Matteo Salvini is wonderfully popular in Italy! Links 1, Sept. 17, 2018

1. Really stunning storm videos in a collection of tweets of the typhoon ravaging Hong Kong and Shenzhen

2. Liberal MP Leona Alleslev slams Trudeau, crosses floor to Tories

(This is a rare event in Canada. But usually very meaningful. And it certainly is in this case. Spencer Fernando also has a write up here.)

Trudeau reacts to the defection of one of his (female) MPs.

(Please do read the article at The Sun.)

3. Woman Arrested For Falsely Accusing Trump Supporting Teens Of Crime, Police Say

New York law enforcement officials charged 19-year-old Adwoa Lewis with making a false punishable written statement on Saturday after she falsely accused four Trump-supporting teenagers of slashing her tires and leaving her a note that told her to “go home.”


Lewis gave Nassau County police a written statement on Friday claiming to be the victim of a hate crime which she said happened while “she was driving home in Long Island September 2 when four teens confronted her,” the Daily Mail reported.


Lewis claimed that the four teens yelled “Trump 2016!” before they told her that she “didn’t belong here.” […]

Police later said that Lewis admitted that she wrote the note herself and placed it on her car.

4. OSCE: Henrik Clausen on the REAL threats to Freedom in the West

5. New study showing that men and women are different, is somehow controversial. 

(They could have saved a fortune on this study and just asked any 14 year old at all who hasn’t been to a public school)

6. Denmark set to adopt policies forcing immigrants to integrate into society

DANISH politicians from all sides are considering controversial new integration policies to bring immigrant communities into society – by force if necessary – just weeks after the country introduced a burka ban.

Recent government proposals to be finalised by parliament over the next few weeks target Denmark’s so-called “ghetto neighbourhoods” with a series of sanctions and incentives which have been given enthusiastic backing by the left-leaning opposition.


Under the proposals, children living in the targeted areas would be required by law to attend daycare for 25 hours a week to make sure they learn Danish and the country’s values and customs.


Immigrant families who take their children back to their countries of origin for long periods could face prison or deportation and crimes committed in the neighbourhoods would carry heavier sentences.

(Did Socrates sneak over to Denmark and have a pile of kids while deftly avoiding Sweden?)

7. Standing ovation for Salvini on Italian TV!

Thank you EB., Xanthippa, M., ML., Richard, Wrath of Khan, MissPiggy, and all who sent in such amazing materials.

There is a lot more ready now. Will post ASAP. But for those who want to be on top of it all, check our Youtube Channel. Its being fed like crazy the past few days with primo stuff, which will get posted here as time permits, but for the information-hungry, its there now and growing steadily!


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  1. The link to the Salvini standing ovation is disabled, and YouTube has no record of it. It seems the censorship of free minds by the “masters of the universe” is becoming ever more tyrannical and complete.

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