One actor offers the correct response to the intense level of bigoted hate coming from the left

The left took its gloves off decades ago, while doing everything in their power to make sure those they seek to destroy had gloves taped on and wrists cuffed behind our backs. In the interests of civilization, we complied.

Those days are over. Survival is at stake.

H/T Richard.

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7 Replies to “One actor offers the correct response to the intense level of bigoted hate coming from the left”

  1. The left has destroyed civilization and the rule of law, the only way we can survive to rebuild both is to play by their rules:

    Rule 1, We don’t care what you say or claim happened, WE DON’T CARE what about that statement don’t you understand?

    Rule 2: We win, you lose. What about this don’t you understand?

    Rule 3: You on the left started the violence, now you have to live with the result.

    • Massive crock.
      Hawaii, huh? Another enemy agent?

      Witness Chinese meddling on display.
      Wasn’t Sen. Chi-DiFi, doing the trick? Stinkin’ K-Street CoC lobbyists? NYSlimes/Bloomberg Bull?


      Sorry, Chairman Xi. Your blackmailed, bought & paid-for Congress, corporate media, and multinationals have reached OUR _Great Wall_.

      That oh-so-precious FACE of yours is going to smash into it. Lose the “mandate of heaven” and you’re just pressed DUCK.

  2. The Democrat party is simply a cover for totalitarian ideologies. Socialism and Islam are its current foundation and Jews better watch out.

  3. As a veteran of many demos for freedom from sharia, women’s rights, reasonable gay rights, freedom of speech and for Tommy’s freedom I have been toe to toe with many antifa and UAF types. They are either unwashed students or people who went to university and never had a job after studying useless degrees.
    These are the son’s and daughters of good families who never got over the teenage rebellion phase of emotional development IMO.
    When met with real men, they shit themselves and throw misslies as they would get their heads kicked in otherwise.
    They should be the first for “Free helicoptor rides” should the genral Joe public have finally woken up to what is going on.
    The situation here in the UK is not as dire as it was ten years ago re, red pilled working class citizens.

    • Don’t forget that there are jobs aplenty available to hateful angry losers with useless degrees in the George Soros workforce. And what better way to prove your worth than to be captured live on TV screaming at the cops and starting a riot in your purple hair and your noserings? I’m sure that a degree in women’s anger with queer studies major would qualify you for a good-paying job with American Bridge or The Southern Poverty Law Center or any of hundreds of well-funded organizations hell-bent on destroying the United States at all cost…

  4. “Hirono”?

    Sounds awfully Japanese to me.

    Let’s please try and recall the last round of American–Japanese “festivities”. How would have Hirono’s DNA fared in those particularly eventful times?

    This thankless hag yust might need to sit down and STFU.

    A visit to Guadalcanal or Iwo Jima—complimentary snout grinding included at no extra cost—might do this political whore a world of good.

    • Why didn’t he ask her was her grandfather a photographer in Hawaii? Japanese spies had photographed every inch of pearl harbour by June 1941 and most were simply interned without being charged. The SA has forgotten the value of internment camps for enemy aliens. in fact, it has forgotten what is an enemy alien.

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