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5 Replies to “Stephen Harper warns, Populism is not the danger. Socialism is”

  1. To think we could have had this great man as our leader and the libtards,retards,and socialists gave us an imbecile who is nothing more than a clown prince. The mainstream media did the same thing to Mr Harper as they are doing to Donald Trump. The only difference is the time factor. When Canadian media was lying about Mr Harper we didn’t realize the mainstream media in Canada were as corrupt as they are !!

  2. He statement that “socialism is a bigger threat than populism” – or words to that effect – imply that he thinks populism is a threat itself. Right – standing up for one’s own culture and society is a dangerous thing. Harper is a closet globalist: Canada’s muslim population doubled under him and set us on the road to decline and eventual Sharia Law (he used the Temporary Foreign Workers Program to achieve this). He failed to defund the poisonous and biased CBC when he was in a majority position and able to do this. It seems to me that he was and is a somewhat timid and lukewarm conservative, at best, who seemed to spend far too much time in the futile task of trying to appease the left wing media and the progressives – and lost to a part time drama teacher and snow board instructor as a result. He WAS good with regard to Israel, though ….

    • OK I am purely speculating here, but this is my take on it:

      I think PM Harper is fully Red Pilled.

      I think he knew the difference between a majority leader and what his mandate really meant. I think the problem was not him but Canada. Canadians simply are so far down the commie trail that trying to even get something as easy as a monument to the victims of communism, a fantastic idea which he got passed, could not be built.

      He is facing a bigger, and more entrenched deep state than even president Trump is, and without the same tools to fight it.

      He cut funding to Islamic terror groups that have since been restored.

      I think he knows that if he said what he thinks about populism, from his PoV, nothing he said after that would be taken seriously, or likely even broadcast.

      What he was doing in that interview is what he did as PM. Which was to do the limit of what he thought he could actually accomplish as a practical matter.

      Having said all that, we all want our Trump, Le Pen, Orban, and that fantastic fellow who is the new head of UKIP. And maybe Canada is closer to ready for that now as a few provincial elections have shown.

      But I have sympathy for Stephen Harper as in some interviews he did as PM which we posted here, he showed a pretty thorough understanding of events.

      And again, the attempt at a monument to victims of communism, that speaks volumes about him, and the zeitgiest in Canada now.

      • Interesting take and you may be right: Canadians truly are – two thirds of us, anyway – socialists and progressives. Conservatives would never have a prayer of getting into power if the Left was not split. So perhaps Harper, fully aware of this, was actually a shrewd and masterful politician, realistically assessing the situation and counter punching until the time was right for a more direct attack. I still don’t get the importation of thousands of muslims under his watch, though ….

        But mostly I guess that I’m just frustrated and fearful of the direction this country is going. As, presumably, all reasonable and thinking Canadians are.

  3. Harper nailed it when he said that after the fall of the Berlin Wall, all of the Marxists were found to be on the west side of the wall, not the east. We’re carrying the burden of that reality to this day.

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