Major Canadian islamic charity, fined, delisted, caught promoting Islam: Links 1, Oct, 1, 2018

1. Muslims behaving badly in Europe is practically the main TV entertainment across Europe now. We did, thanks to C., a whole series of muslims stopped by police while speeding or whatever, and quite often they behave like visiting royalty, fully indignant at having the infidel tell them what laws to obey. It is understandable somewhat. England and Germany often let them get away with many traffic violations for islamic reasons like fasting or trying to get to their second wife’s home on-time from the first’s.

This is the second ‘tards on a train’ video this past few days however.

2. Australians should sign Muslim peace contract or be executed, witness tells court

A man whose home was raided over an alleged terror plot in Melbourne two years ago believes people who don’t sign a contract to live peacefully with Muslims should leave Australia or be executed.


Ibrahim Abbas is giving evidence against his younger brother Hamza Abbas, 23, cousin Abdullah Chaarani, 27, and friend Ahmed Mohamed, 25, who are on trial in the Supreme Court accused of conspiring to prepare an attack in Melbourne’s CBD on Christmas Day 2016.

3. ‘Physics was built by men’: Cern suspends scientist over remarks

A senior Italian scientist has been suspended after he sparked fury during a presentation at Cern, the European nuclear research centre in Geneva, when he said physics was “invented and built by men, it’s not by invitation”.


Prof Alessandro Strumia of Pisa University claimed during a seminar on gender issues in physics that male scientists were being discriminated against because of ideology.

Cern issued a statement on Monday suspending Strumia with immediate effect pending an investigation for his “unacceptable” presentation, which was “contrary to the Cern code of conduct”.


“Cern always strives to carry out its scientific mission in a peaceful and inclusive environment,” it said. However, attendees questioned why he was allowed to speak at all, given that his views are widely known.

(This seems like the right moment to mention that I have been most thoroughly enjoying an audiobook called, “The Moral Animal”, which is a debunking in part, of the Marxist inceptions into modern science. Margaret Meade, it turns out, was the worst anthropologist pretty much of all time, who actually had no interest in studying primitive cultures, but actually invented pure nonsense about primitive cultures that fit a Marxist narrative, to make false claims about the nature of humanity overall, and therefore, force changes on it. Please do consider getting it, audiobook or paper, it is a truly enjoyable, even if your face gets frozen into a cynical kind of smile through most of the chapters on human reproduction.)

4. Top 10@The Rebel:

5. REPORT: Islamic Charity Suspended By CRA After Sending $136K To Region Where Hizbul Mujahideen Is Fighting Against India

The Islamic Society of North America-Canada is facing a suspension and a $550,000 fine, after they sent money to a region where a terrorist group is fighting against a Canadian ally.

According to Global News“Government auditors alleged ISNA-Canada had “failed to conduct any meaningful due diligence” when it transferred $136,000 to the war-torn Kashmir region, where the militant Hizbul Muhajideen has been fighting Indian troops. By acting as a “conduit” for other organizations, ISNA-Canada “may have, knowingly or unknowingly, provided the benefits of its status as a registered charity to support the efforts of a political party and its armed wing,” the CRA wrote.”

In another show of government weakness, ISNA-Canada did not have their charitable status revoked.

Still, they have been banned from conducting “overseas operations.”

Thank you M., Wrath of Khan, Xanthippa, EB., Richard, and many many more who sent in a lot of material giving a more realistic view of the world than the government-media complex will allow.

Which does bring to mind a likely question:

How often will Muslim charities be busted, muslims be caught killing in the name of allah, mosques be caught with weapons, fuelling jihad in word, cash and deed, and preaching genocide against non-muslims before the people who say, “We cannot let this story out because it will be used for political purposes by those who are opposed to islam”, just bloody well admit those of us who have 2 eyes are right.




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  1. CRA suspension? Smoke and mirrors! A gesture! Considering the billions of dollars that the Islamists move annually….this is a liberal government propaganda piece to placate the patriots so they may think Justin’s government is on top of things…..Do not be fooled!

  2. Tards on a train, given the increased attacks on the Europeans I doubt that it will be much longer before the Europeans start ignoring the politicians and police and start fighting back.

  3. Fjordman: The in-depth evaluation of Charles Murray’s book Human Accomplishment continues.


    The names proves that Engineering and Physics are a creations of Western man.

    Some three decades ago, every one knew the obvious, that the creation of technical civilisation is a creation of Western man.

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