Academic Grievance Studies and the Corruption of Scholarship

This post is long overdue. Xanthippa and others sent in the materials days ago, but as they were in the comments, and as there is a lot to do, it got back-burnered.

But it’s never too late to see the extent of the massive Postmodern infection rotting the core of reason that was powering education for the past two thousand years or so till recently.

From Areo Magazine:

Part I: Introduction

Something has gone wrong in the university—especially in certain fields within the humanities. Scholarship based less upon finding truth and more upon attending to social grievances has become firmly established, if not fully dominant, within these fields, and their scholars increasingly bully students, administrators, and other departments into adhering to their worldview. This worldview is not scientific, and it is not rigorous. For many, this problem has been growing increasingly obvious, but strong evidence has been lacking. For this reason, the three of us just spent a year working inside the scholarship we see as an intrinsic part of this problem.

Please click through for the rest. This experiment has been getting a lot of well deserved attention by those of us who already know what leftism means and what it does. Lets hope that it helps to put the train of logic, reason, rules of evidence and so on, back on the track.

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  1. What gets me is the ‘woman’ who claims Damore and co are trying to say the equivalent of ‘a triangle is a circle’, because that is precisely the aim of Post-Modernism. You will believe 2 and 2 make 5, or you’re a bad person.

  2. A man and his little girl are driving home after a long day.

    “…So what did you learn in school today, Mary?” asked the father of his ten year old daughter.
    “Nothing much.”
    “You must have learned something. What about science class?”
    “Oh, we learned about why the sky is blue.”
    “Interesting. And?”
    “The sky is blue because blue light rays are absorbed by molecules in the air then scattered around the sky,” said Mary perfunctorily.
    “Uh-oh,” replied the father. “They’re feeding you that old line, are they?” He chuckled knowingly.
    “Well, yeah.”
    “That’s the typical propaganda of fact-based thinking,” said the father. He became more serious. This was a teaching moment.
    “Propaganda?” asked Mary, uncertain of the meaning of the word.
    “Yes, propaganda. That’s when people you’re supposed to trust lie to you.”
    “How did my teacher lie?”
    “He lied because it’s now proven that the sky is blue for another reason. Peer-reviewed studies have shown that the sky is blue because of chemicals emitted by human beings. When they are happy they release one chemical to the air which makes the sky blue. When they’re sad they emit another chemical, making the sky cloudy.”
    “But why would he lie?”
    “What’s your science teacher’s name?”
    “Mr. Dubinsky.”
    “There you go. He a white, European male telling children fact-based propaganda–lies.”
    “But he’s not European. He’s from here.”
    “No, his ancestry is European. Same thing.”
    “So the sky gets blue when you’re happy, and cloudy when you’re sad. Hmm.”
    “Almost right. It is blue when the collective of a given region is happy, and cloudy when the collective of a given region is sad. –Collective meaning a group of people in a geographical region.”
    “I get it. That makes sense. So it takes a lot of people to change the weather.”
    “Exactly!” The father became excited. What a joy it was to get through to children and see them learn. “This is what we mean by climate change. When humankind does things that harm Mother Earth it can change her climate. Like when burning fossil fuels make more big storms.”
    “–And fossil fuels make the polar ice melt and the oceans rise so whole cities disappear!”
    “And sad people make clouds.”
    “Yes.” The father looked up. He was happy. A ray of light poked through the cloud cover above in a beautiful column of sun, kissing the ground. It was his duty to reprogram his child’s mind from the garbage she was fed at school. This, this, corrosive, fascistic, logic-based, white European male garbage. But Mary’s wheels were still turning. She was a smart little thing.
    “But you’re a European male, daddy.”
    “Indeed, I am.”
    “Fortunately, your father knows better. Peer-reviewed studies show that Mood Emissions are increasing dramatically. As the population grows, Mood Emissions grow. The population of the earth is what, now, pushing eight billion? Imagine what this does. Imagine all of the people on earth and how unhappy they are made by capitalism exploiting them. Greedy white men are killing Mother Earth.”
    “It’s so true,” said Mary.

    The car pulled into the driveway. Another day done.

    • Relax. Mossad’s got this.
      (I don’t know how you or Malca cope with kids going to public school. I {shudder} thinking about it. Most private schools in the U.S. are also subject to Common Core curriculum pressures.)

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