically contesting an issue?!? As in: Wasn’t it just OF LATE and not of ‘once upon a time’ that it was expected behavior to protest idiocy on display?!? Finally:

        [A]ctors look smart?!? (Whamadoodle!!!)

        How much this is spozed to sting and where it’s gonna leave a mark is anybody’s guess. Emkay? So, please don’t try to tell me this is all hearts and flowers when I’m already squinting in readiment for the 19G poke.

        • PS: There are few finer examples of “one pass” or “first past” production than the ‘Ladies Garden Club’ sequence from, “The Manchurian Candidate” (1962).

          The trailer posted at this comment’s end originally was intended to be a visual ‘storyboard’ for the producers to “green-light” so that further development of this scene could take place in the actual film.

          After watching this ‘sneak preview’, the gathered producers insisted upon having the entire scene spliced in, unretouched.

          Talk about, “Do it once, do it right!”

  24. Midterm Meddling: Democrats Surge on Facebook After Algorithm Changes

    Democrat candidates for the Senate and House are vastly outpacing their Republican opponents on Facebook and Facebook-owned Instagram, according to analysis by the New York Times — although it’s impossible to say how much of their upsurge is the result of mass-bans and algorithm changes on the part of Facebook.

    The analysis shows a 7.8 million advantage in Facebook interactions for Democrat Senate candidates vs. Republican Senate candidates in a 30-day period ending October 15, and a 2 million advantage in interactions for Democrats fighting House races over the same period.

    Only in gubernatorial races do Republicans hold a slight advantage in Facebook interactions — of just 100,000.

  25. EXCLUSIVE: ‘Gosnell’ Being Dropped From Movie Theaters Despite Solid Performance
    “It’s hard not to believe it isn’t about the content of the movie.”

    “Gosnell: The Trial of America’s Biggest Serial Killer” surpassed box office expectations upon its release last week by entering into the Top 10 grossing films with a revenue of $1,235,000 on just 668 screens.

    Despite the solid performance for an independent film of this sort, nearly 200 theaters have inexplicably dropped the film, including those in major cities where it was performing the strongest. Coming into its second week, “Gosnell” has dropped from 668 theaters to 480 theaters – a full 188 theater drop, 15 of which were top-performing multiplexes.

  26. HORROR: Toronto Hospital Preps Assisted Suicide For Children, Might Not Inform Parents

    The oft-mocked “slippery slope” arguments from conservatives with regard to euthanasia are terrifyingly coming to fruition in Canada.

    Last month, a group of medics from Toronto’s Hospital for Sick Children outlined their plans for administering “medically assisted suicide” for patients under the age of 18 in the “near future.” The paper, published in the British Medical Journal, asserts their commitment to “patient confidentially” with such hypothetical children, stating that there will likely be cases where a “capable” child patient could undergo the “assisted suicide” without parents being informed first.

    “This article explores the ethical challenges of providing Medical Assistance in Dying (MAID) in a paediatric setting,” reads the paper’s abstract. “More specifically, we focus on the theoretical questions that came to light when we were asked to develop a policy for responding to MAID requests at our tertiary paediatric institution.”

    • HORROR: Toronto Hospital Preps Assisted Suicide For Children, Might Not Inform Parents

      This is why civilized cultures ensure that there is a death penalty to help address even the slightest potential lapses in dealing with disincentivization of causing harm to those who are least capable of making informed decisions for themselves.

      It is impossible to overstress the criticality of individual people making informed decisions about their own fate. This has ZERO to do with Nanny-State Über-Controllism and everything to do with thinking for one’s own self.

  27. Molotov Cocktails Hurled At Seattle-Area Church During Worship Service

    As a group of roughly 50 congregants attended a worship service at a church in Seattle’s Rainer Valley Thursday night, someone hurled several alleged Molotov cocktails at the church. Seattle police spokesman Detective Patrick Michaud said that a 911 caller reported witnessing someone throwing a bottle full of liquid at the church around 8 p.m.

    The incendiary devices caused a small fire and damage to the exterior of the Iglesia ni Cristo Locale of Seattle, a Church of Christ, but did not start a fire inside the church. Some vehicles near the church might have been damaged,

  28. War Between Israel And Hamas Appears To Be Imminent
    RSN Staff –

    Nation Will Rise Against Nation: Israeli Tanks Mass Along The Border As War Between Israel And Hamas Appears To Be Imminent

    Another extremely bloody border protest on Friday has pushed Israel and Hamas to the brink of war. The Egyptians had been urging Hamas to tone down the border protests, but that did not happen. Instead, Hamas is pledging to continue the border protests for as long as it takes to end the Israeli blockade. So Israel has a choice to make. Either it can end the blockade, accept the endless violence that is currently taking place along the border, or invade Gaza. The Israelis have already stated very clearly that the blockade will not end, because everyone understands that weapons and fighters will pour into Gaza if that happens. So it looks like the choice will come down to living with the border violence or invading Gaza, and living with the border violence does not appear to be an acceptable choice either. On Friday, 10,000 Hamas protesters showed up at the border fence, and 130 of them got shot during the violence that erupted…

  29. I don’t know anything about this one besides the title

    Proud Boys, Patriots, American Guard Fight Protesters at Providence ‘Resist Marxism’ Rally

  30. euronews – More than half a million march on London demanding a final say on Brexit

    Thousands are marching in London on Saturday for a ‘people’s vote’ on the final terms of the Brexit divorce bill.

    • UK: Hundreds of thousands rally in London for new Brexit referendum

      Hundreds of thousands of people hit London’s streets on Saturday to join the People’s Vote march, asking to have a referendum on the final Brexit deal.

    • DAILY MAIL – ‘700,000’ demand second referendum: Sadiq Khan tells ‘biggest protest since the Iraq War’ that ‘young people’s voices weren’t heard’ in 2016 and they must get final say on Brexit in new referendum – but leavers brand poll a ‘losers’ vote’

      Sadiq Khan tells ‘biggest protest since the Iraq War’ that ‘young people’s voices weren’t heard’ in 2016 and they must get final say on Brexit in new referendum – but leavers brand call a ‘losers’ vote’

      Organisers said 670,000 anti-Brexit campaigners marched streets calling for second referendum in London
      The turn out far exceeded expectations with 100,000 originally expected to attend the demonstrations
      London Mayor Sadiq Khan wants voters who were too young to vote in 2016 to have their say in second vote
      Mr Khan called the event ‘march for the future of young Britons’ as he addressed cheering crowds from stand
      Prime Minister Theresa May has ruled out holding another public vote on Britain’s exit from European Union

  31. Täter zieht Messer: Junge Frauen verhindern mutig eine Vergewaltigung

    Karolina Smaga stößt einen Sexualstraftäter von seinem Opfer herunter und verfolgt ihn trotz hoher Absätze – bis er die junge Rietbergerin mit einem Klappmesser angreift

    Bielefeld/Gütersloh/Herford. Linda Cariglia (20) aus Gütersloh und Karolina Smaga (21) aus Rietberg können es auch zwei Tage nach der Tat noch nicht richtig fassen: Die beiden mutigen Supermarkt-Auszubildenden haben Sonntagfrüh nicht nur eine Vergewaltigung mitten in der Innenstadt verhindert, sie haben auch tatkräftig dafür gesorgt, dass der Täter wenig später am Jahnplatz verhaftet werden konnte.

    Wie Polizeisprecher Michael Kötter auf Anfrage am Dienstag bestätigte, hat ein Mann am Sonntag gegen 6.15 Uhr versucht, eine junge Frau an der Mindener Straße (kurz hinter der Eisenbahnbrücke) zu vergewaltigen. Demnach habe der Täter das Opfer von hinten attackiert, zu Boden gedrückt und in ein Gebüsch gezerrt.

    Die in diesem Moment aufgetauchten Zeuginnen sind dann sofort tatkräftig eingeschritten und haben den 25-jährigen Marokkaner, der laut Polizei in einer Herforder Flüchtlingsunterkunft lebt, von der Tat abgehalten.

    Eine unglaubliche Geschichte
    Was sich im Polizeideutsch noch nüchtern anhört, ist eine unglaubliche Geschichte: Die 20-jährige Linda Cariglia erinnert sich: “Wir waren auf dem Weg von der Disco zum Bahnhof, als wir hinter der Brücke im Gebüsch Geräusche hörten – und dann Hilferufe.” Als die Partygängerinnen genauer hinsahen, erkannten sie zwischen den Büschen einen Mann, der auf einer weinenden Frau lag.

    “Man konnte ihr ansehen, dass sie das nicht wollte”, so Cariglia. Um ganz sicher zu sein, rief Smaga: “Willst Du das?” Obwohl der Täter der Frau den Mund zuhielt, und behauptete, alles sei nur Spaß, seien ihre “Nein”- und Hilferufe deutlich hörbar gewesen.


  32. Saudis’ Image Makers: A Troll Army and a Twitter Insider (NYT, Oct 20, 2018)

    “Each morning, Jamal Khashoggi would check his phone to discover what fresh hell had been unleashed while he was sleeping.

    He would see the work of an army of Twitter trolls, ordered to attack him and other influential Saudis who had criticized the kingdom’s leaders. He sometimes took the attacks personally, so friends made a point of calling frequently to check on his mental state.

    “The mornings were the worst for him because he would wake up to the equivalent of sustained gunfire online,” said Maggie Mitchell Salem, a friend of Mr. Khashoggi’s for more than 15 years.

    Mr. Khashoggi’s online attackers were part of a broad effort dictated by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman and his close advisers to silence critics both inside Saudi Arabia and abroad. Hundreds of people work at a so-called troll farm in Riyadh to smother the voices of dissidents like Mr. Khashoggi. The vigorous push also appears to include the grooming — not previously reported — of a Saudi employee at Twitter whom Western intelligence officials suspected of spying on user accounts to help the Saudi leadership…”

    • I heard about the Tor security alert, early 2016.
      I saw a draft of the McKinsey analysis of social media perceptions prepared for the KSA. The decisive role of negative “influencers”. No one was named in the material I saw.

  33. Iran Arms Shipments to Hezbollah Pass through Doha (aawsat, Oct 20, 2018)

    “Iran has been increasing its shipments of advanced weaponry to the Lebanese “Hezbollah” party, deliveries that now include Global Positioning System (GPS) components to make previously unguided rockets into precision guided-missiles, said American and western intelligence sources according to a Fox News report.

    One of the Iranian flights arrived in Lebanon three days ago, officials tell Fox News.

    Iran’s Fars Air Qeshm flight number QFZ-9950 departed Tehran International Airport on Tuesday at 9:33 am local time, and flew to an unknown destination, according to flight data obtained by Fox News.

    Later in the day, the Boeing 747 jet touched down in Syria’s capital Damascus before continuing on to Beirut, arriving just past 2 pm.

    On Wednesday evening, the Iranian cargo plane departed Beirut for Doha, Qatar arriving just after midnight local time, and returned to Iran’s capital Thursday at 6:31 pm.

    Western intelligence sources said the Iranian cargo plane carried weapons components, including GPS devices to make precision-guided weapons in Iranian factories inside Lebanon.

    The United States and Israel, as well as other western intelligence agencies, have offered evidence that Iran has operated similar weapons factories in Syria and Yemen, in addition to Lebanon, said Fox News…”

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