Is there enough Clozapine in all the Walmarts combined?

Dear working and honest people of Portland.

Why not move away?

I would suspect that after 2 summer months or 2 winter weeks of leftists living in the utopia they created, without honest free marketers allowing the illusion that the city is functional, they would become the most libertarian place in the USA.

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7 Replies to “Is there enough Clozapine in all the Walmarts combined?”

  1. It occurs to me that the lefties have now forgone all pretenses as far as being “moderate” for want of a better word. Their hatred of this country, it’s ideals and worse are now brazenly out in the open. It’s not a secret anymore. These are not just “Socialists”, but in fact treasonous scum that are out to destroy this country as we know it.

    The funny part is if they succeed, they will be shocked as the “Rulers” they install then go after them, just as Stalin, Hitler, Castro and Mao did because that is always the end result.

    • The reason the new rulers always go after the revolutionaries who put them in power is because the revolutionaries are more dangerous then the people who lost the war. The revolutionaries know how to bring down a government the others have proven that they don’t know how to fight a civil war.

  2. Good thing I’m not there behind the wheel.
    I’m not at all convinced I could control my foot on the accelerator.
    Just watching, I noticed my ankle tensing all by itself.

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