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9 Replies to “More Trudopia insanity”

  1. Although LaughingSocks is a catastrophe for “Canada”, he might be the best thing ever for Alberta separatism. His vision for “Canada” is a nightmare for all but the “paper” “Canadians” he seeks to replace the old European stock of “Canadians” with.

    Keep calm and let LaughingSocks carry on … and we’ll be on our own way!

    • In a way that would be good for me personally. I could move to Alberta instead of somewhere really far where I have to learn a new language.

  2. Its amazing the intelligence levels of Canada that allow them to vote for this piece of shit. He makes Obama look like Churchill.

    • I’ve personally stopped being surprised by the stupidity of the average Canadian (or Brit, or Swede or ….) I do wonder how we got to this point. And is the dumbing down of the populace a pleasant (from a progressive’s standpoint) side effect of cultural marxism and post modernism? After all, an unthinking citizenry is clearly one that is much more tractable than a thinking one. Also, once a large part of a functioning and thinking society swallows the poison of post modernism and cultural marxism, is it too late for said society? I fear that the answer to the latter question is, “yes”, but I still hope and pray that I’m wrong.

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