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8 Replies to “Brad Johnson, Oct 5, Las Vegas massacre update, and Judge Kavanaugh”

  1. The question for me regarding Las Vegas is why? Assuming Brad is correct and there was more than one person involved, including Antifa–why? Because it doesn’t seem to me enough motive to do all of this because you hate conservatives or whites. Killing a bunch of them won’t make them go away, in fact it may create more of them. Shooting on such a grand scale has an unavoidably symbolic element to it, and I don’t believe the symbolism was lost to the perpetrators. So what was the intended message and to whom was it sent?

    Was it to tell Trump supporters and conservatives that they’re not safe and never will be? I don’t think so. I don’t think even radical left wing ideologues think they can intimidate conservatives away from the right.

    Again, who knows? But if there is a hidden hand behind it all it must be a fairly unique individual, to put it mildly. I think it would be someone who had been “formed” in a very particular petrie dish at a formative age. It would have to be a special kind of monster. An invisible maniac.


    • The people they are trying to terrorize are the middle of the road people, they want them to be scared of going against the narrative, they know that the solid core of the conservatives are not going to be scared away but in their stupidity they think they have the numbers and mindset to be able to take the core supporters in a guerilla war. What they are ignoring is that the people they are looking down on (the people in fly over country and the military vets) are the ones who have the training to hunt down and take the leftist fighters. At the VA last Monday I was talking to one man about the communists talking rebellion and assassination on the social networks. His response was “Do they think we will just set still when they start killing politicians”? The answer is yes they think we will set still because we don’t have any liberal to tell us what to do.

      Another goal is that they are trying to provoke a violent response, the left is counting on the Propaganda Media to spin any violent reaction to being the only violence. Look at how they imply that the Antifa types who are arrested at Patriot Rally’s as being right wing. Remember the big lie technique, you repeat the lie often enough that people decide it is the truth and ignore all of the evidence.

      • Richard,
        During Obama a conservative church group invited me to the shooting range to practice. I’m sure there were many more than the one I was invited to.

        • Richard I was going to suggest before I pressed post that it was a signal by the left, for the left, to commit to violence and terror.

  2. Kavenaugh: I agree with Brad Johnson that the Left was far more aware of the importance of the nomination than most moderates, most Republicans generally. The “progressives” put their marker down here because they see their experiment in “transforming” our Republic without our consent is coming to an end.

    It wasn’t any of the signal issues used to bring out the crazies – Roe v Wade, 2nd Am, military tribunals.

    By changing the balance of the Court, we’re beginning to restore the framework upon which everything rests: the Separation of Powers. That’s the rule of law: how laws are formulated and how they’re applied.

    Unelected judges have been working in service of their own ideologies. They’ve arrogated the power of a lazy, compromised Congress. They’ve even presumed on the Constitutional powers of Executive.

    We start turning that around now. We’ll get a Supreme Court that’s bound to the collective expression of We the People. It’s our best chance.

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