RIGHT NOW: A mob of approx 20K Gazans are burning tires, throwing bombs and grenades, and attempting to break through the border fence with Israel

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  1. Quoting myself from Readers Links:

    So Gaza vents its frustration with the PA on _Israel_. Lurid and lethal, the world press will slobber.

    Prepare to witness the endemic joooo-hate that manifests in response to Israel’s always restrained self-defense. The distinction between the “Zionist entity” and a synagogue in Birmingham vanishes. D-rats in the USA will find their inner Hogg, use the momentum to demonize Evangelicals and Jews on campus.

    Remember, the IDF could flatten Gaza in less time than it takes to read this paragraph. Every one of its neighbors would do it, has done much the same. Egypt wiped out heavily populated communities on its side of the border and replaced them with no-man’s-land. Scores are killed throughout the Sinai every week in its “peace process” with these “militants”.

    Full sanctions on Iran fall on Nov. 4. Midterms in the U.S. are Nov. 6. Soros, the MB, and Iran are on the ballot.

  2. On the up side there are less muslim a*sholes as a result.

    It might be a good idea to stop calling palestinians palestinians, syrians syrian, saudis saudis, turks turks and all the other slaves of allah and just lump them all under the heading of muslim. In the end that is what they are, simple slaves of the ummah.

    • But if you look really closely at the fine print on the bottom you will find that the ones doing the actual murder are almost always called, “Sunni Muslim”, not “Shia” or “Amadi” or “Alawite” or “Ismaili” or anything like that. Think about it. When was the last time you heard of an Iranian Shiite blowing himself up or stabbing people at a train station? It’s always a “Sunni” you will find. That’s what the Wahabbist Saudis are and the force that controls Mecca… Osama bin Laden was a Sunni Muslim…

      The Syrians and Afghans and Somalis that Angela Merkel is letting into Germany by the millions are the worst possible cross-section of Sunni Muslims you could find on the planet. She has really outdone herself. I cannot think of a demographic that would be more likely to contain terrorists than the group that calls themselves “Syrian Refugees”…

      If Ismailis move into your neighborhood there will be a few good restaurants and your property values will probably go up but there will be no “Sharia Police” and no crazy guys with knives shouting “Allahu Akbar!”…

      • Shittes do it routinely!

        Did it during the Iraq-Iran War. Hezbollah, Afghan and Paki PMF. Do it every day in Mesopotamia. Houthis are a tribe of lunatic Zaidi-Shittes in Yemen.

        You’re just not reading about it because their population concentrations are in a few countries outside the immediate interest of the West. They haven’t been aimed by their handlers at us.

        The Ismailis do seem to be less murderous.

  3. Hezbollah is Shiite.
    Assad is Alawite, another non-Sunni sect.

    Most of the bombongs in the west have been conducted by Sunnis, this is true. But the reason is that (1) there are more Sunnis, and (2) the West has received proportionately more Sunni immigrants, and more Sunni ideology, via Saudi Arabia.

  4. Too bad they don’t just mow them down with machne guns and
    The send in equipment to pow them under the ground

    Just dreamin

    Set up mines all along the border fence
    And watch them blow themselves up

    Just dreamin

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