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6 Replies to “ANTIFA thugs up Rhode Island outside Providence State House Saturday”

  1. And so when the nice Chinese family turns on the TV to watch the six-o’clock news they are confronted with Western news of ugly violent scary black-masked leftists who make no sense at all and just seem to want to wreck everything. Then the nice Chinese family looks around at the orderly life they are living in China and they feel happy that they have not made the mistake of allowing our childish and overly-permissive democracy and freedom-of-speech into their country.

    Call me Alex Jones but I think this is the entire point of everything we are seeing. I think the worst thing that can happen to a dictator is for his people to start demanding democracy and I think they have been willing to spend countless billions of dollars toward that end as the West fills up with furious Muslims and prepares for civil war and just looks less appetizing than it has looked in a long long time. It’s what they’ve been doing since the ’50s and it’s only getting worse…

    • I see it too. I bet you’re right.
      They’re doing what the Soviets did. Copycats.

      Uncle Vlad doesn’t have the resources these days, but he spends plenty on RT and Sputnick. Makes sure every Catalan head that gets busted is captured on video. Lets us see what DW tries to hide.

      The Russian networks are fulltime horror shows of the West in chaos. Rape and murder. Grotesque blacks peeing in famous fountains all over Europe. Aloha-snackbar.

      Spliced moments of Russian government acts of loving kindness in faraway places with strange-sounding names. (Some can’t be located on any map.)

  2. I see that George Soros is getting a lot of good our of his money, the entire goal of the far left is to create so much chaos that the Western Nations are ungovernable and that people will be willing to accept strongman (dictatorship) rule to get some peace.

      • Resolute restoration of the rule of law by the National Guard, the U.S. Marshals, whatever’s appropriate and Constitutional. With a determined C-in-C, we have the capability to put down domestic insurrection.

        No doubt about that. Timing, that’s all.

        The howling of paid mobs is fake right now. The impact is diminishing. When the time comes, we’ll be as hardened to the howling as we’re becoming to slurs of “nazi-racist-islamophobe”.

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