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2 Replies to “No. 1 #WalkAway”

  1. I haven’t listened to many of Prez Reagan’s speeches. Didn’t realize how truly remarkable they were. He really got it, didn’t he?
    Way back then rejecting socialism and communism was a no-brainer. Yet the Kennedys and the “Great Society” were moving us toward them.

    Potus-40 brought Natan Sharansky and my Russki’s oldest brother out of gulag. Freed the refuseniks and kept us free. Kept us proud.
    May his memory be blessed.

    • Yes he was a very effective speaker and what most people don’t realize is that until he was President he wrote most of his own speeches. If Goldwater had won things would have been very different. The odds are the radical left would have never gotten control of the Dems and in my opinion the Space Program wouldn’t have been stopped.

      Reagan can along when we needed him to save the US, Trump came along when we needed him to save the US. Comes the time comes the man.

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