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  1. “A woman has been awarded £80,000 in damages in a civil case against a man who had previously been cleared of raping her during a freshers’ night out.”

    “Coxen, of Bury in Lancashire, denied the charges and in November 2015 a jury acquitted him on a not-proven verdict in a criminal trial.”

    But now, in a landmark ruling, a sheriff in a civil action has ruled Mr Coxen raped the woman and demanded he pay damages.

    A civil case was raised at the Personal Injury Court in Edinburgh over the incident and Sheriff Robert Weir QC ruled that it was rape, with £80,000 to be paid in damages to the woman.

    In his written judgment made at the Personal Injury Court in Edinburgh, Sheriff Weir said the evidence was ‘cogent compelling and persuasive’.

    He went on to say that at some time between 2am and 2.30am on Saturday September 14, 2013 ‘the defender took advantage of the pursuer when she was incapable of giving meaningful consent’.

    This he claims was ‘because of the effects of alcohol’.

    He said: ‘[Coxen] continued to do so even after she manifested distress and a measure of physical resistance, and that he raped her.

    ‘Accordingly, I shall grant decree against the defender in the agreed sum of £80,000 with judicial interest to run from September 21 2018 until payment.’

    The victim had earlier told the court that during a night out at a student party and a nightclub she drank a four cans of cider, a bottle of rose wine, a bottle of champagne and three glasses of sparkling wine which were mixed with vodka.

    She told Sheriff Robert Weir QC that she awoke in her bed to find a man she didn’t know having sex with her – and could not have consented.”

    The difference between British Subjects and the Establisment of Useful Idiot.


    This Belgian top intellectual completely destroys Islam and explains Islamic history and the Islamic lack of intellect.

    His name is Wim van Rooy. His book ‘Waarover Men Niet Spreekt’ (English: ‘About Which We Don’t Speak’) is only available in Flamish. He has been ignored by the politically correct media. For obvious reasons, they don’t like what he has to say.

  3. Anti-Semitic incitement by a Social Democratic minister from Bremen, Germany–
    Bremen’s Senator of the Interior, Ulrich Mäurer (SPD) : “I would also rally if I saw the Israeli army simply executing dozens of Palestinians at the border fence”. – For such an anti-Semitic lie one would actually have to step back or is Jewish hatred already trendy?
    Read more:

  4. Victory rally in front of the Ulu mosque, Utrecht, the Netherlands yesterday. This is a Diyanet mosque, which means it’s controlled directly by the Turkish government.
    Fireworks thrown, charges by mounted police. There’s a Moroccan flag in the crowd. Also note the high visibility vests, mosque security officers I think:

    The “victory” they’re celebrating is the disruption of a Pegida rally. A crowd of 15 was attacked by 150 muslims with tomatoes, eggs, bottles, cans and fireworks. The mayor decided to end the rally at 20:30 in order to keep the peace. In Dutch:

  5. Brutal acts at the hands of Boko Haram jihadis are leading Muslims to abandon their faith in the capital of Nigeria’s Borno State, the birthplace of the Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL)-linked terrorist group, an African media outlet reported on Wednesday.
    “After a decade of fighting, many in Maiduguri are all the more horrified by the indiscriminate brutality that Boko Haram has committed in the name of Islam,” the African Argument news outlet reported.

    “That violence is what led me to believe they were bad for religion,” Ibrahim Suleiman, a resident of the Borno capital of Maiduguri, told the media outlet. “They preached hatred and divided people … Their jihad has failed.”

    “People are boycotting the mosques,” he added. “People are afraid of the bombs, but they also no longer trust religious leaders as before.”

    The Boko Haram insurgency has been raging since 2009 and has left more than 30,000 people dead, including 20,000 in Borno alone, a database compiled by the Council on Foreign Relations revealed. Boko Haram has also injured scores of others.

  6. Harvard researchers expose the folly of wind power
    By Thomas Lifson
    Those ugly, unreliable, heavily subsidized windmills that dot the landscape in increasing numbers not only kill millions of birds, but actually increase global warming, if you buy into the assumptions used by the warmist cult. We have this on the authority of scientists bearing the imprimatur of prestigious universities. From Technology Review, published by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology:

    [A] new study by a pair of Harvard researchers finds that a high amount of wind power could mean more climate warming, at least regionally and in the immediate decades ahead. The paper raises serious questions about just how much the United States or other nations should look to wind power to clean up electricity systems.

    The study, published in the journal Joule, found that if wind power supplied all US electricity demands, it would warm the surface of the continental United States by 0.24?C. That could significantly exceed the reduction in US warming achieved by decarbonizing the nation’s electricity sector this century, which would be around 0.1?C. …

    The core problem is that wind turbines generate electricity by extracting energy out of the air, slowing down wind and otherwise altering “the exchange of heat, moisture, and momentum between the surface and the atmosphere,” the study explains. That can produce some level of warming.

  7. ISIS Warns of Knife Attack ‘Surprises’ at Concerts

    Shortly after the one-year anniversary of the mass shooting that targeted an outdoor concert on the Las Vegas Strip, a pro-ISIS media group is circulating an online poster warning of knife attacks at musical events.

    Previous releases from Remah Media Production included a January poster showing a jihadist standing in front of a cityscape vowing to “sink America” and another showing jihadists standing in front of a nondescript legislative building vowing that “soon you will taste agony.” The group has also released video nasheeds, or songs to inspire terrorists.

    In the new poster, a jihadist wearing a suit jacket stands with a large knife behind his back while behind concert-goers whose attention is fixed on the stage.

    “Wait for our surprises,” warns the text, signed “Islamic State.”

    In May 2017, a suicide bomber claimed by ISIS killed 22 people leaving an Ariana Grande concert at the Manchester Arena in the UK. Since the Oct. 1, 2017, massacre on a country music festival, ISIS has both claimed and idolized shooter Stephen Paddock, encouraging would-be terrorists to poach from his tactics such as how he used a sniper’s perch in a suite on the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay to kill 58 people and wound hundreds more.

  8. Interpol chief missing: French police launch investigation into President Meng Hongwei’s disappearance

    Meng Hongwei, 64, has not been heard from since travelling to China in late September

    French police have launched an investigation into the disappearance of Interpol‘s president.

    Meng Hongwei, a Chinese government minister, was reported missing after travelling to his native country last week.

    The 64-year-old lives in Lyon with his wife and children, who have not heard from him since he left for China on 29 September, according to reports.

    • Interpol chief’s wife and children are guarded by French police after phone threats – as he’s held in China for ‘antagonising’ Communist government

      French police investigating the disappearance of Interpol president Meng Hongwei have placed his family under special protection.

      The country’s interior ministry said they were under police supervision in Lyon – where Interpol’s headquarters are located – after Meng’s wife was threatened over the phone and on social media.

      Meng, who held many senior positions in Chinese Government since entering politics in 1972, ‘disappeared’ on September 25 after travelling to his native country.

      A source familiar with the investigation said the working assumption was that the 64-year-old had antagonised Chinese authorities and had been detained as a result.

    • China silent as French police probe disappearance of Interpol chief

      PARIS (Reuters) – French police are investigating the disappearance of Interpol chief, Meng Hongwei, who was reported missing after traveling from France to his native China, and they have placed his wife under protection after threats, the interior ministry said on Friday.

      Meng’s wife contacted police in Lyon, the French city where the international police agency is based, after not hearing from him since Sept. 25, and after receiving threats by phone and on social media, the ministry said.

      A person familiar with the investigation into the disappearance said the initial working assumption of Western investigators was that Meng had antagonized Chinese authorities in some way and had been detained as a result.

      “France is puzzled about the situation of Interpol’s president and concerned about the threats made to his wife,” the ministry said.

      Meng’s wife, who has remained in Lyon with their children according to police sources, was receiving protection, it said. “Exchanges with Chinese authorities continue,” the ministry added.

      China has not commented officially on Meng’s disappearance and there was no mention of him in official media on Saturday.

  9. (Richard: Legalize opium! Wjat cam [possibly go wrong?)

    Mexico defense chief says legalizing opium ‘way out’ of violenceACAPULCO, Mexico (Reuters) – Mexico’s defense minister said on Friday legalizing opium for medicinal use could contain violence caused by drug gangs fighting over poppy fields and trafficking routes in the country’s southwest.

    Defense Minister General Salvador Cienfuegos spoke to reporters during a visit to the town of Teloloapan in the crime-ridden state of Guerrero, where much of the heroin trafficked to the United States is produced.

    Legalization “is already on the table. I think it can be a way out of the problem,” Cienfuegos said when asked about violence in the state and proposals to regulate opium production.

    Olga Sanchez, the designated interior minister of President-elect Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, has said the next administration will explore regulating opium production for pharmaceutical use.

    Guerrero’s governor has backed the idea and state lawmakers sent a draft bill to the federal congress in August.

    “But it is a subject that will have to be debated. In principle, it seems to me that it is correct,” Cienfuegos said.

  10. Sen. Grassley: ‘In light of recently uncovered information,’ demands Ford team’s, Dems’ correspondence
    By J.E. Dyer October 5, 2018

    Now that Susan Collins and Joe Manchin have put the vote count for Kavanaugh over 50, it really is time to be focusing on football for the weekend. But the media have been abuzz with the new level of spine being shown by Republican senators in the last two days, and Chuck Grassley, chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, contributed much to that impression early Friday morning.

    In a letter to Christine Blasey Ford’s legal team (reportedly dispatched at 4 AM Eastern), Grassley requested they promptly forward a package of materials including not just the long-requested background information on Ford’s allegations (i.e., therapy notes and communications with the Washington Post) but correspondence between the legal team and senators, staff, and witnesses.

    Grassley wrote (emphasis added):

  11. Austria Plans to Ban Knives for Asylum Seekers (sputniknews, Oct 6, 2018)

    “Following prohibiting firearms for foreigners, the conservative-leaning government is looking into imposing further restrictions on bladed weapons with exception of kitchen knives or hunting knives. According to the 2017 stats, most suspects in stabbing attacks are third-country citizens.

    The Austrian government is planning to tighten the rules for owning weapons for several categories of the country’s third country nationals, including asylum seekers, illegal migrants, and those without an EU residence permit, with a new law expected to come into force in 2019, as reported by the local outlet Kurier.

    The planned legislation would forbid them to acquire, own and carry weapons like flick knives and butterflies, but still allows for having kitchen or hunting knives. The wrongdoers would reportedly face fines and subsequent imprisonment, if they fail to pay. It is also supposed to impact the asylum procedure as well.

    According to the Austrian outlet, the number of attacks with hacking or stabbing weapons has nearly doubled over the past 5 years, while the rate of violent crimes fell on the whole. Moreover, foreigners living in Austria are the most common suspects in such cases…”

  12. Gunned down man found tied to a bed on Saudi Arabia road (VIDEO) (RT, Oct 6, 2018)

    “A bizarre incident has occurred in Saudi Arabia, in which a dead body tied to a bed was discovered in the middle of a road. The victim, who turned out to be an illegal migrant, had been gunned down, according to local police.

    Motorists made the chilling discovery 11 km away from the southern Saudi city of Abha late on Thursday. The dead body, wrapped in a blanket, was lying on a cast iron bed without mattress right in the middle of the road, footage from the scene shows…”

  13. Schoolboy 15, is ‘given detention for voicing his support for UKIP during classroom debate’ (dailymail, Oct 6, 2018)

    “A 15-year-old boy was given detention after voicing his support for Ukip during a classroom debate, his father has claimed.

    During a phone-in on radio station LBC yesterday, a caller named Paul told host Nick Ferrari his son had been punished after declaring he would vote for the Right-wing party – but shouldn’t be called racist.

    The caller said: ‘One boy said he’d vote for Ukip and the teacher said “all Ukip voters are racist”, so my boy came in and said, “I’d vote for Ukip and I’m not racist.”

    ‘He was given a detention, [with] the three boys that said it, and when he came home and told me I didn’t believe him.’

    Paul later phoned his son’s head of year to complain about the incident, which Ferrari described as ‘outrageous’ and ‘absurd’.

    He said the teacher in question was later reprimanded and the family received an apology from both the teacher and the school.

    Ukip leader Gerard Batten said: ‘Sadly this is not a unique occurrence … Ukip people have told me that teachers have told their children that their parents “belong to a Nazi party”.

    ‘It’s happening because the teaching profession is under the domination of the extreme Left who are the real fascists in modern-day Britain…”

  14. Teen Daughter of Marine Le Pen Hospitalised After Assault by Two Men (breitbart, Oct 6, 2018)

    “The teenage daughter of French populist leader Marine Le Pen was violently assaulted outside a bowling alley bar in Nanterre, forcing her to be taken to a local hospital in the area.

    The attack on the 19-year-old took place at the exit of a bowling alley bar at Nelson Mandela Square on Thursday night while she and her 18-year-old cousin were leaving the bar. Two men aged 32 and 47 from Nanterre approached the two and physically assaulted them at around 2 am, Le Parisien reports.

    After the police were called, the two suspects were arrested at the scene when officers arrived at the bar. Investigators have so far not commented on the cause of the attack but the cousin of Ms Le Pen’s daughter has filed charges with police against the two men.

    The incident provoked outrage from the former French presidential candidate who called the attack a “gratuitous aggression,” and added: “there was no fight … there was an assault, a gratuitous assault on two young people aged 18 and 19.”

    “But this is not inevitable. This is, I believe, the consequence of political choices that have been made for a number of years,” she continued, saying her daughter was in a state of shock about the attack but that she was relieved the incident was not more serious…”

    • From what isn’t said it looks like cultural enrichers were the attackers, this isn’t going to get le Pen to back off and it isn’t going to get her backers to back off.

      Wrong move guys.

  15. Moroccan Government Blames Pro-Open Borders NGOs for ‘Encouraging’ Illegal Migration (breitbart, Oct 6, 2018)

    “Moroccan director of immigration and border surveillance at the Ministry of the Interior Khalid Zerouali has slammed pro-migration ‘rescue’ NGOs, saying they encourage illegal migration to Europe.

    Mr Zerouali blamed an increase in the number of illegal migrants attempting to reach Europe from Morocco on the “fleet of NGOs active in the Mediterranean area that encourages and guides migrants”, Moroccan magazine Telquel reports.

    According to Zerouali, the Moroccan government has become “overwhelmed” by the surge in illegal migrants travelling through the country to reach Europe, and has called on European Union member-states to become more involved in helping secure the border, noting that his government has already spent 200 million euros deploying 13,000 officials to the maritime border.

    “We have so far assumed our responsibilities unilaterally, but we are beginning to be overwhelmed,” he said.

    Migrant smuggling gangs have also been on the rise in the country according to Zerouali, with Moroccan authorities dismantling 60 separate networks between August and Septemeber alone.

    The Moroccan official claimed that NGOs have spread rumours to migrants that crossings into Europe are free, but noted: “trafficking in human beings is not a charitable act and has a lucrative purpose, because any crossing is supported by a network of traffickers.”

    While migrant crossings into Italy have gone down significantly since Italian interior minister Matteo Salvini shut Italian ports to NGO migrant ferries, Socialist-led Spain has seen a rapid increase in the number of arrivals.

    In some cases, hundreds of migrants have been collected from the Mediterranean by the country’s maritime rescue service…”

  16. Islamic State Makes New Threats Against German Subway Systems (breitbart, Oct 6, 2018)

    “The Islamic State has released new threats against European countries in propaganda that shows the terrorist group may target mass transit systems in Germany.

    The terror group, which has largely been routed and destroyed in Iraq and Syria, released the new threats through Al-Mughirat Media, a previously unknown propaganda arm, according to the German Federal Criminal Police Office (BKA).

    A photo released by the Islamic State shows an explosion at the Pempelforter Straße subway station in Dusseldorf and was found by BKA officers on the Jaish al-Karrar channel on the encrypted messaging app Telegram.

    “Oh, you crusaders. You will not live in peace and quiet for as long as we can not live in peace in the Muslim countries,” the group is alleged to have said.

    The Islamic State is known to use Telegram to communicate. The messaging app, along with another app called Zello, was used by Stockholm terror attacker Rakhmat Akilov shortly before he carried out his attack.

    A spokeswoman for the BKA commented on the threat, saying: “The picture is known since summer 2018 at the BKA. All relevant security authorities have been informed. Insights gained through the image have been included in the risk assessment.”…”

  17. This is the insanity of feminism folks –

    Please read the description (at youtube) if you are thinking one of the following:
    1. That’s not bleach it’s water
    2. This looks staged
    3. Why didn’t the guys fight back?
    4. It was recorded therefore it’s fake because nobody noticed anyone with a camera.?

  18. Schools Advised to Alert Social Services if Parents Stop Sons from Wearing Skirts (breitbart, Oct 6, 2018)

    Council guidelines have advised schools that staff may need to alert social services if parents dismiss a “gender questioning” child’s demand to “transition”.

    Brighton and Hove City Council’s “Trans Inclusion Schools Toolkit” tells teachers “it may be necessary and advisable to activate safeguarding procedures” if worried about a child’s “wellbeing and or safety” when faced with a parent who says, “I refuse to allow my son to change his name or wear skirts.”

    As The Telegraph pointed out on Thursday, the Department for Education’s (DfE) statutory guidance says that staff should refer a child to social services or police if the institution’s safeguarding lead has concerns about a child’s welfare.

    In addition, a section advising teachers on how to manage “some of the most common concerns” surrounding “gender questioning” pupils features several scenarios, including a parent calling in to say: “My daughter doesn’t want a boy changing next to her, what if he looks at her body?”

    “In response to this parental concern, it would not be appropriate to remove the trans pupil from the changing rooms. Instead, it would be far more appropriate to look at offering an alternative changing arrangement for the child who feels uncomfortable around the trans pupil,” the document says, adding: “It is the responsibility of members of staff to support … trans pupils and students and cisgender pupils and students to feel comfortable around one another.”

    Another scenario outlined in the toolkit, which insists that staff and pupils undergo “training and awareness raising” until everyone at the schools understands a person who identifies as a girl is a “real girl”, dismisses safety concerns about male pupils competing in single-sex sports with females, and vice versa.

    Such concerns are driven by a false belief that “all boys or all girls share the same physical attributes”, according to the document, which goes on to insist that “trans boys are boys, not girls, and therefore entitled to play rugby with boys”.

    Brighton and Hove City Council’s toolkit also features extensive information on how schools should become “inclusive” to “gender questioning” children, such as warning staff giving relationships and sex education lessons not to label genitals as male or female, but instead “make it clear that most rather than all boys have a penis and testicles and most rather than all girls have a vulva and vagina”.

    A spokesman for the left-wing council told The Telegraph that the version of the toolkit published on the Allsorts Youth Project’s website “is undergoing final checks before being sent out to schools”, according to the newspaper.

    The report came after individuals described in The Times as “leading members of the lesbian, gay, transsexual and intersex community” launched a petition urging Stonewall to reconsider its dogmatic stance on transgender issues, accusing the LGBT campaign group of “demonising as transphobic” anyone who voices views which dissent from its position on allowing transgender access to women-only spaces.”

  19. Pakistani court to hear appeal of Christian on death row (abcnews, Oct 6, 2018)

    “A defense lawyer says Pakistan’s top court will hear the final appeal of a Christian woman who has been on death row since 2010 after being convicted of insulting Islam’s Prophet Muhammad.

    Asia Bibi’s lawyer Saiful Malook said Saturday the Supreme Court will take up her appeal on Monday.

    Bibi’s first appeal was dismissed by a Lahore High Court in 2014, but the Supreme Court stayed her execution in 2015.

    Her case is being closely watched internationally and nationally as a test of Pakistan’s tolerance for its minorities.

    Bibi was arrested in 2009 after a quarrel with Muslim women and since then she has languished in prison. Pakistani Islamists have demanded her execution and two politicians, a governor and a minister of minorities, were killed in 2011 for supporting her.”

  20. Malaysia arrests 8 suspected militants, 7 of them foreigners (abcnews, Oct 6, 2018)

    “Malaysian police said Saturday that eight suspected militants, including seven foreigners, have been arrested for allegedly spreading religious extremism that could threaten national security and fan terrorism in the region.

    National police chief Mohamad Fuzi Harun said the suspects are connected with an Islamic religious school in Yemen that promotes the Salafi Jihadi teachings, which permit the killings of non-Muslims as well as Muslims who don’t follow their ways and denounce democracy as un-Islamic.

    He said the foreigners, aged between 24 and 38, include five people from a country in Europe, one from the Americas and one from the Middle East…”

  21. Quebec ban on religious symbols would be ‘catastrophic’: anglo groups

    “If they actually did it, it would be catastrophic, seriously tearing the community apart,” says head of the Quebec Community Groups Network.

    Disturbing, disruptive, divisive, catastrophic.

    Those are some of the words the head of a network of Quebec anglophone groups used Friday to describe the incoming Coalition Avenir Québec government’s plan to ban the wearing of religious symbols on the job by public employees in positions of authority.

    Under Premier-designate François Legault’s proposed new law, which he said Friday he would try to get passed in his first year, elementary and high school teachers, police officers, prosecutors, judges and prison guards would have to remove their Muslim hijab, Jewish kippa or Sikh turban or lose their jobs.

    “If they actually did it, it would be catastrophic, seriously tearing the community apart,” Geoffrey Chambers, president of the Quebec Community Groups Network, told the Montreal Gazette.

    “You can’t take people who are in positions of authority and responsibility and go there for some reason and just basically push them aside on the grounds that something they’ve been doing their whole lives is now illegal and not think that that will be very disruptive.”

    Chambers, whose network represents more than 50 anglophone groups, added: “There are quite a lot of people in our community who are going to get caught. This is not hypothetical.”

    He said “there would be very strong support (in the anglophone community) for people who are targeted that way. It would create a lot of conflict.”

    On Tuesday, Legault, who has yet to be sworn in as premier, indicated that in his effort to create the law he is ready to invoke the notwithstanding clause in the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

    “It’s very unfortunate that this issue should have come up at all and that it should come up so early in the mandate is very disturbing,” Chambers said.

    “It seems to indicate that they intend to proceed on a legislative path here. It’s not just going to be a thematic question that they talk about now and again but don’t act on.”

    Chambers said such a ban “will be extremely divisive and we can’t see a way (in which) they can act that wouldn’t end up being a constitutional issue, and then if they want to override the Constitution that’s an additional problem.”

    There are concerns the law could be extended to other public employees such as hospital administrators and other high-ranking civil servants, Chambers said.

    Legault’s plans were also denounced Friday by the Ligue des droits et libertés. The Quebec human rights group said it felt the need to “remind the new government of its obligation to respect the human rights of all.”

    “Several declarations by François Legault during the election campaign and in the aftermath of the elections are of great concern to the organization,” the Ligue said in a press release.

    It pointed to the CAQ’s plan to impose “Quebec values” and French tests on new immigrants, failing which would result in expulsion, as well as the proposed prohibition on religious symbols for some state employees.

    “Not only would these different measures violate many human rights, but simply proposing them may increase the racism and discrimination that immigrants and racialized people are already experiencing,” said Christian Nadeau, the group’s president.

    Jewish advocacy group B’nai Brith Canada also urged Legault to reconsider his plan.

    “We call on the CAQ to avoid the slippery slope of diminishing fundamental rights and work instead to secure religious liberties for all Quebecers,” Quebec Regional Director Harvey Levine said in a statement sent Friday. “The banning of religious symbols, and the possible firing of public employees who freely express their religious beliefs, is an assault on the fundamental rights and freedoms of Quebecers.”

  22. Germany: ‘We are the people’ – Hundreds attend far-right ‘Pro Chemnitz’ rally

    Hundreds of far-right ‘Pro Chemnitz’ movement supporters marched through the Saxon city on Friday, protesting against the government’s asylum policies.

  23. ITALY – Live: Demonstration in support of Riace’s arrested pro-migration mayor

    A demonstration in support of the Mayor of Riace, Domenico Lucano, takes place in the south Italian village on Saturday, October 6 under the slogan ‘We do not stop Riace.’

    Riace Mayor Domenico ‘Mimmo’ Lucano was put under house arrest on Tuesday, October 2 in relation to allegations of aiding illegal immigration.

    Riace administration has been frequently lauded as a ‘model’ for the way migrants were integrated into the local community and made a positive contribution to it 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • Mayor of Riace Domenico Lucano arrested on immigration charge

      The mayor of Riace, Domenico Lucano, is under house arrest for charges related to immigration and fraudulent dealings in the assignment of refuse collection contracts

      Mimmo Lucano, the mayor of Riace, a town with a reputation for welcoming refugees, has been placed under house arrest following an order from the state prosecutor’s office in Locri. The man that the magazine Fortune had included among the 50 most influential figures in the world in 2016, has been charged with aiding and abetting illegal immigration and fraudulently assigning contracts for refuse collection.

      Tax police from the Guardia di Finanza in Locri have also banned Lucano’s partner Tesfahun Lemlem from residing in Riace. The investigation, codenamed “Xenia”, has reportedly found a series of offences regarding the management of loans granted by the interior ministry and the prefect’s office of Reggio Calabria to Riace town council, in order to provide accommodation for refugees and asylum seekers.

      Mimmo Lucano was previously under investigation in November for fraud, extortion and misconduct in public office, resulting in the Guardia di Finanza searching the council offices and the mayor’s home. Magistrates from the prosecutor’s office in Locri had accused him of not having “sufficiently accounted for invoices for expenses incurred in 2014”.

      The investigating magistrate’s report stated that “despite holding public office, Lucano was found to be particularly unscrupulousness in organizing what were nothing short of ‘marriages of convenience’ between local men and foreign women, in order to illicitly allow the latter to stay permanently in Italy”.

      The “Xenia” investigation revealed how Lucano, together with his partner Tesfahun Lemlem, had devised a simple yet effective criminal plan to circumvent national regulations governing the arrival of refugees in Italy.

      In a phone call recorded by the Guardia di Finanza, Lucano was heard to say: “… I can get you an Italian ID card immediately, because as mayor I am in charge of the registry office. I took over the job after the clerk who previously held the post retired. I did so with the intention of getting round these stupid laws. I am acting against the law but all you really need is an identity card … I won’t waste time checking if your papers are in order; just make an official statement saying you are free to be married; seeing as you’re an asylum seeker, I won’t examine your papers …”

      According to the Guardia di Finanza, Mimmo Lucano “fraudulently assigned the urban refuse collection service to two cooperatives, establishing an ad hoc list of council-approved companies and sidestepping regulations in order to give precedence to ‘Ecoriace’ and ‘Aquilone’, the two companies that had been assigned the waste collection contract between 2012 and 2016”.

      Investigations also focused on Fernando Antonio Capone, chairman of the “Città Futura Don Pino Puglisi” association, which was set up in Riace to manage refugees. The investigating magistrate went on to note that evidence of various offences had emerged during investigations, and that his report would be sent to the regional public prosecutor’s office for the purpose of ascertaining related violations of fiscal regulations. A few months ago Mimmo Lucano went on hunger strike to protest against the prefect office’s failure to send the funds necessary to implement projects for accommodating refugees. “If the funds do not arrive,” he wrote, “165 refugees, including 50 children, will end up on the streets.” Lucano has always maintained that integration projects are also a source of economy for the local area which, thanks to the presence of refugees, was emerging from isolation.

  24. Make them scared’ website posts uncorroborated sexual assault claims against male students

    Site features dozens of unsubstantiated allegations; take them ‘with a grain of salt,’ moderators say

    A website allegedly run by University of Washington students allows individuals to publicly accuse people of sexual assault with no evidence.

    The website, titled “Make them scared UW,” was first registered in November of last year but reportedly launched in late September of this year by University of Washington students, the Daily UW campus newspaper reports.

    It appears that the list of accused rapists and sexual assault perpetrators has grown substantially on the site in recent weeks in the wake of the rape claims made against U.S. Supreme Court justice nominee Brett Kavanaugh.

    Meanwhile, one student named on “Make them scared UW” told The College Fix that the allegation is false, that the University of Washington has dismissed the allegations against him as completely uncorroborated and cleared him of any wrongdoing.

  25. Richard: How would that constitutional crisis differ from the current one where District and Appeals court Judges think they have the authority to order laws ignored and to declare foreign policy decisions invalid? The left is going to create another constitutional crisis and another civil war no matter what we do so we need to ignore them and set the Government up to do only what the Constitution allows it to do.

    New plan: If Kavanaugh sits on the court, Democrats should foment a constitutional crisis
    Mark Joseph Stern, Slate

    [Ed. – The Supreme Court hands down holy writ on What Our Law Is Supposed To Be — except when it doesn’t. It’s the Left’s job to say when that is.]

    How Liberals Could Declare War on Brett Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court
    His confirmation might pave the way for a full-blown constitutional crisis.

    By all indications, Brett Kavanaugh is about to be confirmed to the Supreme Court, where he will become part of a five-justice conservative bloc that will swiftly roll back decades of progressive jurisprudence. His confirmation will be a major victory for the Republican Party and its leader, Donald Trump, who will soon succeed in entrenching GOP control over the court for at least a generation. But as soon as Kavanaugh takes the oath, he will plunge the Supreme Court into a legitimacy crisis that could weaken its power over the long term. This crisis will become particularly acute if Democrats retake Congress and the presidency but find their reforms stymied by a reactionary judiciary. The broad consensus over the court’s authority to interpret the Constitution will crumble. If that all comes to pass, Kavanaugh’s appointment may come to be seen as a Pyrrhic victory not just for Trump but for the entire conservative movement.

    The Supreme Court has always needed buy-in from the political branches to enforce its rulings. As my colleague Dahlia Lithwick wrote in 2016, the court “relies on us to believe that it’s magic. The power and legitimacy of the whole institution depend upon the idea that regardless of the political maelstrom surrounding it, the court is doing just fine and always will be.” Remarkably, throughout most of American history, this magic trick has worked. It came closest to collapse after 2000’s Bush v. Gore, when five Republican appointees justices indefensibly elevated their preferred candidate to the presidency. At that point, liberals could have declared war on the court, challenging the central role it had assumed in American politics.

  26. the guardian – Bizarre video of Nobel physics laureate Gérard Mourou surfaces

    Mourou and a colleague shown dancing in a lab surrounded by female students, some of whom do a striptease

    When Donna Strickland was announced this week as physics’ first female Nobel laureate in 55 years, it appeared progress was afoot in the field. But a bizarre video that has resurfaced on YouTube featuring another of this year’s physics laureates, Gérard Mourou, suggests enlightenment may be yet to reach all corners of the laser physics community.

    The clip, titled “Have you seen ELI”, was made in 2013, apparently with the aim of promoting Extreme Light Infrastructure (ELI), a €850m EU project led by Mourou. The soundtrack, an upbeat reggae song, lists the exciting goals of the laser facility: “reversing nuclear waste, understanding the universe and wait guys, even heal cancer”.

    The accompanying footage is less squarely focused on the project’s scientific ambitions, however. Mourou and a colleague, Jean-Paul Chambaret, are seen dancing in the laser lab, apparently surrounded by a troupe of female students. Two of the women fling off their semi-transparent lab coats to reveal white underwear underneath, in an unexpected striptease. The men, wearing reflective laser googles, strike macho poses.

    The two professors are also seen at the front of a lecture theatre teaching a class of students, one of whom, a young woman, lowers her eyelids at Mourou to reveal the words “I love ELI”. Everyone gets up and dances, some looking slightly awkward. Mourou then reappears in a flashy BMW convertible, running one hand through his silver hair as he arrives at the laser facility.

    It is not clear who funded the production. The CNRS, the French national laboratory and funding agency, denied any involvement. “It was made at the sole personal initiative of the researcher and his team and our institution never relayed this video,” a spokesman said. “Moreover, many people at the CNRS believe it is inappropriate to promote science.”

    Mourou said in a statement: “I am sincerely and profoundly sorry for the image conveyed by this video. At the time this video was made, the objective was to popularise the research being done within the framework of the ELI project and to break down the austerity that the field of science can sometimes transmit.

    “It is important that the scientific community recognise the role as well as the importance of each and every researcher, regardless of gender. I am honored that the 2018 Nobel Prize in Physics has been awarded to Donna Strickland, a woman for whom I have a tremendous amount of both respect and admiration.”

    The video is said to have been widely circulated in the laser physics community.

    Christian Rödel, of the Helmholtz Institute in Jena, Germany, received it on a memory stick being passed around his lab. “My first reaction was, what an idiot,” he said. “It’s looking very bad for our field.” He has since met Mourou at conferences and had the impression that he is a “nice, gentle man”.

    Rödel said it had been rumoured, behind closed doors, that the video could cost Mourou the Nobel prize, for which the French scientist had been widely tipped for some years.

    Jess Wade, a physicist at Imperial College London, said the four-minute clip managed to capture a lot of what is wrong with research, including hero-worship of professors, bizarre power relationships and sexism. “I’ve not been a scientist for a long time, but so far I haven’t met any professors who spend their days walking around research centres surrounded by half-naked dancing girls in lab coats,” she said.

    Chambaret told Le Monde that the objective was to “present the research team in a humorous way”. Chambaret did not respond to a request for comment.

  27. We’re number one: U.S. top target of ISIS terror plots
    Adam Kredo, WFB October 5, 2018

    [Ed. – By far, it seems. As in the United States homeland — not including our troops and facilities overseas.]

    U.S. Is Top Target as ISIS Terror Plots Soar
    ISIS-backed terrorists attempted at least 73 attacks on U.S. soil since 2017

    The United States has emerged as the terror group ISIS’s top target, with 30 percent of the group’s recent plots centering on America, including 33 terror attempts in just the first part of 2018, according to a new congressional report.

    ISIS-backed terrorists have attempted to launch at least 73 attacks on the American homeland since 2017, according to a comprehensive report released Friday by the House Homeland Security Committee.

    ISIS continues to be the preeminent terror faction across the globe and is linked to 142 plots, including arrest and attacks targeting Westerners over the past two years, according to the report. ISIS has been tied to a total of 243 terror plots since 2014, or about “five terrorist incidents per month” according to the report.

    There is no sign ISIS terror plots are on the decline, according to the report, which found a 63 percent increase in ISIS terrorism during the past two years.

    The plots include those organized by at least 22 teenagers, as well as refugees and asylum seekers, a statistic that could provide the Trump administration further ammunition as it seeks to limit the number of refugees permitted into America from Middle East hotspots.

  28. ‘Press Freedom Also Has Its Limits’ – EU Boss Says UK Journalists Must Respect ‘Human Rights’ of Politicians (breitbart, Oct 6, 2018)

    “President of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker has said that press freedom should “have limits” and expressed regret that the EU did not “intervene” in the Brexit referendum to make sure “the right questions” entered the debate.

    As head of the European Commission — a wholly unelected body which serves as the EU’s executive as well as the sole initiator of EU-level legislation — Juncker is one of the continent’s most powerful men, enjoying a far more influential position than he could have enjoyed in a Europe of nation-states where he could not have risen above his former position as Prime Minister of Luxembourg.

    The controversial eurocrat has appeared increasingly rancorous as his term has drawn to a close in the wake of the Brexit referendum, with pro-sovereignty populist parties on the rise across Europe — expressing bitterness over his treatment by the British press and the fact that he has been blamed for Britains decision to walk away from Brussels.

    “The British press is such that I will not miss it… they do not respect the human rights of political actors at all,” he told a group of Austrian journalists during a visit to Vienna.

    “Press freedom also has its limits,” he added darkly, suggesting journalists should be able to “feel what you are allowed to do, what you need to do” and not shine a light on politicians’ personal issues.

    President Juncker has, famously, been subject to a great deal of press commentary on the subject of his alleged alcoholism and occasionally erratic behaviour at international summits, as well as his family links to the Nazi regime.

    On the subject of the EU referendum in particular, Juncker expressed his regret that the European Commission had granted former prime minister David Cameron’s request not to “interfere” in the referendum, which he went on to lose.

    “If the Commission intervened [in the referendum], perhaps the right questions would have entered the debate,” the 63-year-old complained.

    “Now you discover new problems almost daily, on both sides. At that time, it was already clear to us what trials and tribulations this pitiful vote of the British would lead to,” he sneered.

    He seemed particularly annoyed at the suggestion his name would be associated with the first exit from the EU of a full member-state, and was vehemently denied that he should take a portion of the blame: “I am always amazed about what I am always blamed for.”…”

  29. Italy’s Populist League Party Hits Historic High in Popularity (breitbart, Oct 6, 2018)

    “Italy’s League under Matteo Salvini is now the most popular political party in the nation, with a voter affiliation of 33.8 percent, a nationwide electoral poll revealed Saturday.

    The monthly survey conducted by the IPSOS research group, which inquired about citizens’ voting intentions, showed the Five Star Movement (M5S) — the League’s partner in the current coalition government — falling by 1.5 percentage points over the last month to 28.5 percent. This figure represents a three percentage-point drop for M5S from mid-July and a widening gap between the two governing partners.

    Silvio Berlusconi’s Forza Italia party has meanwhile fallen to 7.8 percent, down slightly less than one point compared to the last published figure, while the center-left Democratic Party (PD) stands at 17 percent….”

  30. Dutch scramble F-16s after ‘aggressive’ American starts fight on KLM flight from Abu Dhabi

    A number of passengers were wounded including two who got black eyes, authorities said, adding that the man seem ‘disoriented’

    The Dutch air force scrambled two F-16 fighter jets to escort a flight from Abu Dhabi to Amsterdam after an fight broke out on board involving an aggressive American passenger, authorities said on Saturday.

    The scuffle broke out over Germany, about half-an-hour before the KLM Airbus A330-200 jet was to land at Schiphol airport early on Saturday.

    “A 29-year-old American man became aggressive after being asked by a purser to return to his seat,” said Joanna Helmonds, a spokeswoman for the gendarmerie, which also serves as the country’s border police. “A scuffle broke out and the cabin crew, together with other passengers managed to restrain the man.”

    She declined to name the airline or flight.

    A number of passengers were lightly wounded including two passengers who were given black eyes, said Helmonds.

    The plane was then given special clearance to land immediately at Schiphol airport with police arresting the man soon afterwards.

    Helmonds said the man was examined at the airport and officers determined that he came across as disoriented.

    The man has been admitted to a psychiatric institution for observation, she said.

    A spokeswoman for KLM said the airline “regretted the unpleasant incident”, but that cabin crew followed the normal procedures when dealing with an unruly passenger.

    “Passengers and crew have laid a complaint against the man,” Heleen Makkinga said.

    Although on high alert, Dutch fighter jets – which are armed with air-to-air missiles – are only scrambled in highly unusual cases, the Dutch air force said on Saturday.

  31. Germany Seeks Skilled Migrants

    by Soeren Kern
    October 6, 2018 at 5:00 am

    After months of wrangling, Germany’s coalition government has reached an agreement on the key points of a new immigration law — one that is aimed at filling labor shortages and stabilizing the public pension system by encouraging the immigration of skilled workers from outside the European Union.

    The new law, which will tighten restrictions on the immigration of unskilled workers, is a tacit admission that Chancellor Angela Merkel’s open-door migration policy, which has allowed into Germany more than a million mostly unskilled migrants from Africa, Asia and the Middle East, has failed to resolve the country’s most pressing demographic challenges and labor shortages.

    Interior Minister Horst Seehofer (CSU), Labor Minister Hubertus Heil (SPD) and Economic Affairs Minister Peter Altmaier (CDU) presented the compromise agreement during a joint press conference in Berlin on October 2.

    The so-called Fachkräftezuwanderungsgesetz (Law on Immigration of Skilled Workers) would waive existing requirements for companies to give preference to German or EU citizens when filling job vacancies. Specifically, it would allow companies to recruit non-EU (Drittstaaten) citizens in all economic sectors, provided that those recruits are qualified for the job and have satisfactory German language skills.

    Even lower requirements would apply for information technology professionals, who would be allowed to come to Germany without formal academic

  32. Suspected Senate Doxxer had secret Twitter account repeatedly attacking GOP, Kavanaugh

    The suspected Democratic congressional aide accused of leaking the private information of at least three Republican senators repeatedly lashed out at GOP staffers and lawmakers on his secret Twitter account, calling them “bad and dumb,” Fox News can reveal.

    Jackson Cosko, a recent staffer for Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee, D-Texas, was arrested for allegedly posting the personal information – or “doxxing” – of a number of senators, including Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., Mike Lee, R-Utah, and Orrin Hatch, R-Utah on Wikipedia – with information such as their home addresses and phone numbers in the wake of the contentious Brett Kavanaugh Supreme Court hearing.

  33. Kavanaugh wins confirmation to the Supreme Court

    The Senate voted narrowly Saturday to confirm Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court, a major victory for President Donald Trump and Senate Republicans that secures a conservative majority on the high court.

    After weeks of backroom deals, dramatic hearings and rage-filled protests that pitted the #MeToo movement against President Donald Trump and the all-male GOP hierarchy, Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh was confirmed by the Senate on Saturday by the narrowest of margins.

    The vote itself, however, was anticlimactic after the Senate soap opera that has come before. Still, huge crowd of protesters gathered in front of the Supreme Court and on the Capitol lawn chanting anti-Kavanaugh slogans.
    Voted ‘yes’: 51



    Voted ‘no’: 49




    1 (voted Present)


  34. Germany: AfD women march through Munich for ‘Christian Germany’

    Two hundred demonstrators took part in a rally dubbed the ‘Women’s March’ in Munich on Saturday.

    The protesters were joined by two Alternative for Germany (AfD) politicians, Leyla Bilge and Christina Baum.

    SOT, Christiana, moderator of the Frauenmarsch (German): “We do what is necessary, because we want to preserve our country for our children and for those who come after our children.

    A country like Germany, where freedom, gender equality and a good life in peace and security were fought and suffered for.

    That`s what we inherited and we will defend it and pass it on in a condition worth living.”

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